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Lovell's Directory 1871

Cod Roy and Rivers

Cod Roy and Rivers - Settlements on the French shore. Farming is carried on here to some extent. Distant from Channel 22 miles by boat. Population 415

Name Occupation
Anderson, EliFisherman
Bambridge, DanielFisherman
Bennett, BenjaminFisherman
Bennett, PeterFisherman
Bernard, FrankFisherman
Bernard, MFisherman
Blanchard, MFarmer
Brosay, JohnFisherman
Campbell, AlexanderFarmer
Campbell, ArchabaldFarmer
Candle, ThomasFisherman
Carter, WilliamFisherman
Champ, George DFarmer
Collier, JohnPlanter
Collier, PhilipPlanter
Collier, ThomasPlanter
Collier, WilliamFisherman
Downey, JamesFarmer
Downey, MichaelFisherman
Downey, ThomasPlanter
Ellis, WilliamFisherman
Evans, WilliamFisherman
(?J)Fennings, DanielFarmer
Fin'ay, DanielFisherman
Frank, JohnFisherman
Fyander, WilliamFisherman
Gabriel, AndrewFisherman
Gale, EdwardFisherman
Gale, JamesFisherman
Gale, John?Fisherman
Gale, JohnFisherman
Gale, ThomasFisherman
Gallop, JohnFisherman
Gallop, Joshun?Fisherman
Gallop, WilliamFisherman
Gallop, WilliamFisherman
Galpin, GeorgeFisherman
Gillis, DanielFarmer
Gillis, JohnFisherman
Hains, LangtonFarmer
Hall, EdwardFisherman
Hall, JohnFisherman
Hall, JohnFisherman
Hall, JosephPlanter
Hall, PaulPlanter
Hall, PaulFisherman
Kennedy, EFisherman
Kenney, JedoreFisherman
Lewis, DavidFisherman
Locetirck, JamesFisherman
McArthur, AllenFisherman
McCarthy, LewisFarmer
McDonald, AngusFarmer
McDonald, JamesFarmer
McDougal, AngusFarmer
McDougall, JohnFarmer
McGee, FranisFisherman
McIsaac, ***Fisherman
McIsaac, ***Trader
McIsaac, AlexanderFisherman
McIsaac, AngusFisherman
McIsaac, AngusFisherman
McIsaac, AngusFisherman
McIsaac, Angus AFarmer
McIsaac, ArchibaldFisherman
McIsaac, DonaldFisherman
McIsaac, JohnFarmer
McIsaac, NielFisherman
McIsaac, NielTrader
McIsaac, RonaldFisherman
McKinnon, ArchabaldFisherman
Mclean, HughPlanter
McLean, HughPlanter
McLean, Johnplanter
McLellan, JohnPlanter
McLellan, WilliamFarmer
McNiel, JamesFarmer
McNiel, JohnFarmer
McQuinnin, ***Fisherman
Meredith, HenryFisherman
Mitchel, JohnFisherman
Mitchel, MitchelFisherman
Moore, IsaacFisherman
Moore, JamesPlanter
Moore, WilliamFisherman
Murphy, PeterFisherman
Parsons, WilliamPlanter
Peck, CharlesFisherman
Peck, JohnFisherman
Quinn, JamesFisherman
Quinn, MFisherman
Read, GeorgeFisherman
Ryan, JamesFisherman
Ryan, MichaelFarmer
Ryan, SamuelFarmer
Ryan, WilliamFarmer
Sams, BenjimanFisherman
Sams, ReubanFisherman
Sams, ThomasFisherman
Shuisoing, OFarmer
Shuisoing, PatrickFarmer
Shuisoing, PatrickFisherman
White, AndrewFisherman
Young, GeorgeFisherman
Young, JamesFisherman
Young, JamesPlanter

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Codroy District