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St. Anne's Roman Catholic Parish Marriage Records (selected records)

Parish records were transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU & CATHIE GRANT, July 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
CoupleHusband's ParentsWife's ParentsWitnesses
__ ? __ 1867Lactin Hynes to Mary McArthur

Aug 9, 1869Dominic Young to Sarah Parks

June 6 1870Dominic Jennings to Ann Downey

Oct 12, 1870Donald Gillis to Elizabeth Downey
Elizabeth d/o Thomas Downey
Oct 17 1870Joe Gabriel to Esther GilliamJoe s/o Andrew Gabriel and Mary Ann Hall

April 8, 1872 John Gale to Mary ComierJohn s/o William GaleMary d/o Isadore Comier
Aug 1, 1872William Comier to Catherine McInnis
Catherine d/o Alexander & Ann McInnis
Aug 17 1872James Murphy to Catherine Jennings

July 15, 1873 James Young to Anastasia Murphy

Sept 9 1875Nathanial Noseworthy to Jane Hall

Sept 10, 1875 Henry Michael Murry to Jane Downey

Sept 11, 1875 Richard Hynes to Margaret Comier

June 28 1876Paul Hall to Martha CollierPaul s/o Joseph HallMartha d/o John Collier(wit Patrick Jennings)
Aug 1876Basil Downey to Jane Carter of Cape RayBasil s/o James & Catherine Downey

May 7, 1877John Keating to Catherine RyanJohn s/o Maurice KeatingCatherine d/o the late Michael Ryan
June 13, 1878 Maglore Blanchum to Mrs Esther Downey (nee Cormier)

Aug 4, 1878Simon Cheson to Jane RyanSimon s/o Eusbe ChesonJane d/o of the late Michael Ryan
Sept 29, 1879 John Ryan to Mrs Hanna Gullop (widow of the late William Gullop)John s/o the late Michael Ryan

Oct 6, 1879James W. Comier & Judique (Judith) O'Quinn

June 15, 1880 John Downey to Mary McDonald of Highands, St George.John s/o James Downey

May 23, 1881Simon Cashin to Elizabeth Downey
Elizabeth d/o James Downey
Aug 11, 1881Michael Gillis to Elizabeth HynesMichael s/o Donald GillisElizabeth d/o Lactin Hynes
Aug 29, 1881Amos/Aime Poirier to Mary RyanAmos/ Amie s/o Pierre Poirier & Anne LeBlanc of Arichat, C.B.Mary d/o James & Margaret Ryan
Oct 25, 1881Paul Hall to Ann DowneyPaul s/o the late John Hall & Catherine Gillis widow of HighlandsAnn d/o James Downey & Margaret Ryan
Oct 25, 1881Hugh McInnis to Mary RyanHugh s/o Alexander McInnis & Ann GillisMary d/o Dennis Ryan & Sarah McIsaac(wit John McIsaac and Miss Catherine McIsaac)
July 2, 1882Julien Brougsais (widower) to Anastais DowneyJulien s/o Jean & Julie BrougsaisAnastais d/o James Downey & Margaret Ryan
Aug 20 1883William AuCoin to Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth d/o Capt. Paul Hall and Margaret McNiel
Nov 27, 1883Patrick Downie to Sarah McLellanPatrick s/o Thomas Downie & Catherine McLeanSarah d/o Daniel McLellan & Catherine Gale
Jan 8, 1884Edward Ryan to Sophie DoucettEdward s/o the late Michael Ryan & _?_ Gale, of Margaree, Cape Breton

Feb 25, 1884John Ryan to Susan SmithJohn s/o James Ryan & Mary RyanSusan d/o John Smith
Sept 17 1884John Hall to Christina Martin

(wit: Paul Hall and Mary Gallop)
July 31, 1885John Marr to Caroline Young
Caroline d/o Alexander Young
Oct 13, 1885Patrick Hall to Mary Ryan

Nov 12, 1885Helen Hynes married D. Aucoin
Helen d/o William Hynes
Nov 25 1885Patrick Jennings to Esther Hall
Esther d/o Capt. Paul Hall
Nov 3, 1886Paul Young to Esther CollensPaul of James & Anne Young (Codroy)Esther of James Collens and Elizabeth O'Rielly of Placenta
Nov 16, 1886Charles Ryan (32) of Grand River to Margaret Roach (17)Charles s/o William & Ellen (Fitpatrick) RyanMargaret d/o Joseph & Catherine (Lude) Roach
Jan 11, 1887William Cormier to Ann DoucetteWilliam of Isidore Comier & Bridget RossAnn of Peter & Louise Doucette
Jan 11, 1887Thomas Young to Sarah Ann BruceThomas of William & Catherine YoungSarah Ann of John & Sarah (McLean) Bruce
May 18, 1887Thomas Downey to Lelee Oleein (sp?)Thomas of Michael & Esther (Hall)Lelee of Onesime (sp?) & Sofhie (Doucette)
June 3, 1887James Young to Elizabeth Martin of Codroy

Oct 2, 1887John M McDonald to Henriette RyanJohn of James & Mary (McIsaac) McDonaldHenriette of Dennis & Sarah Ryan
Jan 16, 1888Archy McIsaac to Anastasia DowneyArchey of Angus & Jefic McIsaacAnastasia of Thomas & Esther (Cormier) Downey
Jan 14, 1888Angus M Quarry to Helen RyanAngus of Allen & Effiee QuarryHelen of Michael & Anne Ryan
Sept 25, 1888 James Cormier to Rose DoyleJames of Michael & Esther (Downey) CormierRose of James & Bridget Doyle
*Copied from: Fr P.W. Browns notes of his Interary Journey to Straits of Belle Isle Misson (Summerside to Bird Cove)
MarriedWilliam Hy Brilliard (21) to Elizabeth Anne Hynes (20)William s/o John Brilliard & Caroline BlowmaneElizabeth d/o Thos. Hynes & Mary Ann MeagerWitt: William Hynes & Margaret Leaners, March 24, 1888
Oct 29, 1889Michael Downey to Frances YoungMichael s/o James & Margaret DowneyFrances d/o William & Catherine [Tapp] Young
Nov 4, 1889Hugh Gillis to Jane Ryan
Jane d/o Dennis & Sarah Ryan
Nov 28, 1889Charles White to Mary RyanCharles s/o Martin & Catherine BenoitMary d/o James & Mary Ryan
Jan 7, 1890Duncan McDonald to June RyanDuncan s/o Larkam & Sara McDonaldJune d/o James & Mary Ryan
Jan 7, 1890Alexander Ryan to Louise BlanchardAlexander s/o Denis & Sarah RyanofLouise Maglore & Henretta Blanchard
Oct 11, 1890John Young to Esther AncoinJohn s/o John & Catherine YoungEsther d/o Hasmin & Mrrelli (sp?) Ancoin
Nov 15, 1890John Ryan to Anne Edmunds (of Burnt Island)John s/o Dennis & Sarah Ryan
(wit: Joseph Ryan)
Nov 28, 1890Stephen Hall to Sarah HynesStephen s/o Joseph & Mary Ann HallSarah d/o Lactin Hynes
Nov 25, 1890 John Hynes to Sarah Anne RyanJohn s/o William & Caroline HynesSarah Anne d/o of Denis Ryan
Jan 12, 1891Charles St Martin to Margaret RyanCharles s/o Michael & Mary St Martin to MargaretMargaret d/o Denis & Sarah Ryan of Grand River
May 13, 1891William Cormey to Mary MorreWilliam s/o Gill & Elizabeth (Bennet) CormeyMary d/o William & Johnna Moore
Aug 1, 1891Joseph McIsaac to Catherine Young Joseph s/o Angus & Sarah McIsaac (Cape Breton)Catherine d/o John & Eliza Young
Sept 14, 1891 Patrick Downey to Elizabeth Gale

--- ? 1893Joseph Hall to Mary GillisJoseph s/o Edward and Catherine HallMary d/o Roderick and Catherine Gillis
Aug 2 1893Michael Hall to Johanna MooreMichael s/o John and Jane Hall

Oct 21 1894Alexander Gillis to June (?Jane) Ann HallAlexander s/o Andrew Gillis and Catherine McphersonJune Ann d/o Paul and Margaret Hall
July 11 1895Thomas Jennings to Esther HallThomas s/o Daniel and Ann JenningsAnn d/o John and Catherine Hall(wit: Richard Hynes and Minnie Jennings)
Nov 26, 1895Thomas Young to Minnie FarrellThomas s/o James of CodroyMinnie d/o John & Smillin (sp?) Farrell
Aug 11, 1896Basil Ryan (25) to Emy Robinson (24)Basil s/o Jas Ryan
Wit: Thomas Ryan & Ellen Ryan
June 4 1896Dominic Young (26) to Agnes Carter (20)

Wit: John Young & Sarah Young (Married at Cape Ray)
Aug 25 1896Alexander Gallop (26) to Mary Nora Hall (18)Alexander s/o William Gallop and Hannah McLeanMary Nora d/o Jas Hall and Fanny Parsons
Sept 2, 1896James Young (35) to Ellen Keeping (22)James s/o William & Catherine YoungEllen d/o Ruban & Susan Keeping.Witt: John Young & Agness Jane Carter (Married at Cape Ray)
Nov 16 1896Charles Ryan (32) to ?Winafred Rouche (17)Charles s/o William Ryan and Ellen FitzpatrickWinafred d/o Joseph Rouch and Catherine Ludi
Nov 26 1896Jas Hall (22) to Margaret J. Gale (22)Jas s/o Paul and Margaret HallMargaret J d/o John Gale and Mary Cormier
Jan 17 1898John Jennings (40) to Sarah Gale (25)

Feb 18 1898?John Gale to Minnie HallJohn s/o John and Mary GaleMinnie d/o Paul and Margaret Hall
May 8, 1899Martin Jennings to Ann Downey
[Ann] d/o the late Michael Downey
May 9, 1899 Michael Farrel (25) to Emilia Downey (29)

Wit: Patrick Ryan, Henriette Hynes
June 27, 1899 Patrick Ryan (25) to Henriette Ellen Hynes (22)

Wit: Martin Hynes, Maggie McIsaac
Sept 26, 1900 Thomas Ryan (30) to Mary Anne Hall (21)

(wit: George McIsaac and Kate McInnis)
Nov 6, 1900 Dominick Rowe (24) to Ellen Ryan (26)

Dec 30, 1901 Stephen Martin (35) to Ellen Ryan (33)

April 30 1902Edward Hall (45) to Flora McNiel (40)

Feb 1, 1905 John Thomas Cormier (25) to Elizabeth Hall (23)John is s/o Patrick Comier & Maria Joseph Hamnan

May 29, 1906George McIsaac to Amanda Jennings[George] s/o Alexander McIsaac & Matilda Comier

June 12, 1906John McArthur (32) to Louise Cormier (18)
s/o Lewis McArthur & Jessie McIssac; d/o Wm Henri Cormier & Anne Doucette

Jan 29, 1907 John A Cormier (28) to Mary McDonald (27)[John s/o William Comier & Catherine McInnis]

Jan 31, 1907Richard Hynes (37) to Mary Finlay (23) Res: Caplin Cove[Richard is s/o Lactin Hynes & Mary McAuther]

Aug 28, 1907Thomas Blanchard (32) to Widow Elizabeth Young (38)

Sept 21, 1908 Gregory White to Caroline March
[Caroline] d/o Louis March and Caroline Hynes of Port aux Port
Feb 15, 1909Joseph Ryan (22) to Mary J DeVerex (21)

Oct 12, 1910Moses Burns (25) to Catherine Young (19) of Red Rocks

June 27 1910Albert Young to Aussie Maddoer

June 18 1913 Michael Downey (28) to Margaret Hynes

Sept 15 1913 John Bruce (24) to Anne Downey (25)

Jan 20 1915Thomas Hall 23 to Mary Mahar (21)

Feb 2, 1915John Young (20) to Sophie O'Byron (24)

Feb 9, 1915-James Downey (21) to Theresa Wall (19)

Feb 10, 1915-James Downey (30) to Nellie Edmonds (22)

May 16, 1915Edward Ryan (52) to Jane Gallof (54)

Nov 3 1915Joseph Hall (31) to Emma McInnis (27) at Caplin Cove

(wit John McInnis and Maggie McInnis
Nov 26, 1915Paul Young (55) to Annie McDonald (31)

Jan 22, 1918 William R. Ryan (25) to Mary Keating (25)

Sept 24, 1918 Alex Ryan (24) to Lucy Cormier (21)

Sept 24, 1918 George Cormier (25) to Lucy O'Quinn (20)

Oct 29, 1918Alban Downey (26) to Rose Young (20)

Jan 1, 1919Ernest Smith (21) to Mary Ryan (20)

June 1, 1919John Cormeau (28) to Sarah Downey (27)

Feb 7, 1921Willian McLellan (37) to Minnie Downey (33)

Jan 30, 1922Thomas Bertram Downey (27) to Effie Anne McQuerrie (26)

July 25, 1923 John Downey (24) to Maud Smith (22)

Nov 12, 1923Jas Smith (21) to Veronica Ryan (22)

Nov 3, 1924John Alfred Anderson (25) Margaret Corneux (21) of Codroy

Oct 28, 1926Alexander Downey (29) to Margaret McIsaac (21) of O'Reagans

June 10, 1928 Joseph Ryan (42) to Elizabeth Ellis (21) of Ryanland

Sept 10, 1928 William Ryan (35) to Mary Wall (26) of Ryanland

Oct 22, 1929Louis Garnner (19) to Emma Cormier (22)

July 4, 1933Dennis Ryan (35) to Mary Byrne (22) of O'Reagans

Aug 15, 1933Michael Wall (28) to Veronica Hynes (19) of Tomkins

Sept 25, 1933 Leo Ryan (28) to Emeline Gillis (24) of O'Reagans

May 29, 1934William Downey (48) to Agnes Hepditch

July 3, 1934Joseph Nicolas Lurdi (24) to Mary Agnes Ryan (21) of St Andrews

Oct 20, 1936Joseph Ryan (28) to Laurette Patry (22) of O'Reagans

Nov 23, 1936Sears Cormier to Dorothy MacRoage of South Branch

Sept 27, 1937 Joseph Gale (33) to Frances Hynes (21) of Tomkins

July 18, 1938 Edward Jas Ryan (31) to Mary C. White (20) of O'Reagans

Sept 14, 1938 Niel McIsaac to Mary Hynes (26) of St Andrews

Sept 14, 1938Patrick Hynes (23) to Pearl Carter (21) of St Andrews

Feb 5 1940Raymond Doyle (23) to Mary Ellen Ryan (20) of Doyles

June 28, 1941-George Manuel Wall to Sarah Jane Tapp of South Branch

Sept 28, 1941-Patrick Gale (55) to Sarah Downey (52) of Bruins Broad

May 9, 1943Leonard Hynes (20) to Rita Poole (20) of St Andrews

June 3, 1943Walter Doyles (40) to Mary Ryan (25) of St Andrews

Feb 11, 1944Alexander McIsaac (28) to Mary Cormier (25) of Upper Ferry

July 4 1944William White (31) to Rita Downey (22) of O'Reagans

July 5, 1944Winfred Cormier (22) to Cinderella Collier (21) of South Branch

Dec 27, 1944Wallace Alphonse Garreau (36) to Mary Edna Downey of Corner Brook

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
MacISAAC Joseph to YOUNG, Catherine Joseph MacIsaac age 26 married Catherine young, age 19 on Aug. 1, 1891.  His father was Angus (Ferry) MacIsaac & his mother was Sarah MacDonald of Port Hood, Inverness, County NS.  Her parents are John Young & Mary Alice MacEachern of Red Rocks, Newfoundland.  Ethel Close
BLANCHUM, Maglore Name should be Magloire Blanchard. While it is possible that the first name may have been spelled locally as Maglore (although I have always seen it spelled by the family as Magloire), I know that the last name was Blanchanrd.  I have visited his grave in the cemetery at St. Anne's RC Church. Rosemary Blanchard
JENNINGS The first error is June 6th 1870 Dominic Jennings married Anne Downey. It should be married Flora MacLean. There was a Dominic Jennings married to an Anne Downey(my GG grandparents). but they were married in the 1850's. Stephen Gillis
JENNINGS The error is May 8 1899 Martin Jennings to Anne Downey, Anne d/o the late Micheal Downey. The correct date should be May 8th 1879. Their first born was Paul in May of 1880. Stephen Gillis
BILLIARD Record of Mar. 24, 1888: William Hy Brilliard should be Billiard. Parents Jean M. Billiard and Caroline Plowman of Port aux Choix. Raymond Gould

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