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West Coast ~ Codroy District

St. Anne's Roman Catholic Parish Marriage Records

1867 - 1924
It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, CATHY GRANT, BRENDA JANES, CYRIL DUBOURDIEU & MARLENE COMPANION, 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
DateGroom & BrideParentsWitnessesNotes
CORNEUX, Margaret (21)

Rudolf Patry Mary Alice Andersonof Codroy
26-Aug-1901ANDERSON, Hugh (27)
BARTER, Mary Jane (26)

William Anderson Annie Noseworthyboth of Codroy
9-Jun-1914ANDERSON, Hugh (38)
PARKS, Susie (23)

William Anderson Winnifred Mooreboth of Codroy
PATTEN, Alice (26)

Robert Patten Ellen Pattenboth of Codroy
12 Nov 1885AUCOIN, D.
HYNES, Helen
William Hynes

29 Aug 1883AUCOIN, William
HALL, Elizabeth
Onesime Aucoin Capt. Paul Hall & Margaret McNielPaul Aucoin Ann Hall
13-Jun-1915BARTER, Edmund (37)
PARKS, Jane (27)

Robert Pattonboth of Codroy
28-Apr-1902BARTER, Francis (48)
SAMMS, Susan (19)

Edmund Barter Adelaide HallResides Codroy
27-Nov-1922BENNETT, Wallace (28)
McQUARRIE, Klara (19)

Sandy Cormier Mary McDonaldboth of Tompkins
17 May 1869BENNOIT, John
GALE, Catherine (w)

Peter Blanchard Ann Gale Relict of the late Donald McLellan
13 Nov 1884BENOIT, Thomas
Peter Benoit of St. George's ? Benoit of Grand RiverPaul Benoit Harriet Ryan
10 Jul 1875BENOIT, Thomas
Matthew FrancoisEdward Murry Christian MartinGroom of St. George's
7-Jan-1902BLANCHARD, Charles (24)
TOMPKINS, Bridget Ann (25)

James Walker Catherine Doyleof Grand River of Little River
23-Nov-1910BLANCHARD, John W.
RYAN, Sarah F.

Joseph Blanchard Catherine RyanGroom bap. At St. Anne's 21 Nov 1878 At Lowell, Mass
5 Aug 1872BLANCHARD, John
Magloire Blanchard James GaleThomas Downie Mathide Dona
12 Aug 1867BLANCHARD, Magloire
CHESSON, Eulalie
Charles Blanchard & Henriette Gaudin Simon Chesson & Sophique LeBlancDono Shompf Sarah McNeil
13 Jun 1878BLANCHARD, Magloire
DOWNEY, Esther (W)

Basil Cormier Emily Keepingnee Cormier
28-Aug-1907BLANCHARD, Thomas (32)
YOUNG, Elizabeth (W)(38)

Hugh J. McNeil Mary O'Quinnof Grand River
15-Jun-1923BOUDREAU, Kenneth (35)
O'QUINN, Sara (34)

John McDonald Mary O'Quinnboth of Searston
14 Sep 1871BOUSSE, Julien
CHOMPH, Margaret

Placide Chessaut Matilda ChomphAt Big River, Codroy
5-Feb-1912BRIAND, Francis (25)
HALL, Mary (18)

William Ansty Hilda Hallboth of Codroy
24 Mar 1888BRILLIARD, William Hy (21)
HYNES, Elizabeth Anne (20)
John Brilliard & Caroline Blowmane Thos. Hynes & Mary Ann MeagerWilliam Hynes Margaret Leaners
2 Jul 1882BROUGSAIS, Julien (W)
DOWNEY, Anastasia
Jean & Julie Brougsais James Downey & Margaret RyanSimon Schumpf Esther Hallwidower of Margaret Schumph
15-Sep-1913BRUCE, John (24)
DOWNEY, Anne (25)

15-Sep-1914BRUCE, John A. (24)
DOWNEY, Ann (25)

Isaac O'Quinn Mary Downeyboth of The Block
14-Nov-1900BRUCE, Joseph Henry (25)
GALE, Mary Elizabeth (24)

Allan McLellan Matilda Galeboth of Grand River
23-Jul-1910BRUCE, Joseph Jacob
INKS, Maria (27)

Groom bap. 29 Apr 1883 at Grand River Bride from Campbells Creek Married at Port au Port
1-Apr-1918BURKE, Stan (29)
TOMPKINS, Margaret (29)

Will Burke Margaret Collinsboth of Tompkins
12-Oct-1910BURNS, Moses (25)
YOUNG, Catherine (19)

George Delaney Christina BurnsOf Red Rocks
24 Nov 1879CAMPBELL, Allan
Patrick ChaissonAlex McIsaac James Gale
3 Nov 1876CAMPBELL, Archibald
McISAAC, Jessie

Michael McNeil Mary McNeilof Little River
10 Jan 1882CAMPBELL, Donald
McISAAC, Catherine
Allan Campbell Ronald McIsaac of Little RiverFrancis McIsaac Mary McDonald
18-Jul-1916CAMPBELL, Joe (28)
COLFORD, Jessie (23)

Wilfred Gale Katie Doucetteboth of Little River
21-Sep-1915CAMPBELL, John D. (23)
McISAAC, Margaret (26)

Joe Benoit Catherine McIsaacboth of Midlands
30 Sept 1879CAMPBELL, John
McISAAC, Flora
Dan Campbell of Little River Neil McIsaac of Little RiverJohn Campbell (A.)
Catherine McIsaac

29-Oct-1918CAMPBELL, Murdich (24)
DOUCETTE, Kitty (23)

Paul Doucette Leila McDonaldboth of Tompkins
23-Jun-1908CAMPBELL, Neil (24)
McNEIL, Elizabeth (27)

Neil McNeil Euphemia McIsaacboth of Little River
14-Oct-1902CAMPBELL, Paul (36)
PENNY, Bridget (21)

Joseph Cambell Christy McNeilof Little River of HolyRood C.B.
10-Feb-1904CAMPELL, Joseph (29)
McNEIL, Lizzie (25)

John McIsaac Sarah McIsaacboth of Backlands
5-Feb-1903CARTER, Isaac (25)
McISAAC, Catherine (W)(35)

John Young Mary Alice Patenboth of Cape Ray
25 Nov 1879CASHIN, John
MacLELLAN, Judith

Paul Martin Sarah Cashin
23 May 1881CASHIN, Simon
DOWNEY, Elizabeth
James Downey

23-Aug-1915CHAISSON, James (26)
O'QUINN, Elizabeth (20)

John Chaisson Mrs. Martin Hynesboth of Searston
19-Nov-1912CHAISSON, Patrick (22)
PATTON, Elizabeth (20)

Simon Chaisson Mary Aucoinboth of Searston
9 Jan 1882CHAISSON, Patrick
FARRELL, Emily (w)

William Hall Jane GaleOf N.W. Cove Widow of the late John Farrell of Grand Bay
8-Jan-1901CHAISSON, Simon (26)
BRUCE, Catherine Ann (18)

Thomas LeLuedie Mary Bruceof NW Cove of Grand River
21-Nov-1923CHAISSON, Simon (29)
GALE, Margaret (23)

Joseph Chaisson Agnes Downeyboth of South Branch
4 Aug 1878CHESSON, Simon
RYAN, Jane
Eusbe Chesson The late Michael RyanJohn H. Brousand Julie O'Quinn
13-Jan-1925CHIPPET, Henry (22)
McNEIL, Jessie (21)

Murdich Campbell Alice Campbellboth of Tompkins
8 Aug 1869CLOUS, Andrew
PETERS, Caroline
James Peters, an indian of CodroyCharles Pick Mary MathewNative of St. Solliac near St. Malo, France
13 Jul 1885COLLIER, Thomas
HALL, Lucy
Thomas Collier of Codroy Paul Hall (called Short)
Michael Hall Mary Hall
1 Aug 1872COMIER, William
McINNIS, Catherine
Alexander & Ann McInnis

20-Sep-1900COOK, Edward (26)
OSSMAN, (22)

Gregory Kelly Lizzie Blanchard
13 May 1891CORMEY, William
Gill & Elizabeth (Bennet)
Cormey William & Johnna Moore

24-Sep-1918CORMIER, George (25)
O'QUINN, Susie (20)

Dennis Ryanof Upper Ferry
6 Oct 1879CORMIER, James W.
O'QUINN, Judith

William O'Quinn Adelaide Blanchard
25 Sep 1888CORMIER, James
Michael & Esther (Downey)
Cormier James & Bridget Doyle

29-Jan-1907CORMIER, John A. (28)
McDONALD, Mary (27)
William Comier & Catherine McInnisFrank McIsaac Mary Delaneyof Grand River
1-Feb-1905CORMIER, John Thomas (25)
HALL, Elizabeth (23)
Patrick Comier & Maria Joseph HamnanFrancis McIsaac Eleanorah Cormierof Grand River
22-Aug-1917CORMIER, William
Thomas CASEY, Julia

Groom bap. At St. Anne's 18 Jun 1876 Married at Manchester, USA
11 Jan 1887CORMIER, William
Isidore Comier & Bridget Ross Peter & Louise Doucette

1 Aug 1872CORMIER, William
MacINNES, Catherine
Alexander MacInnes and Catherine Ann Gillis of HighlandsHugh McInnis Ann McDonald
1-Jun-1919CORNEAU, John (28)
DOWNEY, Sarah (27)

John Downey Mary M. Corneauof Codroy
? May 1909DELANEY, Joannem
MacNEIL, Christina

Bap at Bay Roberts 25 Jan 1885 Bap at Grand River 27 Apr 1883 Married at Sydney, NS

DEVAU, Joseph F. (30)
LeLIEAR, Donatille (24)
Frederick Devau & Caroline Aucoin of Cheticamp Sioxin LeLiear & Mary Devau of Little RiverEugene F. Devau Alvoiva Sampson"Dominion No 4 Cape Breton July 8/13 1813 or 1913?
29-Oct-1918DOWNEY, Alban (26)
YOUNG, Rose (20)

Erol Doyle Mary Youngof Downeys
Aug 1876DOWNEY, Basil
James Carter & Catherine Downey of Cape RayJohn Ryan Ann Downey
9-Feb-1915DOWNEY, James (21)
WALL, Theresa (19)

John Wall Catherine Doucetteof Downeys
10-Feb-1915DOWNEY, James (30)
EDMONDS, Nellie (22)

Sears Corneally Susie Ryanof Downeys
25-Jul-1923DOWNEY, John (24)
SMITH, Maud (22)

Joe Chaisson Rita Galeof Downeys
15 Jun 1880DOWNEY, John
James DowneyMichael Downey Anastasia DowneyBride of Highands, St George
18-Jun-1913DOWNEY, Michael (28)
HYNES, Margaret (24)

Joe Hall Annie Hynes
29 Oct 1889DOWNEY, Michael
YOUNG, Frances
James & Margaret Downey William & Catherine [Tapp] Young

14 Sep 1891DOWNEY, Patrick
GALE, Elizabeth

Thomas Downey Ann Gale
27 Nov 1883DOWNEY, Patrick
Thomas Downie & Catherine McLean Daniel McLellan & Catherine Gale

30-Jan-1922DOWNEY, Thomas Bertram (27)
McQUARRIE, Effie Anne (26)

John Downey Rose Doyleof Downeys
18 May 1887DOWNEY, Thomas
Michael & Esther (Hall)
Onesime (sp?)
& Sofhie (Doucette)

3 Jun 1878DOWNEY, Thomas
RYAN, Rachel
Michael Downey William Ryan of Grand RiverPatrick Michael Downey Anny Marie Downey
5-Jul-1920DOYLE, Thomas (47)
O'REILLY, Annie (26)

Francis McIsaac Margaret Collinsboth of Doyles
15-Jun-1918ENGLISH, Patrick (35)
BENOIT, Catherine (16)

Arthur English Mary Benoitboth of Upper Ferry
2 May 1869FARRELL, John
SCOTT, Amelia Mary

9 May 1899FARRELL, Michael (25)
DOWNEY, Emilia (29)

Patrick Ryan Henriette Hynes
5-Jun-1923FARRELL, Patrick (56)
HALL, Ester (50)

Dan Martin Isabelle Martinof St. Andrew's

FARRELL, Patrick
John Farrell & Emily Scott

20 Aug 1884FOLEY, Thomas
John Young of Red Rocks
24 Nov 1879FRANK, Benjamin

Stephen Frank Ellen Gabrielof Grand River of St. George's
7 Oct 1884GABRIEL, Andrew
Andrew Gabriel & Mary Ann Hall of Grand River Simon & Emma Penny of BurgeoJoseph Ryan Anne Gabriel
17 Oct 1870GABRIEL, Joseph
GILLAM, Esther M.
Andrew Gabriel & Mary Ann Hall of Big River Philip Gillam & Jane Tapp of Cape RayThomas Downey Madeline Gabriel
4-Sep-1922GALE, Afra (27)
GILLIS, Catherine (26)

Henry Gale Rita Gillisof Millville
17-Jul-1900GALE, Alexander (27)
O'QUINN, Mary Jane

Philip O'Quinn Kate McLean
18 Sept 1883GALE, Alexander
KENNEDY, Catherine
Edward Gale & Mary McLean of Grand River Michael McLean & Helen Jennings of Grand RiverPatrick Downey Anne Kennedy
2-Sep-1924GALE, Clement (24)
O'QUINN, Elizabeth (22)

Henry Gale Annie O'Quinnboth of Searston
15 Sept 1871GALE, Edward
CHOMPH, Sophia

Peter LeBlanc Margaret Cormier
6-Nov-1912GALE, Isadore (26)
McINNES, Annie (24)

John Gale Elizabeth McInnesof Millville of Smithville
27-Nov-1917GALE, Jn. (22)
McNEIL, Jessie (18)

Charles Luedie Agnes McIsaacboth of South Branch
11-May-1910GALE, John (23)
BRUCE, Mary (28)

John Bruce Catherine McDonaldboth of Grand River
8 April 1872GALE, John
William Gale of Grand River Isadore Comier of Grand River

18 Feb 1898GALE, John
HALL, Minnie
John & Mary Gale Paul & Margaret Hall

23-Jun-1914GALE, John
McINNES, Elizabeth

Sandy Ryan Mary Frances Galeboth of Great Codroy
26-Jul-1900GALE, Joseph (55)
MURPHY, Cecilia

James Gale Ellen Gale
20 Nov 1899GALE, Joseph J. (37)
COLLIER, Matilda Ann (22)

John J. Gale Susan Gale
31-May-1911GALE, Michael (26)
SULLIVAN, Gertrude (19)

Isadore Gale Mary McLellanboth of Stephenville
6-Aug-1919GALE, Patrick (32)
GALE, Mary Jane (21)

John Gale Martha Galeboth of Broom's Brook
20-Jan-1904GALE, Paul (28)
O'QUINN, (18)

Joseph McIsaac Maggie Hallboth of Grand River
29-Oct-1919GALE, William (23)
LOMOND, Mary (19)

Sandy McInnes Hilda Galeboth of Broom's Brook
25 Aug 1896GALLOP, Alexander (26)
HALL, Mary Nora (18)
William Gallop & Hannah McLean Jas Hall & Fanny Parsons

3-Nov-1907GAUTIN, Arthur (23)
HALL, Mary Adelenea (21)

Michael Gale Mary Blanchardboth of Grand River
1-Jun-1924GILLIAM, John (35)
FOLEY, Brenda (34)

Francis Foley Ellen Hayesboth of South Branch
21 Oct 1894GILLIS, Alexander
HALL, Jane Ann
Andrew Gillis & Catherine Mcpherson Paul & Margaret Hall

23 Nov 1896GILLIS, Alexander
MacARTHUR, Maggie
John Gillis & Sarah MacDonald

11 Aug 1881GILLIS, Archibald
GILLIS, Christine
Hugh Gillis of Highlands Donald Gillis of Codroy ValleyAlex MacEachren Catherine Gillis

GILLIS, Archibald
HYNES, Elizabeth
Donald Gillis of Codroy ValleyJohn L. Gillis
12 Oct 1870GILLIS, Donald
DOWNEY, Elizabeth
Hugh Gillis Thomas Downey

21-Aug-1907GILLIS, Edwin G. (30)
BLANCHARD, Sarah (23)

Louis Sanfacon(?)
Margaret McDonald
both of Codroy
10-Sep-1921GILLIS, Edwin J. (45)
DOYLE, Margaret (50)

Edmund Gillis Rose Doyleof Codroy
14 Sept 1871GILLIS, Hugh

James McNeil Peggy Gillis
4 Nov 1889GILLIS, Hugh
RYAN, Jane
Edwin & Margaret Gillis Dennis & Sarah Ryan

11 Aug 1881GILLIS, Michael
HYNES, Elizabeth
Donald Gillis of Codroy Valley Lactin HynesJohn Gillis Mary Hynes
25 Oct 1881GILLIS, Paul
The late John & his widow Catherine, of Highlands James & Margaret RyanStephen Hall Mary Hall
5-Sep-1906GILLIS, Robert B. (26)
GILLIS, Mary J. (24)

Allan McLellan Margaret Gillisof Codroy
17-Apr-1900GREGORY, William
McISAAC, Jessie A.

Stanlislaus McIsaac Mary McIsaac
3 Sep 1894HALL, Alexander
JENNINGS, Elizabeth
John Hall & Catherine Gillis Daniel Jennings & Anne Downey

21 Nov 1883HALL, Daniel
John Hall & Catherine Gillis of Highlands Michael & Catherine Cassin of Grand RiverDougald Gillies Catherine McLellanAt Grand River
30-Apr-1902HALL, Edward (45)
McNEIL, Flora (40)

Angus McNeil Annie McIsaacof Grand River
8 Jan 1880HALL, James
The late William ParsonsMaxim Poirrier Ester HallBoth of Codroy
26 Nov 1896HALL, Jas (22)
GALE, Margaret J (22)
Paul & Margaret Hall John Gale & Mary Cormier

16 Sep 1884HALL, John
MARTIN, Christina

Paul Young Mary GallopGroom of Codroy
3-Nov-1915HALL, Joseph (31)
McINNIS, Emma (22)

John McInnis Maggie McInnisAt Caplin Cove
12 Nov 1893HALL, Joseph
Edward Hall & Catherine Hall Roderick Gillis & Catherine Gillis

2 Aug 1893HALL, Michael
MOORE, Johanna
John & Jane Hall

18 Nov 1878HALL, Michael

Simon Shumpt Mary O'Quinn
13 Oct 1885HALL, Patrick
RYAN, Mary

Patrick Schesson Nellie Ryanof Cape St. George of Grand River
5-May-1913HALL, Paul (25)
McALISTER, Catherine (22)

James Chaisson Jane McAlisterboth of Searston
28 Jun 1876HALL, Paul
COLLIER, Martha Jane
Joseph Hall of Codroy John Collier of CodroyPatrick Jennings Alice Cormier
25 Oct 1881HALL, Paul
The late John Hall & Catherine Gillis of Highlands James Downey & Margaret Ryan of Grand RiverStephen Hall Mary Hall
28 Nov 1890HALL, Stephen
HYNES, Sarah
Joseph & Mary Ann Hall Lactin Hynes

20-Jan-1917HALL, Thomas (23)
MAHAR, Mary (23)

John O'Quinn Mary McLellanof Codroy
28-Jul-1912HARTIGAN, William (25)
STRANG, Veronica (25)

Thomas Coombs Margaret Tompkinsboth of Placentia
8-Feb-1910HAYES, William
GABRIEL, Esther Ann

(Bap. at London 11 Dec 1878)
(Bap. at Grand River 28 Feb 1886)
Married at Morrville, RI
30-Sep-1908HEWLIN, William J. (26)
PATON, Ellen (23)

Paul Paton Elizabeth O'Quinnboth of Grand Bay
26 Jun 1879HUNT, James P.

Robert Gall Emily KeepingOf Halifax, NS Of Rose Blanche
6 Sept 1880HYNES, Henry Angus
O'QUINN, Mary Judith
Philip Hynes of Gravels, St. George's Bay Mesmin O'Quinn of Grand RiverJohn Hynes Miss Hynes
12-Jun-1913HYNES, John Alexander (28)
DOWNEY, Katherine Jane (22)
Richard Hynes & Margaret Cormier Michael Downey & Frances Anne YoungMichael Downey Margaret Hynesof Northside
25 Nov 1890HYNES, John
RYAN, Sarah Anne
William & Caroline Hynes Denis Ryan

1867HYNES, Lactin

12-May-1912HYNES, Martin (35)
CHAISSON, Frances (18)

John Chaisson Mary Keatingboth of Grand River
31-Jan-1907HYNES, Richard (37)
FINLAY, Mary (23)
Lactin Hynes & Mary McAutherMichael Gale Sarah McIsaacRes: Caplin Cove
11 Sep 1875HYNES, Richard
CORMIER, Margaret Philomena
Martin Heins & Helen Kemper Isidore Cormier & Harriet Mary RossThomas Downey Joanne Downey
6 Jun 1870JENNINGS, Dominic

6 Jun 1870JENNINGS, Dominic
McLEAN, Flora

Thomas Downey Ann Downey
17 Jan 1898JENNINGS, John (40)
GALE, Sarah (25)

1898JENNINGS, John
GALE, Sarah

8 May 1879JENNINGS, Martin
Michael DowneyJoseph McDonald Anastasia Downey
25 Nov 1883JENNINGS, Patrick
HALL, Ester
Paul Hall

25 Nov 1885JENNINGS, Patrick
HALL, Esther
Capt. Paul HallJames Downey Ann Hall
11 Jul 1895JENNINGS, Thomas
HALL, Esther
Daniel & Ann Jennings John & Catherine HallRichard Hynes Minnie Jennings
22-Sep-1925JOSEPH, Dugie (32)
MURPHY, Josephine (19)

James Tompkins Ursula Tompkinsboth of Humbermouth
23-Sep-1908KEATING, James W.
James Keating & Mary Leary of Grand River Richard Hynes & Margaret Cormier of Grand RiverCornelius Ryan Sadie Keating(bap. 16 May 1880)
(bap. 25 Dec 1885)
Married at Halifax
3 Sept 1883KEATING, James William
SEARS, Honora

Philip M. Ryan MD Ann Frances Cooperof Chumsill(?)
of Antigonish, NS
7 May 1877KEATING, John
RYAN, Catherine
Maurice Keating The late Michael Ryan


4-Sep-1923LUEDIE, ? (24)
McISAAC, Angela

John McIsaac Ellen Luedieboth of Little River
31 Jul 1885MARR, John
YOUNG, Caroline
Alexander Young of Bay St. GeorgeStephen Matthew Harriet Francois
7-Nov-1911MARTIN, Daniel (54)
GALE, Matilda (33)

Isadore Gale Minnie O'Quinnboth of Codroy
4-Nov-1919MARTIN, Daniel (62)
GALE, Isabelle (50)

John Gale Martha Galeboth of Millville
29 May 1881MARTIN, Daniel
BLANCHARD, Marie Adeline
Magloire Blanchard

30-Dec-1901MARTIN, Stephen (35)
RYAN, Ellen (33)

J.T. Martin Mary Martin
6-Feb-1905McARTHUR, Alex (34)
DOYLE, Margaret (34)

James McIsaac Sarah Doyleboth of Grand River
3-Feb-1913McARTHUR, Allan (28)
McNEIL, Cecilia (17)

Andrew McIsaac Flora McNeilboth of Upper Ferry
22-May-1923McARTHUR, Allan (35)
McDONALD, Mary (27)

John McArthur Margaret McIsaacboth of Upper Ferry
26-Jun-1906McARTHUR, Angus (30)
McISAAC, Jane (18)

Joseph A. McIsaac Mary McArthurboth of Grand River
22-Jan-1915McARTHUR, Angus (38)
O'QUINN, Seline (22)

Joseph McArthur Marie Muiseboth of South Branch
12-Jun-1906McARTHUR, John (32)
CORMIER, Louise (18)
Lewis McArthur & Jessie McIssac Wm Henri Cormier & Anne DoucetteAngus McArthur Jane McIsaac
2-Aug-1915McARTHUR, Joseph (27)
McISAAC, Henrietta (22)

Albert Blanchard Adelina Ryanboth of The Gut
12-Feb-1914McARTHUR, Murdoch (35)
McNEIL, Flora (34)

Thomas McNeil Jane McLeanboth of Upper Ferry
22 Sept 1884McDONALD, Angus
McQUARRY, Catherine Anne
Angus McDonald ? McQuarry of Little RiverAngus McQuarry Mary McDonald
7 Aug 1872McDONALD, Donald

Augustus McIsaac Janet McIsaacBoth of Little River
7 Jan 1890McDONALD, Duncan
RYAN, June
Larkam & Sara McDonald James & Mary Ryan

2 Oct 1887McDONALD, John M.
RYAN, Henriette
James & Mary (McIsaac)
Dennis & Sarah Ryan

7 May 1872McDONALD, John
POOLE, Elizabeth (18)
James & Mary The late Thomas & widow Jane PiercePaul Hall Catherine Jennings
2 Aug 1882McDONALD, Joseph Angus
The late Angus McDonald & the late Margaret McPhee of East Bay, CB Alexander & Ann Gillis of Broad Cove, CBJames Keating of Channel Honora Sears
1-Jul-1902McDONALD, Michael (31)
FLYNN, Bridget (20)

L. Stephenson Mary Stephensonboth of Port aux Basques
2 Sept 1883McDONALD, Michael
LONG, Mary
Thomas McDonald & Sarah Power of Grand Jarvis George & Margaret Long of St. George's Bay

27-Feb-1900McEWEN, John
McISAAC, Flora

John McArthur Jessie McIsaac
2-Jul-1919McINNES, John (32)
GALE, Mary F. (28)

Sandy Cormier Frances McInnesboth of Smithville
25 Oct 1881McINNIS, Hugh
RYAN, Mary
Alexander McInnis & Ann Gillis of Highlands Dennis Ryan & Sarah McIsaac of Grand RiverJohn McIsaac Miss Catherine McIsaac
11-Jun-1901McISAAC, Alexander D. (29)
McISAAC, Mary Ann (26)

John McArthur Effie McNeilof Grand River of Little River
30 Jan 1882McISAAC, Alexander
Allan Campbell of Mountgomey (?)
? McIsaac Mary Ann Campbell
15 Sept 1878McISAAC, Alexander
McISAAC, Isabella
The late Archibald McIsaac Donald McIsaacJohn Campbell Flora McIsaac
12 Jun 1870McISAAC, Allan

Of Little River
18-Jun-1913McISAAC, Andrew D. (35)
BAGG, Beatrice (23)

Michael McIsaac Mary D. McIsaacboth of Upper Ferry
24-Aug-1915McISAAC, Angus (24)
McDONALD, Catherine (19)

Joe Benoit Annie McQuarrieboth of Little River
16-Jan-1912McISAAC, Angus (27)
McQUARRIE, Margaret Jane (*)

Sears Tompkins Sarah Ryanboth of Little River * age is listed as 20 with 30 wrote in above name?
25-Nov-1903McISAAC, Angus (32)
McDOUGALD, Bridget (27)

James McIsaac Flora McDougaldboth of Grand River
15 Jul 1873McISAAC, Angus Donald
McARTHUR, Elizabeth

Archibald Campbell Christina Gillis
29 May 1879McISAAC, Angus
Archibald McIsaac of Grand River Of Cape BretonArchibald McIsaac Mary McDonaldOf Cape Breton
29-Jul-1920McISAAC, Archie
O'QUINN, Ellena
Angus McIsaac & Jessie McDonald Peter O'Quinn & Emma Walsh (*)
Will Handrigan Maggie O'Quinnboth of South Branch * Welshman was written in over Walsh
16 Jan 1888McISAAC, Archy
DOWNEY, Anastasia
Angus & JeficMcIsaac Thomas & Esther (Cormier)

10 Aug 1869McISAAC, Donald (w)
McNEIL, Sarah

James McNeil Ann McIsaacOf Big River
19 Jun 1870McISAAC, Donald
James McDonald
Of Little River
3-Jul-1922McISAAC, Francis (21)
COLLINS, Margaret (29)

James McKinnon Jeannie O'Quinnboth of Searston
8 Aug 1883McISAAC, Francis
McARTHUR, Margaret
Archibald & Margaret McIsaac of Little River Angus McArthur & Sarah McDonald of Grand RiverArchibald McIsaac Sarah McLellan
19-Nov-1907McISAAC, Frank Joseph (23)
DELANEY, Mary Ann (22)

Andrew McIsaac Mary Aucoinboth of Grand River
29-May-1906McISAAC, George (25)
JENNINGS, Amanda (18)
Alexander McIsaac & Matilda Comier George JenningsFrancis McIsaac Mary McLellanof Grand River
29-Oct-1901McISAAC, Hugh (28)
McNEIL, Catherine (20)

Joseph McIsaac Ann McIsaacboth of Grand River
27-Jul-1906McISAAC, James (32)
HALL, Margaret (W)

Andrew McIsaac Dolorosa Galeboth of Grand River
21-Jul-1912McISAAC, John A.
CARTER, Alice (21)

James Chaisson Isabelle McIsaacboth of Little River
28 Nov 1899McISAAC, John Archie (35)
BARTER, Maggie (17)

Thomas Cormier Henriette Ellen McIsaac
21-Jun-1920McISAAC, Joseph (23)
BENOIT, Mary (21)

Will Gale Hall Catherine Benoitboth of Upper Ferry
18-Feb-1903McISAAC, Joseph (28)
ST. MARTIN, Mary (24)

George McIsaac Agnes O'Quinnboth of Grand River
24-May-1914McISAAC, Joseph (40)
DOUCETTE, Eunice (22)

Angus McIsaac Henrietta McIsaacboth of South Branch
1 Aug 1891McISAAC, Joseph
YOUNG, Catherine
Angus & Sarah McIsaac (Cape Breton)
John & Eliza Young

6-Feb-1917McISAAC, Michael (29)
McECHREN, Minnie (34)

Thomas McNeil Annie Barronboth of Upper Ferry
26-Jun-1900McISAAC, Michael (32)
McKINNON, Effie (25)
Archibald McKinnonArchie McIsaac Sarah McIsaac
14-Nov-1911McISAAC, Stephen (35)
McLELLAN, Catherine (18)

Angus McLellanboth of Searston
6-May-1921McISAAC, Thomas (22)
WHITE, Julia (22)

Roddy McIsaac Elizabeth Whiteboth of South Branch
10-Oct-1905McKINNON, Angus (32)
CAMPBELL, Catherine (22)

Andrew McIsaac Christy McNeilboth of Grand River
12-Nov-1907McKINNON, Angus (35)
McDOUGALD, Flora (30)

Angus A. McDougald Margaret McKinnonboth of Big Brook
18-Feb-1901McLELLAN, Alexander (33)
McISAAC, Henriette Alice (24)

Joseph S. McIsaac Maggie McLellanof Codroy of Grand River
13 Oct 1899McLELLAN, John (29)
NOSEWORTHY, Mary Ann (23)

Allan McLellan Margaret McLellan
7-Feb-1921McLELLAN, William (37)
DOWNEY, Minnie (33)

Gerard Downey Annie McQuarrieof Codroy
1-Jan-1900McLENNAN, Allan D. (35)
MARTIN, Julia (25)

Dan A. McIsaac Bridget Ann Tompkins
9 May 1872McNEIL, Alexander
McLEAN, Catherine Ann
John McNeil (Big)
James McNeil Jessie McKeonBride of Mabou, CB
5-Jul-1910McNEIL, Angus (29)
MacEACHREN, Catherine (20)

Hugh McNeil Mary McEachrenof Grand River
27-Nov-1900McNEIL, Donald, (29)
McISAAC, Mary Ann (25)

Angus McArthur Mary D. McIsaacof Grand River of Little River
27-Jun-1917McNEIL, Hugh (32)
McLEAN, M.J. (25)

Tom McNeil Angela McIsaacboth of Upper Ferry
8-Feb-1912McNEIL, Hugh (35)
GALE, Mary (19)

Hugh McNeil Sarah Ryanboth of Grand River
20-Nov-1912McNEIL, John N. (22)
BLANCHARD, Adelina (18)

Allan McIsaac Adelina Ryanboth of Backlands
29 Sept 1872McNEIL, Joseph
McKEOWN, Jessie
Hugh McNeil Donald McKeownMichael McNeil Ann McDonald
29 Sept 1877McNEIL, Michael
John McNeil (Red)
of Little River Dan Campbell
John Campbell Annie Campbell
29 Jun 1870McNEIL, Michael
John McNeil (Red)
of Little River
James Keating Elizabeth DowneyBride of Mouse Island
4 Jun 1871McNEIL, Neil
McQUARRY, Marguret
John McNeil (Big)
Allan McQuarry
James McNeil Catherine Ann McNeil
1-Oct-1917McQUARRIE, Joseph (27)
O'QUINN, Mary (21)

T. O'Quinn Minnie McQuarrieboth of Tompkins
7-Nov-1924MOORE, Alex (30)
LOCKE, Gertrude (21)

Dan Collins Elizabeth Hilliardboth of Codroy
8 Jan 1882MOORE, John
W. Moore of Codroy Peter Murphy & Elizabeth Downey of Grand RiverJames Downey Jr. Catherine Kennedy
29-Apr-1919MORGAN, William (36)
PETERS, Mary (38)

Andrew Benoit Mrs. Fred Petersboth of Broom's Brook
7 Aug 1872MURPHY, James
JENNINGS, Catherine

8-Oct-1907MURRAY, James (28)
GALE, Julia (24)

James Gale Catherine Downeyboth of Grand River
7 Sep 1875MURRY, Michael
Jacob Downey & Margaret RyanThomas Downey Joanne Downey
10 Sep 1875MURRY, Henry
Michael DOWNEY, Jane

John Downey Catherine RyanGroom of Carbonear
8-Sep-1909NOSEWORTHY, Emmanuel (25)
CAMPBELL, Bridget (26)

At Port aux Port
9 Sep 1875NOSEWORTHY, Nathanial
HALL, Jane

28-Sep-1918O'KEEFE, Michael (25)
WELLS, Jessie (28)

Joseph McNeil Margaret Muiseboth of South Branch
28-Nov-1923O'NEIL, Patrick (25)
McISAAC, Clara (29)

Angus McIsaac Jeannie McIsaacboth of Corner Brook
14 Oct 1885O'QUINN, ?
SMITH, Mary Jane
John Smith of the Gut (Roll's)
David Schumpt Zilly O'Quinn
12-Nov-1901O'QUINN, Alexander (27)
McLEAN, Catherine J. (22)

Thomas Blanchard Eliza McLeanboth of Grand River
29 Jun 1870O'QUINN, Exupere
McNEIL, Mary

14-Sep-1914O'QUINN, Fred Peter (25)
WHITE, Amelia (22)

Joseph Benoit Mary Petersboth of Northside
29-May-1922O'QUINN, Hypolite "Paul" (26)
CHAISSON, Mary Frances (22)

Joseph Chaisson Monica O'Quinnboth of Broom's Brook
12-Feb-1900O'QUINN, Joseph S. (34)
McISAAC, Henriette Ellen (27)

Gregory White Elizabeth Cormier
1-Nov-1920O'QUINN, Narcisse (24)
GALE, Julia (24)

John Gale Susie O'Quinnboth of South Branch
21-Jun-1915O'QUINN, Paul (21)
SMITH, Lena (17)

Hecter O'Quinn Agnes O'Quinnboth of Broom's Brook
20-Apr-1925O'QUINN, Peter (25)
O'QUINN, Julia (20)

Angus McIsaac Susie Galeboth of South Branch
16 Aug 1883O'QUINN, Peter
Mesmin & Tarsille O'Quinn John Patey & Mary Windsor of Cape RayPaul O'Quinn Helen Ryan
14-Apr-1921O'QUINN, Thomas (29)
DOUCETTE, Eunice (19)

John Delaney Viola Delaneyboth of South Branch
3-Jan-1922O'QUINN, Thomas (30)
O'QUINN, Mary (25)

Mesmin O'Quinn Lizzie O'Quinnboth of St. Andrew's
28 Jun 1876O'QUINN, Thomas
MARTIN, Catherine

Michael Gillis Mary Gillis
9 May 1872O'QUINN, Thomas
REEDE, Elizabeth Mary

Basil Downey Anastasia DowneyGroom of Grand River Bride of Codroy
12-Nov-1902O'REILLY, Aloyeius J. (36)
MURPHY, Mary (29)

Joseph Blanchard Mary Blanchardboth of Sandy Point
6-Jun-1923O'REILLY, Joseph (24)
YOUNG, Frances (21)

John O'Reilly Sara O'Quinnboth of Humbermouth
21-May-1912ORGAN, Bartholomew (32)
BENNET, Annie (20)
James Organ & Sarah MatchamJoseph Benoit Sarah O'Quinnborn 14 Aug. 1879 at Gaultois of Grand River
23-Oct-1918PARKS, John (33)
McDOUGALD, Agnes (26)

Angus McDougall Mrs. Andersonboth of Cape Ray
7-May-1925PATON, Robert (35)
ANDERSON, Annie (22)

Gerard Gillis Emmaline Gillisboth of Codroy
23 Nov 1879PAUL, Andrew

Stephen Frank Christy GeorgeOf St. George's Bay Of Big River
1 May 1871PECK, Charles
GABRIEL, Harriet
John Peck of Big River The late Louis Gabriel of Bay St. GeorgeGabriel Matthew Madeline Gabriel
12-Sep-1920PENNEY, George (63)
BURKE, Frances (53)

James Tompkins Ursula Tompkinsboth of Ramea
5-Oct-1927PENNY, George Gerard
SMART, Marie
John & Susanna Burke of Halifax Michael & Margaret Jackman of PAB

24 May 1878PETERS, John
Jim Peters of Burnt IslandsB. Farrell
5-Jul-1921PLERCY, Thomas (36)
WALL, Maria (22)

William Wall Mary Wallboth of Irishtown
31-Jan-1917PLERUI (?), Francis (29)
WALL, Josephine (19)

John Wall Bessie Knowlingboth of Little River
29 Aug 1881POIRIER, Amos
RYAN, Mary
Pierre Poirier & Anne LeBlanc of Arichat, C.B. James & Margaret Ryan

28-Jan-1913POIRIER, Paul (24)
MUISE, Seraphie(?)(34)

Allan McIsaac Annie O'Quinnboth of Little River
11 Nov 1883POIRRIER, Paul
Francois Poirrier & Eloise O'Quinn of Cape Breton Michael Byrnes & Esther Toussaint of Cape Breton
At Grand River
8 Aug 1869PREJOU, John Marie
MATHEWS, Caroline

James George Jane MichealOf St. Malo France Indian girl of Codroy River
14 Jan 1888QUARRY, Angus M.
RYAN, Helen
Allen & Effiee Quarry Michael & Anne Ryan

9 May 1872REEDE, William James

Thomas Downey Anastasia MurphyGroom of Codroy
23-May-1911REID, Joseph (30)
JENNINGS, Mary (24)

Michael Jennings Elizabeth O'Quinnof Codroy
30-Apr-1903ROBINSON, John (21)
CHAISSON, Cora (17)

Thomas Luedie Katie BlanchardMarried at Port aux Basques
6-Nov-1900ROWE, Dominic (24)
RYAN, Ellen (26)

Alexander Ryan Lizzie Ryan
8-May-1900RUCK, Sidney Charles (27)
GORMAN, Margaret Annie (28)

Patrick Howlett Elizabeth ?
24-Sep-1918RYAN, Alex (24)
CORMIER, Susie (21)

Sandy Cormier Angela McIsaacof Upper Ferry
7 Jan 1890RYAN, Alexander
Denis & Sarah Ryan Maglore & Henretta Blanchard

11 Aug 1896RYAN, Basil
Jas RyanThomas Ryan Ellen Ryan
16 Nov 1886RYAN, Charles (32)
ROACHE, Margaret (17)
William & Ellen (Fitpatrick)
Ryan, Grand River Joseph & Catherine (Lude)

16 Nov 1896RYAN, Charles (32)
ROUCH, ? Winafred (17)
William Ryan & Ellen Fitzpatrick Joseph Rouch and Catherine Ludi

16-May-1917RYAN, Edward (52)
GALLOP, Jane (54)

Pat Downey Sarah Downeyof Upper Ferry
8 Jan 1884RYAN, Edward
the late Michael Ryan & ? GaleMichael Cormier Rose DoyleBride of Margaree, CB
15 Nov 1890RYAN, John
Dennis & Sarah RyanLactin HynesBride of Burnt Islands
29 Sep 1879RYAN, John
GALLOP, Hanna (W)
The late Michael Ryan of Grand RiverAlexander Gale Sarah CashinWidow of the late William Gallop of Codroy
25 Feb 1884RYAN, John
SMITH, Susan
James Ryan & Mary Ryan John Smith

15-Feb-1909RYAN, Joseph (22)
DEVEREX, Mary J. (21)

Daniel White Susan Ryan
6-Aug-1901RYAN, Michael (24)
GALE, Maggie Ann (21)

John Farrell Julia Galeboth of Grand River
27 Jun 1899RYAN, Patrick (25)
HYNES, Henriette Ellen (22)

Martin Hynes Maggie McIsaac
26-Sep-1900RYAN, Thomas (30)
HALL, Mary Ann (21)

George McIsaac Kate McInnis
22-Jan-1918RYAN, William R. (25)
KEATING, Mary (25)

Richard Murphy Camilla Keatingof Channel
26 Nov 1883SCHOMT, Simon
AUCOIN, Sophie
Donat & Louise Giesson of Grand River Mesmin & Tereille DoucetteJoseph McQuarry Esther Hall
28-Sep-1903SIMON, Yves (48)
ASENEAU, Angelica (35)

Tom Luedie Mary O'Quinnboth of Cape George
1-Jan-1919SMITH, Ernest (21)
RYAN, Mary (20)

Benidict Smith M. Ryanof Brooms Brook
12-Nov-1923SMITH, Jas (26)
RYAN, Veronica (22)

Sandy McInnes Mary Margaret Ryanof Smithsville
10-Jul-1916SMITH, John (23)
McISAAC, Julia (22)

Martin Brake Mary McIsaacboth of South Branch
11-Jul-1921ST. CROIX, Stanlislaus (22)
McNEIL, Annie (21)

John McNeil Martha O'Quinnboth of South Branch
12 Jan 1891ST. MARTIN, Charles
RYAN, Margaret
Michael & Mary St Martin Denis & Sarah Ryan of Grand River

29-Jun-1924SURETTE, Theatine (?)(27)
O'QUINN, Monica (25)

Michael O'Quinn Matilda Hall
24-May-1909TOMPKINS, James (28)
BURKE, Ursula (26)

Stanlislaus Burke Margaret E. Tompkinsboth of Little River
19-Jan-1909TOMPKINS, Michael (30)
McDONALD, Mary E. (28)

Thomas Doyle Ursula Burkeboth of Little River
27-Oct-1914TOMPKINS, Thomas Sears (30)
BOLAND, May (18)

Michael Gillis Elsie Boland
7-Jan-1903VEITCH, James (26)
McCOURT, Ann Jane (30)

Clement J. Doyle Maggie J. Doyleboth of Channel
18-Jun-1924WALL, Dan (26)
FARRELL, Florence (26)

Albert Wall Rose Doyleof St. Andrews
22-May-1919WALL, John (26)
McISAAC, Madeline (19)

William Wall Maria Wallboth of St. Andrew's
21-Apr-1910WALL, Thomas J.E. (27)
McISAAC, Sarah (17)

Michael Chaisson Mary E. McIsaacboth of Red Rocks
28 Nov 1889WHITE, Charles
RYAN, Mary
Martin & Catherine Benoit James & Mary Ryan

19-May-1908WHITE, Clarence (32)
McISAAC, Ann (28)

Hugh McNeil Mary McArthurboth of Bay St. George
21-Sep-1908WHITE, Gregory
MARCH, Caroline
Louis March and Caroline Hynes of Port aux PortHugh McNeil Joanna McIsaacMarried at Port aux Port
26-Oct-1915WHITE, Philip (28)
McDOUGALD, Frances (21)

George Cormier Frances McDougaldboth of Smithville
8-Jan-1908WHITE, Placid (28)
McINNES, Catherine (25)

Hugh McNeil Annie McInnesboth of Grand River
27-Jun-1910YOUNG, Albert

(bap. 31 Jan 1880 at Codroy)
(bap. 1888 at Rattling Brook, St. Georges Bay)
Married at Allston, Mass.
4 Jun 1896YOUNG, Dominic (26)
CARTER, Agnes (20)

John Young Sarah YoungMarried at Cape Ray
9 Aug 1869YOUNG, Dominic
PARKS, Sarah

John Downey Sarah McNeil
2 Sep 1896YOUNG, James (35)
KEEPING, Ellen (22)
William & Catherine Young Ruban & Susan KeepingJohn Young Agness Jane CarterMarried at Cape Ray
3 Jun 1887YOUNG, James
MARTIN, Elizabeth

Bride from Codroy
15 Jul 1873YOUNG, James
MURPHY, Anastasia

Thomas Downey Elizabeth Hall
2-Feb-1915YOUNG, John (20)
O'BYRON, Sophie (24)

Simon Chaisson Marie O'Quinnof The Block
11 Oct 1890YOUNG, John
AUCOIN, Esther
John & Catherine Young Hasmin & Mrrelli (sp?)

26-Nov-1917YOUNG, Paul (55)
McDONALD, Annie (31)

? McDougald Eliza Collinsboth of Searston
3 Nov 1886YOUNG, Paul
James & Anne Young of Codroy James Collens and Elizabeth O'Rielly of Placenta

11 Jan 1887YOUNG, Thomas
BRUCE, Sarah Ann
William & Catherine Young John & Sarah (McLean)

26 Nov 1895YOUNG, Thomas
James of Codroy John & Smillin (sp?)

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