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South Branch

South Branch had its beginning around 1895-8, when the railroad came through the area. Dick Wells, Section Foreman, was the first settler. He married a lady from Millville, Miss Cassie Cashin. Some of the early settlers were; Sylvester White, Peter Muise, Joseph (Silver) O'Quinn, Dan McIsaac, Medrick Aucoin. The first mass in South Branch was celebrated in the home of Sylvester White, opposite Mr. McIsaac's house. The [St. Sylvester Roman Catholic Church] in South Branch was named after St. Sylvester, and the South Branch School was named after St. Kevin. The bell on the ground near the church came from the Church of St. Michael (the Archangel), in Port aux Basques. When this church was being torn down, the bell was taken to South Branch. However, when it was being placed in the church, it fell and cracked.

The above data was written by unknown high school students from a school in the Stephenville area in 1978, transcribed by Brenda Janes and posted to the Internet in July 1999 by Stephen Baker.

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