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Misc. Vital Stats entries transcribed from PANL

The information was transcribed by Peggy Bennett. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

August 8,1869 I baptized John born 17 May of lawful marriage of John Gale & Mary Chiasson Sponsors:Patrick Cormier & Anne Downey .....Thomas Sears, pp.

McNeil born Dec. 13,1874,Paul Lawrence McNeil-Gale born Dec.13,1874, Baptized June,Jan. or July??[very hard to decipher]15,1875 of x Gale & Marg??-M...Alex Gale.Sponsors:Mary McIs??---[this one was very hard to decipher as there were blank spots on the transcript,but we know his mother to be Anne McNeil]

Moore-Codroy-Jany 29,1875[that's what it looked like,most likely January] I baptized Margaret Moore born 3 Jany 1875 of William Moore,Protesant & Johanna Ryan-Sponsors:Joseph Bruce & Mary Hall...Thomas Sears

April 12, 1883 Carter-I baptized at Cape Ray, Mary Catherine born March 13th of John Carter & Mary Patten Sponsors:William Parks & Catherine Young ........Thomas Sears pp. .

August 17,1874 I received a renewal of the mutual consent to a matrimonal union between Francis Bejun & the former Mrs.Jane Carter(alias) Benoit in the presence of Neil & Ann Young. .

1882-On this the 9th of January ,1882 I received mutual consent to a marriage union between Patrick Chiasson of N.W.Cove and Mrs. Emily Farrell widow of the late John Farrell of Grand Bay & I have imported to them the nuptial benediction in the presence of William Hall & Jane Gale}Witnesses............Thomas Sears pp. .

On the twenty ninth day of August 1883 William Aucoin son of Onesime Aucoin & Elizabeth Hall of Captain Paul Hall & Margaret McNeil were married by me according to the Rites of ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church in the presence of Paul Aucoin & Anne Hall.

On this 26th day of November 1883 Simon Schomp of Donat Schomp & Louise Giesson ,Grand River & Sophie Aucoin of Mesmin Aucoin & Tercille Doucette were married by me in presence of Joseph McQuarry & Esther Hall........D.H.?Inne_.

July 13,1885 Thomas Collier son of Thomas Collier of Codroy married Lucy Hall daughter of Paul Hall(called short) & were blessed by me.Witnesses were Michael Hall & Mary Hall................Joseph R.Palmer.

June 6,1882 died Mary Gale nee Jennings wife of Thomas Gale,age 75 years & was buried 8th inst,having been fortified by the Rite of the Church.......Thomas Sears pp. .

August 2,1893 Michael Hall of John Hall & Jane Hall and Margaret Moore of William Moore & Johanna Moore were married in the presence of John M McIsaac & Mary McLellan.........Dm Innes.

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