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Misc. RC Vital Stats entries transcribed from PANL

The information was transcribed by Peggy Bennett. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors
Sept.20,1875 Baptized at Little Codroy River Mary of Neil MacIsaac & Margaret McDonald ;sponsors Andrew MacIsaac & Jane Campbell born Sept.1874
This note was on side of the page: Mrs.Dan McNeil of Upper Ferry

Dec.24,1873 Michael McNeil son of John McNeil of Little River ,Codroy died at Mouse Island & was entered in the cemetery of St.Michael’s Church in Channel.

McNeil at Little River, John Fenely of James McNeil & Sarah MacDonald born April 1871;sponsors John McNeil & Eliz Mc?

August 12,1867 (This note:Mrs.Ann O’Quinn of Millville) Baptized at Grand River Ann daughter of Paul Hall & Margaret McNeil born Oct.20,1866;
sponsors Exupere O’Quinn & Domatilla O’Quinn

April 16,1869 I baptized John born Feb.21,1869 of L Marriage of Paul Hall & Margaret McNeil ;sponsors Edward Gale & Judy Hall

June 22,(there was no year listed here but I would think it has to be 1870 for his baptism date) I baptized Donald born Dec.15,1869 of L.M. of James McNeil & Sarah McDonald;sponsors Archibald Campbell & Margaret McQuarry

June 29 I baptized Janet born May 18th,1870 of the marriage of Michael McNeil & Mima Strickland…..Thomas Sears

Oct.4th baptized Catherine Ann of James McNeil (Little River) & Sarah McDonald born 28 Sept.1874;sponsors John McNeil & Elizabeth Campbell………M? Howley

On this 24th 1878 at Little River I baptized Mary aged about 3 weeks daughter of James McNeil & Sarah McDonald ;sponsors Michael McNeil & Mrs.Catherine McIsaac………Thomas Sears (note that the entries before this were all in June month)

This next one is in Latin,I wrote it out as best as I could. Catharina McNeil-Anno Domini 1875 En 25 Septembris est nal Catherine McNeil,filia legitima Jacobi McNeil et Josephina McKianet? A m/ ______ baptizat? 26 December eadem anna Lusscephares fuerumt Michael M?? et Margaritte McKiann Omner in Magna Fluvia 7 finem Rev.J.P.Guillaume(sorry my Latin reading is not as good as it was & this is most likely not right).

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