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Woodville was once known as Woody Head Cove. It is believed that the settlement received its name from Woody Head Point which was located nearby. The history of Woodville is closely linked with that of Codroy. It is believed the first family here were the Kendells, Mr. John Anthony, William Martin, and James Parsons. These early settlers fished and farmed.

It is believed that the first school was built about 60 years ago. Some teachers were Max Fiander, Muriel Evans, John Blackmore, Mrs. Theresa (William) Janes, John Anthony, and Harold Carter. For church services, people would travel to Codroy where there was a Methodist Church, a Catholic church, and a Anglican church. The first post office was kept in George Collier's house. In later years, Mrs. Irene (Eric) Kendell took over this operation. Today mail is delivered to mailboxes throughout the community.

Twenty-five years ago Eric Kendell opened a store in Woodville which is still in operation today. Prior to this, people would travel to Codroy for provisions. Some merchants in Codroy at that time were: Mr. Ball, Mr. Gillis, Mr. Chaffe, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Parsons. These people all operated general stores. Salted and dried cod, halibut and salmon were sold to these stores. Also fish could be traded to Halifax for supplies.

The residents of Woodville cut their firewood for the winter. They also built their own houses and boats. None of these boats were sold, however, as they were for their own use. Mr. William Janes of Woodville practiced locally as a blacksmith. He would only do work for his neighbors, and only when asked. He charged for his services. Whenever the need for a doctor arose, he would travel from Port aux Basques. Some of these doctors were; Dr. O'Brien, Dr. O'Leary, Dr. Whalen, and Dr. Gale. Now the people of Wo odville visit a Dr. Kue in Codroy. There were always midwives instead of nurses to assist the doctor. Some of these midwives were; Mrs. Mary(George) Sparks, Woodville; Mrs. Jenny Anderson and Mrs. Susan Anderson, Codroy; Mrs. "Granny" Patten, and Mrs. "Granny" Ellis.

The very first vehicle in the Valley was owned by Tom Blanchard. The first one in Codroy was owned by A.W. Moore, a merchant. The roads were paved around the year 1970. An example of early entertainment can be seen from the following article:

"A stumping spree was held in the premises of Mr. J.S. Galpin at Woodville. A good day's work was done; which ended up with a dance at the school, where, as usual, everybody had a good time."

The above data was written by unknown high school students from a school in the Stephenville area in 1978, transcribed by Brenda Janes and posted to the Internet in July 1999 by Stephen Baker.

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