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1911 Nfld Census records; District of St. Georges; Enumerator: William Dollard. Date submitted: 30 Nov 1911 * = Immigrated; ** = naturalizion
Courtesy is extended to Mr. David Messervey, a relative of Rev. E.A. Butler, who is credited with the safe storage of the original records. Mr. Messervey allowed his copy of the census records to be copied for the purpose of transcribing them and posting them to the NL GenWeb site. With the help of a fellow researcher in Fort McMurray and her sister in law, Theresa Samsone (nee Young), the copies were made and delivered to me here in Fort McMurray. The census was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, July 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given name Relation Status Year Month Age Birthplace
Jesso Henry Head Married 1888 Dec 22 Red Brook
Jesso Ellen Wife Married 1896 Oct 14 Red Brook

Benoit John M. Head Married 1874 Feb 36 Red Brook
Benoit Emily Wife Married 1878 Mar 32 Red Brook
Benoit Alice Dau Single 1900 May 10 Red Brook
Benoit Alfred Son Single 1901 Sep 9 Red Brook
Benoit Henry J. Son Single 1904 Aug 6 Red Brook
Benoit William Son Single 1906 Jun 4 Red Brook
Benoit Edward Son Single 1908 Oct 2 Red Brook
Benoit Michael Son Single 1911 May 3 mo Red Brook
Benoit Michael Cousin Single 1894 Dec 16 Red Brook

Marche Albert Head Married 1889 Apr 21 Red Brook
March Mary Wife Married 1887 Feb 23 Red Brook
Marche Ann Dau Single 1902 Jul 8 Red Brook
Perrier Bridgeet Cousin Single 1837 Mar 73 Main----
Jesso Alice Cousin Single 1895 Aug 15 Marchs Point
Perrier William Cousin Single 1872 Jun 38 Red Brook

LaCoste Ralph Head Married 1870 May 40 France**1896
LaCoste Maggie Wife Married 1885 Jul 25 Marchs Point
LaCoste Mary Dau Single 1902 May 8 Marchs Point
LaCoste Ralph Son Single 1905 Dec 5 Marchs Point
LaCoste John Son Single 1906 Feb 4 Marchs Point
LaCoste Kathleen Dau Single 1909 Sep 1 Marchs Point

Chesson Jane Wife Widow 1855 Dec 55 Port a----
Chesson Narcis Son Single 1895 Oct 15 Cape George

Bruce Joseph Head Married 1845 Feb 65 Wolf----
Bruce Mary Wife Married 1857 Jan 53 Little River
Bruce John Son Single 1894 Jun 16 Abrahms Cove
Bruce Elizabeth Dau Single 1897 Nov 13 Abrahms Cove

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