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Salmon Cove

1912 Nfld Census records; District of St. Georges; Enumerator: Emmanuel Noseworthy; Date Submitted: 5 February, 1912

? = Can't make out word; * = Year Immigrated; ** = Year became citizen

The census was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

Messiau Prosper Head Married blank blank blank House Island
Messiau Mary Wife Married 1881 Mar 30 Channel
White Charles Step Son Single 1899 Dec 12 Garnish (?)
Messiau John Son Single 1901 Mar 10 Salmon Cove
Messiau Elizabeth Dau Single 1903 Oct 8 Salmon Cove
Messiau Peter Son Single 1904 Apr 7 Salmon Cove
Messiau Walter Son Single 1907 Apr 4 Salmon Cove
Messiau Edward Son Single 1911 Jul 6 mo Salmon Cove

Denis Thomas Head Married 1881 Jul 30 Cape Ray
Denis Mary Wife Married 1888 May 23 Three Rock Cove
Denis Matilda Dau Single 1905 May 6 Salmon Cove
Denis Emmanuel Son Single 1906 Oct 5 Salmon Cove
Denis James Son Single 1908 Aug 3 Salmon Cove
Denis George Son Single 1910 Nov 1 Salmon Cove

Denis John Head Married 1885 Apr 26 Cape Ray
Denis Amelia Wife Married 1887 Sep 24 Kippens
Denis Charles Son Single 1910 May 1 Salmon Cove
Inks William Adopted Single 1902 Jul 9 Clam Bank Cove

Inks John Head Married 1833 Feb 78 Hermitage ---
Inks Catherine Wife Married 1843 blank 68 Cape Ray
Inks William Son Single 1888 Feb 23 Cape Ray
Inks John Son Single 1890 Jul 21 Cape Ray

Retieff Frederick Head Married sic 1875 Sep 66 France *1855 **1872
Retieff Rose Wife Married 1870 Nov 41 Cape Ray
Retieff Josephine Dau Single 1897 Dec 14 Salmon Cove
Retieff Maud Dau Single 1901 Oct 10 Salmon Cove
Retieff Francis Son Single 1903 Oct 8 Salmon Cove
Retieff Thomas Son Single 1905 Jul 6 Salmon Cove
Retieff Adelina Dau Single 1907 Oct 4 Salmon Cove
Retieff George Son Single 1910 Nov 1 Salmon Cove
Benoit Edmond Son in law Widow 1887 blank 24 Salmon Cove

Retieff Alfred Head Married 1885 Sep 26 Salmon Cove
Retieff Mary Wife Married 1893 Jun 18 Clam Bank Cove
Retieff Felix Son Single 1908 May 3 Salmon Cove
Retieff Mary Dau Single 1911 Jul 6 mo Salmon Cove

Young Archibald Head Widow 1887 Oct 44 West Bay
Young Michael Son Single 1900 May 11 Clam Bank Cove
Young Archibald Son Single 1904 Feb 7 Clam Bank Cove

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2001 Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and NL GenWeb

Port au Port District