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1921 Census

Three Rock Cove

Microfilm #-8044; District of St. George's; Settlement of Three Rock Cove; Pages 173 - 175 Age is age at last birthday
Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Given Name Surname Sex Relation Status Birth
Age Birthplace
JamesYoungMHeadM1870Jul51Marches Point
AgnesYoungFWifeM1875Oct45Black Duck Br.
MatthiasYoungMSonS1896Mar25Marches Point

ConstantGreenMHeadM1895Oct25West Bay
MaryGreenFWifeM1897Nov23West Bay
MaryGriffinFM-In-LawW1871May50West Bay
MartinRoweMAssistantS1907Dec13Clam Bank Cove
StephenGreenMBrotherS1900May20West Bay

PatrickHallMHeadM1861Mar60Grand River
MaryHallFWifeM1864Jun57Grand River
JohnHallMSonS1894Nov27Three Rock Cove
MaryHallFDauS1898Sep23Three Rock Cove
SarahHallFDauS1900May21Three Rock Cove
MargaretHallFDauS1904Mar17Three Rock Cove
JuliaHallFDauS1908Aug13Three Rock Cove

PatrickHallMHeadM1895Nov25Three Rock Cove
AnnHallFWifeM1899Oct21Campbell's Creek
HughHallMSonS1918Aug3Three Rock Cove
MichaelHallMSonS1920Jun1Three Rock Cove

Daniel CollierMHeadM1894May27Three Rock Cove
MaryCollierFWifeM1895Sep25Cape St. George
EstherCollierFDauS1919Apr2Three Rock Cove
PatrickCollierMSonS1921Jan8 MoThree Rock Cove
FrancisDuboisMAssistantS1904Sep17Clam Bank Cove

Thomas CollierMHeadM1864Jul57Codroy
LucyCollierFWifeM1862May59Grand River
HughCollierMSonS1897Feb24Three Rock Cove
GeorgeCollierMSonS1899Jun23Three Rock Cove
William CollierMSonS1901Oct19Three Rock Cove

FrancisDuboisMHeadM1894Dec26St. Pierre
MathildaDuboisFWifeM1893Oct27Three Rock Cove

Michael CollierMHeadM1891Jul30Three Rock Cove
FloraCollierFWifeM1894Apr27Port Saunders
MildredCollierFDauS1904Apr7Three Rock Cove
ElenoraCollierFDauS1906Apr5Three Rock Cove
MaryCollierFDauS1920May1Three Rock Cove

Thomas DennisMHeadM1881Nov39Channel
MaryDennisFWifeM1887May34Three Rock Cove
MathildaDennisFDauS1905May16Three Rock Cove
EmmanuelDennisMSonS1906Oct14Three Rock Cove
JamesDennisMSonS1908Aug13Three Rock Cove
GeorgeDennisMSonS1910Oct10Three Rock Cove
StanleyDennisMSonS1912Sep9Three Rock Cove
PiusDennisMSonS1915Sep6Three Rock Cove
FintanDennisMSonS1919Apr2Three Rock Cove
LeoDennisMSonS1920Jun1Three Rock Cove

MaryHinksFWifeM1897Mar24Lower Cove
JosephHinksMSonS1904Apr7Three Rock Cove
RosehannahHinksFDauS1916May5Three Rock Cove
CatherineHinksFDauS1918Sep3Three Rock Cove
JamesHinksMSonS1921May4 MoThree Rock Cove
ElizabethFrancisFAssistantS1909Nov11Clam Bank Cove

JaneHinksFHeadW1869Jan52Port Saunders
ClarenceHinksMSonS1903Jun18Port Saunders
DominicHinksMSonS1905Sep16Port Saunders
MaryHinksFDauS1910May11Port Saunders
Martha YoungFLodgerS1899Apr23Clam Bank Cove
CarrieYoungFMartha's DauS1920Dec9 MoPort Au Port

Edward BesauMHeadM1873Nov47Burnt Island
SusanBesauFWifeM1882Sep39Clam Bank Cove
Walter BesauMSonS1907Aug14Three Rock Cove
MaryBesauFDauS1908Aug13Three Rock Cove
RitaBesauFDauS1910Nov10Three Rock Cove
EllenBesauFDauS1913Aug8Three Rock Cove

Mattheis BesauMHeadM1899Oct21Three Rock Cove
EuniceBesauFWifeM1902Sep19Campbell's Creek

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Hinks Joseph Hinks listed as born in 1904 but only 7 years old. His mother born in 1897 was only about 7 in 1904 so 1914 would seem a more correct date for his birth. Gareth Cumper

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