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1921 Census

Black Duck Brook

Microfilm #-8044; District of St. George's; Town of Black Duck Brook; Pages 159 - 160 Age is age at last birthday
Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Given Name Surname Sex Relation Status Birth
Age Birthplace
Louis BennoitMHeadM1852Apr69Fox Island
MaryBennoitFWifeM1847Jun74West Bay

John Le LaccommeauxMHeadM1869Nov57France Immigrated 1888
AmeliaLaccommeauxFWifeM1865Nov55Campbell's Cr.
LucyLaccommeauxFDauS1896Mar25Black Duck Br.

Amedi BennoitMHeadM1887Jul34Black Duck Br.
AdeleineBennoitFWifeM1888Jan33Winter House
EmilBennoitMSonS1913Mar8Black Duck Br.
JosephBennoitMSonS1914Mar6Black Duck Br.
BenjaminBennoitMSonS1917Sep4Black Duck Br.
MargaretBennoitFDauS1919Jun2Black Duck Br.
EvonBennoitFDauS1920Dec9 MoBlack Duck Br.

Jospeh LaineyMHeadM1888Sep33Black Duck Br.
MaryLaineyFDauS1909Jun12Black Duck Br.
Octave GaudetMLodgerS

28Black Duck Br.

JosephYoungMHeadM1888Jul33Black Duck Br.
MaryYoungFWifeM1894Jun27Black Duck Br.
RaymondYoungMSonS1915Apr6Black Duck Br.
ReginaldYoungMSonS1916Sep5Black Duck Br.
RoderickYoungMSonS1917Dec3Black Duck Br.
StephenYoungMSonS1919Jul2Black Duck Br.

DanielYoungMHeadM1891Jun30Black Duck Br.
MaryYoungFWifeM1896Sep25Black Duck Br.
MartinYoungMSonS1913Sep8Black Duck Br.
GeraldineYoungFDauS1916Sep5Black Duck Br.
MatthewYoungMSonS1918Feb3Black Duck Br.
MauriceYoungMSonS1920Feb1Black Duck Br.

Joseph Le CoreMHeadM1879Mar42France Immigrated 1903. Citizen 1919.
LouiseLe CoreFWifeM1893Sep28Black Duck Br.
JosephLe CoreMSonS1905Feb16Black Duck Br.
FrancisLe CoreMSonS1907Sep13Black Duck Br.
PaulLe CoreMSonS1911Jan10Black Duck Br.
EllenLe CoreFDauS1912Oct12Black Duck Br.
AdrienLe CoreMSonS1915Jan6Black Duck Br.
LucienLe CoreFDauS1916Aug5Black Duck Br.
ReneLe CoreMSonS1918Jun3Black Duck Br.
JohnLe CoreMSonS1920Apr1Black Duck Br.

JohnBennoitMHeadM1898Apr23Black Duck Br.
AmeliaBennoitFWifeM1901Mar20St. Pierre
ElsieBennoitFMotherW1856Sep65Black Duck Br.
JosephBennoitMSonS1919Sep2Black Duck Br.
MaryBennoitFDauS1921Jun2 MoBlack Duck Br.

AlbertBennoitMHeadM1885Nov35Black Duck Br.
MaryBennoitFWifeM1883Mar38Black Duck Br.
MaryBennoitFDauS1919May2Black Duck Br.
MartinSavidonMStep-SonS1903May18Black Duck Br.
Clara GaudetFSis-In-LawS1884Jun37Black Duck Br.

Yve Le BozecMHeadM1861Dec59France Immigrated 1888
SarahLe BozecFWifeM1871Aug57Mainland
JohnLe BozecMSonS1897Dec23Black Duck Br.
AdolphLe BozecMSonS1899Sep22Black Duck Br.
JosephLe BozecMSonS1904Jan17Black Duck Br.

Victor RopletMHeadS1870Nov50France Immigrated 1904

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