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1935 Census

Three Rock Cove

Microfilm M-8050 Page 280 - 283 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by DENISE WILSON SNOOKS, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Young, JamesHeadM6?
Young, AgnesWifeM57
Young, ArchibaldDomesticS32
Dennis, Manuel----S28

Collier, HughHeadM3?
Collier, AngelinaWifeM2?
Collier, Mary C.DauS14?
Collier, John R.SonS10
Collier, RitaDauS9
Collier, Alban G.SonS5
Collier, AnitaDauS3
Collier, CeciliaDauS1

Young, MichaelHeadW3?
Young, GenevieveDauS9
Young, RaymondSonS7
Young, CliftonSonS3
Young, MillardSonS2

Kalloway, NathanielHeadM32
Kalloway, MarthaWifeM36
Kalloway, CarolineDauS14
Kalloway, FrancisSonS10

Hinks, JamesHeadM26
Hinks, JuliaWifeM24
Hinks, John P.SonS6
Hinks, JosephSonS4
Hinks, RichardSonS3
Hinks, AlexanderSonS2
Woods, DorothyNieceS12
Hall, MaryMoth In LawW71

Hall, PathrickHeadM39?
Hall, Ann M.WifeM35
Hall, Hugh F.SonS17
Hall, MichaelSonS15
Hall, Mary C.DauS13
Hall, HowardSonS12
Hall, BertinaDauS10
Hall, JosephSonS8
Hall, RitaDauS6
Hall, AngusSonS5
Hall, AlfredaDauS4
Hall, IsabellaDauS2
Hall, LeilaDauS18?

Collier, DanielHeadM41
Collier, Mary E.WifeM38
Collier, PathrickSonS14
Collier, Louisthin?? J.SonS12
Collier, Ann M.DauS10
Collier, James J.SonS8
Collier, VeronicaDauS6
Collier, MargariteDauS3
Collier, TheresaDauS2

Collier, ThomasHeadM71
Collier, LucyWifeM73
Collier, ReginaGrandauS10

Jesso, DavidHeadM28
Jesso, Esther F.WifeM16

Collier, WilliamHeadM32
Collier, RitaWifeM24
Collier, MarionDauS6
Collier, JosephSonS3
Collier, GerardSonS1

Major, NormanHeadM28
Major, MaryWifeM27
Major, NormanSonS7
Major, ClevisSonS6
Major, PearlDauS4
Major, WilsonSonS3

Beseau, EdwardHeadM5?
Beseau, SusanWifeM5?
Beseau, WalterSonS27
Young, HenryFath In LawW83
Gillis, MuriceBoarderS25

Beseau, MatthewHeadM3?
Beseau, EuniceWifeM32?
Beseau, JamesSonS13
Beseau, MatthewSonS11
Beseau, BernardSonS9
Beseau, VeronicaDauS8
Beseau, AugustineSonS6
Beseau, LouisSonS5
Beseau, NormanSonS4
Beseau, PearlDauS3
Beseau, BertleySonS1

Dennis, ThomasHeadM53
Dennis, MaryWifeM48
Dennis, George F.SonS29?
Dennis, StanleySonS25
Dennis, PiusSonS19
Dennis, FintonSonS16
Dennis, LeoSonS15
Dennis, AnnDauS13
Dennis, HughSonS11
Dennis, DorothyDauS9
Dennis, LucyDauS6

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Collier The Louisthin?? j Collier, son of Daniel, must be the Laughlin Joseph Collier buried in Three Rock Cove RC Cemetery from my research. (Editor: See note below!) Gareth Cumper
Collier Son of Dan Collier, Louisthinn J, spelled correctly at the bottom of page, Laughin Joseph Collier. However, Mr. Collier was suprise to learn that he was deseased, he is living in Three Rock Cove and very alive! The mistake was made because of the double headstone in the three rock cove cemetery in which his wife is buried, Mary Gertrude Collier and his is reserved next to her with his name on it. He would be very happy if a correction would be made. Romona Lainey
Collier Lauchlin Joseph Collier is the man whose name you were not sure of (Louisthin??). He is my father. He is still living, but when my mother died and the headstone was ordered, his name was placed on the headstone at the same time, with a blank space for the date of death. That's why his name appears in the cemetary already. Phyllis Collier

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name

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