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1935 Census

Bellman's Cove

Microfilm M-8050 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Butler, PeterHeadM
Butler, MaryWifeM
Butler, MichaelSonS
Butler, EvelynDaughterS
Butler, BridgetDaughterS8
Butler, Peter JrSonS7
Butler, FranieDaughterS3
Butler, RaySonS

Organ, MichaelHeadM
Organ, CarrieWifeM
Butler, CarrieGranddaughterS

Gillis, DavidHeadM50
Gillis, MaryWifeM49
Gillis, KathleenDaughterS22
Gillis, EvelynDaughterS11
Hynes, WilsonAdopted SonS

Hunt, JosephHeadM
Hunt, RebeccaWifeM
Hunt, LewellynSonS
Hunt, CharlesSonS
Hunt, MartinSonS
Hunt, StellaDaughterS
Hunt, LyleSonS
Hunt, VioletDaughterS
Hunt, CecilSonS
Hunt, MarjorieDaughterS
Hunt, LanneySonS

Hynes, AlbertHeadM
Hynes, LouiseWifeM41
Hynes, MaryDaughterS
Hynes, StellaDaughterS
Hynes, LauraDaughterS18
Hynes, BenedictSonS16
Hynes, FentonSonS
Hynes, DianahDaughterS
Hynes, HaroldSonS
Hynes, IreneDaughterS
Hynes, CharlesSonS
Hynes, ReginaldSonS

Welch, TimothyHeadM
Welch, EllenWifeM
Welch, KennethSonS17
Welch, AnnieDaughterS14
Welch, MargaretDaughterS13
Welch, DavidSonS
Welch, JeanDaughterS8
Welch, MadgeDaughterS4

Gillam, AlbertHeadM
Gillam, EdithWifeM
Gillam, RodrickSonS
Gillam, AliceDaughterS

Companion, WilliamHeadM
Companion, DorothyWifeM
Companion, ArchibaldSonS
Companion, EllieDaughterS
Companion, HaroldSonS
Companion, GeraldSonS

McIsaac, HilliaryHeadM
McIsaac, RitaWifeM
McIsaac, GerardSonS
McDonald, AgustineLodgerS

Shaw, RobertHeadS

Frampton, AndrewHeadM
Frampton, MargaretWifeM
Frampton, MaryDaughterS13
Frampton, AnnieDaughterS11
Frampton, JohnSonS9
Frampton, ElizabethDaughterS7
Frampton, Andrew JrSonS

Nevilles, WilliamHeadM
Nevilles, SarahWifeM
Nevilles, MichaelSonS
Nevilles, WalterSonS
Nevilles, PatrickSonS
Nevilles, AlbanSonS
Nevilles, BernardSonS
Nevilles, TerenceSonS

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Nevilles The list indicates Nevilles - the correct name is Neville. There is another person - Monica Neville - daughter of William and Sarah Neville. Yvonne Neville

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