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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Port au Port District - Bellman's Cove

Microfilm M-8050
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Butler, PeterHeadM-
Butler, MaryWifeM-
Butler, MichaelSonS-
Butler, EvelynDaughterS-
Butler, BridgetDaughterS8
Butler, Peter JrSonS7
Butler, FranieDaughterS3
Butler, RaySonS-

Organ, MichaelHeadM-
Organ, CarrieWifeM-
Butler, CarrieGranddaughterS-

Gillis, DavidHeadM50
Gillis, MaryWifeM49
Gillis, KathleenDaughterS22
Gillis, EvelynDaughterS11
Hynes, WilsonAdopted SonS-

Hunt, JosephHeadM-
Hunt, RebeccaWifeM-
Hunt, LewellynSonS-
Hunt, CharlesSonS-
Hunt, MartinSonS-
Hunt, StellaDaughterS-
Hunt, LyleSonS-
Hunt, VioletDaughterS-
Hunt, CecilSonS-
Hunt, MarjorieDaughterS-
Hunt, LanneySonS-

Hynes, AlbertHeadM-
Hynes, LouiseWifeM41
Hynes, MaryDaughterS-
Hynes, StellaDaughterS-
Hynes, LauraDaughterS18
Hynes, BenedictSonS16
Hynes, FentonSonS-
Hynes, DianahDaughterS-
Hynes, HaroldSonS-
Hynes, IreneDaughterS-
Hynes, CharlesSonS-
Hynes, ReginaldSonS-

Welch, TimothyHeadM-
Welch, EllenWifeM-
Welch, KennethSonS17
Welch, AnnieDaughterS14
Welch, MargaretDaughterS13
Welch, DavidSonS-
Welch, JeanDaughterS8
Welch, MadgeDaughterS4

Gillam, AlbertHeadM-
Gillam, EdithWifeM-
Gillam, RodrickSonS-
Gillam, AliceDaughterS-

Companion, WilliamHeadM-
Companion, DorothyWifeM-
Companion, ArchibaldSonS-
Companion, EllieDaughterS-
Companion, HaroldSonS-
Companion, GeraldSonS-

McIsaac, HilliaryHeadM-
McIsaac, RitaWifeM-
McIsaac, GerardSonS-
McDonald, AgustineLodgerS-

Shaw, RobertHeadS-

Frampton, AndrewHeadM-
Frampton, MargaretWifeM-
Frampton, MaryDaughterS13
Frampton, AnnieDaughterS11
Frampton, JohnSonS9
Frampton, ElizabethDaughterS7
Frampton, Andrew JrSonS-

Nevilles, WilliamHeadM-
Nevilles, SarahWifeM-
Nevilles, MichaelSonS-
Nevilles, WalterSonS-
Nevilles, PatrickSonS-
Nevilles, AlbanSonS-
Nevilles, BernardSonS-
Nevilles, TerenceSonS-

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
NEVILLE The list indicates Nevilles - the correct name is Neville. There is another person - Monica Neville - daughter of William and Sarah Neville. Yvonne Neville

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Port au Port District