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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Port au Port District - Boswarlos

Microfilm M-8050
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Janes, JohnHeadM-
Janes, EvangelineWifeM-
Janes, Florie EllenDaughterS-
Janes, WinnifredDaughterS13

Anderson, WilliamHeadM-
Anderson, LauraWifeM-
Anderson, NellieDaughterS-

Nealey, Joseph SrHeadM-
Nealey, MargaretWifeM-
Nealey, MadgeDaughterS-
Nealey, LauraDaughterS-
Nealey, Joseph JrSonS-
Nealey, RuthDaughterS-

Eddy, NathanielHeadM-
Eddy, KathleenWifeM-
Eddy, LoydSonS5
Eddy, MarionDaughterS4
Eddy, RaymondSonS2
Eddy, DouglasSonS6 mo

Childs, GoodlandHeadM28
Childs, PheobeWifeM23
Childs, PricillaDaughterS2
Childs, ClaytonSonS6 mo

Janes, RaymondHeadM26
Janes, EmmaWifeM29
Janes, GordonSonS-

Harvey, GeorgeHeadM64
Harvey, IdaWifeM55
Harvey, StanislausSonS31
Harvey, IvyDaughterS28
Harvey, OttoSonS26
Harvey, RalphSonS17
Harvey, DaisyDaughterS18

Hoskins, Edward SrHeadM-
Hoskins, EdytheWifeM-
Hoskins, CaterSonS14
Hoskins, Edward JrSonS12
Hoskins, CharlesSonS9
Hoskins, HelenDaughterS8
Hoskins, GeorgeSonS4
Hoskins, ArcherSonS2

Hewitt, JacobHeadM-
Hewitt, HelenWifeM-

Walsh, Mrs. JuliaHeadW-
Walsh, GeorgeSonS-

Harvey, FrankHeadM-
Harvey, MyrtleWifeM-

Chubb, ThomasHeadM-
Chubb, LeahWifeM-
Hooper, Mrs. KedeliaMother in lawW70
Chubb, HaroldSonS16
Chubb, ChesterSonS14
Chubb, SybilDaughterS3

Martin, CharlesHeadM52
Martin, AnnieWifeM28
Martin, ArthurSonS9
Martin, RitaDaughterS2
Janes, GeorgeBrother in lawS24
Aucoin, RitaDomesticS16

Martin, NathanielHeadM-
Martin, MaudWifeM-
Martin, JuliaDaughterS-
Martin, StellaDaughterS18
Martin, RichardSonS14
Martin, WinnifredDaughterS12
Martin, TeresaDaughterS6
Martin, LeahDaughterS5
Martin, IsraelSonS-

Abbott, SeymourHeadM-
Abbott, SelinaWifeM-
Abbott, HaroldSonS-
Abbott, FlorenceDaughterS-
Abbott, GeraldineDaughterS-
Abbott, GordonSonS-

Frampton, JosephHeadM-
Frampton, MaryWifeM-
Frampton, EmmaDaughterS-
Frampton, SuzanDaughterS-
Frampton, Mary JaneDaughterS-
Frampton, MabelDaughterS-
Frampton, JamesSonS6
Frampton, KatrineDaughterS4
Frampton, RonaldSonS3
Frampton, MichaelSonS-
Gaudet, ThimotyFather in lawM75
Gaudet, SarahMother in lawM60
Gaudet, NarcisseBrother in lawS45
Gaudet, MatildeSister in lawS24

Carter, Mrs. SuzanHeadW-
Carter, JoshuaSonS33
Eastman, BenjaminGrandsonS6

Childs, JamesHeadM31
Childs, MildredWifeM26

Childs, LeonardHeadM34
Childs, MaudWifeM33
Neal, HenryAdopted SonS18

Childs, SolomonHeadM77
Childs, EmmaWifeM56
Childs, AlfredSonS-
Childs, JohnSonS-
Neal, HildaAdopted DaughterS-
Picco, MargaretGranddaughterS-

Mahoney, EdwardHeadM-
Mahoney, AdaWifeM-
Mahoney, BrigetDaughterS-
Mahoney, MaryDaughterS-
Mahoney, WilliamSonS-
Mahoney, MargaretDaughterS-

Picco, HenryHeadM-
Picco, DorothyWifeM-
Picco, RosabelleDaughterS-
Picco, ElizabethDaughterS-

Abbott, William L.HeadW-
Abbott, MayGranddaughterS17

Harvey, WalterHeadM46
Harvey, JessieWifeM38
Harvey, LeslieSonS19
Harvey, RalphSonS17
Harvey, VioletDaughterS15
Harvey, PearlDaughterS13
Harvey, AubreySonS11
Harvey, JessieDaughterS9
Harvey, RubyDaughterS7
Harvey, MaizieDaughterS5
Harvey, VeraDaughterS3
Harvey, RaySonS18 mo
Harvey, ClydeSonS7 mo

Abbott, EdwardHeadM38
Abbott, EuniceWifeM26
Abbott, NellieDaughterS18
Abbott, PearlDaughterS9
Abbott, WinnifredDaughterS8
Abbott, LauraDaughterS7
Abbott, CecilSonS4
Abbott, EuniceDaughterS4

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