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1935 Census

Campbell's Creek

Microfilm M-8050 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
LaCosta, ThaddiusHeadM74
LaCosta, AngelinaWifeM69
LaCosta, AnnDauS2-
Felix, StanleyNephewS16

Gale, EdwardHeadM6-
Gale, BridgetWifeM6-
Gale, ThomasGrand SonS8
Gale, MichaelNephewS1-

Emberly, FrankHeadM2-
Emberly, ElizabethWifeM3-
Emberly, MaryDauS2

Hall, JamesHeadM5-
Hall, EdithWifeM3-
Hall, LillianDauS13 or 15
Hall, VetaDauS11
Hall, PaulSonS9
Hall, AnnDauS8
Hall, JohnSonS6
Hall, DanielSonS5
Hall, RaymondSonS3
Hall, AnthonySonS1

Gillis, JamesHeadM4-
Gillis, MaryWifeM4-
Gillis, JohnSonS1-
Gillis, AnnDauS1-
Gillis, DorothyDauS1-
Gillis, CatherineDauS13
Gillis, MadelineDauS11
Gillis, PaulSonS10
Gillis, JamesSonS6
Gillis, GenevieveDauS5

Penny, SamuelHeadM3-
Penny, IsabellWifeM3-
Penny, JohnSonS-
Penny, AgnesDauS-
Penny, TeresaDauS-
Penny, MaryDauS-
Bennoit, MargaretDomesticS1-

March, MichaelHeadM2-
March, EuniceWifeM2-
March, Perpetua A.DauS3
March, Hellen M.DauS2
March, JosephSonS4 mo.

McDonald, Hugh J.HeadM4-
McDonald, SarahWifeM3-
McDonald, MargaretDauS1-
McDonald, PriscillaDauS1-
McDonald, MatildaDauS1-
McDonald, MaryDauS9
McDonald, IsabelDauS8
McDonald, GerardSonS4
McDonald, VeronicaDauS2
McDonald, ElizabethMotherW6-
McDonald, MichaelBrotherS3-

McDonald, DougaldHeadM--
McDonald, AnnWifeM--
McDonald, Daniel D.SonS8 (?)
McDonald, Ann M.DauS6
McDonald, LorettaDauS2 or 5

Campbell, DanielHeadM5-
Campbell, AmeliaWifeM4-
Campbell, Mary M. *DauS2-
* line through the name and Corner Brook written in.

Campbell, John F.SonS2-
Campbell, Daniel A.SonS20
Campbell, Arthur J.SonS18
Campbell, Hugh J.SonS16
Campbell, AnnDauS15
Campbell, Neil A.SonS11
Campbell, Sarah C.DauS9
Campbell, Emma J.DauS6

Noseworthy, EmmanuelHeadM5-
Noseworthy, BridgetWifeM5-
Noseworthy, JosephSonS2-
Noseworthy, GerardSonS1-
Campbell, Archibald S.Father in lawW89

Campbell, John A.HeadM4-
Campbell, ClementineWifeM2-
Campbell, StephenSonS8
Campbell, MaryDauS7
Campbell, JosephSonS6
Campbell, AgathaDauS5
Campbell, MichaelSonS4
Campbell, ArchibaldSonS2
Campbell, VincentSonS1
Campbell, CatherineMotherW7-
Campbell, EdwardBrotherS3-
Bruce, MaryLodgerW8-

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
McDonald The family name is "MacDonald" not "McDonald". Wayne MacDonald

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