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1935 Census

Town of Cape St. George

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 269-276 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by DENISE WILSON, July 1999. WWhile I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Rose, EmmanuelHeadM6_
Rose, ElizabethWifeM52
Rose, GenevieveDauS15
Rose, AlexanderSonS13
Rose, LawrenceSonS11
Rose, CorneliusSonS9
Revolan, AdolphLodgerW9_ ?
Rose, JohnHeadM2_
Rose, JosephineWifeM1_
Rose, EdnaDauS10 (mths?)

Rose, EmmanuelHeadM3_
Rose, PhilominaWifeM2_
Rose, ElizabethDauS??
Rose, IsrealSonS4
Rose, LeslieSonS3
Rose, BarnabeDauS1
Rose, Henry J.SonS18 days

Le Moine, AllanHeadM35
Le Moine, Ann M. WifeM32
Le Moine, Hayward J.SonS8
Le Moine, AmbroseSonS6
Le Moine, MatthiasSonS3
Le Moine, MargaretiaDauS9mths

Le Moine, JoeHeadM51
Le Moine, JoeSonS19
Le Moine, EugeneSonS17
Le Moine, WalterSonS13
Le Moine, EmmanuelSonS12

Cornact, EugeneHeadM42
Cornact, GarmineWifeM38
Cornact, Riefa??DauS17
Cornact, GordonSonS15
Cornact, GeraldSonS13
Cornact, Maryer ??DauS12
Cornact, HildaDauS10
Cornact, RodrickSonS9
Cornact, DonaldSonS7
Cornact, EugeneSonS5
Cornact, MauriceSonS4
Cornact, RobertSonS2
Cornact, MasinaDauS6mths

Lagatdu, Yves Sr. HeadM69
Lagatdu, MaryWifeM63
Cornact, BeatriceNieceS3_

Lagatdu, Yves Jr.HeadM34
Lagatdu, LavinaWifeM29

Lagatdu, JosephHeadM27
Lagatdu, MaryWifeM28
Lagatdu, HaywardSonS7
Lagatdu, HaydenSonS6
Lagatdu, HuinaDauS2
Lagatdu, SamuelSonS4mths

Talac, WilliamHeadM45

Roban, William Sr.HeadM62
Roban, MaryWifeM39
Roban, Albert J.SonS22
Roban, AdamSonS18
Roban, RichardSonS14
Roban, Ann M.DauS12
Roban, AmeliaDauS9
Roban, PaulSonS6
Roban, CyrilSonS4
Roban, AbrahamSonS2

Simon, Joe Sr. HeadM54
Simon, ElizabethWifeM47
Simon, Joe Jr. SonS28
Simon, LawrenceSon S18
Simon, HenrySonS16
Simon, IreneDauS21
Simon, EllenDauS15
Simon, OctaveSonS13

Lauvelle, JohnHeadM60
Lauvelle, MalinaWifeM37
Lauvelle, John F.SonS17
Lauvelle, Mary J.DauS15
Lauvelle, Regina M.DauS13
Lauvelle, Ann M.DauS9

March, AdolphHeadM37
March, OliveWifeM__
March, Riefa ??DauS15
March, JoeSonS13
March, MaudDauS9
March, DavidSonS10
March, AdelDauS8
March, RaymondSonS6
March, GritaDauS3
March, John F.SonS3(wks/mths?)

Kerfant, JosephHead W35
Kerfant, NormanSonS14
Kerfant, AlinaDauS10
Kerfant, FrancisDauS10
Kerfant, ElizabethDauS8
Kerfant, GilbertSonS6
Kerfant, CeciliaDauS5
Kerfant, LydiaDauS3
Renough, EllenMoth in LawW72

Simon, PaulHeadM45
Simon, VaronicaWifeM18
Simon, BertinaDauS13
Simon, LeonaDauS12
Simon, AdelineDauS9
Simon, Paul J.SonS_
Simon, AdelDauS4
Simon, Emmanuel J.SonS4mths
Simon, JoeFatherM8_

Kerfant, JoeHeadM6_
Kerfant, MaryWifeM4_
Kerfant, EmmanuelSonS2_
Kerfant, WilliamSonS18
Kerfant, ThomasSonS17
Kerfant, StanleySonS16
Kerfant, HilyardSonS14
Kerfant, SarahDauS12
Kerfant, CyrilSonS11
Kerfant, GertrudeDauS9
Kerfant, ArchibaldSonS8
Kerfant, BernardSonS7
Kerfant, VincentSonS5
Kerfant, MargaretDauS4
Kerfant, Lo?erraDauS3

Kerfant, MatthiasHeadM32
Kerfant, MaryWifeM22
Kerfant, GilbertSonS2
Kerfant, Lawrence J.SonS1

Simon, JosephHeadM24
Simon, LorenaWifeM2_
Simon, NicholasSonS2

Simon, AdolphHeadM34
Simon, CecilyWifeM32
Simon, Mary M.DauS12
Simon, BertinaDauS10
Simon, NeilSonS8
Simon, John E.SonS6
Simon, Lucy B.DauS4
Simon, VeronicaDauS2
Simon, Mary A.DauS7mths

Simon, Albert J.HeadM3_
Simon, Emma J. WifeM26
Simon, JosephineDauS8
Simon, John B.SonS6
Simon, Mary A.DauS4
Simon, AngelinaDauS2
Simon, JosephineMotherW60

O(lf)on, JohnHeadM2_
O(lf)on, BlancheWifeM28
O(lf)on, EvaDauS9

Nouville??, JohnHeadM46
Nouville??, AnnWifeM25
Nouville??, IreneDauS17
Nouville??, EmilSonS11
Nouville??, MarineDauS9
Nouville??, Cyril J.SonS3
Nouville??, ColumbusSonS1

Chaisson, NarciseHeadM37
Chaisson, Mary A.WifeM28
Chaisson, AdolphSonS15
Chaisson, GenevieveDauS12
Chaisson, FrederickSonS9
Chaisson, MaleomeSonS8
Chaisson, CharlesSonS7
Chaisson, MargaretDauS4
Chaisson, AmosSonS2
Chaisson, GladusDauS4mths

Cormier, JohnHeadM57
Cormier, AngelinaWifeM54
Cormier, NoraDauS17
Cormier, AngelaDauS14
Cormier, CharlesSonM28
Cormier, MaryD-I-LawM23
Cormier, MargaretGrandauS7
Cormier, BernaditteGrandauS5
Cormier, BridgetGrandauS3

Lainey, Joseph Jr.HeadM41
Lainey, MargaretWifeM43
Lainey, EugeneSonS19
Lainey, IsaacSonS14
Lainey, LeoSonS5
Cornact, FloranceNieceS13

Lainey, Joseph Sr.HeadM68
Lainey, JuliaWifeM57
Lainey, CelesteSonS25
Lainey, ElsieDauS15
Lainey, LenaDauS13
Roban, JaneGrandauS10
Chaisson, JaneMoth I-LawW87

Bennoit, ThomasHeadM68
Bennoit, Mary J.WifeM51
Bennoit, ArthurSonS25
Bennoit, JohnSonS22
Bennoit, AloysiusSonS19
Bennoit, NarciseSonS17
Bennoit, FlorenceDauS15
Bennoit, ValarieSonS12
Bennoit, JustineDauS9
Bennoit, Arcin J.SonS4
Duval, AnnGrandauS4
Cornact, AvalineGrandauS2
Bennoit, Mary L.DauS27

LeCointre, EugeneHeadM45
LeCointre, MaryWifeM38

Chretien??, HarryHeadM27
Chretien??, ConstanceWifeM22
Chretien??, Mary E.DauS1

Renough, DanielHeadM20
Renough, StellaWifeM22
Renough, NellieDauS2
Renough, Mary W.DauS6mths
Bennoit, DanielStepSonS4

LeMoine, JosephHeadM37
LeMoine, PhilominaWifeM44
LeMoine, Wilson J.SonS4
LeMoine, PhilominaDauS2
LeMoine, Allan M.SonS10mths
LeMoine, TeresaDauS15
LeMoine, EllenDauS12
LeMoine, MurielDauS11
Renough, MagdelanStepDauS15
Renough, MaryStepDauS12
Renough, LorenaStepDauS10

Renough, AdolphHeadS18

O(lf)on, Mary J.HeadW37
O(lf)on, GeraldineDauS13
O(lf)on, Peter F.SonS7
O(lf)on, AdolphStepSonS16
Simon, EstherMotherM72

Philips, WilfredHeadM34
Philips, SophiaWifeM31
Philips, MargaretDauS10
Philips, WilfredSonS8
Philips, OswaldSonS7
Philips, AnitaDauS6
Philips, Peter F.SonS8mths
Cornact, ClaudeNephewS16

Simon, Joseph Sr.HeadM48
Simon, PhilominaWifeM44
Simon, EdwardSonS18
Simon, JohnSonS14
Simon, MichaelSonS12
Simon, Ann M.DauS10
Simon, ElizabethDauS8
Simon, HuinaDauS5
Simon, ArthurSonS3
Simon, VincentSonS1

Cornact, BaptisteHeadM49
Cornact, Mary M.WifeM45
Cornact, EvaDauS17
Cornact, WallaceSonS15
Cornact, FelixSonS13
Cornact, FlorenceDauS11

Roban, William Jr.HeadM33
Roban, MargaretWifeM20
Roban, WilliamSonS11
Roban, HaroldSonS4
Roban, Mary M.DauS2mths
Young, Cecil??___S44

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Cornact Listed as Cornact the name is currently spelled Cornect. It was originally Le Cornec but was changed to Cornect to make it more English sounding. Holly Cornect-Gatward
O(lf)on The surname O(lf)on should be spelt Ozon. Annette Collier
Roze & Rose The last name Roze & Rose is really Rouzes. Aubrey Rouzes
Renough Renough is now spelt Renouf and has been since my fathers generation. Marie Renouf
Lauvelle The spelling in 1936 census for the same family is Louvelle which is the same today Nancy Louvelle

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