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1935 Census

Town of De Grau

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 265-268 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
COSTARD, Ralphheadmarried6_
COSTARD, Mary J.wifemarried3_
COSTARD, Remmiesonsingle1_
COSTARD, Elizabethdausingle2_
COSTARD, Michaelsonsingle1_
COSTARD, Josephsonsingle1_
COSTARD, Isaacsonsingle9
COSTARD, Ludovicsonsingle6
COSTARD, Alsidsonsingle5
COSTARD, Geraldinedausingle2
COSTARD, Mary C.dausingle4 mo.
SIMON, John E.grandsonsingle2_

JESSO, John E.headmarried3_
JESSO, Angelinawifemarried3_
JESSO, Gordonsonsingle_
JESSO, Ronaldsonsingle_
JESSO, Lawrencesonsingle_
JESSO, Arcinsonsingle6
JESSO, Vinadausingle5
JESSO, Danielsonsingle3
JESSO, Angeladausingle2
YOUNG, Teresastep dausingle14
YOUNG, Cecilstep sonsingle12

BENNOIT, Adolphheadmarried30
BENNOIT, Annwifemarried22
BENNOIT, Francissonsingle5
BENNOIT, Joseph B.sonsingle3
BENNOIT, Edna M.dausingle2
BENNOIT, Donaldsonsingle10 mo.

BENNOIT, William J.headmarried24
BENNOIT, Rosewifemarried25
BENNOIT, Henry J.sonsingle5
BENNOIT, Marthadausingle3
BENNOIT, Thomassonsingle1
CHAISSON, John P.headmarried3_
CHAISSON, Mary M.wifemarried2_
CHAISSON, Victorsonsingle10
CHAISSON, Angeladausingle8
CHAISSON, Elizabethdausingle6
CHAISSON, Hubertsonsingle3
CHAISSON, Johnsonsingle2
CHAISSON, Mary A.dausingle2 mo.
OGDON, Margaretdomesticsingle2_

BENNOIT, John Joeheadmarried3_
BENNOIT, Marywifemarried3_
BENNOIT, Mary J.dausingle_
BENNOIT, Reginald J.sonsingle_
BENNOIT, Thaddeussonsingle_
BENNOIT, Gregorysonsingle_

SIMON, Jamesheadmarried__
SIMON, Victoriawifemarried42
SIMON, John J.sonsingle23
SIMON, Adadausingle17
SIMON, Haroldsonsingle15
SIMON, Mary M.dausingle11
SIMON, Leonadausingle7
SIMON, Ellendausingle7
SIMON, Olivenedausingle1 mo.

HINKS, Augustineheadmarried26
HINKS, Angelawifemarried21
HINKS, Huinadausingle1

CHAISSON, Lawrenceheadmarried38
CHAISSON, Margaretwifemarried27
CHAISSON, Stanleysonsingle8
CHAISSON, Gladusdausingle5
CHAISSON, Elizabethdausingle7 mo.

SIMON, Albertheadmarried55
SIMON, Marywifemarried4_
SIMON, Williamsonsingle18
SIMON, Philipsonsingle16
SIMON, Francissonsingle12
SIMON, Mildreddausingle9
SIMON, Raymondsonsingle6

SIMON, Johnheadmarried38
SIMON, Elizabethwifemarried2_
OGDON Ritaadopted dausingle6

SIMON, Philipheadmarried3_
SIMON, Maltidwife`married25
SIMON, Carolinedausingle9
SIMON, Douglassonsingle6
SIMON, Mary E.dausingle3
SIMON, Leosonsingle1

CHAISSON, Reubanheadmarried7_

CHAISSON, Lawerenceheadmarried72
CHAISSON, Annwifemarried74
CHAISSON, Francissonsingle32
CHAISSON, Thomassonsingle17
CHAISSON, Justinedausingle1_ (6 or 3)

STOYLES, Rev. J.C.headsingle4_
STOYLES, Mary E.sistersingle28
YOUNG, Hildadomesticsingle20

BENNOIT, Joseph M.headmarried62
BENNOIT, Annwifemarried59
ROBAN, Leadomesticsingle16

CHAISSON, Frederickheadmarried27
CHAISSON, Ada F.wifemarried24
CHAISSON, Agatha M.dausingle4
CHAISSON, Mary M.dausingle2
CHAISSON, Ersuladausingle1

CHAISSON, Johnheadmarried39
CHAISSON, Mary C.wifemarried3_
TALAC, Johnnephewsingle15

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