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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050. Pages 284 - 286. M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by DENISE WILSON, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Releif, FrancisHeadM32
Releif, ElizabethWifeM2?
Young, ThomasAdopt SonS3

Green, JohnHeadM4?
Green, RalphSonS2?
Green, PriscillaDauS16
Green, AdolphSonS14
Green, MargDauS13
Green, MagdaleenDauS10

Woods, FrancesHeadM3?
Woods, MatildaWifeM31?
Woods, MaryDauS13
Woods, JosephSonS11
Woods, GerardSonS9
DuBois, PeterFatherW8?

Woods, PeterHeadM3?
Woods, AgnesWife M33?
Woods, FrancisSonS15?
Woods, AlexanderSonS11?
Woods, KathleenDauS8
Woods, BarnardSonS6
Woods, RaymondSonS3

Bennoit, JosephHeadM4?
Bennoit, MaryWifeM45
Bennoit, PeterSonS2?
Bennoit, BridgetDauS18
Bennoit, AugustineSonS17

Woods, AugustineHeadW35
Woods, GeraldineDauS13

Duphenais??, ReubanHeadM39
Duphenais??, AnnWifeM25
Duphenais??, JosephSonS7
Duphenais??, HilarySonS6
Duphenais??, MadonnaDauS4
Duphenais??, CarolineDauS2
Duphenais??, CarrolDauS3mths
Bennoit, ArthurLodgerS21

Young, ReubenHeadM5?
Young, ElizabethWifeM4?
Young, EmmanuelSonS20
Young, JohnSonS18
Young, MatthewSonS17
Young, MagdaleenDauS1?
Young, RichardSonS1?
Young, MargaretDauS13
Young, ChistyDauS11

Rioux, JamesHeadM3?
Rioux, IsabelWifeM2?
Rioux, CecilSonS6
Rioux, EdwardSonS5
Rioux, MichaelSonS3
Rioux, EdithDauS2

March, John Jr.HeadM??
March, John F.SonM2?
March, PhilomenaWifeM1?
March, NoraDauS1
Young, Nietrr??LodgerS33

Riely, Rev. M. F.HeadS4?
Martin, Ms. Malind??House KeeperW40?

O Gorman, JohnHeadM47
O Gorman, MargaretWifeF4?
O Gorman, JohnSonS18
O Gorman, MargaretDauS16
O Gorman, AugustineSonS14
O Gorman, MonicaDauS12
Warren, FrancisBoarderS23

Nallas, JohnHeadM4?
Nallas, PhilominaWifeM4?
Nallas, JamesSonS1?
Nallas, EthelDauS8

Bungy??, EdwardHeadM4?
Bungy??, MaryWifeM3?
Bungy??, ElizabethDauS12
Bungy??, John W.SonS9
Bungy??, GeraldSonS6
Bungy??, RichardSonS1 ??

Mean(ey?), PathrickHeadM4?
Mean(ey?), MonicaWifeM3?
Mean(ey?), PathrickSonS?
Mean(ey?), LawrenceSonS?
Mean(ey?), EllenDauS?
Mean(ey?), TheresaDauS2
Mean(ey?), MargaretDauS2wks??

Shephard, John (T.?)HeadM5?
Shephard, FlorenceWifeM5?
Shephard, JamesSonM2?
Shephard, MaryDau In LawM1?
Shephard, IsaacSonW2?

Page 290 - 294

Peters, AlfredHeadM47
Peters, ElsieWifeM47
Peters, GeorgeSonS23
Peters, Alfred Jr. SonS1?

Bungay, MorganHeadM60
Bungay, SusanWifeM45
Bungay, MichaelSonS23
Bungay, HildaDauS17
Bungay, MarthaDauS13
Keeping, RheubenAdopted SonS 9?
Skinner, WilliamAdopted SonS23?

Quann, ThomasHeadM36
Quann, WinnieWifeM17

Quann, OwenHeadM45
Quann, BridgetWifeM42?
Skinner, ElizabethMoth In LawW8?
Quann, RichardFatherW8?

(Parents are missing)
Shephard, EdwardSonS23
Shephard, Thomas R.SonS21
Shephard, Agnes P.DauS19
Shephard, MaryGrand DauS3

Seven names are scratched out beneath these names and written across them as well as the above children is “Families in Harbour Breton”

Companion, JosephHeadM46
Companion, MaryWifeM38
Companion, StanleySonS16
Companion, TheresaDauS14
Companion, HowardSonS12
Companion, AugustineSonS10
Companion, Mercedes??DauS8
Companion, RaymondSonS6
Companion, MyrtleDauS2

March, WalterHeadM28
March, MaryWifeM28
March, BenedictSonS10
March, DorothyDauS9
March, MercedesDauS8
March, FrancisSonS7

Young, Joseph H.HeadM27
Young, MagdaleenWifeM21
Young, BernardSonS4
Young, LawrenceSonS3
Young, CharlesSonS1
Moors, MaryDomesticS16

Young, Victor T.HeadM33?
Young, RoseWifeM49
Young, MaryDauS23
Young, LouisSonS21
Young, WalterSonS19
Young, FrankSonS17
Young, GenevieveDauS15
Young, AmeliaDauS13
Young, GeraldineDauS10
Young, AngelinaDauS8
Young, FlorenceDauS6
Young, Michael J.Grand SonS3

Young, PeterHeadM44
Young, SarahWifeM39
Young, ArthurSonS20
Young, VincentSonS18
Young, NormanSonS16
Young, AloysiusSonS14
Young, HerbertSonS13
Young, AnnSonS10 (Should be Dau)
Young, ChestlySonS7
Young, MildredDauS5
Young, PhilipSonS2
Young, JamesSonS8mths

Young, EmmanuelHeadM22
Young, ClaraWifeM23
Young, AdleDauS1

Young, DavidHeadM26?
Young, CecilyWifeM25

Young, William V.HeadM39
Young, SofiaWifeM32
Young, VincentSonS14
Young, Hubert ?SonS12
Young, BasilSonS7
Young, Gladus ?DauS5
Young, RaymondSonS4
Young, GordonSonS2

Rowe, HenryHeadS22

Young, BenjimanHeadM27
Young, SarahWifeM25
Young, AlmaDauS12
Young, Victor Sr.FatherM70

Young, MaryHeadM40
Young, Corseney ?DauS16

Young, DougladHeadM49
Young, MaryWifeM41
Young, StanleySonS18
Young, RichardSonS16
Young, ReginaDauS13
Young, DerryDauS9
Young, RonaldDauS7 (Should be Son)

Bennoit, HenryHeadM54
Bennoit, AngelaWifeM51
Bennoit, AdelDauS23
Bennoit, FelixSonS16
March, EmmanuelLodgerS23

Bennoit, Joseph P. ?HeadM42
Bennoit, CicilyWifeM36
Bennoit, WilfredSonS16
Bennoit, Ann M.DauS14
Bennoit, AndrewSonS12
Bennoit, WilhelminaDauS10
Bennoit, MercadesDauS8
Bennoit, MildredDauS5
Bennoit, RaymondSonS2

March, JamesHeadM51
March, EllenWifeM33?
March, HaroldSonS22
March, LawrenceSonS20
March, SimonSonS18
March, RitaDauS16
March, Dulcie DauS15
March, BertinaDauS14

March, John J.HeadM25
March, BeatriceWifeM22
March, Roy S.SonS7
March, HowardSonS4
March, GenevieveDauS2

Woods, FrancesHeadM31
Woods, ClaraWifeM24
Woods, EuniceDauS10
Woods, EugeneSonS8
Woods, JohnSonS6
Woods, EdwardSonS4
Woods, Louis R.SonS3mths

Young, JosephHeadM46
Young, ElizabethWifeM45
Young, BridgetDauS19
Young, AugustineSonS17
Young, MartinSonS14
Young, AdilineDauS12
Gillis??, ViraS36

Written across the last page is “See Book 4". Photo-coping cut off date or can not pick out date.

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