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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 276 - 280 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by DENISE WILSON SNOOKS, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
LeCointre, AlphonsusHeadM33
LeCointre, AmeliaWifeM36
LeCointre, EvaDauS17
LeCointre, BaptisteSonS16
LeCointre, ConstanceDauS10
LeCointre, ErnestSonS9
LeCointre, MichaelSonS7
LeCointre, JohnSonS4
LeCointre, MartinSonS2

Barter, FrancisHeadW71
Barter, FrancisSonS38
Barter, WilliamSonS30
Barter, MichaelSonS28
Barter, JohnSonS26
Barter, MartinSonS21
Barter, EvariceSonS18
Barter, RaymondSonS15

Barter, JosephHeadM39
Barter, EugeniaWifeM36
Barter, MargaretDauS14
Barter, ThomasSonS12
Barter, PathrickSonS10
Barter, WalterSonS8
Barter, DorothyDauS6
Barter, MurdockSonS2

Briand, NoelHeadM45?
Briand, AnnWifeM43
Briand, LouisSonS14
Briand, TeresaDauS12
Briand, CatherineDauS10
Briand, LeoSonS7
Briand, SimonSonS5
Briand, Ann M.DauS3
Briand, GenevieveDauS2mths
Braind, JosephFatherW71

Cornact, WilliamHeadM27
Cornact, HannahWifeM23
Cornact, JohnSonS2
Cornact, MabelDauS1
Cornact, AdolphSonS4 mths

Dube`, MaryHeadS25
Dube`, WilliamSonS9
Dube`, LeoSonS5
Dube`, LouiseSisterS23

Cornact, JohnHeadW70

LeBouban, FrancisHeadM61
LeBouban, MaryWifeM43
LeBouban, Francis J.SonS13
LeBouban, LaunasSonS7
LeBouban, WallaceSonS4
LeBouban, Ann M.DauS2

Lainey, AdolphHeadM55
Lainey, MaryWifeM48
Lainey, MaryDauS25
Lainey, Anotal ??SonS16
Lainey, MargaretDauS14
Lainey, RonaldSonS11
Lainey, MichaelSonS5
Lainey, LorettaGrandauS1

Hinks, MichaelHeadW33
Hinks, SusanDauS13
Hinks, EugeneSonS9
Hinks, AdaDauS7
Hinks, CurtisSonS6
Hinks, Ann M.DauS3
March, AdolphLodgerS16

Cornact??, Paul??HeadM24
Cornact??, Mary A.WifeM24
Cornact??, GordonSonS6
Cornact??, Leo P.SonS4
Cornact??, EvaDauS1

Cloney, JosephHeadM27
Cloney, CarolineWifeM24
Cloney, TheresaDauS2
Cloney, JosephSonS8 mths

Barter, ThomasHeadM32
Barter, AnnWifeM38
Barter, RitaDauS8
Barter, MariaDauS6
Barter, TheresaDauS4
Lainey, JosephFat In LawM86
Lainey, MarcellaMoth In LawM74

Lainey, AnatolHeadM4?
Lainey, EllaWifeM38
Lainey, AndrewSonS15
Lainey, BaptisteSonS12
Lainey, CatherineDauS10

Oliver, AnthonyHeadM20
Oliver, MilleyWifeM18

Kerrotret, EmilHeadM53
Kerrotret, MarcellaWifeM53
Hinks, JohnAdopt SonM27
Hinks, CatherineWifeM23
Hinks, EmmalineDauS3
Hinks, GenevieveDauS2
Hinks, LucyDauS6 wks
Moore, PeterLodgerS14

Lainey, LouisHeadM40
Lainey, AnastasiaWifeM37
Lainey, PeterSonS18
Lainey, MaryDauS13
Lainey, BertinaDauS10
Lainey, AgnesDauS8
Lainey, MercedisDauS6
Lainey, Joachim??SonS3
Lainey, WinnieDauS2 mths
Moore, MaryMoth In LawW7?
Moore, FredrickLodgerS11

Moraze, PeterHeadM4?
Moraze, EugeniaWifeM4?
Moraze, ArthurSonS19
Moraze, AdelDauS16
Moraze, VeronicaDauS14
Moraze, StephenSonS12
Moraze, HilyrandSonS10
Moraze, ElizabethDauS7
Moraze, Peter J.SonS4
Moraze, AgnesDauS2

Bennoit, LouisHeadM42
Bennoit, ElizaWifeM52
Bennoit, WalterAdopt SonS11

Jesso, ThomasHeadM30?
Jesso, EuniceWifeM30
Jesso, LouisSonS6
Jesso, Essia A.DauS5
Jesso, MercedisDauS4
Jesso, MadonnaDauS3

Hinks, WilliamHeadM53
Hinks, MaryWifeM53
Hinks, JohnSonS14
Hinks, HughSonS10
Hinks, MildredDauS16
Hinks, HowardSonS7

Hinks, EugeneHeadM30
Hinks, MaryWifeM24
Hinks, Ursula??DauS3
Hinks, NoraDauS3 mths

Dennis, JamesHeadM27
Dennis, BridgetWifeM18
Dennis, MichaelSonS2
Dennis, JosephSonS1

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