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1935 Census

Town of Marche's Point

Microfilm M-8050 Book 9 Page 259-263 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
BENNOIT, John A.headmarried36
BENNOIT, Annwifemarried3_
BENNOIT, Alfred J.sonsingle1_
BENNOIT, Mary L.dausingle12
BENNOIT, Hilda M.dausingle10
BENNOIT, Alphonsussonsingle6
BENNOIT, Ann M.dausingle2

YOUNG, Angusheadmarried5_
YOUNG, Justinewifemarried6_
YOUNG, Yvesonsingle2_
YOUNG, Hilyardsonsingle17
FELIX, Geraldgrand sonsingle14

YOUNG, Angus J.headmarried2_
YOUNG, Eunicewifemarried2_
YOUNG, Matthiassonsingle6
YOUNG, Agnes V.dausingle5
YOUNG, Gordonsonsingle3
YOUNG, Deloresdausingle11 mo.
TOURETTE, Geraldnephewsingle14

JESSO, John D.headmarried69
JESSO, Mary A.wifemarried71

CAMPBELL, Francisheadmarried39
CAMPBELL, Angelinawifemarried36
CAMPBELL, Bertinadausingle17
CAMPBELL, Lillydausingle16
CAMPBELL, Anndausingle15
CAMPBELL, Angeladausingle14
CAMPBELL, Margaritedausingle13
CAMPBELL, Irenedausingle12
CAMPBELL, Cicilydausingle11
CAMPBELL, Hughsonsingle9
CAMPBELL, Johnsonsingle7
CAMPBELL, Etheldausingle4

BENNOIT, Lukeheadmarried60
BENNOIT, Emilywifemarried4_
BENNOIT, Vincentgrand sonsingle9
YOUNG, Elizabeth M.daumarried2_
YOUNG, Alexandergrand sonsingle_
YOUNG, Louisgrand sonsingle_
YOUNG, Johnadopted sonsingle1_

BENNOIT, Martinheadmarried4_
BENNOIT, Marywifemarried3_
YOUNG, Angelinastep dausingle1_
YOUNG, Matthiasstep sonsingle1_
BENNOIT, Agnes J.dausingle1_
BENNOIT, Aloysuissonsingle10
BENNOIT, Lawrencesonsingle7
BENNOIT, Sarahdausingle5
BENNOIT, Adelinedausingle2
BENNOIT, Andrew T.sonsingle6 mo.

JESSO, Walterheadmarried41
BENNOIT, Janedomesticsingle34
JESSO, Elizabethdausingle14
JESSO, Marydausingle9
JESSO, Mildred M.dausingle7
JESSO, Hubertsonsingle4
BENNOIT, Agnesdomestic's motherwidow87
BENNOIT, Mary E.domestic's niecesingle24

YOUNG, Thomasheadmarried67
YOUNG, Martha wifemarried53
YOUNG, Michaelsonsingle21
YOUNG, Normansonsingle18
YOUNG, Wilsonsonsingle13
YOUNG, Mauricesonsingle10

YOUNG, Dougaldheadmarried23
YOUNG, Maudwifemarried20
YOUNG, Eileendausingle5 mo.

YOUNG, Johnheadmarried29
YOUNG, Hannahwifemarried23
YOUNG, Haroldsonsingle3
YOUNG, Mildreddausingle1

JESSO, Victorheadmarried5_
JESSO, Clementinewifemarried4_
JESSO, John sonsingle23
JESSO, Joseph sonsingle18
JESSO, Jamessonsingle16
JESSO, Mauddausingle14
JESSO, Henrysonsingle12
JESSO, Williamsonsingle6
JESSO, Albansonsingle3

YOUNG, Williamheadmarried2_
YOUNG, Annwifemarried2_
YOUNG, Gregory sonsingle11 mo.

BENNOIT, Adolphusheadmarried28
BENNOIT, Rosewifemarried25

YOUNG, Edwardheadmarried64
YOUNG, Juliawifemarried62
YOUNG, Essie A.dausingle15

YOUNG, Davidheadmarried35
YOUNG, Ann M.wifemarried41
YOUNG, Teresadausingle7 mo.
FELIX, Raymondstep sonsingle8

YOUNG, Andrewheadsingle26

LEROUX, Charlesheadmarried3_
LEROUX, Bridgetwifemarried3_
LEROUX, Adolphsonsingle9
LEROUX, Kevinsonsingle3

BENNOIT, Isaacheadsingle21
BENNOIT, Calaisbrothersingle2_

BENNOIT, John A.headmarried5_
BENNOIT, Clarawifemarried36
BENNOIT, Adolphsonsingle17
BENNOIT, Mary M.dausingle16
BENNOIT, Josephinedausingle14
BENNOIT, Richardsonsingle12
BENNOIT, Berthadausingle11
BENNOIT, Ann M.dausingle10
BENNOIT, Josephsonsingle8
BENNOIT, Mary A.dausingle4
BENNOIT, John E.sonsingle2
BENNOIT, Bernardsonsingle10 mo.

BENNOIT, Andrew J.headmarried2_
BENNOIT, Agathawifemarried1_
GREEN, Magdalensister in lawsingle1_

JESSO, Arthurheadmarried2_
JESSO, Louisewifemarried2_
JESSO, Genevievedausingle8
JESSO, Stanleysonsingle6
JESSO, Noradausingle4
JESSO, Baptistesonsingle2
JESSO, Adelldausingle9 mo.

GREEN, Adolphheadmarried38

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