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1935 Census

Town of Piccadilly

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 287-9, 310-11 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by IONA MEYER, May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Young, ReginaldSonS11
Young, CeciliaDauS10
Young, Ceda M.DauS8
Young, KennethSonS5
Young, William FSonS6 days

Bennoit, JohnHeadM29
Bennoit, AnnWifeM28
Bennoit, NormanStep SonS13
Bennoit, GeorgeSonS5
Bennoit, CicilyDauS3
Bennoit, AliceDauS1
Bennoit, StephenBrotherS24

Young, RemmieHeadS25
Young, PeterBrotherS22

Strickland, WilliamHeadM4_
Strickland, AngelinaWifeM35
Strickland, HilarySonS13
Strickland, MargaretAdopted DauS7

Flynn, PathrickHeadM51
Flynn, MargaretWifeM4_
Flynn, JohnSonS23
Flynn, PathrickSonS19
Flynn, MichaelSonS18
Flynn, RonaldSonS16
Flynn, AugustineSonS13
Flynn, AloysiusSonS11
Flynn, RodrickSonS9
Flynn, NoraDauS5
Bennoit, JosephineDomesticS2_

Gale, DanielHeadM3_
Gale, CicilyWifeM2_
Gale, JamesAdopted SonS6 (looks like)

Gale, MichaelHeadM4_
Gale, MaudWifeM40
Gale, EthelDauS19
Gale, RonaldSonS16
Gale, RitaDauS14
Gale, HowardSonS12
Gale, GeraldineDauS10
Gale, DolorosaDauS6
Gale, MichaelSonS1

Bennoit, JohnHeadM38
Bennoit, LenaWifeM32
Bennoit, EliSonS10
Bennoit, AgnesDauS9
Bennoit, John FSonS6
Bennoit, RebaDauS4
Bennoit, FlorenceDauS2
Bennoit, Mary PDauS6 Mos

Flynn, MatthewHeadM24
Flynn, EmmaWifeM20
Flynn, MaryDauS3
Flynn, VeronicaDauS3
Flynn, TheresaDauS1 Mos
Felix, MaryDomesticS11

Thourette, JosephHeadM6_
Thourette, AnnWifeM6_
Thourette, WalterSonS2_
Thourette, RalphSonS1_

Thourette, AllanHeadM2_
Thourette, RitaWifeM2_
Thourette, DorothyDauS_
Thourette, AmabalSonS3

Thourette, JohnHeadM2_
Thourette, CatherineWifeM2_
Thourette, AliceDauS8
Thourette, Cecil JSonS6
Thourette, PriscillaDauS4
Thourette, RaymondSonS2
Thourette, John FSonS1

March, Henry JHeadM34
March, AnnWifeM20
March, Mary JDauS5 Mos

Le Triere, PaulHeadM(no age given)
Le Triere, MaryWifeM(no age given)
Le Triere, AnnMaidS(no age given)

Young, AlbertHeadM38
Young, JosephineWifeM37
Young, RichardSonS15
Young, CalaisSonS13
Young, HowardSonS11
Young, MauriceSonS9
Young, BernardSonS7
Young, HilarySonS5
Young, Gladius (sic)SonS3

Hinke, JohnHeadM47
Hinke, ElizabethWifeM38
Hinke, AloysiusSonS18
Hinke, JuliaDaughterS16
Hinke, PeterSonS14
Hinke, RonaldSonS12
Hinke, AngelinaDaughterS9
Hinke, MaryDaughterS5
Hinke, GertrudeDaughterS1

Dennis, CharlesHeadS23
Dennis, CatherineSisterS18
Dennis, GeraldBrotherS16
Dennis, WilfredBrotherS10

Collier, MichaelHeadM43
Collier, RoseWifeM19
Collier, MaryDaughterS15
Collier, AmeliaDaughterS13
Collier, AngleaDaughterS9
Collier, ThomasSonS6

Alexander, LesHeadM31
Alexander, AnnWifeM23
Alexander, RaymondSonS3
Alexander, FentonSonS1
Alexander, JoanDauS2 Mos

Roland, MauriceHeadM47
Roland, RitaWifeM37
Roland, BernardSonS11
Roland, GladusDauS8
Roland, RaymondSonS7
Roland, Pa____SonS5
Roland, MargariteDauS3
Roland, TheresaDauS1
Young, GereldineDomesticS19

Le Costa, JohnHeadmM51
Le Costa, EmmWifeM40
Le Costa, JamesSonS19
Le Costa, StanleySonS17
Le Costa, HaroldSonS16
Le Costa, BartholomewSonS14
Le Costa, BernardSonS12
Le Costa, MargaretDauS10
Le Costa, AlphonsusSonS8
Le Costa, RorySonS7
Le Costa, Mary MDauS5
Le Costa, - JSonS4
Le Costa, Emma TDauS2
Bennoit, SofiaDomesticS19

White, GeorgeHeadM60
White, Louisa CWifeM48
White, LawrenceSonS13

White, EmmanuelHeadM2_
White, AgnesWifeM2_
White, MatthewSonS?

Young, AndrewHeadM3_
Young, JosephineWifeM2_

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