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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Port au Port District - Port au Port

Microfilm M-8050
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
McIsaac, William R.HeadM“-“
McIsaac, MaryWifeM“-“
McIsaac, ClaraDaughterS“-“
McIsaac, RichardSonS23
McIsaac, Michael F.SonS21

Hynes, William C.HeadM ”-“
Hynes, EleanorWifeM“-“
Hynes, WilbertSonS“-“
Hynes, CharlesSon-in-LawM“-“
Hynes, EuniceDaughterM“-“
Hynes, MartinSonS“-“

Bourgeois, WilliamHeadM“-“
Bourgeois, SarahWifeM“-“
Bourgeois, AdamSonS“-“
Bourgeois, EuniceDaughterS“-“

Hawco, Edward Sr.HeadM“-“
Hawco, WinnifredWifeM“-“
Hawco, MaryDaughterS“-“
Hawco, ThomasSonS“-“
Hawco, VeronicaDaughterS“-“
Hawco, RitaDaughterS“-“
Hawco, Edward Jr.SonS“-“
Hawco, MargaretDaughterS“-“

Hynes, RichardHeadM“-“
Hynes, MaryWifeM“-“
Hynes, VincentSonS“-“
Hynes, KevinSonS“-“
Hynes, LawrenceSonS“-“

Hynes, John J.HeadM“-“
Hynes, AnnieWifeM“-“
Hynes, DanielSonS“-“
Hynes, HilliardSonS“-“
Hynes, GordonSonS“-“
Hynes, RonaldSonS“-“
Hynes, AloysiusSonS9
Hynes, GeraldineDaughterS7
Hynes, BernardSonS6
Hynes, PatrickSonS4
Hynes, WilliamSonS3
Hynes, AlphonsusSonS3
Furlong, MaryServantS17

Lyver, WilliamHeadM“-“
Lyver, AliceWifeM“-“
Lyver, PatrickSonS“-“

White, CharlesHeadM“-“
White, MaryWifeM“-“
Hynes, AgustusGrandsonS“-“
Hynes, FentonGrandsonS“-“
Hynes, PhyllisGranddaughterS10
Hynes, TeresaGranddaughterS9

Bourgeois, IsaacHeadM“-“
Bourgeois, AdeliaWifeM“-“
Bourgeois, VitaDaughterS“-“
Bourgeois, PhyllisDaughterS“-“
Bourgeois, LawrenceSonS“-“
Bourgeois, DouglasSonS“-“
Bourgeois, KevinSonS“-“

Benoit, Mrs. MaryHeadW“-“
Lafitte, Thomas Jr.GrandsonS“-“

March, AlexanderHeadW“-“
March, AloysiusSonS“-“
March, DougaldSonS“-“
March, HughieSonS“-“

Joy, JohnHeadM“-“
Joy, ElizabethWifeM“-“
???, Mary“-““-““-“
Joy, CliftonSonS“-“
Joy, AgustineSonS“-“
Joy, KathleenDaughterS“-“

Lafitte, DamaseHeadM43
Lafitte, Mrs. NancyMotherW“-“
Lafitte, AnnieWifeM43
Lafitte, SamuelSonS“-“
Lafitte, JamesSonS“-“
Lafitte, StanleySonS“-“

Kenny, FredrickHeadM“-“
Kenny, KatrineWifeM“-“
Kenny, PatrickSonS“-“
Kenny, AliceDaughterS“-“
Kenny, MichaelSonS“-“

McIsaac, DanielHeadM57
McIsaac, AngelaWifeM“-“
McIsaac, BabeNieceS18

McDonald, George Sr.HeadM“-“
McDonald, SimoneWifeM“-“
McDonald, George Jr.SonS“-“
McDonald, Mrs. JuliaMotherW“-“
McDonald, HarrietDaughterS“-“
McDonald, WallaceSonS“-“
McDonald, BlancheDaughterS“-“
McDonald, MyraDaughterS“-“
McDonald, ReginaDaughterS“-“
McDonald, DanielSonS“-“
McDonald, CarlSonS“-“
McDonald, JuliaDaughterS“-“

White, MichaelHeadM“-“
White, MaryWifeM“-“
White, MarthaDaughterS“-“

McIsaac, John A.HeadM“-“
McIsaac, MargaretWifeM“-“
McIsaac, MercedesDaughterS“-“
McIsaac, IgnatiusSonS“-“
McIsaac, MonicaDaughterS“-“
McIsaac, JoanDaughterS“-“
McIsaac, BernardSonS“-“

Hynes, Harold Sr.HeadM“-“
Hynes, Annie MaryWifeM“-“
Hynes, MarieDaughterS“-“
Hynes, Harold Jr.SonS“-“
Hynes, AlbertSonS“-“

Cashin, JohnHeadM“-“
Cashin, MaryWifeM“-“
Cashin PearceSonS“-“
Cashin, JamesSonS“-“
Cashin, EdnaDaughterS“-“

Gillis, MargaretHeadW“-“
Gillis, LouisSonS“-“
Gillis, DanielSonS“-“
Gillis, JohnSonM“-“
Gillis, ClareDaughter in lawM“-“
Gillis, VeronicaDaughterS“-“

Joy, Miss Agnes M.HeadS“-“
Nevilles, MonicaDomesticS“-“

Campbell, MichaelHeadW“-“
McIsaac, BrideDomesticS“-“
Campbell, DouglasSonS“-“
???, ?????????“-“
Shea, Albert??????“-“
McIsaac, Clara??????“-“
McIsaac, Margaret??????“-“

Dubourdieu, JohnHeadM“-“
Dubourdieu, BlancheWifeM“-“
Dubourdieu, CyrilSonS“-“
Dubourdieu, EileenDaughterS“-“
Dubourdieu, RonaldSonS“-“
McLean, DorothyDomesticS“-“

Benoit, LeonardHeadM“-“
Benoit, MaudWifeM“-“
Benoit, CecilSonS“-“
Benoit, JeanDaughterS“-“
Benoit, HaroldSonS“-“
Benoit, EllaDaughterS“-“
Benoit, TeresaDaughterS“-“
Benoit, WilfredSonS3
Benoit, AnnieDaughterS1
Hynes, Mrs. CarolineTenantW“-“

Martin, John Jr.HeadM“-“
Martin, ElizaWifeM“-“
Martin, StanleySonS“-“
Martin, VernaDaughterS“-“

Martin, John Sr.HeadW“-“
Martin, PhillipSonS“-“

Hant, JohnHeadM“-“
Hant, IreneWifeM“-“
Hant, AudreyDaughterS“-“
Hant, ???SonS“-“
Hant, LindbergSonS“-“

Hynes, ThomasHeadM“-“
Hynes, MaryWifeM“-“
Hynes, CecilSonS“-“
Hynes, CeciliaDaughterS“-“
Hynes, SheliaDauthter???“-“
Hynes, GregorySon???“-“
Hynes, GenevieveDaughterS11
Hynes, HildaDaughterS9
Hynes, FrancisSonS6

Cole, John Sr.HeadW“-“
Cole, NicholasSonS24
Cole, MaryDaughterS“-“
Cole, AnnieDaughterS20
Cole, MichaelSonS19
Cole, MargaretDaughterS17
Cole, BrigetDaughterS“-“
Cole, John Jr.SonS9

Hynes, Mrs. SarahHeadW“-“
Hynes, MichaelSonS“-“
Hynes, JosephGrandsonS6

Hynes, BenjaminHeadM“-“
Hynes, Mary EllenWifeM“-“
Hynes, DorothyCousinS“-“
Hynes, RheubenSonS“-“

March, Mrs. MaryHeadW“-“
March, AngusSonM“-“
March, ClementineWifeM“-“

Hynes, PhillipHeadW“-“

McIsaac, JamesHeadM“-“
McIsaac, KatrineWifeM“-“
Cochrane, KaterineDaughter“-““-“
Cochrane, MaryGranddaughterS“-“
McIsaac, “-“Son“-““-“
McIsaac, AndrewSon“-““-“
McIsaac, BertineDaughter in lawM“-“
McIsaac, Ignatius“-““-““-“
McIsaac, “-““-““-““-“
McIsaac, MadgeDaughter“-““-“
McIsaac, AngusSonS“-“
McIsaac, JoanDaughterS15
Hinks, KatrineDomesticS18

Duffy, CharlesHeadM“-“
Duffy, MargaretWifeM“-“
Duffy, John Jr.SonS“-“
Duffy, Rodrick D.SonS24
Duffy, James M.SonS21
Duffy, DollyDaughterS17
Duffy, MargaretDaughterS15
Duffy, ThomasSonS13
Duffy, DuncanSonS10
Green, AdeleDomesticS20

March, GeorgeHeadM“-“
March, AnnieWifeM“-“
March, LouisSonS5
March, GeraldineDaughterS“-“

Abbott, M. J.HeadM“-“
Abbott, MargaretWifeM“-“
Abbott, PatriciaDaughterS“-“
Abbott, AmeliaDaughterS“-“
Young, LauraDomesticS“-“

Abbott, M. F.HeadM“-“
Abbott, SarahWifeM“-“
Abbott, EthelDaughterS“-“
Abbott, EllieDaughterS“-“
Abbott, BarbaraDaughterS“-“
Abbott, AnnieDaughterS“-“
Abbott, William Jr.SonS“-“
Collier, Laura“-““-““-“

Leitch, JamesHeadM“-“
Leitch, OliveWifeM“-“

Kirivan, Ref J.F.HeadS“-“
O’Gorman, ElizabethHousekeeperS“-“
Collier, TeresaDomesticS“-“
Kirivan, John J.NephewS“-“

March, SarahHeadW“-“
March, Emanuel J.SonS“-“

March, James L.HeadM“-“
March, EdithWifeM“-“
March, GuilbertSonS7
March, RodrickSonS6
March, AllanSonS4
March, RonaDaughterS3

March, Aloysuis, HeadW“-“
March, GenevieveDaughterS“-“
March, ChesterSonS“-“
March, ArthurSonS“-“
March, MargueriteDaughterS“-“
March, MildredDaughterS“-“
March, BartholomewSonS“-“
March, RonaldSonS“-“
March, RaymondSonS“-“

March, Albert F.HeadM“-“
March, PaulineWifeM“-“
Hynes, CarrieDaughterM“-“
Hynes, John A.Son in lawM“-“

Abbott, William S.HeadM“-“
Abbott, RitaWifeM“-“
Abbot MarjorieDaughterS“-“
**See Errata table below Abbott, ???SonS“-“
Abbott, FintanSonS“-“
Abbott, MaryDaughterS“-“
Abbott, MaureenDaughterS“-“
Abbott, JohnSonS“-“
Young, CeceliaDomesticS“-“

Delouche, Winslow Sr.HeadM“-“
Delouche, FlorenceWifeM“-“
Delouche, PheobeDaughterS“-“
Delouche, LauraDaughterS“-“
Delouche, GertrudeDaughterS“-“
Delouche, WilhelminaDaughterS“-“
Delouche, Winslow Jr.SonS“-“
Delouche, JosephSonS“-“
Delouche, NathanielSonS“-“

Martin, JamesHeadM“-“
Martin, SusanWifeM“-“
Martin, MyrtleDaughterS“-“
Martin, NoraDaughterS“-“
Martin, AnitaDaughterS“-“
Martin, RoySonS“-“
Martin, VelmaDaughterS“-“
Martin, LorettaDaughterS“-“

Hann, Mrs. LouisaHeadW“-“
Hann, ClementSonS“-“
Hann, JohnSonM“-“
Hann, ViolaDaughter in lawM“-“
Hann, RonaldStepsonS“-“
Hann, NinaGranddaughterS“-“

Hynes, Mrs. MinnieHeadW“-“
Hynes, MurielDaughterS“-“

Hynes, John H.HeadM“-“
Hynes, MaryDaughterS“-“
Hynes, DouglasSonS“-“
Hynes, OliveDaughterS“-“
Hynes, MarieDaughterS“-“
Hynes, BrendaDaughterS3 m

March, Mrs. MinnieHeadW45
March, StanleySonS22
March, CecilSonS18
March, IsabelleDaughterS16
March, WalterSonS15
March, ThomasSonS14
March, JeanDaughterS13
March, VincentSonS11
March, TeresaDaughterS7

Hynes, John E.HeadM41
Hynes, LillianWifeM39
Hynes, MelvinSonS15
Hynes, AntonietteDaughterS13

Aucoin, StanislausHeadM35
Aucoin, DerryFatherW76
Aucoin, JosephineWifeM29
Aucoin, DulcieDaughterS10
Aucoin, LenaDaughterS7
Aucoin, HildaDaughterS5
Aucoin, SylviaDaughterS2
Parsons, MonicaSister in lawS18

Lee, JosephHeadM“-“
Lee, MarthaWifeM41
Lee, LawrenceSonS“-“
Lee, GordonSonS“-“
Lee, HerbertSonS“-“
Lee, EthelDaughterS“-“
Lee, DavidSonS“-“
Lee, MarjorieDaughterS“-“
Lee, CarmelitaDaughterS“-“
Lee, EileenDaughterS“-“

Hynes, Martin J.HeadM61
Hynes, MatildaWifeM59
Aucoin, PeterUncleM69
McIsaac, EmilyDomesticS27
Bates, Michael J.NephewS12
Bates, IsabelleNeiceS15
Bates, EileenNeiceS19

Hynes, StanislausHeadW44
Bourgeois, SarahDomesticS25
Hynes, AnnieDaughterS17
Hynes, Rose B.DaughterS16
Hynes, William G.SonS19
Bates, LillianNeiceS16

Abbott, John J.HeadM42
Abbott, EstherWifeM31
Abbott, RedaDaughterS9
Abbott, DorisDaughterS5
Abbott, InezDaughterS9
Hynes, AnnieDomesticS16

Hynes, StanleyHeadM“-“
Hynes, RitaDaughter **See Errata table belowS“-“
Hynes, AlphonsusSonS“-“
Hynes, HilliarySonS“-“
Hynes, LawrenceSonS8
Hynes, AudreyDaughterS5
Hynes, AngusSonS4
Hynes, IsabelleDaughterS21 mo
Hynes, HughSonS6 mo

Doucette, VictorHeadM59
Doucette, MaryWifeM55
Doucette, AmbroseSonS21
Doucette, MercedesDaughterS18
Doucette, IdaDaughterS10
Gale, LillianGranddaughterS4
Doucette, AgustineSonM25
Doucette, PaulineDaughter in lawM23
Doucette, PhillipGrandsonS2
Doucette, RaymondGrandsonS11 mo

Doucette, JeremiahHeadM31
Doucette, EdnaWifeM23
Doucette, TeresaDaughterS6
Doucette, JuliaDaughterS4
Doucette, Annie MaryDaughterS5 mo

Doucette, EusebeHeadM61
Doucette, MaryWifeM59
Doucette, RolandSonM“-“
Doucette, AnnieDaughter in lawM“-“
Doucette, CharlesSonS“-“
Doucette, ArthurSonS“-“
Rowe, LillianDomesticS“-“

Doucette, OnesimeHeadM“-“
Doucette, KatrineWifeM“-“
Doucette, ManuelSonS“-“
Doucette, DorothyDaughterS“-“
Doucette, HughSonS“-“

Rowe, JamesHeadM52
Rowe, MaryWifeM41
Rowe, AnthonySonS21
Rowe, AnnieDaughterS19
Rowe, JuliaDaughterS12
Rowe, MildredDaughterS10

Doucette, John B.HeadM56
Doucette, MaryWifeM38
Doucette, EdwardSonS18
Doucette, GenevieveDaughterS17
Doucette, AngusSonS15
Doucette, MelinaDaughterS14
Doucette, AllanSonS13
Doucette, MonicaDaughterS11
Doucette, MichaelSonS10
Doucette, IsraelSonS9
Doucette, EthelDaughterS6
Doucette, LillianDaughterS6 mo

Hynes, ColombusHeadM“-“
Hynes, JulinaWifeM“-“
Hynes, MamieDaughterS“-“
Hynes, FredrickSonS“-“
Hynes, HenrySonS“-“
Hynes, RonaDaughterS“-“
Hynes, CynthiaDaughterS“-“
Hynes, JosephSonS“-“
Hynes, AngelaDaughterS“-“
March, JosephineDomesticS“-“

Hunt, IsraelHeadM“-“
Hunt, MargueriteWifeM“-“

March, Mrs. AnnieHeadW“-“
March, PricillaDaughterS“-“
March, PearlDaughterS“-“
March, ThurstonSonS“-“
March, LauraDaughterS“-“
March, HughSonS11
March, WilliamSonS8
March, MarjorieDaughterS3

Martin, ThomasHeadM“-“
Martin, MaryWifeM“-“
Martin, Walter J.SpmS“-“
Martin, FlorenceDaughterS
Martin, WilliamSonS“-“
Martin, PearlDaughterS“-“
Martin, SilbySonS“-“
Martin, ChesleySonS“-“
Martin, CecilSonS“-“

Hynes, Joseph J.HeadM“-“
Hynes, MaryWifeM“-“
Hynes, JosephSonS“-“
Hynes, AgnesDaughterS“-“
Hynes, MargueriteDaughterS“-“
Hynes, ViolaDaughterS“-“
Hynes, IsraelSonS“-“
Hynes, HilliardSonS“-“
Hynes, MarjorieDaughterS4
Hynes, HaroldSonS3
Hynes, BernardSonS1

Skeard, SamuelHeadM“-“
Skeard, CharlotteWifeM“-“
Hynes, SuzanStep daughterS“-“
Skeard, WilliamSonS“-“
Hynes, MargaretStep daughterS“-“
Hynes, GuilbertStep sonS“-“
Skeard, RoySonS9
March, ReginaStep daughterS5

Rowe, JosephHeadM“-“
Rowe, DeliaWifeM“-“
Rowe, PhilipSonS“-“
Rowe, JohnSonS“-“
Rowe, MaryDaughterS“-“
Rowe, LouisSonS“-“
Rowe, MichaelSonS“-“
Rowe, TeresaDaughterS“-“
Rowe, MercedesDaughterS“-“
Rowe, AlphonsusSonS“-“

Rowe, AugustusHeadM“-“
Rowe, AnnieWifeM“-“

Young, AndrewHeadM“-“
Young, BeatriceWifeM“-“
Young, ArchibaldSonS3
Young, HughSonS6 mo

Benoit, WilliamHeadM“-“
Benoit, MaryWifeM“-“
Benoit, CharlesSonS“-“
Benoit, Vina MayDaughterS“-“
Benoit, ChristinaDaughterS“-“
Benoit, AdaDaughterS“-“
Benoit, GordonSonS“-“
Benoit, EuniceDaughterS“-“

Rowe, VictorHeadM“-“
Rowe, EllenWifeM“-“
Rowe, AlbertSonS“-“
White, KathleenAdoptedS“-“
Costard, RobertAdoptedS“-“

Young, James W.HeadM“-“
Young, KatrineWifeM“-“
Young, JeanDaughterS“-“
Young, WallaceSonS“-“

Martin, WalterHeadM“-“
Martin, StellaWifeM“-“
Martin, RaphaelSonS15
Young, GuySonS13
Young, CharlesSonS11
Young, MurielDaughterS8
Young, LeoneDaughter3

Rowe, AlfredHeadM“-“
Rowe, AnnieWifeM“-“
Rowe, WalterSonS16

Costard, Ralph JrHeadM“-“
Costard, MaryWifeM“-“
Costard, HubertSonS4 mo

Gale, NeilHeadM“-“
Gale, EthelWifeM“-“
Gale, EvelynDaughterS“-“
Gale, LouisSonS“-“
Gale, HenriettaDaughterS“-“
March, SarahDomesticS20

Furlong, JohnHeadW“-“
Furlong, LawrenceSonS“-“
Parsons, Matthew“-““-““-“

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
ABBOTT, ?? Given name is Albert (Abby) Jerome House
HYNES, Rita Rita was the WIFE of Stanley Hynes Suzanne Sheppard

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