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1935 Census

Town of Red Brook

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 263-265 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
JESSO, Michaelheadmarried34
JESSO, Armanywifemarried26
JESSO, Maiziedausingle10
JESSO, Maxinedausingle9
JESSO, Claytonsonsingle7
JESSO, Elisonsingle5
JESSO, Gerardsonsingle4
JESSO, Lindberghsonsingle2
JESSO, Corneliussonsingle5 mo.

BENNOIT, Michaelheadmarried39
BENNOIT, Mary J.wifemarried4_
JESSO, Danielstep sonsingle2_
JESSO, Genevievestep dausingle2_
YOUNG, Charleslodgersingle14

JESSO, Anthonyheadmarried26
JESSO, Stellawifemarried18
JESSO, Elsiedausingle4 (or 4 mo.)
YOUNG, Matthewcousinsingle13

BENNOIT, Josephheadmarried2_
BENNOIT, Philomenawifemarried2_
CAMPBELL, Cyril J.adopted sonsingle__
BENNOIT, Edwardbrothersingle2_
BENNOIT, Sarahgrandmothermarried8_

BENNOIT, John M.headmarried6_
BENNOIT, Cecilywifemarried3_
BENNOIT, Emmanuelsonsingle1_
BENNOIT, Ada A.dausingle14
BENNOIT, Alice M.dausingle12
BENNOIT, Ritadausingle10
BENNOIT, Marydausingle8
BENNOIT, Mary M.dausingle6
BENNOIT, Agathadausingle4
BENNOIT, Eileendausingle2
BENNOIT, Gabrielsonsingle4 mo.

BENNOIT, John A.headmarried3_
BENNOIT, Amelia A.wifemarried2_
BENNOIT, Clementinedausingle8
BENNOIT, Sylvestersonsingle7
BENNOIT, Emilydausingle3
BENNOIT, Paulsonsingle5 mo.

BENNOIT, Dominicheadmarried2_
BENNOIT, Ritawifemarried1_
BENNOIT, Lucydausingle7 mo.

BENNOIT, Williamheadmarried2_
BENNOIT, Juliawifemarried2_
BENNOIT, Howardsonsingle9
BENNOIT, Jenadausingle7
BENNOIT, Gervaisesonsingle5
BENNOIT, Kathleendausingle2
BENNOIT, Jessie J.sonsingle8 mo.

MARCH, Albert J.headmarried2_
MARCH, Anastasiawifemarried2_
MARCH, Dorothydausingle _
MARCH, Eileendausingle_
ROWE, Janedomesticsingle1_

CHIASSON, Julianheadmarried4_
CHIASSON, Marywifemarried3_
CHIASSON, Herbert J.sonsingle1_
CHIASSON, Mildreddausingle1_
CHIASSON, Johnsonsingle_
CHIASSON, Charlessonsingle7
CHIASSON, Teresadausingle4
CHIASSON, Haroldsonsingle3
CHIASSON, Genevievedausingle1
MARCH, Albert sr.headmarried4_
MARCH, Mary M.wifemarried4_
MARCH, Angeladau single22
MARCH, Josephinedausingle18
MARCH, Edwardsonsingle16
MARCH, Genevievedausingle14
MARCH, Mary A.dausingle13
MARCH, Ritadausingle11
MARCH, Howardsonsingle9
MARCH, Wallacesonsingle7
MARCH, Lena N.dausingle5
MARCH, Etheldausingle2

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