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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Port au Port District - Town of Sheaves Cove

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 256-259
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
JESSO, Charlesheadmarried33
JESSO, Louisawifemarried34
JESSO, Walter J.sonsingle12
JESSO, Sarah B.dausingle11
JESSO, Ida M.dausingle8
JESSO, Margaret N.dausingle6
JESSO, William C.sonsingle4
JESSO, Clayton J.sonsingle2
JESSO, Ann M.dausingle4 mo.
JESSO, Thomas P.headmarried6_
JESSO, Philomenawifemarried57
JESSO, Benjaminsonsingle25
JESSO, Josephsonsingle23
JESSO, Isaacsonsingle18
JESSO, Gladusdausingle14
JESSO, Matthewsonsingle12
JESSO, Vincentsonsingle9
YOUNG, Adagrand dausingle17
ABBOTT, Mary M.grand dausingle8
YOUNG, Mary R.headwidow47
YOUNG, Josephsonsingle19
ROWE, Charlesheadmarried31
ROWE, Mary Elizawifemarried32
ROWE, Kevin J.sonsingle2
YOUNG, Anthonyheadmarried3_
YOUNG, Cicilywifemarried3_
YOUNG, Geraldinedausingle1_
YOUNG, Leosonsingle9
YOUNG, Michaelsonsingle6
YOUNG, Lawrencesonsingle2
JESSO, Frederickbrother in lawsingle28
JESSO, John C.headmarried34
JESSO, Sarahwifemarried28
JESSO, Wilfredsonsingle9
JESSO, Reginadausingle8
JESSO, Aloysuissonsingle6
JESSO, Priscilladausingle4
JESSO, Leosonsingle2
JESSO, Mary E.dausingle1
JESSO, John P.headmarried51
JESSO, Malina wifemarried4_
JESSO, Augustussonsingle19
JESSO, Richardsonsingle14
JESSO, Anitadausingle12
JESSO, J. Archibaldsonsingle9
JESSO, Hilarysonsingle7
JESSO, Zina B.dausingle5
JESSO, Reginaldsonsingle2
YOUNG, Dougaldgrand sonsingle3
JESSO, Francisheadmarried40
JESSO, Catherinewifemarried39
JESSO, Edwardsonsingle14
JESSO, Francis M.dausingle13
YOUNG Lenadausingle4
YOUNG, Ellenheadmarried69
JESSO, Alexander P.headmarried60
JESSO, Annwifemarried38
JESSO, Leosonsingle20
JESSO, Louissonsingle18
JESSO, Caliassonsingle17
JESSO, Lillydausingle13
JESSO, Howardsonsingle12
JESSO, Bridgetdausingle11
JESSO, Catherinedausingle9
JESSO, Bertinadausingle8
JESSO, Cathleendausingle7
JESSO, Ronaldsonsingle5
JESSO, Rodericksonsingle5
JESSO, Margaretdausingle1
ROWE, Josephheadmarried26
ROWE, Angelinawifemarried23
ROWE, Raymondsonsingle4
ROWE, Henrysonsingle2
ROWE, Ronadausingle 2 mo.
ROWE, Margaretmotherwidow5_
ROWE, Gertrudesistersingle1_
YOUNG, Sarahnephewsingle11
YOUNG, Louisunclemarried76
ROWE, Arthurheadmarried34
ROWE, Adelwifemarried24
ROWE, Teresadausingle6
ROWE, Edwardsonsingle5
ROWE, Marjorydausingle4
ROWE, Noelladausingle1
JESSO, John E.headmarried24
JESSO, Marywifemarried20
JESSO, Charlesheadmarried73
JESSO, Ameliawifemarried64
YOUNG, Israelheadmarried27
YOUNG, Veronicawifemarried48 (sic)
YOUNG, Edwardsonsingle4
YOUNG, Israelsonsingle2

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Port au Port District