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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Port au Port District - Town of Ship Cove

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 253-255
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
WHEELER, StephenHeadWidow6_
WHEELER, Johnsonsingle42
JESSO, Francisheadmarried__
JESSO, Annwifemarried4_
BENNOIT, Edmondheadmarried5_
BENNOIT, Clarawifemarried3_
BENOIT, Aloysuissonsingle2_
BENNOIT, Anndausingle1_
BENNOIT, Leosonsingle1_
BENNOIT, Rodericksonsingle14
BENNOIT, Teresadausingle13
BENNOIT, Ronaldsonsingle11
BENNOIT, Stanleysonsingle9
BENNOIT, Bernardsonsingle7
BENNOIT, Raymondsonsingle3
BENNOIT, Priscilladausingle2
BENNOIT, Hilda M.dausingle8 mo.
CAMPBELL, John J.headmarried46
CAMPBELL, Mary E.wifemarried39
CAMPBELL, Ann E.dausingle18
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth M.dausingle14
CAMPBELL, Claradausingle12
CAMPBELL, Jamessonsingle10
CAMPBELL, Stephen J.sonsingle3
CAMPBELL, Mary M.dausingle4 mo.
WHEELER, Alexanderheadmarried32
WHEELER, Ann M.wifemarried31
WHEELER, Bertram C.sonsingle11
WHEELER, Elmer S.sonsingle9
WHEELER, Musa D.dausingle7
WHEELER, Percy D.sonsingle3
WHEELER, Loraine M.dausingle1
WHEELER, Herbertheadmarried3_
WHEELER, Margaretwifemarried32
WHEELER, Hubertsonsingle13
WHEELER, Mildreddausingle11
WHEELER, Jerrysonsingle9
WHEELER, Michaelsonsingle7
WHEELER, Raymondsonsingle6
WHEELER, Williamsonsingle4
WHEELER, Benjamin sonsingle3 days
WHEELER, Stephenheadmarried36
WHEELER, Jessiewifemarried29
WHEELER, Myrtledausingle10
WHEELER, Gordon J.sonsingle8
WHEELER, Stephen W.sonsingle7
WHEELER, Kathleendausingle2
JESSO, Alexanderheadmarried5_
JESSO, Elizabethwifemarried5_
JESSO, Josephsonsingle21
JESSO, Margaretdausingle14
TALAC, Williamlodgersingle23
JESSO, Johnheadmarried27
JESSO, Angelinawifemarried25
JESSO, Gertrudedausingle3
JESSO, Richard J.sonsingle1
BENNOIT, Peter P.headmarried66
BENNOIT, Selinawifemarried39
BENNOIT, James sonsingle19
BENNOIT, Teresadausingle17
BENNOIT, Normansonsingle15
BENNOIT, Louissonsingle13
BENNOIT, Wilfredsonsingle11
BENNOIT, Archibaldsonsingle9
BENNOIT, Rebadausingle7
BENNOIT, Alsed J.sonsingle4
BENNOIT, Daisly J.dausingle2 mo.
LEPAGE, Claudeheadmarried62
LEPAGE, Margaretwifemarried58

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Port au Port District