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1935 Census

Tom Touches Cove

Microfilm M-8050 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Bennoit, FrancisHeadM25
Bennoit, AdelineWifeM26
Bennoit, Andrew T.SonS5
Bennoit, Maizie M.DauS2
Bennoit, AgathaDauS1

Bennoit, MichaelHeadM23
Bennoit, Matilda R.WifeM23

Bennoit, JosephHeadM53
Bennoit, ElizabethWifeM43
Bennoit, GeraldSonS14
Bennoit, RaymondSonS12
Bennoit, CyrilSonS9
Park, IsaacStep SonS18

Bennoit, JohnHeadW78

Bennoit, WilliamHeadM44
Bennoit, MargaretWifeM43 (?)
Bennoit, MargaretDauS2-
Bennoit, ChesleySonS15
Bennoit, AugustineSonS15
Bennoit, BeatriseDauS11
Bennoit, Margant (sic)DauS6
Bennoit, EdithDauS4 mo.

Wheeler, RichardHeadM2-
Wheeler, GenevieveWifeM1-
Wheeler, DanielSonS1

Kendel, HughHeadM2-
Kendel, UrsulaWifeM2-
Kendel, GerardSonS-
Kendel, StephenSonS2 (or 2 mo.)

Kendel, WalterHeadM47
Kendel, Mary E.WifeM44
Kendel, WalterSonS18
Kendel, JohnSonS16
Kendel, HubertSonS14
Kendel, MarjoryDauS12
Kendel, RonaldSonS10
Kendel, HilarySonS8
Kendel, MathewSonS6
Kendel, GerardSonS4
Kendel, AurellaDauS2

Wheeler, JamesHeadM30
Wheeler, MagdaleneWifeM27
Wheeler, LouisSonS6
Wheeler, JamesSonS1
Wheeler, HughSonS1 mo.
Flaherty, PatrickFather in lawW8-

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