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1935 Census

Town of West Bay

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 302-305 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by IONA MEYER, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Young, William Head M 38
Young, Patricia Wife M 27
Young, Mary I Daughter S 4
Young, Edna Daughter S 3
Young, Roy Son S 2
Young, Edward G Son S 1
Young, Oswald Son S 6 Days

Bennoit, Charles Head M 76
Bennoit, Salina Wife M 75
Bennoit, William H Son M 35
Bennoit, Geraldine Daughter-in-law M 29
Bennoit, John Lodger S 27

Reteif, Philip Head M 25
Releif, Sarah Wife M 22
Releif, Catherine A Daughter S 3
Releif, Raymond Son S 1
Releif, Laura Daughter S 5 Days

Target, Peter Head M 53
Target, Sarah Wife M 53
Target, James Son S 22
Target, Peter Son S 20
Target, Michael Son S 17
Target, Mary Daughter S 16
Target, Bertha Daughter S 13
Target, Fredrick Son 8 12
Target, Veronica Daughter S 8

Au Coin, George Head M 41
Au Coin, Margaret Wife M 38
Au Coin, John Son S 17
Au Coin, Rita ** Daughter S 16
Au Coin, Vincent Son 8 14
Au Coin, Samuel Son S 12
Au Coin, Bernard Son S 11
Au Coin, Georgina Daughter S 9
Au Coin, Odel Daughter S 8
Au Coin, Bertram Son S 7
Au Coin, Kenneth Son S 6
Au Coin, Cyril Son S 4
Au Coin, Michael Son S 9 Mos
** NOTE: There is a line through this name and the following is written: entered 7B

Eddy, Herbert Head M 53
Eddy, Eliza Wife M 53
Eddy, Ivy Daughter S 12
Eddy, Clarence Grandson S 10

Bennoit, Narcise Head M 49
Bennoit, Clementine Wife M 35
Bennoit, Benedict Son S 17
Bennoit, Bertina Daughter S 15
Bennoit, Ralph Son S 13
Bennoit, Monica Daughter S 11
Bennoit, Francis Son S 21

Bennoit, Harold Head M 20
Bennoit, Sadis (sic) Wife M 18

Gadon, Arcin Head M 52
Gadon, Mary Wife M 47
Gadon, Mathias Son S 26
Gadon, Dorothy Daughter S 20
Gadon, Edward Son S 17
Gadon, Mercedes Daughter S 15
Gadon, Augustine Son S 13
Gadon, Arcin Son S 8
Gadon, Levina Daughter S 4

Au Coin, Arthur Head M 51
Au Coin, Nancy Wife M 45
Au Coin, Charles Son S 19
Au Coin, Arthur Son S 18
Au Coin, Selina Daughter S 16
Au Coin, Daniel Son S 14
Au Coin, Patricia Daughter S 12
Au Coin, William Son S 10
Au Coin, Lillian Daughter S 8
Au Coin, Raymond Son S 6

Reteif, Robert Head M 57
Reteif, Alice Wife M 44
Reteif, Murdick Son S 16
Reteif, Walter Son S 14
Reteif, Maurice Son S 12
Reteif, Clayton Son S 9
Reteif, Madonna Daughter S 7
Reteif, Lenard Son S 4
Reteif, Denoto Daughter S 1
Collier, Lucy Adopt Daughter S 12

Flynn, Matthew Head M 48
Flynn, Clara Wife M 49
Flynn, Martin Son S 22
Flynn, Hugh Son S 20
Flynn, Joseph Son S 14
Flynn, Alfreda Daughter S 8

Flynn, Michael Head M 37
Flynn, Christy Wife M 34
Flynn, Nicholas Son S 15
Flynn, Ignatious Son S 11
Flynn, Ellis Son S 8
Flynn, Ida Daughter S 4
Flynn, Gervase Son S 7 Mos
Flynn, Mariah Mother W 78

Duphenais, Joseph Head M 58
Duphenais, Lena W M 44
Duphenais, Mark Son S 6`
Duphenais, Leo Son S 24
Duphenais, Henry Son S 21
Duphenais, William Son S 17
Duphenais, Cecil Son S 15
White, Genevieve Step Daughter S 14

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