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1935 Census

Town of West Bay Centre

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 305-310 M-married; S-single; W-widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by IONA MEYER, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameRelationStatus Age
Gale, RonaldHeadM39
Gale, HannahWifeM35
Gale, MercedisDaughterS14
Gale, CorneliusSonS12
Gale, MargaretDaughterS10
Gale, CyrusSonS8
Gale, BerkleySonS5
Gale, EllenDaughterS3

Gale, DanielHeadM70
Gale, ElenoraWifeM67
Gale, HectorSonS21
Gale, AnastaciaDaughterS19
Felix, HenryGrand Nephew S9

Gale, JohnHeadM37
Gale, MargaretWifeM31
Gale, NoraDaughterS12
Gale, MarionDaughterS12
Gale, ChristyDaughterS10
Felix, PaulLodgerS19

White, JohnHeadM48
White, AnnWifeM41
White, Elizabeth**DaughterS23
White, Theresa**DaughterS21
White, GerardSonM18
White, JamesSonS17
White, FlorenseDaughterS15
White, BernadetteDaughterS13
White, MargaretDaughterS11
White, AlphonsusSonS9
White, RaymondSonS7
White, Dorothy JDaughterS5
White, PaulineDaughterS1
Hynes, Florene Mother-in-law W68
White, JosephNephewS15
** NOTE: both of these names have a line through and the following written: Taken at Corner Brook

Jesso, StanleyHeadM22
Jesso, HazelWifeM21
Jesso, LesleySonS10 Mos

Jesso, MatthewHeadM27
Jesso, MaryWifeM18

Jesso, WilliamHeadM55
Jesso, LenaWifeM48
Jesso, FrancisSonS21
Jesso, RoseDaughterS19
Jesso, StellaDaughterS16
Jesso, MildredDaughterS14
Jesso, DorothyDaughterS12
Jesso, HaroldSonS10
Jesso, RobertSon S6
Jesso, EllaDaughterS4

Hynes, EmmanuelHeadM39
Hynes, SarahWifeM38
Hynes, Ann MDaughterS16
Hynes, PearlDaughterS14
Hynes, PhilomenaDaughterS12
Hynes, EdithDaughterS10
Hynes, LaurenceSonS7
Hynes, BernardSonS5
Hynes, Ellen RDaughterS3
Hynes, AlbanSonS11 Mos
McIsaac, JohnFather-in-lawM68

Young, JohnHeadM59
Young, FlorenceWifeM39
Young, John JSonS14
Young, Mary RDaughterS13
Young, FelixSonS9
Young, MatildaDaughterS7
Young, WilliamSonS4
Young, DanielSonS3

Doucette, PathrickHeadM62
Doucette, CatherineWifeM61
Williams, FrancisAdopted SonM22
Williams, MatildaWifeM23

Hynes, CharlesHeadM37
Hynes, LillyWifeM23
Hynes, BertinaDaughterS14
Hynes, ChesleySonS12
Hynes, Vina MDaughterS7 Mos
Hynes, WilsonStep SonS6
Hynes, Mary EStep DaughterS3
Hynes, MichaelBrotherS19

Jesso, John AHeadM32
Jesso, MaryWifeM25
Jesso, GertrudeDaughterS7
Jesso, TeresaDaughterS5
Jesso, StellaDaughterS1

Jesso, Alexander A GHeadM55
Jesso, MatildaWifeM30
Jesso, JamesSonS21
Jesso, ArcinSonS18
Jesso, WilliamSonS16
Jesso, BridgetDaughterS14
Jesso, HughSonS11

Jesso, AndrewHeadM23
Jesso, AngelaWifeM21
Jesso, William DSonS2
Jesso, MatildaDaughterS1
Jesso, MonicaDaughterS4 mo.

Hynes, JosephHeadM41
Hynes, MaryWifeM31
Hynes, HubertSonS13
Hynes, RonaldSonS12
Hynes, GordonSonS8
Hynes, HughSonS9 Mos

Bennoit, ElizabethHeadW55
Bennoit, EdwardSonW34
Jesso, AliceDaughterW26
Bennoit, JosephSonS21
Bennoit, MargaretDaughterS19
Bennoit, AnnDaughterS17
Bennoit, DorothyDaughterS15
Bennoit, Mary MGr. DaughterS9

Bennoit, WilliamHeadM36
Bennoit, ChristinaWifeM22
Park, JosephBrother-in-lawS24
Young, AnnLodgerS18
Rowe, John LodgerS25

Bennoit, GeorgeHeadM23
Bennoit, ElizabethWifeM24
Bennoit, AnastaciaDaughterS7
Bennoit, VincentSonS5
Bennoit, JamesSonS3
Bennoit, SelinaDaughterS2
Bennoit, MichaelSonS 6 Mos

Williams, AgnesHeadM2_
Williams, Paul JSonS12
Williams, Ann PDaughterS6
Williams, FrancesSonS4

McIsaac, AlexanderHeadM37
McIsaac, SusanWifeM28
McIsaac, NormanSonS12
McIsaac, SarahDaughterS 9
McIsaac, BeatriceDaughterS7
McIsaac, MurielDaughterS5
McIsaac, Glydon (sic)SonS2
McIsaac, AngusSonS11 mos.
McIsaac, AnnMotherM55

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