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1945 Census

Settlement of Bellman's Cove

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; Transcribed by HANK WEIDLE, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Dutrey,John A.HeadM70St Georges
Dutrey, AnnieWifeM71St Georges
Benoit, Mary
S32St Georges
Prado, Mary
W74St Georges

Gillis, DavidHeadM60St Georges
Gillis, MaryWifeM59St Georges
Alexander, AndrewSon in LawM23St Georges
Alexander, EvelynDaughterM21Canada
Alexander, MargaretGrand DaughterS6 mo.St Georges

MacDonald, DougHeadM42St Georges
MacDonald, AnnieWifeM35St Georges
MacDonald, MamieDaughterS16St Georges
MacDonald, LorettaDaughterS15St Georges
MacDonald, DanSonS10St Georges
MacDonald, EvelynDaughterS5St Georges
MacDonald, MaryDaughterS2St Georges

Cochrane, AlbertHeadM47St MarysSt Johns
Cochrane, CatherineWifeM45St GeorgesBay of Islands
Cochrane, MaryDaughterS10St Georges
Cochrane, JamesSonS7Bay of Islands
Cochrane, AlbertSonS5St Georges
Cochrane, MadgeDaughterS3St Georges

McIsaac, HilaryHeadM41St Georges
McIsaac, RitaWifeM36St Georges
McIsaac, GerardSonS16St Georges

Hynes, BertHeadM54St Georges
Hynes, LouiseWifeM50St Georges
Hynes, MaryDaughterS30St Georges
Hynes, LauraDaughterS28St Georges
Hynes, FintanSonS24St Georges
Hynes, DonnaDaughterS21St Georges
Hynes, HaroldSonS20St Georges
Hynes, HoratiousSonS16St Georges
Hynes, IrineDaughterS15St Georges
Hynes, CharlieSonS12St Georges
Hynes, RegnelSonS11St Georges
Hynes, RitaDaughterS10St Georges
Hynes, EvonDaughterS8St Georges

Gilliam, AlbertHeadW41St Georges
Gilliam, RodrickSonS17St Georges
Gilliam, AliceDaughterS15St Georges

Quann, BernardHeadM50??????
Quann, AnnaWifeM44??????
Quann, AliceDaughterS17??????
Quann, SamuelSonS25??????
Quann, Bernard J.SonS14??????
Quann, MichaelSonS12??????
Quann, MarieDaughterS6??????

Nevels, WilliamHeadW49???
Nevels, WalterSonS27St Georges
Nevels, AlbenSonS15St Georges
Nevels, BernardSonS14St Georges
Nevels, TerenceSonS11St Georges
Nevels, MichaelSonM30St Georges
Nevels, CelestineDaughter in LawM25St Georges
Nevels, GregoryGrandsonS5St Georges
Nevels, SarahGrandaughterS2St Georges
Nevels, MaryGrandaughterS1St Georges

Butler, MichaelHeadM25St Georges
Butler, EsterWifeM23Harbour ???Harbour ???
Butler, StephenSonS6St Georges
Butler, MargaretDaughterS5St Georges
Butler, BrideDaughterS2St Georges
Butler, MichaelSonS11 mo.St Georges

Snow, MaximusHeadM30Trinity Bay
Snow, DorothyWifeM33Trinity Bay
Snow, BlancheDaughterS9St Georges
Snow, PatrickSonS8St Georges
Snow, MaximusSonS5St Georges
Snow, MargaretDaughterS2St Georges
Snow, AnitaDaughterS5 mo.St Georges

Alexander, LeonardHeadM36St Georges
Alexander, Mary M.WifeM28St Georges
Alexander, MaryDaughterS9St Georges
Alexander, MarianDaughterS8St Georges
Alexander, LeonardSonS5St Georges
Alexander, KevinSonS3St Georges

Alexander, JosephHeadM64St Georges
Alexander, EmilyWifeM63St Georges

Harvey, LesleyHeadM53St Georges
Harvey, OliveWifeM39St Georges
Harvey, EmaDaughterS17St Georges
Harvey, ThelmaDaughterS16St Georges
Harvey, FloraDaughterS14St Georges
Harvey, ColinSonS12St Georges
Harvey, ???DaughterS9St Georges
Harvey, JaneDaughterS1St Georges

March, LawrenceHeadM36St Georges
March, MadelineWifeM30St Georges
March, TheodoreSonS11St Georges
March, JoanDaughterS5St Georges

March, StanleyHeadM32St Georges
March, HannaWifeM35St Georges
March, ElizabethDaughterS3St Georges
March, MaryDaughterS2St Georges
March, DonaldSonS1St Georges

Companion, HaroldHeadM32St Georges
Companion, KathleenWifeM32St Georges

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