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1945 Census

Settlement of Boswarlos

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; Transcribed by HANK WEIDLE, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Abbott, James E.HeadM49St Georges
Abbott, UniceWifeM39St Georges
Abbott, PearlDaughterS19St Georges
Abbott, GuinnyDaughterS18St Georges
Abbott, CecialSonS17St Georges
Abbott, LoriaDaughterS15St Georges
Abbott, UnisDaughterS12St Georges
Abbott, ThresaDaughterS11St Georges
Abbott, AlaceDaughterS6St Georges
Abbott, JeanDaughterS2St Georges
Abbott, LoydGrandsonS3 mo.St Georges
Abbott, WilliamFatherW83St Georges

Young, VincentHeadM28St Georges
Young, LeonaWifeM25St Georges
Young, BertinaDaughterS6St Georges
Young, ArthurSonS4St Georges
Young, WinnieDaughterS2St Georges

Childs, John W.HeadM25St Georges
Childs, JenataWifeM24St Georges
Childs, EvengelineDaughterS5 mo.St Georges
Childs, EmmaMotherW67St Georges
Childs, JamesBrotherM41St Georges
Childs, MildredSister in LawM32Bonavista
Childs, FlossieNieceS9St Georges
Childs, EdwardNephewS3Bay of Islands
Childs, EmmaNieceS2Bay of Islands

Carter, JoshuaHeadM43St Georges
Carter, MaryWifeM38St Georges
Carter, HannaDaughterS6St Georges
Carter, Bertia M.DaughterS3St Georges
Carter, MonaDaughterS2St Georges
Carter, Margaret H.DaughterS3 mo.St Georges
Carter, SusanMotherW69St Georges

Childs, LeonardHeadM44St Georges
Childs, MaudWifeM41St Georges

Abbott, SeymourHeadW44St Georges
Abbott, FlossieDaughterS15St Georges
Abbott, GereldineDaughterS12St Georges
Abbott, GenevieveDaughterS9St Georges
Abbott, RaymondSonS7St Georges

Childs, AlfredHeadM29St Georges
Childs, JuliaWifeM30St Georges
Childs, ClydeSonS8St Georges
Childs, Alfred L.SonS5St Georges
Childs, Emma M.DaughterS3St Georges
Childs, GeorgeSonS1St Georges

Martin. RichardHeadM24St Georges
Martin, KathelineWifeM16St Georges

Martin, NatHeadM57St Georges
Martin, MaudwifeM54St Georges
Martin, ThreseDaughterS18St Georges
Martin, LeahDaughterS16St Georges
Martin, HerbertSonS9St Georges
Martin, MollieDaughterS7St Georges

Childs, GoodlandHeadM38St Georges
Childs, MarthaWifeM26St Georges
Childs, BridgetDaughterS13St Georges
Childs, ClaytonSonS10St Georges
Childs, VincenSonS4St Georges
Childs, WalterSonS2St Georges

Martin, CharlesHeadM65St Georges
Martin, AnnieWifeM38St Georges
Martin, RitaDaughterS12St Georges
Martin, HaroldSonS7St Georges

Chubb, LeahHeadW53St Georges
Chubb, HaroldSonS26St Georges
Chubb, SybleDaughterS14St Georges

Hoskins, EdwardHeadM22St Georges
Hoskins, LoraWifeM24St Georges
Hoskins, BessieDaughterS10 mo.St Georges

Hunt, JosephHeadM57St Georges
Hunt, RebeccaWifeM33St Georges
Hunt, LloyalSonS20St Georges
Hunt, VioletDaughterS16St Georges
Hunt, CecialSonS14St Georges
Hunt, MargoryDaughterS13St Georges
Hunt, TunneySonS11St Georges
Hunt, BlanchDaughterS9St Georges
Hunt, DulcieDaughterS8St Georges
Hunt, FrediaDaughterS7St Georges
Hunt, WilliamSonS2St Georges

Walsh, GeorgeHeadM47Fortune
Walsh, DorothyWifeM33St Georges
Walsh, EsterDaughterS7St Georges
Walsh, SadieDaughterS6St Georges
Walsh, WesleySonS5St Georges
Walsh, CarolSonS3St Georges
Walsh, ShelaDaughterS2St Georges
Walsh, RalphSonS8 mo.St Georges
Picco, MargaretStep DaughterS14St Georges

Hoskins, EdwardHeadM57Bonavista Bay
Hoskins, EdityWifeM54Bonavista Bay
Hoskins, CharlieSonS19St Georges
Hoskins, EllenDaughterS18St Georges
Hoskins, GeorgeSonS14St Georges
Hoskins, ArcherSonS12St Georges
Hoskins, DouglasSonS9St Georges
Hewitt, Hellen"-"W82St Georges

Harvey, OttoHeadM36St Georges
Harvey, CislieWifeM32Carbonear
Harvey, AuderyDaughterS9St Georges
Harvey, IrvingSonS8St Georges
Harvey, PhillisDaughterS6St Georges

Harvey, GeorgeHeadM75Conception Bay
Harvey, IdaWifeM64Carbonear
Harvey, TedSonS26St Georges
Harvey, StanSonS41St Georges

Spencer, CecialHeadM34???
Spencer, ???WifeM39St Georges
Spencer, RegnalSonS9St Georges
Spencer, ShirleyDaughterS8St Georges
Spencer, JeanDaughterS5St Georges
Spencer, JaneDaughterS4St Georges
Spencer, HarveySonS2St Georges
Spencer, RobertSonS1 mo.St Georges

Janes, ChesleyHeadM31St Georges
Janes, DaseyWifeM28St Georges
Janes, GreteDaughterS5St Georges
Janes, BarbaraDaughterS3St Georges
Janes, HaroldSonS1St Georges

Eddy, NatHeadM49St Georges
Eddy, KathelineWifeM41St Georges
Eddy, LoydeSonS16St Georges
Eddy, MarianDaughterS14St Georges
Eddy, RaymonSonS12St Georges
Eddy, DouglasSonS10St Georges
Eddy, EarlSonS6St Georges
Eddy, AbbieSonS2St Georges

Neal, JosephHeadM45St Georges
Neal, MargaretWifeM39St Johns
Neal, LaureDaughterS14St Georges
Neal, JosephSonS13St Georges
Neal, RouthDaughterS10St Georges
Neal, AlmaDaughterS7St Georges

Young, NormanHeadM26St Georges
Young, LeoSonS6St Georges
Young, LouisSonS2St Georges

Young, ChesleyHeadM28St Georges
Young, AdelineWifeM20St Georges
Young, MildredSisterS16St Georges
Young, EdnaNieceS1 mo.St Georges

Young, HerbertHeadM25St Georges
Young, MadgeWifeM16St Georges

Anderson, WilliamHeadM64Burgeo
Anderson, SaraWifeM48St Georges
Young, MargaretStep DaughterS1St Georges
Young, PhilipStep SonS14St Georges
Young, EvaStep DaughterS8St Georges

Young, Peter A.HeadM26St Georges
Young, MaryWifeM25St Georges

Janes, EvangelineHeadW66St Georges
Jesso, WinnieDaughterM23St Georges
Jesso, FrankSon in LawM31St Georges

Janes, RaymondHeadW36St Georges
Janes, GordenSonS12St Georges

Companion, StanleyHeadM26St Georges
Companion, EllenWifeM24Burgeo
Companion, MargoryDaughterS6St Georges
Companion, MableDaughterS2St Georges
Companion, HowardSonS1St Georges
Companion, LorraineDaughterS8 mo.St Georges

Young, JohnHeadM78St Georges
Young, FlorenceWifeM46St Georges
Young, Felix P.SonS20St Georges
Young, WilliamSonS16St Georges
Young, TillieDaughterS18St Georges
Young, DanielSonS13St Georges
Young, DavidSonS5St Georges
Young, Felix J.SonS2St Georges

Harvey, LesleyHeadM29St Georges
Harvey, ElizabethWifeM25St Georges
Harvey, RonaldSonS1St Georges

Harvey, WalterHeadM57St Georges
Harvey, JessieWifeM57Fortune
Harvey, AuberySonS23St Georges
Harvey, JessieDaughterS22St Georges
Harvie, MagieDaughterS18St Georges
Harvey, VeraDaughterS16St Georges
Harvey, RoySonS14St Georges
Harvey, ClydeSonS12St Georges
Harvey, EdwardSonS7St Georges
Harvey, VernonSonS8 mo.St Georges

Jesso, StanleyHeadM33St Georges
Jesso, HazelWifeM32St Georges
Jesso, LesleySonS11St Georges
Jesso, MagieDaughterS9St Georges
Jesso, MabelDaughterS8St Georges
Jesso, JoyceDaughterS7St Georges
Jesso, GretaDaughterS5St Georges
Jesso, BoydeSonS4St Georges
Jesso, ShelaDaughterS2St Georges

Hoskins, CaterHeadM24Bonavista
Hoskins, PhoebeWifeM27St Georges
Hoskins, MarieDaughterS4-
Hoskins, LoraDaughterS3St Georges
Hoskins, IvyDaughterS2St Georges
Hoskins, PhilisDaughterS7 mo.St Georges

Janes, GeorgeHeadM34St Georges
Janes, RitaWifeM26St Georges
Janes, MargoryDaughterS7St Georges
Janes, BessieDaughterS5St Georges
Janes, RaymondSonS4St Georges
Janes, AuderyDaughterS3St Georges

Stagg, ChesleyHeadM56BonavistaBonavista
Stagg, ClementineWifeM21BurgeoBurgeo
Stagg, FredrickSonS3Trinity Bay

Companion, WilliamHeadM67Bay of Islands
Companion, DorothyWifeM30St Georges
Companion, GeraldSonS11St Georges
Companion, EmelieDaughterS8St Georges
Companion, ShirleyDaughterS5St Georges
Companion, AnnieDaughterS2St Georges
Companion, IvenSonS1St Georges
Companion, HazelDaughterS9St Georges
Companion, ArchieSonS28St Georges

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
Spencer Spencer, Cecial should be Cecil. The Wife of Cecil is Ivy (nee Harvey) instead of ???. Spencer, Regnal should be Reginal. Spencer Jane should be Joan. Lorraine Burton
Hoskins Hoskins, Cater should be Cator. Lora should be Laura. Philis should be Patricia. Melanie Kowdrysh

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