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1945 Census

Settlement of Loretto

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Benoit, Adolph A.HeadM37St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, RoseWifeM34St. George'sSt. George's
Young, VitaNoneS14St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, AlfredNephewS24St. George'sSt. George's

Young, AndrewHeadM24St. George'sdo
Young, GenevieveWifeM25St. George'sdo
Young, Annie M.DauS7St. George's-
Young, Pious (sic) SonS6St. George's-
Young, ViolaDauS2St. George's-
Young, RobertSonS5/12St. George’s-

Jesso, AnthonyHeadM33St. George'sdo
Jesso, MaryWifeM37St. George'sdo
Jesso, GenevieveDauS18St. George'sdo
Jesso, StanleySonS16St. George'sdo
Jesso, NoraDauS14St. George'sdo
Jesso, John B.SonS12St. George'sdo
Jesso, AdellDauS10St. George'sdo
Jesso, MaryDauS7St. George's-
Jesso, RaymondSonS6St. George's-
Jesso, MargaretDauS4St. George's-
Jesso, TheresaDauS2St. George's-

Benoit, HarryHeadM25St. George'sdo
Benoit, AnastasiaWifeM26St. George'sdo
Benoit, GeorginaDauS6St. George's-
Benoit, ViolaDauS2St. George's-
Benoit, HellenDauS6/12St. George's-

Benoit, DominicHeadM32St. George'sdo
Benoit, RitaWifeM30St. George'sdo
Benoit, LucieDauS10St. George'sdo
Benoit, MadeleineDauS9St. George's-
Benoit, DulcieDauS7St. George's-
Benoit, FredSonS5St. George's-
Benoit, MaisieDauS3St. George's-
Benoit, JamesSonS5/12St. George's-

Benoit, WilliamHeadM38St. George'sdo
Benoit, JuliaWifeM39St. George'sdo
Benoit, HowardSonS19St. George'sdo
Benoit, JeanDauS17St. George'sdo
Benoit, GervisSonS15St. George'sdo
Benoit, KathelineDauS12St. George'sdo
Benoit, JamesSonS10St. George'sdo
Benoit, ThosSonS6St. George's-
Benoit, BeatriceDauS3St. George's-
Benoit, BertinaDauS1St. George's-

Benoit, John A.HeadM42St. George'sdo
Benoit, MillieWifeM34St. George'sdo
Benoit, SylvesterSonS17St. George'sdo
Benoit, EmelyDayS12St. George'sdo
Benoit, PaulSonS10St. George'sdo
Benoit, LoderickSonS8St. George's-
Benoit, AdenSonS6St. George's-
Benoit, LeonaDauS5St. George's-

Benoit, John E.HeadM47St. George'sdo
Benoit, GenevieveWifeM30St. George'sdo
Benoit, FredSonS17St. George'sdo
Benoit, GregorySonS13St. George'sdo
Benoit, CliftonSonS8St. George's-
Benoit, ViolaDauS6St. George's-
Benoit, PeterSonS4St. George's-
Benoit, PatrickSonS1St. George's-

Jesso, DanHeadM31St. George'sdo
Jesso, GeraldineWifeM25St. George'sdo
Jesso, NicholasSonS7St. George's-
Jesso, MadonaDauS6St. George's-
Jesso, GilbertSonS4St. George's-
Jesso, RemonaDauS2St. George's-

Jesso, AnthonyHeadM37St. George'sdo
Jesso, StellaWifeM28St. George'sdo
Jesso, Earsie (sic)DauS10St. George'sdo

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