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Settlement of Lourdes

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages 253 - 262 M - Married; S - single; W - widow; Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER and TRISH YOUNG, April 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Benoit, HenryHeadM65St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, AngeliaWifeM64St. George'sSt. George's
March, ManuelGr. SonS6St. George's-
March, ErnaGr. DauS7St. George's-

Benoit, LawrenceHeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, DorothyWifeM28St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, Hursie (sic)DauS9St. George's-
Benoit, AlmaDauS8St. George's-
Benoit, Archible (sic)SonS6St. George's-
Benoit, ClarenceSonS2St. George's-
Benoit, DerrySonS1St. George's-
Benoit, PhilipSonS6 mo.St. George's-

March, JohnHeadM42St. George'sSt. George's
March, J. BeatriceWifeM33St. George'sSt. George's
March, RoySonS16St. George'sSt. George's
March, HowardSonS14St. George'sSt. George's
March, GenevieveDauS12St. George'sSt. George's
March, MaryDauS6St. George's-
March, PolineDauS4St. George's-
March, Joseph C.SonS2St. George's-
March, Eviline (sic)DauS3 mo.St. George's-

Benoit, Peter J.HeadM53St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, CeciliaWifeM47St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, WilfredSonS27St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, AndrewSonS22St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, PhilomenaDauS21St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, MercedesDauS18St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, MildredDauS15St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, RaymondSonS11St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, MichaelSonS10St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, AlbinSonS6St. George's-
Benoit, DanielSonS3St. George's-

Young, Stanley J.HeadM28St. George'sSt. George's
Young, Duloie (sic)WifeM25St. George'sSt. George's
Young, Felix J.SonS9St. George's-
Young, ReginaDauS1St. George's-

March, HaroldHeadM34St. George'sSt. George's
March, Annie M.WifeM24St. George'sSt. George's
March, Mary M.DauS8St. George's-
March, TheresaDauS6St. George's-
March, LeonardSonS4St. George's-
March, RodrickSonS2St. George's-
March, JosephSonS1 mo.St. George's-

March, LawrenceHeadM31St. George'sSt. George's
March, MaryWifeM24St. George'sSt. George's
March, MarjoryDauS5St. George's-
March, CecialSonS2St. George's-
March, RonaldSonS1St. George's-

March, JamesHeadM68St. George'sSt. George's
March, EllenWifeM45St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, MichaelSon in LawM27St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, BertinaDauM25St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, Lary (sic)Gr. SonS9St. George's-
Retieff, MarjoryGr. DauS7St. George's-
Retieff, EllenGr. DauS5St. George's-
Retieff, BertinaGr. DauS3St. George's-
Retieff, VeraGr. DauS2St. George's-
Retieff, ------ (hard to read)Gr. DauS3 mo.St. George's-

March, John F.HeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
March, PhilomenaWifeM 27St. George'sSt. George's
March, NoraDauS11St. George'sSt. George's
March, Annie F.DauS9St. George's-
March, ClydeSonS8St. George's-
March, FintonSonS6St. George's-
March, GeraldSonS5St. George's-
March, CynthiaDauS3St. George's-
March, EileenDauS1St. George's-

Young, DouglasHeadM58St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MaryWifeM40St. George'sSt. George's
Young, DerrySonS18St. George'sSt. George's
Young, RonieSonS17St. George'sSt. George's

Young, BenHeadM41St. George'sSt. George's
Young, FrankCousinM24St. George'sSt. George's
Young, DorothyCousinM21St. George'sSt. George's
Young, Eva(blank)S2St. George's-
Young, Mercedes(blank)S1St. George's-

Young, MaryHeadW55St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, Bettess (sic) NoneS16St. George'sSt. George's
Jesso, ChristinaNoneM25St. George'sSt. George's
Young, CharlieNoneS11St. George'sSt. George's
Green, CharlieFatherW92St. George'sSt. George's

Aucoin, Wm. J.HeadM42St. George'sSt. George's
Aucoin, CorsceneyWifeM28St. George'sSt. George's
Aucoin, CeceliaDauS8St. George's-
Aucoin, ClytonSonS6St. George's-
Aucoin, DouglasSonS3St. George's-
Aucoin, GarfieldSonS1St. George's-

Young, Walter T.HeadM27St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MargaretWifeM24St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MaryDauS7St. George's-
Young, ----- (hard to read)DauS5St. George's-
Young, MargaretDauS2St. George's-

Bungay, GeorgeHeadM60Fortune BayFortune Bay
Bungay, MaryWifeM-4?Fortune BayFortune Bay

Bungay MichaelHeadM35Fortune Bay?
Bungay, Mary D.WifeM31St. George'sSt. George's
Bungay, Theresa M.DauS6St. George's-
Bungay, SamSonS3 or 5St. George's-
Bungay, EdnaDauS2St. George's-
Bungay, GraceDauS1 mo.St. George's-

Quann, OwenHeadM55Fortune Bay?
Quann, BridgetWifeM51Fortune Bay?
Smith, MichaelNoneM23Fortune Bay?
Smith, FlorenceNoneM21Fortune Bay?
Smith, BridgetNoneS1 mo.St. George's-

O'Gorman, JohnHeadM58St. John'sSt. John's
O'Gorman, MargaretWifeM57Fortune BaySt. John's
O'Gorman, John M.SonS27Fortune BaySt. John's

O'Gorman, ?HeadM25Fortune BaySt. John's
O'Gorman, ElizabethWifeM23Fortune Bay?
O'Gorman, James R.SonS1 mo.St. George's-

Young, Richard F.HeadM21 or 26St. George'sSt. George's
Young, ?WifeM23St. George'sSt. George's
Young, PatriciaDauS8 mo.St. George's-

Vallis, PhilomenaHeadW57Fortune Bay?
Vallis, JamesSonS21Fortune Bay?
Vallis, EthelDauS18Fortune Bay?
Keeping, MargaretDauS34Fortune BaySt. John's
Keeping, William A.Grand-sonS1 mo.St. George's-

Bungay, Morgen J.HeadM68Fortune BayFortune Bay
Bungay, SusanWifeM55Fortune Bay?
Bungay, DorothyGrand-dauS6

Keeping, RubinNoneS21Fortune Bay?

Smith, Thos.HeadM52Fortune Bay?
Smith, BeatriceWifeM45Fortune Bay?
Smith, John F.SonS20Fortune Bay?
Smith, --celiaDauS15Fortune Bay?
Smith, CharlieSonS12Fortune Bay?
Smith, PatrickSonS7St. George's-
Smith, JosephSonS5St. George's-
Smith, GeraldSonS1St. George's-

Snook, MaryHeadW46Fortune Bay?
Snook, CharlesSonS23Fortune Bay?
Snook, Pious (?)SonS21Fortune Bay?
Snook, Morgin J.SonS20Fortune Bay?
Snook, Thos.SonS17Fortune Bay?
Snook, TheresaDauS14Fortune Bay?
Snook, HenrietteDauS11Fortune Bay?
Skinner, Wm.Son-in-lawM37Fortune Bay?
Skinner, RosalieDauM26Fortune Bay?
Skinner, Elizabeth Grand-dauS5St. George's-
Skinner, MaryGrand-dauS2St. George's-
Skinner, Charles J.Grand-sonS6 mo.St. George's-

Drake, JosephHeadM46Fortune BayFortune Bay
Drake, Mark (sic)WifeM41Hermitage?
Drake, Henry J.SonS19Hermitage?
Drake, AloysuisSonS17Hermitage?
Drake, PatrickSonS14Hermitage?
Drake, RonaldSonS11Hermitage?
Drake, EvangelineDauS8St. George's-

Green, SamuelHeadM37Fortune Bay?
Green, JuliaWifeM34Fortune Bay?
Green, Edward J.SonS12Fortune Bay?
Green, GeraldineDauS10Fortune Bay?
Green, LeoSonS6St. George's-
Green, ClydeSonS4St. George's-
Green, RonaldSonS1St. George's-

Green, EdwardHeadM38Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, ElizabethWifeM32Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, JohnSonS9Fortune Bay-
Green, SamuelSonS7St. George's-
Green, VincentSonS3St. George's-
Green, Marie DauS? Mo.St. George's-
Green, John X.FatherM75Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, SaraMotherM74Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, George J.NephewS17Fortune BayFortune Bay

Bullen, JohnHeadM25Fortune Bay?
Bullen, MagdelineWifeM21Fortune Bay?
Bullen, JaneDauS4St. George's-
Bullen, JohnSonS1St. George's-
Bullen, PiousSonS6 mo.St. George's-

Bullen, SaraHeadW53Fortune Bay?
Bullen, GeorgeSonS30Fortune Bay?
Bullen, GordenSonS15Fortune Bay?

Skinner, Joseph HeadM25Fortune Bay?
Skinner, MaryWifeM18Fortune Bay?
Skinner, MichaelSonS1 mo.St. George's-
Skinner, MaryMotherW70Fortune Bay?

Snook, LeoHeadM40Fortune Bay?
Snook, FrancesWifeM30Fortune Bay?
Snook, GarfieldSonS11Fortune Bay?
Snook, WilliamSonS9Fortune Bay-
Snook, Mary DauS7Fortune Bay-

Martin, SusieHeadW38Fortune Bay?
Martin, DanielSonS16Fortune Bay?
Martin, Cecelia (sic)SonS13Fortune Bay?
Martin, RitaDauS10Fortune Bay?

Quann, AmbroseHeadM38Fortune Bay?
Quann, SophieWifeM25St. George'sSt. George's
Quann, KevenNoneS8St. George's-

Smith, SamuelHeadM32Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, AdelWifeM33St. George'sSt. George's
Smith, AnnieDauS4St. George's-
Smith, Albert J.SonS3St. George's-
Smith, RonaldSonS1St. George's-

Smith, JosephHeadM27Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, MercedesWifeM25St. George'sSt. George's
Smith, StanleySonS6St. George's-
Smith, RaymondSonS5St. George's-
Smith, EleanorDauS1St. George's-
Smith, AgustonSonS3 mo.St. George's-

Smith, RedmondHeadM59Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, AnnieWifeM59Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, MargaretDauS22Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, RedmondSonS12Fortune BayFortune Bay
Smith, MichaelGrand-sonS5St. George's-

Snook, JamesHeadM40Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, ClaraWifeM32Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, EmlieDauS11Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, MargaretDauS9Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, JohnSonS7St. George's-
Snook, EsterDauS4St. George's-
Snook, AnnieDauS3St. George's-
Snook, AlexanderSonS6 mo.St. George's-

Skinner, Danuel (sic)HeadM33Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, RoseWifeM44Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MaryDauS20Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, ElizabethDauS18Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, Ilean (sic)DauS15Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, DorothyDauS13Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MeletaDauS10Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, StevenSonS7St. George's-
Skinner, AmbrousSonS5St. George's-
Skinner, MargaretDauS3St. George's-
Skinner, DanielSonS3St. George's-

Green, GeorgeHeadM48Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, LouisaWifeM45Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, Mary B.DauS13Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, Lilian C.DauS10Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, JamesSonS9St. George's-
Green, MargaretDauS7St. George's-
Green, AlexanderSonS4St. George's-

Green, ThomasHeadM44Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, PhilomenaWifeM41Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, Thos.SonS15Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, Susanhe (sic)DauS14Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, Kath----DauS12Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, StevenSonS10Fortune BayFortune Bay
Green, PatrickSonS8St. George's-
Green, MarieDauS7St. George's-
Green, PhilomenaDauS4St. George's-
Green, AloysuisSonS2 mo.St. George's-

Skinner, RichardHeadM45Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MargaretWifeM43Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, JohnSonS17Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MaryDauS14Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, BessieDauS11Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MaryDauS9St. George's-
Skinner, RichardSonS5St. George's-

Skinner, AlixHeadM40Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MargaretWifeM37Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MaryDauS15Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, BrideDauS13Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, GeorgeSonS11Fortune BayFortune Bay
Skinner, MargaretDauS7St. George's-
Skinner, AlexanderSonS3St. George's-
Skinner, Henry J.SonS4 mo.St. George's-

Bungay, AmbroseHeadM41Fortune BayFortune Bay
Bungay, CherletWifeM49Fortune BayFortune Bay
Bungay, RichardSonS17Fortune BayFortune Bay

Sheppard, JamesHeadM39Fortune BayFortune Bay
Sheppard, MaryWifeM29Fortune BayFortune Bay
Sheppard, AnnieDauS9St. George's-
Sheppard, MargaretDauS6St. George's-
Sheppard, VeraDauS5St. George's-
Sheppard, FlorenceDauS3St. George's-
Sheppard, EdwardSonS1St. George's-
Sheppard, JamesSonS9 mo.St. George's-

Sheppard, JohnHeadM64Fortune BayFortune Bay
Sheppard, FlorenceWifeM63Fortune BayFortune Bay
Sheppard, MaryGrand-dauS13Fortune BayFortune Bay

Quann, Thos.HeadM40Fortune BayFortune Bay
Quann, MalettaWifeM28??
Quann, OwenSonS8St. George's-
Quann, ArchibleSonS5St. George's-
Quann, DanielSonS4St. George's-
Quann, Thos. SonS2St. George's-
Quann, SaraMotherW63Fortune BayFortune Bay

Young, Manuel T.HeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Young, Mellie *WifeM20St. George'sSt. George's
Young, AdelDauS11St. George'sSt. George's
Young, ElizabethDauS9St. George's-
Young, ZinaDauS6St. George's-
Young, TheresaDauS2St. George's-
Young, CecialSonS10 mo.St. George's-
* Name should be Nellie

Young, LouieHeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Young, SophiaWifeM32St. George'sSt. George's

Young, DavidHeadM34St. George'sSt. George's
Young, CecilaWifeM36St. George'sSt. George's
Young, GordonSonS10St. George'sSt. George's

Young, Victor T.HeadM55St. George'sSt. George's
Young, RoseWifeM59St. George'sSt. George's
Young, GenevieveDauS24St. George'sSt. George's
Parsons, MargoryGrand-dauS3Bay of Islands-
Young, FlorenceDauS16St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MichaelGrand-sonS14St. George'sSt. George's
Young, AngelaDauS18St. George'sSt. George's

Young, Joseph H.HeadM37St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MadelineWifeM31St. George'sSt. George's
Young, BernardSonS14St. George'sSt. George's
Young, LawrenceSonS18St. George'sSt. George's
Young, CharlisSonS11St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MerdickSonS9St. George's-
Young, GladisDauS7St. George's-
Young, MadonaDauS4St. George's-
Young, AlexanderSonS2St. George's-
Young, EdithDauS10 mo.St. George's-

Keeping, ClydeHeadM36Fortune BayFortune Bay
Keeping, TheresaWifeM23St. George'sSt. George's
Keeping, MadonaDauS2St. George's-
Keeping, MerinaDauS1St. George's-

Snook, AlbertHeadM45Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, MaryWifeM45Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, ElizabethDauS19Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, HenrySonS16Fortune BayFortune Bay

Peters, Alfred (?)HeadM59HermitageFortune Bay
Peters, ElsieWifeM59Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peters, GraceDauS15Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peters, MaryDauS18Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peters, PatrickSonS25Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peters, WilliamSonS27Fortune BayFortune Bay

Farewell, JosephHeadM26U.S.A.?
Farewell, GertrudeWifeM23Fortune Bay?
Farewell, EdwardSonS1 mo.St. George's-

Jones, Rev. J. RonaldHeadS39H. Grace?
Hall, ElizabethNoneS24??

Bungay, EdwardHeadM53Fortune BaySt George's
Bungay, MaryWifeM46Fortune BaySt George's
Bungay, JohnSonS19Fortune BaySt George's
Bungay, RichardSonS11Fortune BaySt George's
Bungay, EthelDauS8Fortune Bay-
Bungay, MelindaAuntW59Fortune Bay?

Snook, MorganHeadM46Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, ElizabethWifeM46Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, John J.SonS19Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, Leonard M.SonS17Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, SylviaDauS13Fortune BayFortune Bay
Snook, RichardSonS10Fortune BayFortune Bay

Peters, Alfred T.HeadM28Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peter, MargaretWifeM24Fortune BayFortune Bay
Peters, ElizabethDauS5 mo.St George's-

Meaney, PatrickHeadM54Fortune BayFortune Bay
Meaney, MonicaWifeM44Placentia?
Meaney, Patrick J.SonS20Fortune Bay?
Meaney, LawrenceSonS18Fortune Bay?
Meaney, EllenDauS15Fortune Bay?
Meaney, TheresaDauS13Fortune Bay?
Meaney, MargaretDauS10Fortune Bay?
Meaney, LouisSonS8St George's-
Meaney, BerniceDauS5St George's-
Meaney, ViolaDauS1St George's-

Drake, JamesHeadM57Fortune BayFortune Bay
Drake, LouiseWifeM53St. Mary'sFortune Bay
Drake, JosephSonS25Fortune BayFortune Bay
Drake. CarlottaDauS16Fortune BayFortune Bay
Drake, MaryDauS14Fortune BayFortune Bay

Sheppard, Thos. M.HeadM33Fortune Bay?
Sheppard, MarthaWifeM23Fortune Bay?
Sheppard, MargoryDauS4St. George's-
Sheppard, Merian (?)DauS2St. George's-
Sheppard, SusieDauS1St. George's-

March, WalterHeadM40St. George'sSt. George's
March, MaryWifeM38St. George'sSt. George's
March, BenSonS22St. George'sSt. George's
March, FrankSonS14St. George'sSt. George's
Young, EvaGrand-DauS2St. George's-

Young, John C.HeadM29St. George'sSt. George's
Young, JuliaWifeM24St. George'sSt. George's
Young, JeromeSonS2St. George's-

Young, Mathus R. HeadM26St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MaryWifeM19St. George'sSt. George's
Young, PatrickSonS2St. George's-

Drake, AloysuisHeadS35??
Snook, SalinaSisterW45??

Young, RubenHeadM61St. George'sSt. George's
Young, ElizabethWifeM57St. George'sSt. George's
Young, CrestineDauS21St. George'sSt. George's

Young, ManuelHeadM29St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MillieWifeM22St. George'sSt. George's
Young, MorineDauS9 mo.St. George's-

Rioux, PeterHeadM43St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, MadglinWifeM25St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, JohnSonS5St. George's-
Rioux, Conard SonS14St. George'sSt. George's

Rioux, JamesHeadM41St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, IsebelWifeM33St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, EdwardSonS15St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, MichaelSonS13St. George'sSt. George's
Rioux, MargaritteDauS9St. George's-
Rioux, EttieDauS8St. George's-
Rioux, LouisSonS4St. George's-
Rioux, RtaDauS3St. George's-
Rioux, KathlineDauS1St. George's-

Sheppard, IsaacHeadM34Fortune BaySt. George's
Sheppard, BrideWifeM28St. George'sSt. George's
Sheppard, Poline (sic)DauS6St. George's-
Sheppard, Patrisa (sic)DauS3St. George's-
Sheppard, Palmo (sic)SonS10 mo.St. George's-

Benoit, Joseph L.HeadM60St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, MaryWifeM56St. PierreSt. George's
Benoit, GusSonS27St. George'sSt. George's

Benoit, PeterHeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Benoit, PriscillaWifeM29Fortune BaySt. George's
Benoit, JosephSonS7St. George's-
Benoit, LorettaDauS6St. George's-
Benoit, ClaytonSonS4St. George's-
Benoit, Thos. J.SonS2St. George's-
Benoit, IsaacSonS11 mo.St. George's-

Duffney, RubenHeadM49St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, AnnieWifeM35St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, JosephSonS18St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, HilarySonS16St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, MadonaDauS14St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, CarryDauS13St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, Carel (sic)SonS10St. George'sSt. George's
Duffney, IveyDauS8St. George's-
Duffney, RonaDauS5St. George's-

Claney, JosephHeadM39St. George'sSt. George's
Claney, CarryWifeM34St. George'sSt. George's
Claney, TheresaDauS12St. George'sSt. George's
Claney, AlbinSonS9St. George's-
Claney, VeniciaDauS7St. George's-
Claney, MaryDauS5St. George's-
Claney, GusSonS3St. George's-
Claney, VevianDauS1St. George's-

Woods, FrankHeadM52St. PierreSt. George's
Woods, Matelda (sic)WifeM50St. George'sSt. George's
Woods, MaryDauS23St. George'sSt. George's
Woods, JosephSonS21St. George'sSt. George's
Woods, GerardSonS11St. George'sSt. George's
Collier, Thos.FatherS(sic)82St. George'sSt. George's
Collier, LucieMotherS(sic)83St. George'sSt. George's
Collier, VeraNieceS16St. George'sSt. George's

Green, John C.HeadM57St. George'sSt. George's

Green, RalphHeadM30St. George'sSt. George's
Green, ReginaWifeM22St. George'sSt. George's
Green, No---DauS4St. George's-
Green, TelmaDauS5 mo.St. George's-

Young, Isral (sic)HeadM48St. George'sSt. George's
Young, VeronicaWifeM33St. George'sSt. George's
Young, EdwardSonS15St. George'sSt. George's
Young, JosephSonS12St. George'sSt. George's
Young, VenitaDauS9St. George's-
Young, VincentNephewS23St. George's?

Peters, GeorgeHeadM33Fortune Bay?
Peters, MaryWifeM31Fortune Bay?
Peters, MichaelSonS2St. George's-
Peters, ElsieDauS1St. George's-
Auget, (?) EllieSister in lawS18Fortune BayFortune Bay

Retieff, PhillipHeadM37St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, SarahWifeM32St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, CatherineDauS13St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, RaymondSonS10St. George'sSt. George's
Retieff, LorettaDauS9St. George's-
Retieff, DolaDauS7St. George's-

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