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1945 Census

Settlement of Port au Port

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; Transcribed by HANK WEIDLE, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Hynes, Martin S.HeadW71St Georges
McIsaac, Emily A.HousekeeperS37St Georges

Lee, JosephHeadM65Humber
Lee, MarthaWifeM52St Georges
Lee, Gordon W.SonS30St Georges
Lee, DavidSonS20St Georges
Lee, Marjorie M.DaughterS19St Georges
Lee, Carmelita E.DaughterS16St Georges
Lee, Eileen M.DaughterS13St Georges

Parsons, HubertHeadM37St Georges
Parsons, SarahWifeM38St Georges
Parsons, Hubert J.SonS7St Georges
Parsons, RoseDaughterS5St Georges
Parsons, RobertSonS2St Georges

Hynes, Thomas A.HeadM65St Georges
Hynes, MaryWifeM55St Georges
Hynes, AlilaDaughterS27St Georges
Hynes, Shela M.DaughterS25St Georges
Hynes, Bridget M.DaughterS22St Georges
Hynes, Gregory J.SonS24St Georges
Hynes, Hilda F.DaughterS20St Georges
Hynes, FrancisSonS16St Georges

Hynes, Philip S.HeadW55St Georges
Hynes, Anna MarieDaughterS27St Georges
Hynes, William G.SonS24St Georges

MacIsaac, AngusHeadM27St Georges
MacIsaac, RoseWifeM26St Georges
MacIsaac, ConradSonS7St Georges
MacIsaac, DoreenDaughterS5St Georges
MacIsaac, RonaldSonS3St Georges
MacIsaac, Rose M.DaughterS2St Georges

MacIsaac, James R.HeadM67St Georges
MacIsaac, CatherineWifeM67St Georges
MacIsaac, Plmo J.SonS30St Georges
McHugh, LucyServantS39PlacentiaPlacentia

Kenny, Fredrick T.HeadM72Port DeGrave
Kenny, Catherine A.WifeM65St Georges
Kenny, Patrick J.SonS28St Georges
Kenny, Mary A.DaughterS26St Georges
Kenny, Michael F.SonM24St Georges
Kenny, Genevive T.Daughter in LawM22St Georges
Kenny, Fredrick M.GrandsonS4 mo.St Georges

White, Michael J.HeadM24St Georges
White, MaryWifeM49St Georges
White, MarthaDaughterS20St Georges
White, ImeldaDaughterS8St Georges

MacIsaac, John A.HeadM53St Georges
MacIsaac, MargaretWifeM43St Georges
MacIsaac, IgnatiusSonS21St Georges
MacIsaac, MonaDaughterS18St Georges
MacIsaac, JoannDaughterS16St Georges
MacIsaac, BernardSonS10St Georges

Hynes, Richard L.HeadM40St GeorgesHumber
Hynes, JosephineWifeM32GamboHumber
Hynes, Julia M.DaughterS11HumberHumber
Hynes, IsabellDaughterS7Humber
Hynes, KathleenDaughterS6Humber
Hynes, VeraDaughterS5Humber
Hynes, VivianDaughterS3St Georges
Hynes, MargaretDaughterS10 mo.St Georges
Hynes, MonicaDaughterS10 mo.St Georges

Leonard, Daniel J.HeadM35PlacentiaSt Johns
Leonard, MargaretWifeM38St Georges
Leonard, Clara M.DaughterM4St Georges
Keonard, Michael J.SonS3St Georges
MacIsaac, ClaraMother in LawW75St Georges

Martin, JohnHeadM45St Georges
Martin, ElizaWifeM36Bonavista
Martin, Stanley M.SonS14St Georges
Martin, GwendolynDaughterS12St Georges
Martin, MelbaDaughterS9St Georges
Martin, LorraneDaughterS6St Georges
Martin, WinstonSonS4St Georges
Martin, JonathonFatherW75Harbour Grace

Hunt, John F.HeadM64St Georges
Hunt, IreneWifeM44Grand Falls
Hunt, Audrey L.DaughterS22Grand Falls
Hunt, RexSonS18St Georges
Hunt, LindberghSonS12St Georges
Barron, Martin D.BoarderS34PlacentiaSt Johns

Duffy, Charles D.HeadM68St Georges
Duffy, Margaret C.WifeM64St Georges
Duffy, Duncan D.SonS20St Georges
Strickland, MargaretDaughterS18St Georges

Campbell, MichaelHeadW55St Georges
Campbell, DouglasSonM23St Georges
Campbell, LillianDaughter in LawM26St Georges
Campbell, WilliamGrandsonS2St Georges
Campbell, Ann MarieDaughterS1St Georges
Campbell, Kevin J.SonS17St Georges

Duffy, Rory D.HeadM33St Georges
Duffy, Jean C.WifeM25St Georges
Duffy, Daniel R.SonS4Canada
Duffy, ThomasSonS3St Georges
Duffy, LorettaDaughterS2St Georges
Duffy, MargaretDaughterS1St Georges
Duffy, Allen C.SonS1 mo.St Georges
Collier, Mary C.ServantS22St Georges

Colle, JohnHeadW72Conception
Colle, NicholasSonS32St Georges
Colle, MichaelSonS28St Georges

Cashin, JohnHeadM40St Georges
Cashin, MaryWifeM39St Georges
Cashin, PearceSonS13St Georges
Cashin, JamesSonS11St Georges
Cashin, EdnaDaughterS10St Georges
Cashin, John P.SonS7St Georges
Cashin, MargaretDaughterS8St Georges
Cashin, WilliamSonS5St Georges
Cashin, BernardineDaughterS3St Georges
Cashin, BernardSonS1St Georges

McIsaac, Daniel S.HeadM66St Georges
McIsaac, AngelaWifeM51St Georges

Duffy, James M.HeadM31St Georges
Duffy, MargaretWifeM27White BayHumber
Duffy, James C.SonS1Humber
McDonald, MadonnaSister in LawS10HumberHumber

Cashin, William J.HeadW37St GeorgesHumber
Cashin, Patrick M.SonS10HumberHumber
Cashin, Geraldine G.DaughterS7Humber
Cashin, Margaret G.MotherW62St GeorgesHumber

MacDonald, George W.HeadM62St Georges
MacDonald, SeamonWifeM40St Georges
MacDonald, HarriettDaughterS27St Georges
MacDonald, BlancheDaughterS23St Georges
MacDonald, MayraDaughterS21St Georges
MacDonald, ReginaDaughterS18St Georges
MacDonald, Daniel G.SonS16St Georges
MacDonald, Carl J.SonS14St Georges
MacDonald, JuliaDaughterS11St Georges
MacDonald, GeneviveDaughterS9St Georges
MacDonald, MargaretDaughterS7St Georges
MacDonald, CatherineDaughterS5St Georges
MacDonald, John K.SonS1St Georges

Shard, SamuelHeadM50Port au Basques
Shard, Charlotte S.WifeM56White Bay
Hynes, SusieStep DaughterS27St Georges
March, ReginaStep DaughterS17St Georges
Martin, JamesStep SonS5St Georges
Furlong, LawrenceBoarderS20St Georges

LaFitte, JamesHeadM54St Georges
LaFitte, AnnieWifeM53St Georges
LaFitte, SamuelSonS20St Georges
LaFitte, JamesSonS17St Georges
LaFitte, StanleySonS14St Georges

Joy, Agnes M.HeadS70Harbour Main
Joy, Margaret M.GrandnieceS25Harbour MainHarbour Main

Joy, John L.HeadM70Harbour Main
Joy, ElizabethWifeM55Burin
Joy, Clifton J.SonS22St Georges
Joy, Augustine J.SonS21St Georges
Joy, Kathleen M.DaughterS20St Georges
Young, DoraServantS16St Georges

March, AlexanderHeadW82St Georges
March, AlloysiusSonS39St Georges
March, DouglasSonS33St Georges
March, HughSonS32St Georges

Hynes, MichaelHeadM38St Georges
Mynes, MaryWifeM33St Georges
Hynes, SarahMotherW73St Georges
Hynes, JosephNephewS17St Georges

Gillis, MargaretHeadW74St Georges
Gillis, Lewis J.SonS34St Georges
Gillis, Daniel JSonS31St Georges

Hawco, EdwardHeadM52Harbour Main
Hawco, WinnieWifeM50Harbour Main
Hawco, MaryDaughterS25St Georges
Hawco, ThomasSonS24St Georges
Hawco, RitaDaughterS19St Georges
Hawco, EdwardSonS17St Georges
Hawco, MargaretDaughterS16St Georges

Bourgeois, IsaacHeadM47St Georges
Bourgeois, AdeliaWifeM43St Georges
Bourgeois, LawrenceSonS18St Georges
Bourgeois, Joseph K.SonS14St Georges

Hynes, Fintain M.HeadS21
Hynes, PhyllisSisterS20St Georges
White, Charles M.GrandfatherW84St Georges

Bennoit, LeonardHeadM52St Georges
Bennoit, MaudeWifeM43St Georges
Bennoit, Jean C.DaughterS22St Georges
Bennoit, Harold J.SonS19St Georges
Bennoit, Helen M.DaughterS18St Georges
Bennoit, Mary T.DaughterS15St Georges
Bennoit, WilfredSonS13St Georges
Bennoit, Ann F.DaughterS11St Georges
Bennoit, Stephen J.SonS9St Georges
Bennoit, Margaret A.DaughterS7St Georges
Bennoit, Lorna M.DaughterS3St Georges

Hynes, WilbertHeadM30St Georges
Hynes, RitaWifeM26St Georges
Hynes, JamesSonS5St Georges
Hynes, LeoSonS3St Georges
Hynes, DoraDaughterS1St Georges
Bennoit, MildredServantS15St Georges

Hynes, William C.HeadM63St Georges
Hynes, Eleanor M.WifeM54St Georges
Hynes, Rose M.Ad. DaughterS10St Georges

Parsons, EthelHeadW38St Georges
Parsons, LorettaDaughterS15St Georges
Parsons, RitaDaughterS14St Georges
Parsons, SamuelSonS13St Georges
Parsons, Henry A.SonS12St Georges
Parsons, RonaDaughterS10St Georges
Parsons, MargaretDaughterS7St Georges
Parsons, BernardSonS5St Georges
Parsons, MartinSonS4St Georges
Parsons, JohnSonS2St Georges
Parsons, MichaelSonS1St Georges

Hynes, Gordon G.HeadM22St Georges
Hynes, VeronicaWifeM23St Georges
Hynes, PatriciaDaughterS8 mo.St Georges

Hynes, John J.HeadM63St Georges
Hynes, AnnieWifeM54Port au Basques
Hynes, DanielSonS30St Georges
Hynes, RonaldSonS21St Georges
Hynes, AloysiusSonS17St Georges
Hynes, GeraldineDaughterS18St Georges
Hynes, BernardSonS16St Georges
Hynes, PatrickSonS14St Georges
Hynes, AlphonsisSonS13St Georges
Hynes, WilliamSonS13St Georges
Hynes, RaymondSonS8St Georges

Hynes, NormanHeadM35St Georges
Hynes, MaryWifeM24St Georges
Hynes, Theresa E.Daughter
1St Georges
Hynes, CletusSonS1 mo.St Georges

Bourgeois, SarahHeadW67St Georges

Bourgeois, John F.HeadM50St Johns
Bourgeois, Blanche A.WifeM42St Georges
Bourgeois, Cyril A.SonS17St Georges
Bourgeois, E. M.DaughterS14St Georges
Bourgeois, R.J.SonS11St Georges
Bourgeois, John B.SonS9St Georges
Bourgeois, Kevin M.SonS4St Georges

Gaudon, Harold J.HeadM21St Georges
Gaudon, MyrtleWifeM23St Georges
Gaudon, Marie R.DaughterS2St Georges
Gaudon, RaymondSonS1St Georges

Gaudon, MedrichHeadM53St Georges
Gaudon, VinaWifeM50St Georges
Gaudon, Wilson J.SonM26St Georges
Gaudon, BethaDaughter in LawM22St Georges
Gaudon, EdnaGrand DaughterS4St Georges
Gaudon, RobertGrandsonS2St Georges
Gaudon, MelvinGrandsonS1St Georges
Lee, FredrickSon in LawM22St Georges
Lee, Marjorie F.DaughterM24St Georges
Lee, HowardGrandsonS1St Georges
Lee, WilliamGrandsonS10 mo.St Georges
Gaudon, ThomasSonS22St Georges
Gaudon, RoySonS20St Georges
Gaudon, TheresaDaughterS16St Georges
Gaudon, GregorySonS14St Georges
Gaudon, JanetDaughterS10St Georges

McIsaac, Richard J.HeadS33St Georges
MacIsaac, William R.FatherM73St Georges
McIsaac, MaryMotherM71St Georges

White, Austin W.HeadM34St Georges
White, Mercedes M.WifeM26St Georges
White, Joan M.DaughterS4 mo.St Georges

McIsaac, WalterHeadW71St GeorgesCanada
Lyver, AliceSisterW75St Georges
Lyver, PatrickNephewS33St Georges

Young, WalterHeadM47St Georges
Young, JosephineWifeM39St Georges
Young, Pius J.SonS19St Georges
Young, EveSonS17St Georges
Young, Vina M.DaughterS14St Georges
Young, Michael J.SonS9St Georges
Young, Gertrude M.DaughterS6 mo.St Georges

Young, AdolphusHeadW49St Georges

White, John F.HeadM29St Georges
White, TheresaWifeM24St Georges
White, John F.SonS4St Georges
White, Rodrick J.SonS1St Georges

Russel, EmmaHeadW53Canada
Russel, Stephen D.SonM26St Georges
Russel, PhilomenaDaughter in LawM20St Georges
Russel, Henry F.SonS22St Georges
Russel, Carol J.SonS20St Georges
Russel, Alma M.DaughterS19St Georges
Russel, ReginaldSonS14St Georges
Russel, Julia M.DaughterS12St Georges
Young, Tobias J.Ad. SonS1St Georges

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
BOURGEOIS My Grandfather's family was living at Port au Port East in 1945 but who ever did the recording changed the name from DuBourdieu to Bourgeois. All the Christian names are correct as below:
  • DuBourdieu, John F. Head M 50 St Johns
  • DuBourdieu, Blanche A. Wife M 42 St Georges
  • DuBourdieu, Cyril A. Son S 17 St Georges
  • DuBourdieu, E. M. Daughter S 14 St Georges
  • DuBourdieu, R.J. Son S 11 St Georges
  • DuBourdieu, John B. Son S 9 St Georges
  • DuBourdieu, Kevin M. Son S 4 St Georges
Cyril DuBourdieu
Nevels The name Nevels is the wrong spelling. It should be Neville. Yvonne Neville
Neville A family was omitted from list, They are:
Neville William - Father born 1883; Sarah Wife; Michael 1915-1988 son; Walter - son; gregory - son; Monica - daughter; Patrick - Son; Alvin - son; Ted - son; Bernard - son.
Children of Michael Neville & Celestine (Young) Neville are: Gregory - son born 1940; Sarah Yvonne( Neville) Schurott-born 1942 daughter; Mary Veronica - born 1944 daughter; Michael William - son; Monica Marion - daughter; Roger Jacob - son; Hilda Ann - daughter; Dennis -son 1951 -1974; Walter - son 1954-1988; Thomas - son; Celestine - daughter; Francis - son; Slyvester - Son; Janita - daughter; Michael Jeffery - son; Sabastian deceased -Son; Michael deceased -son; Marylin deceased- daughter; Brian Son Deceased.
Yvonne Neville
Jesso My grandfather is listed in the 1945 Census as Anthony Jesso, however his name is actually Arthur Jesso. I believe his age is also wrong because he was born in 1905 which would make him 40 years old. I'm sure that this man is indeed my grandfather because his wife and children's names are all correct. Jean Ann Rioux

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