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Lourdes - Roman Catholic Cemetery

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, 1999. Updated August 2008 by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier & Randy Young. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscriptions / Comments
Martin, Stephen
June 25,195469
Ridgely, Evangeline
March 3,193534
Bungay, Edward
Dec.18,195463h/o Mary
Bungay, Richard Joseph
June 28,196430h/o Mabel
Besaw, Nellie
Jan.5,194333w/o Walter
Skinner, Richard
Skinner, Alexander
July 17,194418
Skinner, Parthena1876196993
Skinner, Henry
March 30,194470
Sheppard, John
Sheppard, Florence
March 26,196178
Sheppard, Edward
Flynn, Patrick Sr.18861954

Flynn, Agus
Gale, Eleanor18631957

Gale, John
Gale, Daniel
March 7,1949
h/o Eleanor Felix
Green, John C.Sept.11,1890Feb.1,1968

Green, Ralph
June 29,194630s/o John C. Green
Woods, Joseph G.
Snook, Albert E.
Aug.1,194949h/o Mary J. Snook
Snook, Mary J.Aug.15,1899April 19,196162w/o Albert E. Snook
Vallis, JohnOct.3,1899Sept.20,1943

Young, John Clarence19611961

Young, John Calvin19601960

Benoit's, Irene18741947

Quann, Bridget
April 26,195859
Gaudon, Arsene18821969

Gaudon, Mary J.18881954

Woods, Mathilda
Marche, Dennis MorganOct.3,1959Dec.16,1959
s/o Joey & Dorothy
Bungay, Susan
Oct.18,195262w/o Morgan J. Bungay
Bungay, Morgan J.
April 6,195580h/o Susan Bungay
Snook, John & MichaelAug.5,1955Aug.5,1955

Bungay, George A.

h/o Mary Bungay
Bungay, Mary

w/o George A.Bungay
Bennett, Bernard
June 12,196721s/o Joseph
Benoit, Peter J.Jan.11,1892Jan.1,1961

Hynes, WilsonNov.29,1930Nov.3,1956

Targett, Peter1914Nov.4,1950
s/o Peter
Targett, Michael1918Nov.4,1950
s/o Peter
Drake, Patrick
Targett, Peter J.Sept.29,1882Feb.16,1958
h/o Sarah
Flynn, Bertha [ Targett ]19221958
w/o John Flynn
Targett, Sarah
Jan.18,196481w/o Peter
Jones, Rev.J.Ronald19061952
A Priest Forever
Besaw, Edward18761953

Dennis, ThomasDec.9,1881Dec.19,1958
h/o Mary Veronica
Dennis, Mary Veronica
Oct.13,195265w/o Thomas
O'Gorman, MargaretAug.31,1889Oct.5,1952
w/o John
Gorman, JohnMay 9,1888March 2,196678
Greene, Sarah18761954

Greene, EdwardJan.31,1905June 11,1950.

Greene, Bruce M.July 22,1965Dec. 5,1965

Green, Samuel19071965

Bullen, JohnJan.6,1880Sept.6,1941

Bullen, BabyJuly 6,1960July 6,1960.

Young, Derry
Young, Douglas18891963

Snook, Charles J.Sept.24,1920July 21,1968

Snook, Morgan
Flynn, Nicholas
Benoit, Lizzy18911940

Marche, Mary

March, Albarth

Smith, Stephen PatrickNov.28,1938March 22,1968

Smith, ThomasAug.3,1893Sept.5,1961
h/o Beatrice
Collier, Mary EmmaSept.27,1895Oct.29,1935

Collier, TheresaAug. 1935April 1936.

Retieffe, PatrickMay 30,1947March 23,1999

Retieffe, MichaelJune 25,1916May 27,1965

Retieffe, PatriciaJan.15,1970Jan.15,1970

Retieffe, LawrenceNov.23,1936Feb.15,1999

Marche, Donald J.

Snook, Clara
April 26,196754
Snook, JamesDec.4,1906Jan.2,1971

Quann, Winnifred

Collier, Mary Ann Phyliss

Quann, Elizabeth

There were also 48 White Crosses in this cemetery with no names.

Lourdes - Roman Catholic Cemetery updates

Updated August 2008 by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier & Randy Young
Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscriptions / Comments
Quann, Owen 1893 1975
Born Sagona Island
Duffney, Genevieve

daughter of Aloysius & Martha
Duffney, Robert

son of Aloysius & Martha
Benoit, Raymond J.Mar. 30, 1933 Mar. 10, 2008
wooden cross

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
FLYNN The headstone listed as "Nicholas Flynn" actually states "Mrs. Nicholas Flynn" ggrandmother (Mariah) not her husband, my ggrandfather Nicholas as stated in error. He apparently died in 1921 and is buried somewhere in that graveyard. Gerry Flynn

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