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Lower Cover RC Cemetery located below Horseshow Hill

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by RANDY YOUNG.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Birth Date Death Date Age Comments
Benoit       Nothing else on grave
Benoit Aden Joseph 1-Sep-46 1-Sep-98 52  
Benoit Peter P. 1865 22-Dec-40 75  
Campbell Anglia 1891 14-Feb-68 77  
Campbell Duncan (Private) 1894 . 1990 96 Royal NFLD Regiment WW1
Campbell Gerard 10-Mar-31 11-Jan-94 63  
Chaisson Martin . 1900 6-Feb-67 67  
Jesso Albert Joseph 28-Jul-24 13-Oct-93 69  
Jesso Alex December 24, 1884 22-Jul-39 55  
Jesso Alex 1840 20-Oct-32 92  
Jesso Alexander 7-Jan-08 . 1992 84  
Jesso Alice 1894      
Jesso Carl 12-Feb-59     Headstone with Ibine Jesso
Jesso Caroline 1907 . 1988 81 wife to John A. Jesso
Jesso Claria J. 16-Mar-15 . 1977 62  
Jesso Eunice       Headstone with Leroy Jesso no other info
Jesso Gertie 1920 20-Sep-42 22  
Jesso Harold Sr. 12-Aug-17 12-May-99 82  
Jesso Henry A. March 22, 1871 25-Mar-55 84  
Jesso Henry Martin 12-Nov-16 25-Oct-90 74  
Jesso Ibine 15-Apr-62     Headstone with Carl Jesso
Jesso John A. (Private) 1883 31-Mar-73 90 104 Batten G.E.F. Husband to Caroline
Jesso John D. 1908 18-Oct-55 47 Died at West Bay,,, husband to Angela
Jesso Joseph C. . 1955 . 1955    
Jesso Leo Joseph 28-Nov-79 28-Aug-86 7  
Jesso Leroy       Headstone with Eunice Jesso no other info
Jesso Manuel 7-Dec-39 29-Jul-80 41 Husband to Angela Jesso Lost at sea.
Jesso Mary L. 10-Feb-73 10-Feb-73    
Jesso Matilda   21-Sep-31 45  
Jesso Mrs. Angela 11-Jul-12 1-Feb-71 59 Wife to Manuel Jesso
Jesso Reggie . 1953 . 1953    
Jesso Wilson     71  
Wheeler Herbert 24-Feb-01 14-Jun-71 70  
Wheeler Margaret 3-Nov-02 25-Jun-74    
Wheeler Stephen 1868 19-Mar-64 96  
Unknown Graves 28      

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