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Ship Cove RC Cemetery

This Cemetery is 3 km from Piccadilly / Ship Cove Crossroads
Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by RANDY YOUNG. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Birth Date Death Date Age Comments
Alexander Clark Lawrence 28-May-86 28-May-86   Born & died same day
Baby Ke ? 12-Jul-50 unknown    
Benoit Baby       Baby of Laura
Benoit Baby   . 1986    
Benoit Chesley Francis 20-Jun-19 16-Oct-00 81 One plot with wife Myrtle Benoit
Benoit Eugene December 5, 1881 unknown   no other info
Benoit Gloria M. 21-Dec-49 10-Jan-50    
Benoit Henry B. . 1925 . 1998 73 Husband of Madeline Benoit
Benoit Hubert J. 9-Oct-18 19-Oct-85 67 Double Grave with wife Lorena Benoit
Benoit James . 1915 19-Nov-86 71 NFLD overseas Forestry Corps
Benoit Janet E. 11-Feb-23 23-Aug-91 68  
Benoit Joseph C. 23-Sep-55 8-Jun-84 29 Son of Frances & Adline Benoit
Benoit Kenneth P. 26-Apr-37 1-Oct-98 61 Grave with Isaac Park, Mary Wheeler, & John Wheeler
Benoit Kevin Joseph 7-Sep-45 February 7, 19--   Son of Madeline & Henry Benoit
Benoit Laura 21-Jun-43 7-Dec-60 17 Daughter of Leo and Beatrice Benoit
Benoit Lorena 6-May-21 5-Oct-85 64 Double Grave with husband Hubert J. Benoit
Benoit Madeline . 1929 . 2002 73 Wife of Henry Benoit
Benoit Maggie October 15, 1893 13-Sep-48 55 Grave with William Benoit
Benoit Marjorie Alice 9-May-27 25-Dec-98 71  
Benoit Myrtle 6-Feb-25 11-Dec-84 59 One plot with husband Chesley Francis Benoit
Benoit Stephen 14-Aug-11 1-Sep-62    
Benoit Terry Mary 24-Oct-58 21-Mar-94 36  
Benoit Wade       no other info
Benoit William October 25, 1892 2-Sep-75 83 Grave with Maggie Benoit
Burke Mazie       no other info
Campbell   . 2001   no other info
Campbell Angus . 1893 . 1986 93 Double Grave with wife Mary B. Campbell
Campbell Cyril J. 7-Mar-30 13-Dec-90 60  
Campbell James 12-Jul-25 1-Jul-82 57  
Campbell Mary B. 2-Oct-15 6-Aug-95 80 Double Grave with husband Angus Campbell
Campbell Stephen       new grave
Flynn Emma 20-Jun-15 11-Aug-56 41  
Green Selina . 1895 31-Oct-53 58  
Jesseau Matilda Rose January 15, 1889 Unknown   Headstone - - Old Grave
Jesso Adolph 16-Aug-44 15-Aug-57 13  
Jesso Ann Marie   Mar-65 29 daughter of Francis and Alice Jesso
Jesso Benjamin 29-Jul-48 . 1951 2 , 6mon son of Joseph & Riza Jesso Grave with Peter/ Donnie Jesso
Jesso Dick J. . 1956 . 1962    
Jesso Donnie 23-Apr-51 . 1951   son of Joseph & Riza Jesso Grave with Peter/ Donnie Jesso
Jesso Doris       parents - Richard & Isabel Jesso
Jesso Elsie Alice February 9, 1890 24-Jan-69 79 Nee Edmonds
Jesso Fabian       parents - Richard & Isabel Jesso
Jesso Francis A. . 1937 . 1997    
Jesso Leonard D. 20-Dec-35 29-Mar-88 53  
Jesso Peter 28-Feb-49 . 1949 6mon. son of Joseph & Riza Jesso Grave with Peter/ Donnie Jesso
Jesso Peter Joseph 15-Aug-14 26-Apr-89 75 Double plot with wife Riza Mary Jesso
Jesso Raymond . 1936     Still living
Jesso Richard Joseph 9-Apr-34 29-Aug-88 54  
Jesso Riza Mary 21-Jun-19 31-Oct-00 81 Double plot with husband Peter Joseph Jesso
Jesso Sarah B. 19-Jan-25 5-Jun-95 70  
Jesso Sylvia . 1943 . 1997 54 Double headstone with husband Raymond Jesso
Jesso William Frances November 5, 1888 20-Jun-69 81  
Kendall Gerald   17-Jul-54   RCAF Lac 201028
Kendall Hilary . 1927 . 1987 60  
Kendall J. H. 29-Aug-51 28-Oct-01 50 Wife Patsy -- Father Matthew Kendall
Kendall Linda 31-Mar-55 10-Mar-90 35  
Kendall Mary Carmella 11-Apr-63 11-Apr-63    
Kendall Mary E. August 2, 1891 28-Aug-74    
Kendall Matthew 21-Sep-29 22-Apr-96 67 Wife Rita Kendall
Kendall Stephen       no other info
Kendall Walter E. . 1889 . 1972    
Kendall Walter J. . 1916 . 1982    
Marshall James Kenzie 8-Oct-84 8-Oct-84   Son of Hilda Benoit & Kenzie Marshall
Park Isaac   3-May-62   Grave with Mary Wheeler, John Wheeler, & Kenneth Benoit
Rowe Eleanor 23-May-13 24-Apr-92 79 Double plot with husband Michael A. Rowe
Rowe Hilary 26-Dec-61 23-Jul-63    
Rowe James A. . 1896 . 1958 62 Seaman Royal Navy Reserve WW1
Rowe Jerona M. 1-Mar-62 1-Aug-94    
Rowe John F. 12-Dec-29 8-Nov-91 62  
Rowe Michael A. October 15, 1893 31-Dec-87 94 Double plot with wife Eleanor Rowe
Rowe Philip J. 14-Aug-83 15-Aug-83   Son of Dola White (nee Rowe)
Rowe Roger 30-May-59 1-Jun-59    
Tallack Margaret B. . 1920 . 1989 69 Double plot with husband William Tallack
Tallack William . 1912 . 1991 79 Double plot with wife Margaret B. Tallack
Tallack Yeve 7-Apr-40 18-Mar-90 50  
Wheeler Alex D. . 1904 . 1979 75  
Wheeler Ann Marie 26-Dec-02 26-Mar-55 53  
Wheeler Bert   10-Aug-02    
Wheeler Elizabeth Mary 14-Nov-45 28-Mar-85 40 Husband Murdock,,, children Trudy, Drucella, Junior, & Michelle
Wheeler Gordon J. 24-Aug-26 6-Feb-97 71 Children - Georgina, Gordon, Eunice, Kathleen, Maurice, Larry, Mora, Cyril, & Norman.
Wheeler Jerry 6-Sep-25 13-Jul-85 60  
Wheeler John   21-Oct-66 73 Grave with Kenneth Benoit, Isaac Park, & Mary Wheeler
Wheeler Juanita       no other info
Wheeler Louis 18-Feb-29 5-Jul-84 55  
Wheeler Marina Ann 20-Sep-63 19-Nov-73 10 daughter of Gordon & Mary
Wheeler Mary J.   12-Apr-63 59 Grave with John Wheeler, Kenneth Benoit, & Isaac Park
Wheeler Mary Myrtle 23-Dec-60 30-Jan-61    
Wheeler Ritchie Edna 20-Aug-50 9-Feb-91    
Wheeler Stephen W. September 28, 1898 12-Mar-84 86 Wife Jessie Wheeler
Wheeler Stephen William 24-Nov-28 24-Aug-01 73 Joe, Stanley, Herman, Nolan, Eileen, Leona, Linda, Doreen, & Debbie
Young Sarah Eunice 11-Oct-06 1-Sep-00 94  
unknown Wooden Cross 72      

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