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Grade 9

Chippewa Secondary School - Grade 9

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Michail Allibon, Gary Anderson, Ricky Boyer, Alan Campbell, Susan Chilton, Francis Clarke, Nora Croghan, Hugh Depencier, Richard Etmanski, Linda Fletcher, Carmen Gauthier, Greg Georgeff, Cheryl Hammell, Mary Hunt, Carol Jackson, Lesley Kallies, Rheal Laferriere, Susan Legassie, Wayne Lepkan, Grant Maxwell, Eugene Mauro, Joan Ann Pask, Andy Poulin, Bob Runchey, Priscilla St. Amour, Jeanette St. Pierre, Jim Sherrit, Barb Simmons, Valerie Croghan
Photograph courtesy of: - M a r y ( T a t e ) B r o w n