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Thomas Kuzmick
Mr. Thomas Kuzmick was a well known pedestrian on North Bay Streets and Avenues during the 40s, 50s and 60s. Most citizens of North Bay had heard, mostly through the rumour mill that Mr. Kuzmick had been a P.O.W. during the 2nd World War and had undergone the amputation of his tongue during this event. However some citizens of North Bay maintain that Mr. Kuzmick could speak clearly and normally...but chose not to speak most of the time. He would go for a daily walk and strut proudly along wearing his overcoat which was absolutely covered with pin-backed buttons. His walks would typically cover the route from Cassellholme to the City Police Station and return. Because of this collection he was nicknamed, Mr. Buttons, The Buttonman...and other variations on the "button theme". It would be safe to say that Mr. Buttons had earned a certain high level of admiration from North Bay citizens and had become a remarkable city icon over the years.
Photograph provided by George M a r o o s i s.