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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Genealogists in New England - Waltham, MA Reunion 7/26/1998

From left standing - Norm Eisnor, Elsie Thorensen, John Conrod Willis, Martin Angers, Mildred Boyden Willis, Richard and Caroline Aube, Paulie Hilchie Breen, Ann and Roger Gerard, Pat Hilchie, John Ambrose Donovan, Sharon Varnum Sergeant.

Kneeling - Judy Eisnor, Heather Angers, Vicky Ryan, Priscilla Haines, Aili and Marilee and Alan Ruuska, Donald Varnum.

Front row - Paul and Katie Eisnor, Adam Ruuska

Vicky Ryan, Heather and Martin Angers AND "the" Elsie Thorensen diligently trading! In 41 years of research, Elsie has amassed a great collection of information WITHOUT computers and all the trimmings that we have today.

Richard and Caroline Aube, Pricilla Haines and Paulie Hilchie Breen are trading great stories.

Paulie Hilchie Breen, Pat Hilchie and John Conrod Willis knew enough to come with name tags!

Judy Eisnor, Mildred Boyden Willis, Ann and Roger Gerard.have lots to share, too.

Norm Eisnor is a little more low key and supervised the cook.

Marilee, Aili and Alan Ruskka have been briefly pulled away from Priscilla's laptop - researching Carter Ernst Hicks Larkin Lamb Wile Ruuska.

John Donovan, son of Emma Creaser, married Donald Varnum's sister Jean, descendants of Crandall/Jean families.

Marilyn Varnum Gallo, Stephanie Varnum Caruso , Beth Stickney Pedersen and her daughter Laura are more Crandall and Jean descendants.

Sharon Sergeant, John Conrod Willis, Mildred Boyden Willis and Carolyn Aube.


Everyone brought great food for our potluck and special thanks to John Dicicco and Beth Sergeant, who shopped, setup, cooked and cleaned so that the rest of us could really enjoy the day!

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