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Queens County Census Records

The following is a list of the records that are housed in the Thomas Raddall Research Centre / Queens County Museum:

Census records prior to 1871 list the head of the household and the ages of the members of the family only, whereas those for 1871, 1881 and 1891 include all the members of the household by name as well as sex, age, religion, origin, occupation and marital status. The 1901 Census provides the birthdate of each family member listed.

Year Polling District
1767-1838 Nova Scotia Census Returns
1838 Miscellaneous Nova Scotia Census
1860-1861 Miscellaneous "C" Census, Queens County
1871 Liverpool, Bristol, Port Medway, Greenfield, Caledonia, Brookfield,
New Germany (Lunenburg County)
Note: The Polling District of Liverpool includes Western Head and Mersey Point. The Polling District of Bristol includes Miiton, Sandy Cove, Brooklyn, Beach Meadows and Eagle head. The Polling District of Port Medway includes Mill Village, Charleston and Danesville. The Polling District of Greenfield includes Middlefieid, Pleasantfield, Bangs Falls, Wellington, Buckfield and LaBelle. The Polling District of Caledonia includes Pleasant River, Westfield, Rosette, Hibernia, West Caledonia, Whiteburn, Devonshire, Harmony, Kempt and Albany New
1871 Port Mouton, Tusket (Yarmouth Co.), Argyle (Yarmouth Co.), Pubnico (Yarmouth Co.), Cape Sable Island (Shelburne County), Shelburne (Shelburne Co.), Ragged Island (Shelburne Co.), Louis Head (Shelburne Co.), Note: The Polling District of Port Mouton includes Summerville, Hunts Point and White point
1881 Liverpool (District 1 & 2), Hunts Point, Port Mouton, Milton, Brooklyn, Eagle Head, Port Medway, Mill Village, Greenfield, Brookfield, Caledonia and Kempt
1891 River John (Pictou Co.), Stellarton (Pictou Co.), Westville (Pictou Co.), Hunts Point, Kempt, Liverpool District 1 & 2), Mill Village, Milton, Port Medway, Port Mouton, Brookfield, Brooklyn, Caledonia, Eagle Head, Greenfield, Barrington Head (Shelburne Co.), Barrington Passage (Shelburne Co.)
1901 Pictou County, Richmond County, Shelburne County, Queens County
1911 This Census will not be released until the year 2001

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