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Ocean Wave
Date: 30 April 1853
Place: Lake Ontario, 25 miles west of Kingston
From Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian 1861-1870 by Donald McKenzie -- The steamer, Ocean Wave, burned on Lake Ontario Sat., c 25 miles west of Kingston

Passengers Saved
  • Mrs. George French, Cornwall
  • Mrs. Stevenson, Hamilton
  • Captain & Mrs. Kaih, Ogdensburgh
  • Thomas Perry, Ogdensburgh

    Passengers Lost

  • Mrs. McDonald, Ogdensburgh
  • Miss McLennan, Cornwall
  • Mrs. Stewart, Toronto
  • 3 children of Mrs. Stevenson & nurse, Hamilton
  • Lyman Fish, Ogdensburgh
  • Mr. Mitchell (Miller), Pickering
  • O. Doyle, near Brockville
  • -- Richardson (coloured), Toronto
  • leaving 3 cabin and 7 deck passengers missing, names unknown

    Crew saved

  • Captain A. Wright, Prescott
  • Thomas Oliver, purser, Ogdensburgh
  • Baptiste Meir, 2nd Engineer, Ogdensburgh
  • Thomas Fuller, waiter, Toronto
  • Peter Prevost, fireman
  • Francis Laforte, fireman
  • Joseph Rousseau, fireman
  • John Eward, deckhand
  • Patrick Morin, deckhand
  • John Bilton, deckhand
  • James Graham, deckhand
  • Stephen Blackman, deckhand
  • George Graham, wheelsman
  • James Street, wheelsman
  • one deckhand, name unknown

    Crew lost

  • J. Forsyth, 1st Mate, Ogdensburgh
  • John Turnbull, 1st Engineer, Ogdensburgh
  • Alexander Shimmons, steward, Toronto
  • Thomas Follard, head waiter, Toronto
  • Miss Gerrard, ladies maid, Hamilton
  • also the bar tender, cook, and 9 men, names unknown

  • Montreal
    Date: 26 June 1857
    Place: Half mile above Cape Rouge, 12 miles from Quebec (while this disaster did not take place within Ontario, passengers from and heading to Ontario were onboard)
    From Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian 1861-1870 by Donald McKenzie -- On Friday, about 4:30 PM, the steamer, Montreal, Rudolph, master, took fire about half a mile above Cape Rouge, about 12 miles this side of Quebec.

    14 of the crew were drowned. The captain, purser, and all the officers were saved. Mr. Wilson Jr., son of the owner escaped by swimming ashore. Andrew Hays, who was saved, was in the water for above an hour.

    The boat was burned to the water's edge, and upwards of 200 persons must have perished on board or been drowned. The number saved is from 175-200. The passengers were principally emigrants -- Scotch and Norwegian; the former are the larger proportion. Nearly all the passengers were from the John McKenzie, from Glasgow, which arrived at Quebec, 25th inst. (25 June 1857)

    Mr. Andrew Hayes, Commission Agent, of Montreal, says, "I only noticed one Montrealer, Mr. Leslie. I can't tell if he was saved. One family was named Meikle, of whom there were six. Three of them gone. The father, age 87, is gone."

    Mr. Franchere, of the firm of Franchere and Tourville, took down a list of those who were saved, and who came on board The Napoleon:
  • Alex Caldwell, 18 months old
  • George Muir
  • James Muir
  • James Gilchrist, about 4 years old
  • Agnes Johnson
  • Peter McCaul
  • Richard Devlin
  • Bridget Devlin
  • Ladies' Maid of the Montreal
  • Mme. Prevost, Maid of the Montreal
  • James McDermit, boot boy of the Montreal
  • Catherine McCarthy
  • Kate and Jessie Laurie, about 6 years old
  • Catherine Clark and daughter
  • Margaret McAllister and three children
  • Mary M'Lean and son
  • Mrs. McKenzie
  • Mrs. Margaret Dixon
  • Mrs. Mary Bloomfield
  • David Wilson and one boy
  • John Hunter
  • William Douglass, 14 years old
  • John Campbell
  • Maria Campbell
  • James Laurie
  • Jeannette Laurie
  • Jane Wylie
  • William Carrol
  • Thomas Gilchrist
  • Mrs. Mary Pettigrew
  • Archibald McAllister
  • Charles Cameron
  • Alexander Colville
  • John Haig
  • Alexander M'Allister
  • William Nicholson
  • Alexander Knox
  • Hugh Stewart
  • William Black
  • James Malcolmson
  • Alexander Watson
  • Thomas P. Walker and wife
  • Servents of J. Greenshields

  •    Names of persons supposed to be lost
  • Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell
  • Mrs. and Mrs. Laurie
  • Four children of David Gilchrist
  • Mr. Clarke and one child
  • Mr. J. McKenzie
  • B.E. Wallace
  • A son and niece of Mrs. Margaret Dickson, who is saved
  • Two children of Mrs. Margaret Bloomfield, who is saved (Mr. Bloomfield lives at Toronto and is employed by the Grand Truck Railway)
  • Mrs. David Wilson and five children, husband saved
  • Mr. Douglass, father of William, who is saved
  • Mrs. Douglass, and a sister of either Mr. or Mrs. Douglass, together with six children
  • Mrs. Campbell, mother of John and Maria, and two sisters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Laurie, parents of James and Jeannette, who are saved, and a girl
  • Mr. Wylie, husband of Mrs. Jane Wylie, and three children
  • Mr. and Mrs. McAllister, parents of Archibald, who is saved, and a child
  • Mr. Nicholson, father of William, who is saved
  • James Maxwell
  • Antoine Gagnon
  • Michael Brennan, waiter
  • James Sullivan
  • Hugh McLean, with two children
  • Charles McKay
  • R. Wilson and two sons
  • Mary Wilson
  • Hypolite Asselin
  • Xavier Hamel
  • Francois Charron
  • William Graham
  • James Watson, son and daughter
  • Cleophas Boudreau
  • Marie Lone Square
  • John Grant, steward of the John McKenzie
  • John McIntyre
  • Mrs. Colin Sinclair
  • Andrew Adams
  • John Lachlane
  • William McLeod
  • Margaret Corbett
  • James McQueen, son and daughter
  • Catharine McKenzie
  • Mrs. Mary Hunter and five children
  • James McEwing
  • Serg. Brown and wife
  • Edward Perreault
  • William Martin
  • Mr. O'Brien, Toronto
  • Mrs. Christian
  • Mrs. Maxwell, wife of James Maxwell, saved, and three sisters
  • Mrs. McBeth, wife of Alexander McBeth, saved, and a child
  • Mrs. Wilson, wife of Robert Wilson, saved, and one child
  • James Colquhoun, son of Colin Campbell, who is saved
  • Mrs. Lachlan, wife of John Lachlan, who is saved, and five children
  • Mrs. McKenzie, mother of Catherine McKenzie, five sons and two daughters (Mrs. McKenzie has a husband residing in the U.S.)
  • Mr. Christian, two boys and two girls
  • A sister of Andrew Adams who is saved
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