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Ontario GenWeb Project: Epidemics
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Below is a listing of known Epidemics. If you know of any that aren't listed, please send them in

  • 1838 - Depleted the population of Lindsay (Victoria County) by one-third


  • 1832 - Spread from Quebec killing almost 600 in Ontario and a total of 6000 Canadians across the country
  • 1834 - Province-wide epidemic that lasted approx 4 months during the summer and early fall
  • 1847-1849 "In one year alone, 1847, 'the black year of emigration,' more than 5,000 Irishmen, many sick from typhus and cholera, landed in Cobourg and other lake ports"


  • 1732-1733
  • 1761
  • 1775-1776
  • 1847-1848
  • 1850-1851
  • 1857-1859
  • 1873-1875
  • 1918


  • 1759
  • 1772

    Scarlet Fever

  • 1871 - Death records show a large number of deaths from scarlet fever in Renfrew County, especially Ross and Westmeath Townships from January through June, 1871. There must have been a severe epidemic. (submitted by Anonymous)


  • 1635 - While smallpox first appeared in Canada in the early 1600's, 1635 was the first recorded epidemic
  • 1755-1757 - Niagara area of Ontario plus Quebec, Montreal, & New England
  • 1780 - Hudson Bay Indians
  • 1884 - Stoco, Hungerford Township, Hastings County, Ontario (near the end of the year) About 10 SINCLAIR died. Submitted by Wanda Sinclair
  • 1902 - Galt
    {A vaccine was used by the early 1800's in Europe and soon after a revised, more effective & less dangerous version started being used in North America, but it was not required until 1885}


  • 1659 - First appears in Canada
  • 1847 - The largest epidemic, brought on by the thousands upon thousands of new immigrants "In one year alone, 1847, 'the black year of emigration,' more than 5,000 Irishmen, many sick from typhus and cholera, landed in Cobourg and other lake ports"
  • 1906 - OA Death Certificate 1906-28475 Thunder Bay Fort William Division. Peart, Edward male March 3, 1906 31 years Fort William Teamster single born not reported Typhoid Fever 6 weeks Dr. Cook Meth Dr. Cook March 3, 1906 Note Jan 6 - Apr 20, 70 people died of TF. Courtesy of Michael Bogues


  • Colonial Diseases & Cures

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