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Ontario GenWeb Project: Consultants Needed
Consultants Needed

    A GenWeb Consultant is volunteer willing to answer genealogical questions about a specific Ontario county or district.
    This position requires:

    - The ability to receive & respond to e-mail within 7 days of receipt (not counting holidays or vacations)

    - Genealogy experience (personal experience is fine!)

    - Familiarity with County/District including what genealogical resources are available and where they can be found

    Consultants are needed only for County/District GenWebs that are in need of a host. Once a host is found the host will take over the task of consulting.

    What a Consultant Does

      Answers any GenWeb-related e-mail that is sent regarding genealogy research for the area they've volunteered for. As a consultant you are not expected to do any kind of research, just provide advice & guidance to help researchers help themselves find what they need.

    How It Works

      1. You volunteer as a consultant for [Name of County/District] GenWeb

      2. Your name & e-mail address is posted on this GenWeb site as a Consultant

      3. Those visiting the GenWeb site who have questions regarding [Name of County/District] would then contact you with their questions.

      4. You answer those questions (within reason, see FAQ below)

    Rules, Guidelines & Responsibilities

      Consultants are expected to check in with the OntarioGenWeb coordinator at least once every two months. Failure to check in may result in your removal as a consultant.

      Be courteous and respectful when answering mail. Consultants are not just representing themselves and their county/district, they're also a representative of OntarioGenWeb.

      Being a GenWeb consultant is a volunteer position and *cannot* be used to solicit clients and/or money. The Consultant title is only acceptable when working on behalf of the OntarioGenWeb in a free and voluntary manner. If you offer research or other such services you cannot solicit anyone who contacts you while you're working on behalf of OntarioGenWeb.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      How much time does consulting take?
      A few minutes to a few hours each week. The amount of time is dependent upon how many e-mails are received and how long it takes you to answer each one.

      How quickly do I answer each request?
      Within 48-72 hours. It's understood that you may be busy and not able to answer immediately but replies are expected in a timely manner.

      What type of questions do you expect Consultants to answer?
      Only those that are genealogy related and specific to the area you've volunteered for (i.e. if you've volunteered for Algoma you are not expected to answer questions about Carleton). If the question(s) fall outside of this either let the inquirer know you cannot help or contact OntarioGenWeb to ask what you should do. You are NOT expected to conduct any research, just to provide advice and assistance.

      What happens if I go on vacation or need a break from consulting?
      Contact OntarioGenWeb and discuss what is needed. During your absence the link to your e-mail will be disabled and no consulting requests will be sent.

      What do I do if I become a Consultant and want to resign?
      Contact OntarioGenWeb and state your intention to resign. Your name & e-mail address will then be removed as a consultant.

    If you're still interested in volunteering your services as a Consultant, please fill out the following form:

    Your name:

    Email address:

    Which GenWeb site are you interested in consulting*:
    *All other areas of Ontario are currently hosted and do not require a consultant. Thanks for your interest though!

    What are your qualificiations for taking on a consulting position for this GenWeb site? Do you/have you lived in the area? Or have you done genealogy/history research in this area?

OntarioGenWeb wishes to thank and extend our gratitude to each and every volunteer who has participated in this project since the beginning.

To give your personal thanks to our volunteers, please click here. (Messages of thanks only please -- queries, inquiries, or requests will be removed without notice)

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