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Hastings County Cemeteries

The following items can be purchased by mail order from the Quinte Branch OGS using the convenient Mail Order Form for payment by cheque or money order. If you prefer to pay via PayPal, e-mail a list of the items you wish to order along with your name and full address for shipping to All prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars, and are subject to change without notice.

(C = Concession, L = Lot).

Purdy, C6 Part L19, 14 pgs (2007) 5.00
Boulter Gospel, C7 L23, 5 pgs (1983) 3.00
Carlow United Church, C5 L20, 29 pgs (1993) 10.00
New Carlow, C12 L5, 6 pgs (1993) 3.00
Gunter, C4 L23, 5 pgs (1993) 3.00
Egan Creek Anglican, C8 L10; Nobb's, C4 L19; (2 cemeteries) 7 pgs (1983) 3.00
Grace United (Detlor), C8 L11, 37 pgs (1983) 11.00
Lakeview, C15 L27, 7 pgs (1983) 3.00
Actinolite United Church, C4 L3, 24 pgs (1980's) 8.00
Greenwood, C2 L13, 33 pgs (1982) 11.00
Monck Road, CA. Pt. L27; Trinity Anglican Church, Lower Faraday Road; Umphraville, C3 L3; (3 small cemeteries) 9 pgs (1980's) 5.00
Allen, C2 Pt. L35, 5 pgs (1981)  3.00
Bethel, C7 L8, 37 pgs (1977) 11.00
Bunker Hill, C1 L30, 14 pgs (1980's)  5.00
Kimmet, C2 L35, 6 pgs (1981) 3.00
Lime Lake, C1 L26, 13 pgs (1981) 5.00
Park's (Mount Zion), C6 Part. L13, 8 pgs (1981) 5.00
St. Edmund's Church, Stoco, C8 L13, 124 pgs (1978) 26.00
St. Carthagh's Roman Catholic, Tweed, C10 L14, 71 pgs (1980's) 17.00
Thomasburg, C4 Pt. L11, 30 pgs (2008)  11.00
Victoria & St. James' Anglican Tweed, C10 L14, 117 pgs 26.00
Luke's, C2 L2, 34 pgs (2008) 11.00
Moira, C2 L15, 50 pgs (2008) 13.00
Pioneer White Lake, C10 Pt. L9, 33 pgs (1980's) 11.00
Quaker Abandoned, C1 L14, 9 pgs (1993)  5.00
St. Andrew's Presbyterian, C1 L20, (Roslin) 11 pgs (1983) 5.00
St. Paul's Anglican, C1 L20, (Roslin) 46 pgs (1983) 13.00
United Church, C1 L20, (Roslin) 6 pgs (1983) 3.00
White Lake, C10 Pt. L10, 108 pgs (1987) 24.00
Huntingdon Twp., Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Abandoned Lloyd, C1 L6; Abandoned Fitchett, C7 L9; Gauen, Ivanhoe; Haggerty Family Plot, C4 L3; Lilac (Mitz Farm), C6 L6; Methodist-Episcopal Plot, C3 L2; Reid Settlement Plot C7 L1; Venn-Collins, Ivanhoe Standard Church, C8 L8; Wood Family Plot, C8 L3; Downey Family Plot; C10 L8; (11 small cemeteries) (1980's), Archibald Cemetery (transcribed by Bonnie Cole) 23 pgs 6.00
Greenbrush, C3 L17, 15 pgs (1987) 5.00
Old St. Ola, part of L14 Con 2S, 24 pgs (1987) 8.00
Limerick & Lake Twps. Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Protestant Burial Ground, C2 L10; Old Hastings Rd. (aka Thanet); Airhart Family, C5 L5, (Lake Township); (2 small cemeteries) 5 pgs (1979)  3.00
Allen Settlement, C9 L23, 25 pgs (1980's) 8.00
Fox, C5 L21, 63 pgs (1982) 15.00
Hazzard's United Church, 90 pgs (1983) 23.00
Lakeview, Madoc Village, C1 L7, 210 pgs (1980's) 45.00
O'Hara's, C4 Pt. L4, 25 pgs (1995) 8.00
Robinson Family Plot, C1 L23; Ruport Family Plot, C3 L22, (2 small cemeteries) 3 pgs (1980's) 3.00
Marmora Twp. Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Cole Plot, Marmora Village; Hamilton, C6 L16; Howe Family Plot, C4 L25; Johns Family Plot, C4 L18; St. Matilda Roman Catholic Cemetery, C4 L7; Shannon Family Plot, C3 L15; Wells Family Plot, C4 L27; Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery on part of L12 C6; (8 small cemeteries), 10 pgs (1987) 5.00
Childs, C9 L11; Hermon United Church, C12 L13; (2 small cemeteries) 31 pgs (1982) 11.00
Emmanuel, C16 L18, Hwy# 62 (between Maynooth & Maple Leaf), 21 pgs (updated 1994) 6.00
Hybla Zion United (Methodist) Church, C8 L11, 22 pgs (1994) 6.00
Lutheran Church, C16 Lots 17 & 18, 8 pgs (1993) 3.00
Monteagle Township Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Musclow, C2 L27; Bartlett Family, C8 L11; Hawley Family Plot, Bentley Cr. Rd., C1 L20; (3 small cemeteries), 5 pgs (1993) 3.00
12th Line, C12 L19, 29 pgs (1982) 10.00
Barton, C9 L19, 4 pgs 3.00
Bethel United Church, C4 L12, 28 pgs (1983) 10.00
Carmel, C1 L22, 8 pgs (1983) 6.00
Hubble Family Cemeteries, C2 & 3 L19, 9 pgs (1995) 5.00
Mount Nebo, C10 L13, 54 pgs (1980s) 14.00
Mount Pleasant United Church, C3 L19, 38 pgs (1983) 12.00
Rylstone United Church, C11 L24, 35 pgs (1982) 11.00
St. Thomas Anglican Church, C8 L8, 8 pgs (1980s) 3.00
Stirling (includes Old Anglican Burying Ground) 1847 to 1878, C1 L10 & 16, 266pgs 52.00
Weaver, C2 L17, 6 pgs (1981) 3.00
Wellman's, C5 L19, 36 pgs (1986) 11.00
Rawdon Twp., Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Abandoned: McMaster, C8 L9; Sine's school, C5 L10; McConnell, C9 L12; Ridge Road Pioneer Cemetery, C1 L7; Cassidy Family, C11 L8; Chard-Caldwell, C1 L15; Cummings-Horton, C1 L10; Fanning Family, C4 L12; Hay Family, C1 L18; Liberty Family, C14 L8; Mason Family, C11 L11; Mosher's Family, C2 L4; Mumby Family, C13 L6; Neal Family, C13 L7; Runnalls Family, C8 L10; Spry Family, C13 L8; St. Lawrence Anglican, C4 L24; (17 small cemeteries), 23 pgs (1980s) 8.00
Belleville Cemetery, A New Transcript, 2009 (CD-ROM)  
631 Dundas Street West (old Highway #2), Belleville , Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, 1,467 pgs, (2009)

Transcribed by Sandra and John Horwat, this new edition contains 31,700 separate names from 9,600 memorials at the Belleville Cemetery that was established in 1872 and is marking its 137th year in 2009. The transcription includes the Columbariums, Niche Walls, Mausoleum, Urn Garden and Scattering Garden. It encompasses a history of the early settlers, United Empire Loyalists, political and community leaders and soldiers who made Belleville and the surrounding district including: Canada's fifth Prime Minister, Mackenzie Bowell; Canadian author Susannah Moodie and her husband, the first Sheriff of Hastings County, Dunbar Moodie; and an early pioneer in Deaf Education in Ontario, Samuel Thomas Greene. Fully indexed, this transcript is available as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media.
Click here for a list of surnames included in the new transcript.
Paper copy also available; please contact the Quinte Branch for details.
For more information about the Belleville Cemetery please visit
Clarke/Eggleton, C9 L35, 32 pgs (1983) 11.00
Guffin, C8 L36, 15 pgs (1983) 5.00
Hogle Pioneer, C2 L18, 12 pgs (1993) 5.00
Holy Trinity, Frankford, C5 L6, 15 pgs (1993)  5.00
Ketcheson Family, C5 L26 & 27, 10 pgs (1993) 5.00
Longwell, C5 Pt. L35, 16 pgs (1994) 6.00
River Valley Pioneer, C8 Pt. L18, 9 pgs (1983) 5.00
St. Francis of Assisi, RC, Frankford Village (also Batawa Village), 34 pgs (1983) 11.00
St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery, Belleville,  A New Transcript, 2009, 342 pages, (CD-ROM), 
613A Dundas Street West (Old Hwy. #2), Belleville, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario
Re-recorded, updated and indexed by Sandra and John Horwat, this new edition contains 6,906 entries. St. James Cemetery was the third Catholic cemetery to be established in Belleville and is located in the west end, just off Dundas St. W. The first burial took place on November 16, 1904 when the remains of John Summers, age 56 years were interred. Many parishioners acquired plots in the new cemetery and had the remains of their family members transferred from the older cemeteries in the parish. This edition also includes stones from the former St. Michael's cemetery (also known as St. Patrick's or the Roman Catholic cemetery) which were erected as a small cairn in 1975, and the old and new Potters Field, Cremation Garden and Mausoleum Niches. Fully indexed, this transcript is available as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media and in paper copy (see below).
St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery, Belleville,  A New Transcript, 2009, 342 pages, (Paper Copy) 
613A Dundas Street West (Old Hwy. #2), Belleville, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario
Sine, C6 Pt. L24, 27 pgs (1963) 10.00
Stone Church, C4 L33, 14 pgs (1983) 5.00
White's (Old Sidney Burying Ground), Broken Front, Part L10, 222 pgs 50.00
White's Cemetery, A New Transcript 2012, 296 pages (CD-ROM)
Hwy 2, Bayside, Sidney Twp, Hastings Co. (now Quinte West)
GPS Coordinates 44.1111N - 77.5174W
This non-denominational cemetery has been re-recorded, updated and indexed by Sandra and John Horwat. The new edition contains 4,551 burials including many without markers and a map identifying the sections of the cemetery. Fully indexed, this transcript is available as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media.
Sidney Twp., Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Abandoned, C7 L31; Danford Abandoned, C9 L32; Hanna Family Plot; C8 L18; Juby Abandoned Plot, C9 L34; Donohoe Family Plot (Near Oak Hills Golf Course); Taugher Family Plot, C7 L16; Vanderwater Abandoned Plot, C7 L16; Belleville Misc. Cemeteries (comments about 5 city cemeteries and where to find records); (8 small cemeteries), 23 pgs (1980s) 6.00
Elmwood, C4 L6, 110 pgs (June 2005) 26.00
Foxboro, C5 L2, 84 pgs (1990) 18.00
Gilead United, C5 L29, 18 pgs (1983) 6.00
Plainfield, C7 L20, 16 pgs (1983) 6.00
Victoria, C6 L26, 61 pgs (updated & revised, 1995 edition) 15.00
Zion Hill, C8 L10, 15 pgs (1995) 5.00
Jones, C8 L15; Stimers, C4 L10; Mt. St. Patrick's Roman Catholic, C1 L8; (3 cemeteries), 12 pgs (late 1980s) 5.00
Thurlow Twp. Miscellaneous Abandoned Cemeteries: Abandoned Cannifton, C3 L6; Abandoned Easton Family, C3 L15; Abandoned Rupert Farm, C3 L26; (3 cemeteries), 11 pgs (1983) 5.00
Tudor Twp., Miscellaneous Cemeteries: Gilmour, C 18 L12; Stoney Settlement, Block A, Part L22; Glanmire Anglican, Part L67; Hastings Rd. (St.Margaret's Ang.); Millbridge Abandoned Cemetery; (4 cemeteries), 13 pgs (late 1980s) 5.00
Garrison Pioneer C3 L3 (aka Salem United or Blessington), Purchase Farm, Morden and Milltown Cemeteries. Four small cemeteries in Tyendinga Township, Hastings County, 9 pages (1999) 5.00
Deseronto Cemetery Records (Deseronto Village is in Hastings Co., cemetery is located in Richmond Twp., Lennox & Addington Co.), 118 pgs (1991)  26.00
Lonsdale Cemetery, C3 L32, 9 pgs (1999) 5.00
Melrose Cemetery, 14 pages (1999) 5.00
Riverview Cemetery, 62 pgs (1999) 15.00
St. Charles Borromeo Parish, C5 L16, 59 pgs (1994) 15.00
Salem Pioneer, C10 L20, 9 pgs (late 1980s) 5.00

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