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Prince Edward County Cemeteries

The following items can be purchased by mail order from the Quinte Branch OGS using the convenient Mail Order Form for payment by cheque or money order. If you prefer to pay via PayPal, e-mail a list of the items you wish to order along with your name and full address for shipping to All prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars, and are subject to change without notice.

(C = Concession, L = Lot).

Delong-Brooks, C2 E˝ L92; Grove Cemetery, C3 L81; Dempsey/Cunningham, C1 BS L84; Salem Cemetery, C3 Part L90; (4 cemeteries), 30 pgs (1999) 11.00
Wannamaker’s Ameliasburgh Cemeteries: Delong (Brook), Dempsey-Cunningham, Herrington, Lawrence, Moon Family, Way Family, Wallbridge, Consecon, Grove, Mountain View, Post-Babcock, Somonds (12 cemeteries), 49 pgs  13.00
Disciples of Christ (MacDonald), C1 L4, 18 pgs (1982) 6.00
The Friends (Quaker), Bloomfield, C2 L4; Guernsey; (2 Cemeteries), 7 pgs (1980s) 3.00
Hicksite Cemetery, 34 pgs (updated 1992) 11.00
Pettit, C1, SSWL L10, 9 pgs (1980s) 5.00
Universalist, Bloomfield L149 (1994) 5.00
Wannamaker’s Hallowell Cemeteries: Johnson,Guernsey, Blakely Family, Bowerman (Hill), Mount Olivet (R.C.), Old St.Mary Magdalene Church (Presbyterian), Orser, Stinson, White Chapel (Conger), (10 cemeteries), 39 pgs  12.00
Burrs, C5 Part L75, 40 pgs (1980s) 12.00
Christ Church, C3 L17, 60 pgs (1990s) 15.00
Village of Wellington, C1 L4, (Revised 1997), 126 pgs (1997) 34.00
Wannamaker’s Hillier Cemeteries: Abandoned; Bowerman's; Weeks Family; Locie Burying Ground (Walker's Camp); Cameron; Chadsey; Old Burr's; Pleasant Bay/Pierson; St. Frances of Rome; (9 cemeteries), 35 pgs  11.00
Bethel/Doxsee, C3 WGP L45, 6 pgs (1980)  3.00
Big Island, CSS L7, 6 pgs (1980) 3.00
Demorestville, Water Street, 5 pgs (1980)  3.00
Foster, C2 WGP L27, 9 pgs (1980s)  5.00
Lazier/Cronk, C1 WGP, 7 pgs (1980)  3.00
Old Boulter Farm; Ruttan Cemeteries, C1 WGP L33; Eben Fox, C1 WGP L34; (3 cemeteries) (1980) 3.00
Roblin Mills / Roblin Family, C1 SWGP L34 & C2 SWGP L17, 4 pgs (1980s) 3.00
Whitney, C1 WGP L59; Solmes, C1 WGP L11; Quaker, C1 WGP L21; (3 cemeteries), 7 pgs (1980s) 3.00
Sophiasburg Miscellaneous Abandoned Cemeteries: Abandoned Big Island, C1 L1; Gardiner, C2 L41; Gilbert's Mills, C2 L58; Tyler Family E1/2 L58 2nd, Broken Front; Potter, C1 L34; Top of the Hill, C1 SWGP L40; Van Horne, C3 WGP L39; Potter-Demorestville; Daniel B. Way, C3 WGP L39; Abandoned Big Island, C2 L19; Abandoned Big Island, C3 L34; Carman Farm C1 SWGP L44; Old Demorestville, West Side Water Street; Old Harmonious Fox Farm, C1 WGP L28; (15 Cemeteries), 7 pgs (late 1980s) 3.00
Wannamaker’s North Marysburgh Cemeteries: Allen's Mills, Connor Farm, Cressy, Dingman-Lumley, Minaker (Abandoned), Prinyer, Rose, Ross (Wright, Carson), St.John's Anglican Church, Ross, Storms, Storms (Slater), Turner Hill, Waupoos, Hughes (Stirling Grimmon), McDonnell, (16 cemeteries), 26 pgs  9.00
Wannamaker’s South Marysburgh Cemeteries: Clapp, (Milford Village Abandoned), Milford Cemetery, Milford Ontario Cemetery, Black River Bridge Memorial, Black Creek Church & Cemetery, Mack Farm South Bay, (7 cemeteries), 33 pgs  11.00

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