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Coming Event - SGS AGM
Sat Apr 18 2015 - SGS Annual General Meeting
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - 550 Sangster Blvd Regina
08:30 - Registration
09:30 - Greetings
09:45 - Databases: Help or Hindrance? - Laura Hanowski
11:00 - Digging Deeper: ... Saskatchewan Archives - Tim Novak
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - AGM (including presentation on Organizational Review)
Click here for a complete Agenda and Registration Form.
(A conference is tentatively planned for April 22 to 24 2016.)
The Curious Case of Richard III
In 2012, the body of King Richard III of England was found beneath a parking lot in Leicester City where Greyfriars Priory was located at his death in 1485.
The location and positive identification of his remains
is a fascinating detective story combining historical, genealogical and forensic DNA research.
This research took the combined efforts of the international Richard III Society,
the University of Leicester, and Leicester City Council.

Family historians will find an interesting article,
The Curious Case of a Parking Lot King
in the April 13 2015 issue of Macleans magazine.
If you don't have a Macleans subscription,
try the Wikipedia article
Exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England,
or the University of Leicester feature
The Discovery of Richard III.
Foresic scientists believe
this to be the best likeness
of Richard III thus found
Upcoming Regina Branch Meetings
Apr 28 2015 - Creating Research Plans - Michael John Neill
Michael John Neill is a columnist for Ancestry World Journal and a board member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. He is the coordinator and instructor for an annual week of genealogical computing workshops held at Carl Sandburg College in Illinois.
We will watch one of a series of instructional videos he has made.
May 26 2015 - Monthly Branch Meeting
Program to be determined.
Recent Events
German Settlement in Saskatchewan
Mar 24 2015 - Dave Wessel

According to the 2011 National Household Survey,
more Saskatchewan residents claim German
than any other ethnic ancestry, including English.
Very few of the early settlers came directly from Germany, most arriving from eastern Europe.

With the help of maps and timelines,
Dave looked at 500 years of European history to
learn why these people left Germany and Austria
in the first place, and why they chose to
re-migrate to the Canadian prairies later on.

See our Recent Events page for
a brief summary of the presentation.

Ethnic Bloc Settlements
Atlas of Saskatchewan
Feb 24 2015 - Funeral Home Records - Nathan Gerow
As a Family Representative at Regina Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home,
Nathan Gerow could answer our many questions about both funerals and cemeteries.
A lively discussion with Regina Branch members continued throughout his presentation.

Full-service funeral homes maintain considerable data concerning the life, funeral and burial of a person.
Public information such as full name, dates of death and burial, and exact burial location are available to anyone.
Other information is subject to privacy concerns
and only available to certain individuals such as
the executors of a will and close relatives.

Personal history information may include full name,
gender, birth and death dates and places, marital status
and spouse name, names and birthplaces of parents,
occupation and place of business, and other details,
as well as name and relationship of the informant.
Nathan Gerow
Jan 27 2015 - Show and Tell - member sharing
Several branch members each brought an artifact and
shared the story behind it. Several others contributed news
of a research success or other adventure. For example:
• a grandfather's German Silver Cross
• two 3-generation family history scrapbooks, presented as wedding shower gifts
• January garnet birthstone ring given to mother on her 14th birthday in 1939
• a souvenir bowl from Tribune Co-op, where grandfather and uncles managed stores
• photo ca 1870: Major General Charles Otway, Royal Artillery
• photos of two couples of third great-grandparents
• an original letter from Lemburg Sk to Lvov Ukraine, 1914
There was also a discussion of the many
Genealogical DNA Services now available.
letter from Lemburg SK to Lvov Ukraine 1914
See our Show and Tell page for photos of the artifacts.
You can link from there to four other Show and Tell photo pages from previous years.
Recommended Resource for UK Genealogy Research
Deceased Online -
The central database for UK burials and cremations
For free, search registers by Country, Region, County, Burial Authority or Crematorium.
For a fee, gain access to burial records, photos of headstones, cemetery maps.
AGM Program - Who's Your Momma?
Sharon Evelyn Dwayne Betty

Tue Nov 25 - Who's Your Momma? - Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan, popular Regina-based professional genealogy researcher and educator,
presented one of her popular interactive programs at our AGM.

She started us off with two innocuous-looking reports from rural newspapers:
a bridal shower and a wedding. Both contained a couple of village names and
long lists of participants, with husbands' initials rather than first names.
First: Consult a map for the exact location of the places named, and their relationships.
Second: Read very very slowly and carefully. Don't leave anything out.
Many of the names become relevant to your research, although initially you may care
only about the bride. Such secondary sources tell so much about the social history
and context of your ancestor's life, providing many clues to the fuller life story.
And they may lead to primary sources such as birth, marriage and death certificates.

Later, Pat revealed that the subject of our detective work was her own mother.
The bride's history was far more complicated than appeared from a village
wedding report. For example, she went by 7 or 8 different names in her lifetime.
Family history is not always as straightforward as it may appear!

See Pat's blog at PastRelations Genealogy Family History
and her bio on The National Institute for Genealogical Studies website.

Pat Ryan Who's Your Momma AGM workshop