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It is time to renew your SGS and Regina Branch memberships for 2015.
And what better time to join the branch than at the beginning of the year,
when you will receive a full year of benefits for your membership fee?
You can obtain both memberships at once through the Regina Branch.
For complete details, see the Join the Branch page.
Exciting AGM Program - Who's Your Momma?
Tue Nov 25 - Who's Your Momma? - Pat Ryan
Pat is a very popular Regina-based professional genealogy researcher and educator.
We are delighted to have her present one of her popular programs at our AGM.
See her blog at PastRelations Genealogy Family History
and her bio on The National Institute for Genealogical Studies website.
"Who's Your Momma" is the perfect choice for an hour of genealogical hilarity,
head scratching and sometimes even tears. The entire session is interactive,
with everyone participating to help solve family history research problems.
Every single attendee will be anxious to rush home with new skills
that WILL break down brick walls.
Highly recommended for all skill levels. And it's fun!!
Volunteers !!
At the Regina Branch AGM on November 25 2014, several branch members
agreed to take on executive and volunteer positions. They include:
• Director Ian Brace agreed to become the President.
• Newcomer Amy Qu jumped right in to volunteer as Secretary.
Phoebe Banbury became a Director in addition to her work on the cemetery project.
Colleen Slater-Smith agreed to be the Newsletter Editor once again, with an eye to publishing it blog-style on this website.
Other members agreed to continue serving in their present positions,
including Shelley Kloczko, Dave Wessel, and Elaine Noble. Renae Grubb stepped down
as President, but will stay on as Vice President and member of the Program Committee.
Thanks to all who agreed to help.
For a complete list of executive and major volunteer positions, see the About Us page.
Images of Prairie Towns
Images of Prairie Towns is an interesting collection of historical photos of
towns in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Most were taken from postcards.
Recent Meeting at the Family History Centre
Tue Oct 28 - Family History Centre Tour - with John Williams
The Regina FHC is one of a huge network of genealogical resource centers
operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Members of SGS Regina branch enjoyed attending this hands-on visit to learn of
the many FHC resources, whether housed in the Regina library or available online.
Click here for a list of the resources available at the Regina Family History Centre.
Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan
SGS is now taking orders for a brand new book,
Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan, Book 2.
It contains approximately 300 pages of stories and facts
about more than 180 women pioneers in this province.
Save on the hard cover purchase price by making a
pre-publication order before Nov 15, 2014.
Reader comment on book 1:
"I have no relations, ties or know anyone in the first book; however, have read every story and now feel like I do. That is my all-time favorite book, and I bet I will enjoy the second one even more (now that my Grandmother is in it)! Her story will be forever alive, left to the wonderment of generations to come…"
Jamie Tilley
Click here to see a brochure containing more details.
Click here for a printable order form.
Recent Regular Meeting
Tue Sep 23 - Sharing Summer Genealogy Discoveries - member sharing
Members shared many fine stories of their family history adventures this past summer. Various members went on short and long trips, met and/or entered into
correspondence with distant relatives, had surprise windfalls of information,
made surprise breakthrough discoveries, or simply enjoyed amusing experiences.
Cemetery Reading June 8 2014
On Sunday June 8, six branch members managed to read just four cemeteries in the
Rural Municipality of Longlaketon number 219, north of the Qu'Appelle River.
Below are photos of members reading the beautiful little Elbourne Serath Cemetery.
For information on the SGS Cemetery Indexing Project,
on the Regina Branch's role in it, and for a list of all the cemeteries read to date,
see our Cemetery Index page.