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Coming Events
Tue Sep 23 - Sharing Summer Genealogy Discoveries - member sharing
Come prepared to share stories of your family history adventures this summer.
You may have gone on a trip, entered into correspondence with a distant relative,
had a surprise windfall of information, or made a breakthrough discovery on your own.
If you have photographs or have obtained artifacts, we would be happy to see them.
This meeting is at the SGS Library as usual.
Tue Oct 28 7:00 - Family History Centre Tour - John Williams
Regina Family History Centre - 550 Sangster Blvd - phone 306-543-2782
The Regina FHC is one of a huge network of genealogical resource centers
operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Attend this tour to learn of the many resources housed at the center,
as well as many more resources available from the center
and online at
See our Coming Events page for several ways you can prepare for the tour
in order to make the tour even more productive.
Use the east parking lot and east entrance to the building.
If doors are locked, ring the buzzer on the door, and the staff will open it for you.
The library opens at 6:30.
Cemetery Reading June 8 2014
On Sunday June 8, six branch members managed to read just three cemeteries in the
Rural Municipality of Longlaketon number 219, north of the Qu'Appelle River.
Below are photos of members reading the beautiful little Elbourne Serath Cemetery.
For information on the SGS Cemetery Indexing Project,
on the Regina Branch's role in it, and for a list of all the cemeteries read to date,
see our Cemetery Index page.
Recent Regular Meetings
Tue May 27 - Mother's Day - member sharing
Members were encouraged to bring photos or keepsake items or stories
about their mother, grandmother, great grandmother, or other female ancestor.
A summary of this meeting will be posted here later.
Tue Apr 22 - Timelines - Shelley Kloczko
Every life begins with a birth and ends with a death.
Between these are events such as marriages, childbirth, and moves to new homes.
As researchers, we often have information and evidence about some,
but not all, of these events. Shelley used real research examples provided
by branch members to illustrate how a timeline can help identify
records to search for to fill in the gaps in our knowledge.
A summary of this meeting will be posted here soon.
Tue Mar 25 - One Family's War - Rollie Bourassa
Rollie Bourassa told of his father, a soldier in WW II.
In 1940, Private Clarence Ovilla Bourassa left his wife
and young sons Roland and Murray in Lafleche SK
to join the Canadian Army fighting in Europe.
He died in battle in northern France July 20 1944
and is buried in a war cemetery nearby.
Decades later, while moving his elderly mother
out of her house, Rollie discovered a trunk containing
scores of letters Clarence had sent home during the war.
Over seven years and two complete rewrites, Rollie
edited a book of these letters entitled One Family's War,
published by the University of Regina Press in 2010.
In 2013, 14 members of the Bourassa family travelled to France to visit battlegrounds where Clarence served,
such as Dieppe and Juno Beach. They were finally able to see where their father and grandfather had died almost
70 years before, and to visit Clarence Bourassa's grave.
Rollie published a second edition of the book in 2014,
including a description of this trip.
Read more in A Father, a Son and a Pilgrimmage by Will Chabun of the Leader-Post.