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New Directors and Committee Members
At the recent Regina Branch 2015 AGM, these people stepped up to volunteer:
Shirley H​auglum and Linda Engel are new​ directors.
Jacquie ​Stark is our new newsletter editor.
Ian Brace will now coordinate the cemetery committee in addition to
his responsibilities as president, and Elaine Noble joins the cemetery committee
in addition to her current role on the program committee.
See the About Us page for a complete list of Directors and Committee Members.
Thanks very much to all of you!
ElaineElaine Noble PhoebePhoebe Banbury Amy Qu RenaeRenae Grubb ShelleyShelley Kloczko IanIan Brace
Volunteers Still Required!
However, we still have an urgent need to fill three key positions:
secretary, treasurer and webmaster.
After many years of service to the branch,
Shelley Kloczko and Dave Wessel are stepping down from their positions
and are more than willing to train and advise their replacements.
to learn the responsibilities of these positions,
then contact us via email at SGS Regina Branch to learn more or to volunteer.
Thanks for your consideration.
Recent Program
Nov 24 2015 - The Importance of Using Maps - Pat Ryan
Back by popular demand, Pat Ryan gave this insightful presentation at the AGM.
Maps play an intrinsic part in solving virtually every genealogical puzzle.
How could this couple have met? Did they move, or did the border of some juristiction
or name of their village change? Which church did they attend and would it have kept
their records? Did they travel far to attend school or work, or was it just next door?
Land holdings far apart or right together?
Historical maps are crucial in family history research. Maps come in various scales,
from extremely local and detailed, to world-wide, each useful for different purposes.
There are also many types, such as political, physical and topographical.
They display different information, including land ownership, parish borders,
population, weather, and such things as migration and trade patterns.
Have at least one relevant map handy while doing your research. Use maps often.
Pat has graciously given us permission to post the handout from her presentation,
which contains links to several websites featuring maps useful to genealogists.
Visit Pat at her blog: PastRelations Genealogy Family History.
Long-Form Census Reinstated
Within hours of taking office, the new government of Canada reinstated the
compulsory long-form census, making sure it will be in place for the 2016 count.
Navdeep Bains, the new minister of Innovation, Science and Development said,
"Today, Canadians are reclaiming their right to accurate and more reliable information." With the long-form census restored,
"communities will once again have access to the high-quality data they require."
... and family historians will have more complete data on their ancestors.
Recent Regina Branch Events
Oct 27 2015 - A Twist in Time, a look back on history - Leo Saccary
In 2014, Leo Saccary’s highschool and community leadership made him the
first ever Saskatchewan recipient of the Vimy Foundation Pilgrimage award,
a week long all expenses paid trip in April 2014 to WWI battlefields and memorials.
The Vimy Foundation created the award to honor exceptional Canadian youth
who have served their peers, schools, communities, province or country.
Sep 22 2015 - Mary, Mary Lou & Renae’s Amazing Genealogy Adventure
What do Gnomes, Giraffes, Gallbladders & Genealogy all have in Common?
Mary, Mary Lou & Renae’s Amazing Genealogy Adventure of course!
Three cousins researching for their Elder ancestors in Ohio & Pennsylvania.
Who says genealogy researching is boring?
Cemetery Reading June 7 2015
interested spectators at Earl Grey Cemetery
On Sunday June 7 2015, seven branch members read three cemeteries
in the Rural Municipality of Longlaketon number 219, north of the Qu'Appelle River.
Thanks to coordinator Shelley Kloczko, and to
volunteer readers and photographers Phoebe Banbury, Elaine Noble,
Jacquie Perigny, Sharon Spott, David Wessel, and Colleen Slater-Smith.
The data and photos will be indexed and made available later this year.

See the Cemetery Index page for detailed information on cemetery indexing,
a complete list of cemeteries indexed by the Regina branch to date,
and to learn how to obtain information from that index.
The Curious Case of Richard III
In 2012, the body of King Richard III of England was found beneath a parking lot in Leicester City where Greyfriars Priory was located at his death in 1485.
The location and positive identification of his remains
is a fascinating detective story combining historical, genealogical and forensic DNA research.
This research took the combined efforts of the international Richard III Society,
the University of Leicester, and Leicester City Council.

Family historians will find an interesting article,
The Curious Case of a Parking Lot King
in the April 13 2015 issue of Macleans magazine.
If you don't have a Macleans subscription,
try the Wikipedia article
Exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England,
or the University of Leicester feature
The Discovery of Richard III.
Foresic scientists believe
this to be the best likeness
of Richard III thus found