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Upcoming Regina Branch Meetings
Feb 24 2015 - Funeral Home Records - Nathan Gerow
Nathan Gerow is a Family Representative for Arbor Memorial,
working at Regina Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home.
He will answer our questions about the genealogical information
we can glean from records maintained by funeral homes.
Mar 24 2015 - German Settlement in Saskatchewan - Dave Wessel
According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 28.6% of all Saskatchewan
residents claim some German ancestry. This is more than any other ethnic group,
including English, Scottish, Irish, Ukrainian, French or First Nations.
Your own ancestors may be among them.
These Germans were remarkably diverse in religion and country of origin.
Very few were from the country of Germany. Most came from eastern Europe.
Dave will help us to explore these origins and explain why these migrations occurred.
Coming Event - SGS AGM
Sat Apr 18 2015 - SGS Annual General Meeting
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - 550 Sangster Blvd Regina
08:30 - Registration
09:30 - Greetings
09:45 - Databases: Help or Hindrance - Laura Hanowski
11:00 - Digging Deeper: ... Saskatchewan Archives - Tim Novak
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - AGM (including presentation on Organizational Review)
Click here for a complete Agenda and Registration Form.
(A conference is tentatively planned for April 22 to 24 2016.)
Recent Event
Jan 27 2015 - Show and Tell - member sharing
Several branch members each brought an artifact and
shared the story behind it. Several others contributed news
of a research success or other adventure. For example:
• a grandfather's German Silver Cross
• two 3-generation family history scrapbooks, presented as wedding shower gifts
• January garnet birthstone ring given to mother on her 14th birthday in 1939
• a souvenir bowl from Tribune Co-op, where grandfather and uncles managed stores
• photo ca 1870: Major General Charles Otway, Royal Artillery
• photos of two couples of third great-grandparents
• an original letter from Lemburg Sk to Lvov Ukraine, 1914
There was also a discussion of the many
Genealogical DNA Services now available.
letter from Lemburg SK to Lvov Ukraine 1914
See our Show and Tell page for photos of the artifacts.
You can link from there to four other Show and Tell photo pages from previous years.
Recommended Resource for UK Genealogy Research
Deceased Online -
The central database for UK burials and cremations
For free, search registers by Country, Region, County, Burial Authority or Crematorium.
For a fee, gain access to burial records, photos of headstones, cemetery maps.
Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan is Published
Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan, Book 2
was published in mid-December 2014.
It contains approximately 300 pages of stories and facts
about more than 180 women pioneers in this province.
This includes articles by Regina branch members Renae Grubb, Betty Harle, Dwayne & Lyn Pearce, and Gale Shawcross.

Reader comment on book 1:
"I have no relations, ties or know anyone in the first book; however, have read every story and now feel like I do. That is my all-time favorite book, and I bet I will enjoy the second one even more (now that my Grandmother is in it)! Her story will be forever alive, left to the wonderment of generations to come…"
Jamie Tilley
Click here to see the pre-publication brochure containing more details.
Click here for a printable order form. Price is now $50.
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AGM Program - Who's Your Momma?
Sharon Evelyn Dwayne Betty

Tue Nov 25 - Who's Your Momma? - Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan, popular Regina-based professional genealogy researcher and educator,
presented one of her popular interactive programs at our AGM.

She started us off with two innocuous-looking reports from rural newspapers:
a bridal shower and a wedding. Both contained a couple of village names and
long lists of participants, with husbands' initials rather than first names.
First: Consult a map for the exact location of the places named, and their relationships.
Second: Read very very slowly and carefully. Don't leave anything out.
Many of the names become relevant to your research, although initially you may care
only about the bride. Such secondary sources tell so much about the social history
and context of your ancestor's life, providing many clues to the fuller life story.
And they may lead to primary sources such as birth, marriage and death certificates.

Later, Pat revealed that the subject of our detective work was her own mother.
The bride's history was far more complicated than appeared from a village
wedding report. For example, she went by 7 or 8 different names in her lifetime.
Family history is not always as straightforward as it may appear!

See Pat's blog at PastRelations Genealogy Family History
and her bio on The National Institute for Genealogical Studies website.

Pat Ryan Who's Your Momma AGM workshop
Branch Bylaws
Click here for the Bylaws of the Regina Branch, SGS,
most recently amended and approved at the AGM, 25 November 2014.
Volunteers !!
At the Regina Branch AGM on November 25 2014, several branch members
agreed to take on executive and volunteer positions. They include:
• Director Ian Brace agreed to become the President.
• Newcomer Amy Qu jumped right in to volunteer as Secretary.
Phoebe Banbury became a Director in addition to her work on the cemetery project.
Colleen Slater-Smith agreed to be the Newsletter Editor once again, with an eye to publishing it blog-style on this website.
Other members agreed to continue serving in their present positions,
including Shelley Kloczko, Dave Wessel, and Elaine Noble. Renae Grubb stepped down
as President, but will stay on as Vice President and member of the Program Committee.
Thanks to all who agreed to help.
For a complete list of executive and major volunteer positions, see the About Us page.
Images of Prairie Towns
Images of Prairie Towns is an interesting collection of historical photos of
towns in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Most were taken from postcards.