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Obituaries of residents & former residents of
Allan, South Allan & Zelma, Saskatchewan

This collection, which also contains obituaries of individuals from communities other than the above, was compiled by Clara Volk from newspaper clippings which were scrapbooked. The pages were photographed and contributed by Jack Senger

To view the obituary, click on the coloured Letter & Number at the end of the name. When the page loads, click on the bottom right hand corner of the image to enlarge. The scrapbook pages contain varying numbers of obituaries and in some cases, funeral cards.
Adam Florence Emilia "Tootsie" (nee LaPierre)  A-01
Adam Frank Allan  A-01
Adam Gilbert Anthony  A-01
Adam James Richard  A-05
Adam Noel Victor  A-05
Aderlik Edward George  A-04
Alisch Grant  A-03
Alisch Ian Grant  A-06
Alisch Jean (nee Main)  A-02
Allan Frank  A-01
Anderlik Edward George  A-04
Anderson Clarence  A-02
Anderson Mabel  A-02
Andreas Barbara Magdelina  A-05
Andreas Darcey Glen  A-02
Andreas Frank  A-05
Andreas Keith  A-05
Andreas Nick  A-02
Andreen John Leslie  A-04
Andreen Mary Aileen (nee Stewart)  A-05
Andreen Swen John  A-01
Andrew Albert  A-02
Angelstad Merlin Curtis  A-01
Armstrong Catherine (nee Moldenhauer)  A-01
Armstrong Fraser  A-01
Arneson Robert Alexander  A-02
Arscott Shirley Leila (nee Lindberg)  A-02
Atkinson John Appelby  A-02
Atkinson Thomas William  A-02
Atteberry Elroy Allan  A-01

Backes Barbara Frances  B-02
Balder Henry R.  B-01
Baldwin Erving G. "Buck"  B-05
Barker John  B-04
Barker Mabel Christine  B-04
Barnes Everett Lawrence  B-22
Barnes John Wesley  B-01
Barnes June Frances  B-05
Barnes Vergil Lester   B-02
Bartel Diedrich P.   B-18
Bauer David Hans  B-05
Beavers Buford Don  B-18
Beck Garry Edward  B-02
Beck Katherina (nee Litzinger)  B-21
Beck Magdelena (nee Silbernagel)  Page 17
Beck Marcus  B-21
Beck Michael Balsar  B-28
Beck Roy Lawrence  B-25
Beck Bernice  B-21
Belhumeur Jules Henry  B-22
Belhumeur Verna  B-27
Benard Leo A.  B-07
Benard Michael  B-07
Bendfeldt Josephine Magdaliena (nee Boehm)  B-05
Benedict Warren  B-01
Bentley Harold Cecel B-18
Berger Anna (nee Dennis)  B-21
Berger Emma (nee Garman)  B-21
Berger Frank  B-21
Berger Magdelena (nee Zeigler)  B-25
Berger Michael  B-19
Bermel Henry Fr.  B-01
Bicum Gordon Dr.  B-07
Biegler John J.  14 (Card)
Biegler Michael  14 (Card)
Bieler Peter Rev.  B-26
Bittmann Anton "Tony" B-03
Bitz Adelaide (nee Selzler)  B-16
Bitz Amanda Rita  B-15
Bitz Anna  B-17
Bitz Andrew  B-15
Bitz Barry  B-15
Bitz Bolsar Andrew  B-17
Bitz Byron  B-15
Bitz Edwin John  B-18
Bitz Harold Anthony  B-27
Bitz Helen Juliana  B-15
Bitz Hugo  B-15
Bitz Julianna (nee Selzer)  B-15
Bitz Kathleen Margaret (nee Kinahan)  B-17
Bitz Martin  B-16
Bitz Ronald David  B-17
Bitz William  B-16
Block Anna  B-13
Blue Alan Henderson Wilson  B-28
Blue Thomas Lindsay  B-28
Boan George David  B-23
Bob William  B-05
Bobiash Helen  B-26
Bobiash Joseph Andrew  B-26
Bobiash Stanley  B-26
Bobiash Vincent  B-26
Bobiask Mrs. Vincent   B-03
Boechler Andrew John  B-04
Boechler Andrew Joseph  B-07
Boechler Anthony  B-06
Boechler Catherine (nee Silbernagel)  B-04
Boechler Charles  B-09
Boechler Elizabeth (nee Senger)  B-06
Boechler Emmanuel J.  B-10
Boechler Erwin  B-06
Boechler Eva (nee Boehn)  B-07
Boechler Frank F.  B-09
Boechler Frank Leo  B-22
Boechler Gertrude (nee Gefroh)  B-10
Boechler Gregory John  B-10
Boechler Guy Joseph  B-09
Boechler Ida (nee Wald)  B-04
Boechler Jacob B-04
Boechler Kasper James  B-09
Boechler Katherine (nee Hopfinger)  B-06
Boechler Katherine Helen (nee Martian)  B-09
Boechler Lillian Monica (nee Deibert)  B-09
Boechler Lucienne (nee Reindeau)  B-04
Boechler Lydia  B-06
Boechler Mary Ann (nee Schaaf)  B-04
Boechler Mathias  B-07
Boechler Matilda (nee Leohndorf)  B-06
Boechler Nicholas  B-07
Boechler Pauline (nee Wald)  B-03
Boechler Philip J.  B-06
Boechler Rose (nee Berger)  B-07
Boechler Magdlena Sister  B-24
Boehm Aloisia (nee Garman)  B-14
Boehm Andrew  B-12
Boehm Edward Ralph  B-12
Boehm Edwin Theodore "Ted"  B-02
Boehm Elizabeth (nee Vogelgesang)  B-14
Boehm Emma E. (nee Brickmer)  B-14
Boehm Eva (nee Senger)  B-18
Boehm Jacob  B-14
Boehm Katherina (nee Senger)  B-12
Boehm Lynn Ann  B-14
Boehm Magdalena (nee Zerr)  B-23
Boehm Michael  B-14
Boehm Minnie (nee Kraft)  B-12
Boehm Markus Mrs.  B-12
Boehm Raymond  B-13
Boehm Wendlen  B-12
Bohn Angelina (nee Senger)  Page 01
Boivin Justine  B-13
Boivin Louis  B-05
Booker Charles Allen  B-02
Boski Fred  B-28
Boski Julia (nee Boski)  B-28
Boski Kertrj Mrs.  B-08
Boyne George William  B-01
Brady Charles  B-08
Braybrook Violet Kathleen  B-05
Breckner Peter Roy  B-07
Brickner Adam  B-11
Brickner Aloysia  B-16
Brickner Edith (nee Senger)  Page 17 (Card)
Brickner Foldien Adam  B-11
Brickner Frances Magdlena  B-04
Brickner Jacob J.  B-11
Brickner John R.  B-11
Brickner Joseph Pete  B-11
Brickner Katherine (nee Heisler)  B-11
Brickner Lawrence John  B-10
Brochu Aime  B-08
Brossart (unknown)  B-20
Brossart Andrew Joseph  B-20
Brossart Colette Ann (nee Senger)  B-03
Brossart Ida (nee Hagel)  B-23
Brossart Ignats Anton  B-27
Brossart John  B-19
Brossart John  B-20
Brossart Joseph  B-19
Brossart Joseph  B-20
Brossart John Mrs. (nee Wald)  B-19
Brossart Pius  B-20
Brossart Regina (nee Senger)  B-19
Brossart Rose Margaret (nee Kraft)  B-20
Brotzel Elizabeth Forsythe (nee Veitch)  B-02
Brotzel Frances  B-02
Brotzel John Robert  B-03
Brotzel Michael R.  B-15
Bruce Alexander  B-03
Bruner Morley Floyd  B-08
Burt Delmar Lewis  B-02
Burt Janet Ann  B-02
Burwash Derek  H-23
Byam Hazel Eileen (nee Byem)  B-01
Byam Jean  B-05
Byrnes John Joseph  B-05

Cameron Lyle  C-06
Campbell Alexander George  C-04
Campbell Elwood Donald  C-04
Campbell Howard James  C-04
Campbell Marion Pierrie (Minnie)  C-04
Capes Arthur Leslie  C-02
Casey Grace  C-02
Casy Tomas Michael  C-06
Chambers Eric Dudly  C-03
Chambers Mildred Kathleen  C-01
Chambers Stanley  C-03
Churchill Cecilia  Page 13
Churchill Cecilia (nee Senger)  Page 24 (Card)
Clark Alber Leslie  C-04
Cline Albert  H-20
Cline Albert John  C-05
Cline Audrey Mabel (nee Clark)  C-02
Cline Caroline Theresa  C-03
Cline Eleanor Mae (nee Reed)  C-03
Cline Frederick Willam  C-03
Cline George Arthur  C-03
Cline Marguerite  C-05
Cline Robert Henry  C-06
Cline Walter Francis  C-05
Conney Doreen Celicla (nee Sabraw)  C-05
Craik Edna Mary (nee Alexander)  C-06
Cummins Ann Mary  C-02
Currie Wilfred James C-06

Dauvin Laurent  D-08
Dawson Myrtle (nee Brown)  D-08
Deeks Agatha Christina (nee Hartman)  D-08
Deibert Agnes  D-09
Deibert Annie (nee Moldenhauer)  D-09
Deibert Gilbert John  D-07
Deibert Irma (nee Rolle)  D-09
Deibert Kasper  D-05
Deibert Leo  D-05
Deibert Vernon Leo  D-09
Deichert Kasper  D-05
Deitz Alexander  D-09
Deitz John Martin  D-08
Dellezay Joseph  D-08
Dengler Bradley William  D-03
Dengler Carl Michael  D-03
Dengler Carl Peter  D-02
Dengler Eron Gordon  D-02
Dengler Frank Joseph  D-01
Dengler Gerry Daniel  D-02
Dengler Janet Anne (nee Minkalwitz)  D-02
Dengler Jean (nee Welder)  D-02
Dengler John  D-02
Dengler Kerry Lynn  D-02
Dengler Louis  D-02
Dengler Magdelena  D-10
Dengler Olga (nee Dennis)  D-01
Denney Elmer Herbert  D-04
Dennis Bradley William  D-03
Dennis Fred  D-04
Dennis Helen (nee Usselman)  D-06
Dennis Nick  D-01
Denomie Rachelle Lynn  D-05
Dewey Catherine Frances (nee Pflieger)  D-07
Dieno Dwaine Edwin  D-04
Dittmer Clarence  D-05
Dittmer Edna Murial  D-05
Dittmer Lester Adolph  D-06
Dopko Catherine  D-08
Doxtator James  D-05
Dubuc Hormisdas Joseph  Page 32
Duff George Richardson  D-08
Dukart Annie R. (nee Boechler)  D-08
Dukart Marianna (nee Kary)  D-08
Dukart Michael Philip  D-08
Dunn Harve Melroy  D-04
Dutertre Evelyn  D-07

Elash Michael T.  E-04
Elder Peter V. Fr.  E-03
Elder Henry  E-03
Elder Joseph Kasper  E-03
Elder Kasper Neis  E-03
Elder Peter  E-04
Elder Tillie  E-03
Elderkin J. Foster  E-04
Eley Norman Wilson  E-02
Eley Wilbur  E-05
Eljoke John  E-04
Ellis Jane E-06
Ellis Robert  E-06
Ellis Thomas Scholes  E-06
Ellis William "Reg"  E-05
Ellis Winnifred  E-06
Endacott Elizabeth Magdeline (nee Bitz)  E-04
Engel Annie T. (nee Senger)  E-01
Engel Norbert Fr. E-01
Engel Michael  E-01
Engel Philippina (nee Weisbeck) E-01
Engel Roy Jacob  E-01
Engele Alfred Fr.  E-02
Englund Doreen Audrey (nee Lindberg)  E-04
Erixon Orville  E-02
Ettles Lorne Andrew  E-05
Ettles Muriel  E-02

Failler Christina Eva  F-09
Failler Martha  F-09
Failler Mike  F-09
Failler Nicholas  F-09
Fast Barbara Judith  F-10
Fast Diedrich Edwin  F-09
Fedorchuk Dorthy (nee Peters)  F-07
Feist Nicodemus Fr.  F-03
Fendelet Connie (nee Senger)  F-10
Field Terrence Joseph  F-07
Firby Bernice Mary (nee Lindberg)  F-10
Firby Lester George Henry  F-10
Fischer Adam  F-02
Fischer Frances (nee Welder)  F-02
Fischer Frank Adam  F-02
Fischer Gerhart John  F-02
Fischer Gorden Arthur Lawrence  F-07
Fischer Isabelle Marie (nee Baches)  F-02
Fischer John A.  F-02
Fischer Joseph J.  F-02
Fischer Katie  F-06
Fischer Leo  F-06
Fischer Michael  F-06
Fischer Monica (nee Moldenhauer)  F-02
Fischer Nick A.  F-06
Fischer Elsie A. (nee Wolfe)  F-02
Flegel Frances Freda (nee Fikowski)  F-05
Folk Foldien  F-07
Folk Hilda (nee Rosher)  F-05
Forsey Rachel Irene  F-03
Foster Norman Walter Stacey  F-03
Foster Ruth Anna  F-01
Frankie John  F-06
Freeborn Howard Allan  F-03
Friedman Louisa M. (nee Opperman)  F-09
Fritz Helen (nee Usselman)  F-08
Fritz Jacob  F-08
Fritz John A.  F-08
Fritz Joseph  F-06
Fritz Wendlyn  F-01
Froese John S.  F-07
Frost Margaret E. (nee Eckdahl)  F-10
Frost Olaf J.  F-10
Frydenlund Elise (nee Grimstad)  F-08
Frydenlund Inga (nee Grimstad)  F-07
Frydenlund Ludvig  F-08
Frydenlund Marie Catherine (nee Alisch)  F-03
Funk Marshal F-07
Furin Duane Kalvin  F-03

Garman Joseph Michael  G-02
Garman Keven  G-06
Garman Leo Jack  G-06
Garman Louise (nee Lindenbach)  G-06
Garman Magdelena (nee Weninger)  G-06
Garman Michael  G-06
Gaudet Gilbert  H-01
Gautschi Willi  G-06
Gelowitz Ruby  H-01
Gelowitz Rudolph  G-03
Gennutt Helmut  G-05
George Jennifer (nee George)  G-05
Germaine Ruth Elizabeth (nee Schroeder)  H-01
Giesbrecht Frances Julia  G-05
Gieselman John August  H-01
Gill David  H-05
Gillespie Daisy  G-06
Gillman Ralph McAulay  H-01
Ginther Kimberly Ian  G-04
Grasdahl Mary Regina  G-01
Graves Jennie (nee Usselman)  U-01
Griffin Elizabeth  G-02
Gruidry Raymond Peter  G-04
Grumetza Devin  G-03
Grumetza Devin  H-01
Guinan William Daniel  G-01
Gusikoski Bernard  G-05
Gusikoski Marny Joyce (nee Caplette)  G-03
Gusikoski Peter Michael  G-05

Haesch Lloyd  H-12
Haesch Ronald K.  H-12
Hagel Adam Lawrence  H-02
Hagel Andrew  H-09
Hagel Anthony Emmanuel  H-5
Hagel Emmanuel Jacob  H-07
Hagel George  H-09
Hagel George Ralph  H-09
Hagel John William  H-18
Hagel Joseph  H-19
Hagel Joseph J.  H-07
Hagel Lawrence Michael  H-02
Hagel Lillian Magdelena (nee Hagel)  H-21
Hagel Lorne Michael  H-02
Hagel Matthew (baby)  H-05
Hagel Michael Peter  H-22
Hagel Nicholas Wilfred  H-19
Hagel Richard  H-21
Hagel Ruby Hazel  H-07
Hamelin Madelein  H-22
Harder Mary (nee Letkenman)  H-20
Harnett Hazel May (nee Ellis)  H-06
Hartz Jacob William  H-11
Hauck Barbara (nee Adam)  H-06
Hauck Elizabeth (nee Garman)  H-13
Hauck Emmanuel Joseph  H-13
Hauck Ida (nee Weninger)  H-22
Hauck Jacob  H-13
Hauck Jeffrey James  H-13
Hauck Melvin Michael Jacob  H-13
Hauck Michael John  H-13
Hauck Nickolas  H-13
Hauck Jack Francis  H-13
Haughn Hilda  H-10
Hawkins Margaret (nee Weninger)  H-12
Hay Hazel Louise  H-06
Hazelwanter Anne Katherine (nee Breit)  H-15
Hazelwanter William Alois  H-09
Hedley Ernest Ellwood  H-12
Hedley Georgina (nee Cross)  H-10
Hegel Frank  H-07
Heinz Bill  H-07
Heisler Adelheid  H-11
Heisler Ambrose Lambert  H-08
Heisler Arnold Gorden  H-8
Heisler Emil George  H-09
Heisler Harlaid  H-08
Heisler Irene Marie (nee Turgeon)  H-18
Heisler John H-08
Heisler Julia Martha (nee Leier)  H-08
Heisler Katherine (nee Doetzel)  H-22
Heisler Maggie  H-07
Heisler Rose (nee Hauck)  H-08
Heleseltine John Rodger Dr.  H-20
Henriksen Bertha  H-14
Henriksen Carl Lorn  H-06
Henriksen Maxine Audrey (nee Tupman)  H-14
Herbst Fr. Patrick (oblate)  H-16
Hergott Adelheid (nee Heisler)  H-20
Hermann James Fr.  H-15
Hernter David Ross  H-17
Heuchert Jacob  H-12
Higgins Terence Lambart  H-12
Hodge Frederick Thomas  H-06
Hoerdt Mary Agnes (nee Murphy)  H-12
Hoffman John George  H-20
Hoffman-Volk Lillian Olga (nee Schaan)  V-05
Hofmeiser Tillie (nee Schwartzenberger)  H-10
Hoiness Carl J.  H-10
Hoiness Donald C.  H-10
Holdner Edward Edwin  H-21
Holdner Frank  H-10
Holdner Joe  H-15
Holdner Violet (nee Fishleigh)  H-16
Holst August George  H-21
Holtorf Bertha  H-07
Holtorf Cifford  H-10
Holtorf Earl  H-10
Holtorf Henry  H-17
Holtorf James Henry  H-17
Holtorf Lena (nee Simonar)  H-06
Houle Audrey Merle (nee Adam)  H-14
Houle Marinda  H-14
Houle Paul  H-14
Hulm Anton  H-04
Hulm Clara Florence (nee Hallock)  H-04
Hulm Frank Joseph  H-04
Hulm Katie  H-05
Hulm Lucy Margaret (nee Welder)  H-04
Hulm Mary (nee Merk)  H-17
Hulm Rose  H-17
Hulm Rosina (nee Moser)  H-04
Hulm Thaddeus  H-11
Hulm Thomas  H-04
Hulm Veronica (nee Hagel)  H-04
Hunt Agnes  H-06
Hynne Erwin A.  H-14

Jacek Adam Adolph  J-02
Jacek Anton  J-02
Jacek Betty Mildred (nee Tryyki)  J-02
Jacek Emil  J-02
Jackson Julianna (nee Senger)  S-04
Jeffers Ronald C.  J-07
Jensen James Peter  Page 23
Jenson Charles  J-06
Jenson Eldon  J-06
Jenson James Peter  J-07
Johns George Earl  J-05
Johns Mabel Isabell  J-05
Johns Madaline Ethael (nee Hamilton)  J-03
Johns Roy Henry  J-03
Johns Thomas Charles  J-03
Johns Thomas Nathan  J-03
Johnson Laura  J-04
Johnston Malcom Harry J-01
Jones Gladys  J-01
Jones Lewis Henry  J-01
Joseph Donald Hubert  J-04
Joseph Elizabeth May  J-04
Joseph Frances Thomas  J-04
Joseph Frederick Lewis  J-04
Joseph Margeret Louis  J-04
Joseph Annie Elizabeth  J-04
Jouen Albin  J-01

Kako Genevieve (nee Brickner)  K-09
Kallio Jean Elizabeth (nee Rublee)  K-10
Kamincki Gary Neil  K-02
Karft Doreen  K-05
Kary Anne Katherine (nee Selzler)  K-12
Kary Katherine (nee Dukart)  K-04
Kary Leo  K-09
Kary Magdalena Clara (nee Deibert)  K-01
Kary Peter Frank  K-12
Kary Regina (nee Senger)  J-05
Kary Sigemund  K-09
Keen George  K-02
Keen George Theodore  K-02
Kelly Beatrice (nee Miller)  K-07
Kenney Evelyn Marguerite (nee McLaughlin)  K-07
Kinahan Thomas William  K-08
Kish Julius Steve  K-12
Kish Steve Julius  K-08
Klotz Andrew John  K-03
Klotz Arnold  K-03
Klotz Isadore John  K-02
Klotz John George  K-04
Klotz Leo  K-03
Klotz Raymond John  K-03
Klotz Rose (nee Moldenhauer)  K-03
Koble Micheal Felix  K-02
Kolke Irene (nee Weisbeck)  K-07
Kotschorek Lawrence  K-07
Kovitch Lydia  K-02
Kovitch Marion Laylon (nee Kovitch)  K-13
Kraft Elizabeth (nee Reinbodt)  K-04
Kraft Ernie  K-04
Kraft Geraldine Mildred (nee Schulz)  K-09
Kraft Helena  K-04
Kraft Isadore John  K-05
Kraft Joseph Andrew  K-04
Kraft Kasper Peter  K-05
Kraft Peter  K-05
Kraft Vickie Josephine  K-04
Kraft Katherine  K-05
Krauter Archie Roland K-13
Krawitz Henry Fr.  K-06
Kroeger John  K-13
Kroeger Marie (nee Dyck)  K-06
Kroeker Elizabeth  K-13
Kuntz Elizabeth  K-08
Kuntz Raphael  K-06
Kurenda Yvonne (nee Farden)  K-13
Kurtze William Lorne Dr.  K-06
Kurtze Julia  K-06
Kurtze Karl  K-06
Kvale Alf Conrad  K-07

Lambert Maria Elizabeth  L-07
Larson Verner John  L-06
Lauscher Grace Nettie (nee Wagner)  L-06
Leblanc Eudore  L-06
Leech Thelma (nee Gorham)  L-06
Legare Allan Joseph  L-05
Leier Charles  K-13
Leier Charles Sr.  K-13
Leier George  L-01
Leier Gertrude (nee Bleischwitz)  L-01
Leier Ida (nee Kopp)  L-01
Leier Julia Josephine (nee Doppler)  L-01
Leier Maria Josephine (nee Shyluk)  L-01
Leier Pauline (nee Quinian) K-13
Leier Peter Charles  L-01
Leier Brigetta Marion  L-09
Leier Rose Marie  K-13
Lennox William  L-05
Lepage Denise  P-07
Lequia Edward Fr.  L-07
Levasseur Rose Mary  Page 10 (Card)
Levasseur Ulysse Joseph  Page 10 (Card)
Lindberg Bob  L-09
Lindberg Harry Howard  L-06
Lindberg John Robert  L-09
Lindberg Murray Scott  L-03
Lindberg Neida Marie (nee Steeves)  L-09
Lindberg Velva Annie  L-06
Loehndorf Angeline (nee Boechler)  L-02
Loehndorf Christine Violetta  L-03
Loehndorf Daniel Paul  L-07
Loehndorf Jana  L-02
Loehndorf Leonard Bernard  L-02
Loehndorf Paul William  L-02
Loehndorf Peter  L-02
Loehndorf William  L-03
Logan Ocean Kael  L-09
Lohman Leslie  B-02
Louden Debbie  L-05
Lough Ive (nee Evans)  L-08
Lough Ninian  L-08
Lund Frances Adelaide (nee Kettles)  L-05
Lussier Dolores J.  L-05

MacAulay Violet Mary (nee Switzer)  M-04
MacDonald Winnifred  D-10
Mack Pearl  M-01
Mahoney James Maes Patricek Bishop M-03
Mahoney John Joseph  M-03
Manion Bernard  M-08
Marback Anton  M-10
Marback Barbara (nee Boechler)  M-08
Marback Barbara (nee Klotz)  M-10
Marback Leo J.  M-09
Marcoux Vernon  M-13
Marten Kathleen Fay  M-05
Martian John  M-11
Martian Katherine  M-07
Martian Lawrence  M-11
Martian Mary Eve  M-11
Martian Philomena (nee Kaiser)  M-11
Martian Theodore  M-08
Martindale Mona  M-02
Martindale Roy  M-14
Matisz John  M-13
Matisz John  M-09
Matshes Emma (nee Kroeger)  M-09
Matshes Frederick  M-09
Matshes William  M-13
Mayoh Catherine Mary (nee Shea) M-12
McArthur John Gordon  M-09
McDougall David Andrew  M-02
McKay Nepoleon  M-14
McKinnon Albert Elmore  M-14
McKinnon Gertrude  M-02
McPhee Joseph  M-10
Meier Mike B.  M-11
Meise Eleanor (nee Ridsdale)  M-03
Mellish Abe  M-09
Mellish Carson Layton  M-10
Melnyk Joseph  H-10
Merk Genevieve (nee Hulm)  M-07
Merkel Catherine  M-09
Meyer Matilda "Millie" (nee Schnurr)  M-17
Meyer John  M-08
Miller Edward Albert  M-02
Miller Harold Edward  M-16
Miller Roy Philip  M-09
Miller Wilhelmina  M-14
Miller Winfred (nee Holmes)  M-10
Mintkawetz J. Kyle  M-01
Mintkawitz Elsie (nee Ogle)  M-01
Moldenhauer Emil  M-07
Moldenhauer Jacob Isidius  M-04
Moldenhauer John Dominic  M-04
Moldenhauer Lawrence Roy  M-16
Moldenhauer Leona (nee Senger)  M-17
Moldenhauer May Irene (nee Holtorf)  M-04
Moldenhauer Roy  M-05
Moldenhauer Roy  M-06
Moldenhauer Theodore  M-05
Moldenhauer Zacheus  M-04
Moore Lester Gilman  M-12
Morash Mavis (nee Wilderman)  M-15
Morgan Lawrence Wesley  M-01
Mostaway Allen  M-14
Murgil Mary (nee Jacek)  M-10
Murgil Michael Anthony  M-10
Murphy Thomas Emit  Page 15
Murray James Donald  M-04
Murray Marion Virgina (nee Campbell)  M-04
Murray Vivian Mabel (nee Dention)  M-04
Myhr Signe K.  M-02

Neeb Henirich  N-01
Nelson Caroline  N-01
Nelson Edwin  N-01
Nelson Ole Kristian  N-01
Nelson Rudy Darlene  N-01
Neufeld Elizabeth (nee Warantin)  M-17
Neufeld John M-17
Nicholson William  Page 18 (Card)
Norrington Hazel Rosemond  M-17
Nowoselski John P.  N-01
Nupdal Dauna Helen (nee Moldenhauer)  M-05
Nystrom Helene Barbara (nee Deibert)  M-16

Ogle Robert Joseph Fr.  O-01
O'Grady Fergus Bishop  M-15
O'Grady Eugene  M-15
Oneill Ernest Hugh  M-15

Pagard Archie Lawrence  P-05
Parent Lea Therese (nee Lajeunesse)  P-02
Parker George  P-02
Parkes James Francis  P-04
Parry Doreen Parry (nee Hauck)  P-07
Peevers Margaret (nee Dengler)  P-07
Peevers Thomas William  P-06
Penrod Russell Edward  P-02
Peppler Clifford Clarence  P-02
Pepply  John Peter  P-06
Perlinger Leo Joseph  P-03
Peters David  P-07
Petersen Earl "Bud"  P-07
Pfleger Ignatius  P-04
Pfleger Julianna  P-05
Pfleger Winnifred Margeret (nee Ducherer)  P-01
Pfleiger Anton John  P-01
Pfleiger Michael Andrew  P-01
Pfleiger Rose  P-01
Phillips Otto Harry  P-02
Plotzki Anna Marie (nee Boechler)  P-02
Porter Marie Elizabeth  P-05
Prodfoot Madeline (nee Senger)  31
Pryor Ann Emily (nee Foster)  P-05
Pubanz Walter Herman  P-03
Purst Inga  P-06

Rathje Fritz Fredrick  R-03
Rathje George R-01
Rathje Sarah Leore  R-01
Rausch Mary Ann Elizabeth (nee Hulm)  H-05
Reihl Ida Christina Sister  R-04
Reinboldt Julia (nee Schatz)  R-02
Remmen Torsie  R-01
Renny Elizabeth   R-04
Reynolds Archibald Donald  R-02
Richard Irene (nee Bitz)  R-01
Richerd Margaret Viola (nee Kruger)  R-03
Rieger Jack Joseph R-04
Riehl Elizabeth (nee Moldenhauer)  R-06
Riehl John Sr.  R-06
Riehl Louella (nee Blanchette)  R-06
Riehl Martin Jake  R-06
Riehl Martin Sr.  R-06
Riehl Michael  R-06
Riplinger Frank  R-03
Riplinger Lena  R-03
Robertson Alasdair Charles  R-02
Roffe Pearl  R-02
Rogina Barbara Magdalena (nee Brotzel)  R-05
Rogina Edward Matthew  R-02
Rogina Peter  R-04
Row Laurence  R-03
Roy George Joseph  R-02
Roy Susan (nee Livingston)  R-02

Sadowick John  S-03
Sadowick Victor M.  S-39
Sander Ameila (nee Weninger)  S-28
Sander Magdelena (nee Elder)  S-20
Sander Puis  S-16
Sander Valentine  S-20
Sawatsky Elma (nee Drieger)  S-19
Schaan Eva (nee Pauls)  Page 11 (Card)
Schaan Gabriel John  S-02
Schaan Kenneth  S-22
Schaan Matilda Elizabeth (nee Koczka)  S-41
Schaan Michael  S-22
Schaan Nicodemus Paul  S-22
Schaan Philip Thomas  S-22
Schaan Rosa  S-22
Schaan Sebastian  S-36
Schaan Thomas Joseph  S-22
Schafer Caroline (nee Usselman)  S-32
Schafer Pater Raphael Fr.  S-36
Schaffel Anthony Ned  S-11
Schaffel Clara (nee Meyer)  S-34
Schaffel Frank Anton  S-11
Schaffel Frank Sr.  S-11
Schaffel John Henry  S-38
Schaffel Joseph Anton  S-11
Schaffel Kay (nee Gerein)  S-40
Scharback Frank Joseph  S-14
Schatz Anthony  S-31
Schatz Arnold Andrew  S-24
Schatz Doreen  S-24
Schatz Etta (nee Hauck)  S-24
Schatz Michael Fr.  S-19
Schatz Margaret (nee Reinboldt)  S-25
Schatz Peter  S-16
Schatz John (Jack)  S-24
Schatz John Roy  S-24
Schellenberg Henry  S-21
Scherr Elizabeth Aloise (nee Boehm)  S-12
Scherr John Markus  S-30
Scherr Joseph Peter  S-11
Scherr Myrtle (nee Chambers)  S-12
Scherr Pius M.  S-23
Scherr Valentine  S-42
Schick Perry Michael  S-33
Schmidt Frank Anton  S-28
Schmidt Harold George  S-14
Schmidt Mardelena (nee Fischer)  S-30
Schmidt Stephen David  S-13
Schneider Michael  S-22
Schnitzler Frances (nee Hagel)  S-29
Schnitzler Rose (nee Hegel)  S-29
Schnitzler William Sr.  S-29
Schnurr Magdalena Edith  S-39
Schnurr Minnie (nee Brandel)  S-25
Schnurr Patricia "Trish"  S-20
Schnurr Wendlin  S-13
Schriner Richard Andrew  S-12
Schriner Tillie  S-35
Schroeder Ben  S-37
Schuett Katherine  S-19
Schumacher Magdalena Dorothy (nee Klein)  S-32
Schwab Lena (nee Dennis)  S-26
Schwann Katherine (nee Welder)  S-25
Schwann	Leonard	S-25
Schwartzenberger Sebastian  Page 12 (Card)
Schwartzenberger Peter  S-19
Scott Dorothy Marie (nee Hagel)  S-06
Scott Jean  S-27
Selzler Anna Marie (nee Bitz)  S-33
Selzler Anton  S-33
Selzler Clara (nee Brossart)  S-42
Selzler Emil Jacob  S-33
Selzler Margaret (nee Kraft)  S-33
Senger Alberta  S-10
Senger Aloysius  34
Senger Andreas  S-01
Senger Andrew  S-05
Senger Andrew Joseph  S-38
Senger Angeline (nee Meyer)  30
Senger Anna (nee Goetz)  S-08
Senger Anna Katherine (nee Dukart)  S-09
Senger Barbara Ida (nee Hagel)  S-01
Senger Catherine  Page 24 (Card)
Senger Catherine (nee Elder)  S-09
Senger Christian Filex  S-09
Senger Doreen (nee Boehm)  Page 33
Senger Edwin Alexander  S-03
Senger Elmer  S-09
Senger Frank Wendlell  S-06
Senger Hyacintha Sister  Page 31 (Card)
Senger John Nicholas  S-04
Senger Joseph Andrew  S-01
Senger Joseph C.  S-09
Senger Joseph K.  S-06
Senger Julia (nee Deibert)  S-09
Senger Kasper  S-05
Senger Kasper Emil  S-05
Senger Katherena (nee Gefroh)  S-04
Senger Katherina (nee Beigler)  S03
Senger Leo Andrew  S-40
Senger Lloyd James  S-09
Senger Louis Joseph  15 (Card)
Senger Magdalina (Sister Hyacintha)  S-10
Senger Margaret (nee Hauck)  Page 22
Senger Marion (nee Bengert)  S-07
Senger Marion (nee Silbernagel)  09
Senger Mary Jane (nee Adam)  23
Senger Michael  S-04
Senger Muriel (nee Lindberg)  S-08
Senger Nicodemus Puis  S-04
Senger Phylis (nee Leier)  S-01
Senger Puis Anthony  S-08
Senger Tony  S-04
Senger Wendlin  S-01
Senger Wendlin Leo  S-01
Sepke Erwin Alfred  S-27
Serke Andrew John  S-40
Serke Linda Estella (nee Merk)  S-18
Shirley Lawrence Herbert Fr.  S-19
Shockey Carl Lemuel  S-21
Shockey Roseanne (nee Pockett)  S-16
Shockey Jay Delton  S-35
Shout Emily  S-25
Silbernagel Carl  Page 09
Silbernagel Henry Joseph  Page 10 (Card)
Silbernagel Ignatius  Page 09
Silbernagel John Peter  Page 09
Silbernagel Katherine Maxine  Page 10
Silbernagel Nick John  Page 07
Silbernagel Paul  Page 07
Silbernagel Paul John  Page 09
Singer George  S-03
Skaros Norman Harris  S-41
Skorobohach Sadie  S-23
Smith Adalhird Mary (nee Senger)  S-06
Smith Ade Joyce Gwendolyn (nee Parrish)  S-38
Smith Cameron Bruce  S-20
Smith Clarence Marshel  S-33
Smith Douglas John  S-14
Smith Gorden Keen  S-33
Smith Helen  S-11
Smith Stuart Hutchins  S-33
Smith Stuart McNeil  S-39
Sodereberg Helge Arthur  S-23
Sopha Nicole Renee (nee Sopha)  S-08
Sotnikow Hazel Caroline (nee Bunes)  S-32
Sparing Grant  S-19
Spark Charles Vernon  S-29
Speckt Bertha (nee Dukard)  S-02
Speckt George  S-25
Sperling Marion (nee Usselman)  S-32
Srefioff Katherine  S-25
Stabbler George Peter  S-34
Stang Lucy  S-34
Steckler Edith Minnie (nee Sander)  S-02
Steckler Eva (nee Schatz)  S-12
Steckler Frank Leo  S-14
Steckler Hilda Minnie (nee Sander)  S-35
Steckler Jacob Peter  S-16
Steckler Joseph Frank  S-16
Steckler Michael F.  S-14
Steckler Ted  S-34
Steeves George Henry Keith  S-41
Steinsvoll Stanley Henry  S-36
Stensrud Brian  S-36
Stephan Jacob  S-35
Stephens Jean  S-25
Stoker J. F.  S-14
Stroh Emmanuel  S-29
Summerfeld Hartley Edwin  S-11

Taras Peter  T-02
Temple Joan  T-01
Temple Raymond Donald T-03
Teneycke Clara Anne  T-01
Teneycke Floyd John  T-02
Teneycke Margaret Evelyn  T-02
Teneycke Philip Schylur  T-02
Tetzlaff Doreen Marie (nee Zacher)  T-04
Todd Arthur  T-04
Todd Edna Earle (nee Mulr)  T-04
Trautman Christina  T-04
Trautman Dominic  	 T-02
Trautman Joseph Andrew  T-02
Trautman Sebastian Joseph  T-03
Trulsrud Gladys Elizabeth (nee Brownmiller)  T-01
Turriff Helen Jessie  T-03
Turriff John Douglas  T-03
Turriff Lloyd George  T-03
Turriff Mary Frances (nee Ward)  T-03
Turriff Mildred Fay (nee Barns)  T-03
Turriff Owen Robert  T-03
Tyson Agnes  T-04

Ullman Alvena Benjamin  U-02
Ullman Olive Eleanor (nee Skaros)  U-04
Ullman Russell James  U-02
Ulrich Ethel  U-01
Unser Joe  U-06
Usselman Anton U-03
Usselman Eva (nee Beck)  U-02
Usselman Frances (nee Martian)  U-02
Usselman John  U-01
Usselman John A.  U-01
Usselman John M.  U-01
Usselman Leo  U-03
Usselman Marion Barbara (nee Roshaw)  U-03
Usselman Martin J.  U-01
Usselman Martin Sr.  U-03
Usselman Verla (nee Martian)  U-01
Usselman Veronica (nee Boechler)  U-2

Vawter Erna Elizabeth  V-07
Verschraegen Magdalena Mary (nee Klotz)  V-07
Verschragen Gustaaf  V-01
Vogelgesang Adam Rudolph  V-04
Vogelgesang Adolph  V-04
Vogelgesang Ed  V-01
Vogelgesang Edwin Kasper V-07
Vogelgesang Fausrina (nee Moldenhauer)  V-01
Vogelgesang John  V-04
Vogelgesang Rudolf Mrs. (nee Clein)  V-04
Vogelgesang Richard Victor  V-07
Vogelgesang Rudolph  V-06
Vogelgesang Victor John  V-01
Volk Barbara (nee Usselman)  V-03
Volk Frances (nee Garman)  V-03
Volk Jacob  V-02
Volk Joseph  V-03
Volk Joseph Peter V-02
Volk Margaret Barbara (nee Vogelgesang)  V-03
Volk Michael  V-05
Volk Phillip Joseph  V-05
Volk Charles John  V-06

Wack Joseph Victor  W-05
Wailing Dennis Gordon  W-11
Wald Frances S. (nee Senger)  W-05
Wald Paul  W-05
Watchel Elizabeth  W-02
Waters Madeleine (nee Boehm)  V-07
Weber Teresa Wilma  W-02
Wegren John Willard  W-01
Wegren Merle Dean  U-06
Weigel Elaine Rosemarie (nee Lewicki)  W-02
Weisback Adelaide L. (nee Brickner)  W-05
Weisback Regina  W-06
Weisbeck Adam Michael  W-06
Weisbeck Anton  W-06
Weisbeck Florian  W-05
Weisbeck Florian Richard  W-09
Weisbeck Joseph F.  W-05
Weisbeck Madeline  W-03
Weisbeck Magdeline  W-13
Weisbeck Pauline Eileen (nee Zerr)  W-01
Weisbeck Regina (nee Garman)  W-03
Welder Anna Maria (nee Usselman)  W-07
Welder Florence Margaret (nee Zdunich)  W-07
Welder Jacob Tony  W-07
Welder John  W-08
Welder John Tony  W-07
Welder Joseph Leonard  W-07
Welder Marion Eva (nee Schaan)  H-18
Welder Mary (nee Schmidthiesler)  W-07
Welder Mike  W-07
Welder Monica (nee Hagel)  W-07
Welder Chris  W-08
Weninger Andrew Anton  W-04
Weninger Charles Edward  W-03
Weninger Frank  W-04
Weninger Ida (nee Kraft)  W-04
Weninger Johanna (nee Ebertz)  W-03
Weninger John F.  W-04
Weninger John J.  W-03
Weninger Joseph  W-03
Weninger Katherine Elizabeth (nee Bitz)  W-01
Weninger Magdelena (nee Hauck)  W-04
Weninger Matilda  W-03
Weninger Roy  W-04
Weninger Valentine Walter  W-04
Wentz Marion Margaret  W-07
Wentz Joe  W-08
Wice Ceathbert "Bert" Almo  W-08
Wiens Grace E.  W-05
Wilderman Blaine Keith  W-12
Wilderman Katherine  Page 07
Wilderman Keith  W-02
Wilderman August  W-02
Wildman Peter Ferdinand  W-02
Wilfinger Herman  W-01
Wilfinger Katherine  W-11
Wilson Clara  W-09
Wilson Valerie June (nee Tupman)  W-05
Wingeter Katherine  W-08
Wingeter Sebastian  W-08
Wingrove Doris Elizabeth  W-08
Wingrove Harry  W-08
Wingrove Millicent  W-08
Winowich Madelynne Emma (nee Zerr)  Z-02
Wutke Brian Cecil  W-09
Wyshynski Victor Theodore  W-08 

Yausie Clayton  Y-01
Yausie Ruth (nee Strangeland)  Y-01
Yeager Lillian Adams  Y-01
Young Anton  Y-01
Young Magdeline (nee Weimer)  U-04
Young George  Y-01

Zacher Agnes (nee Leier)  Z-01
Zacher Joseph  Z-01
Zdunich Stanley Allan  Z-04
Zdunick Gabriel Anthony  Z-01
Zdunicl Joseph John  Z-04
Zeiler Helen (nee Weninger)  Z-01
Zeiler Roy  Z-01
Zerr Anton C.  Z-02
Zerr Edward J. Z-02
Zerr Emil Elvin  Z-03
Zerr Emma (nee Hegel)  Z-02
Zerr Jacob Z-04
Zerr Joseph  Z-02
Zerr Katherine (nee Weninger)  Z-02
Zerr Anton  Z-04

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