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Bergthal Cemetery
Motion District, Mistatim
R.M. of Bjorkdale # 426   SW 35-45-11 W2
First burial in 1938, 22 burials by 1986

Diesing, Mr.
Doerksen, (baby)  child of George
Dueck, Mrs. George
Dueck, Jake
Dueck, Mrs. Jake

Fehr, Isaac
Fehr, (baby)  child of Isaac
Fehr, (baby)  child of Isaac
Fehr, (baby)  child of Isaac
Friesen, (baby)  child of George

Janzen, Abraham  6 Jul 1906 - 12 Dec 1946 hus of Sara Doerkson
Janzen, (baby girl)

Klassen, (baby)  child of John 

Martens, Cornelius
Martens, Mrs. Cornelius
Martens, (baby)  child of Abraham & Elizabeth (nee Redekopp)
Martens, (baby)  child of John

Nikells, (baby)  child of Jake

Riemer, Abraham

Sawatzky, Peter
Schultz, (baby)  child of John

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