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Fairlawn Cemetery
Lake Alma district
R.M. of Lake Alma # 8   SW 14-1-18 W2
First burial in 1919

Contributed by Juliann Parsons

Johnson, Glenn Thomas  
Johnson, Stewart George  Jul 13, 1919  Jul 15, 1919
Johnson, Theodore Elief  May 19, 1882  Apr 9, 1923

Lunde, Stella Marie  1919  1919

Tandberg, Conrad Norman  Apr 29, 1934  May 5, 1935

unknown 01
unknown 02
unknown (female child)
Information was taken from the book "Settlers of the Hills and Beyond"
The R.M. of Lake Alma No. 8 is not liable for any errors or omissions that may be recorded in the "Settlers of the Hills" or the "Settlers of the Hills and Beyond"

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