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Obituaries of people buried in the
Green Leaf Cemetery
located in the R.M. of Preeceville # 334


- A -

ANDRUSIEK – Alex Ike was born July 17, 1910. He attended Brookview School and helped out on the farm in summer and cut cordwood during the winter. He married Annie Chernowchan November 1941. They had one son, David born in 1942. Alex passed away January 27, 1943.

ANDRUSIEK – Maria (Mary) Andrusiek was born in 1890 and came to Canada, with her husband Peter, from Austria in 1913. The had 11 children: Alex, George, Victoria, Francis, Metro, Rhea, Charles, Harry, Alice, Bill and Nick. Maria passed away in 1966.

ANDRUSIEK – Petro (Peter) Andrusiek was born in 1886 and came to Canada with his wife in 1913. They had eleven children. They settled in the Buchanan district and then moved to the Brookview district where they farmed until retirement. Petro passed away in 1965.

ANTONIUK – John Antoniuk was born in 1886 in Galicia. He came to Canada in 1903, and settled ten miles north of Sturgis. He married Sadie Mostowchuk in 1916 and they had sixteen children, three of which were deceased at a young age. They were Annie, Mary, Nick, Metro, Doris, Polly, Sophie, Steve, Mike, John, Tony, Les and Fred. John worked out in the summer and in the winter cut cordwood and sold it to Brookview, Cavell School and Sturgis.

ANTONIUK – Metro Antoniuk, 68 of Sturgis, passed away Nov. 19, 1999. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born October 16, 1931 in the Sturgis district, he attended Brookview School. After leaving school, he worked at Cranberry Portage, where he drove a grader and worked on construction from the The Pas to Flin Flon. A few years later, he returned to SK and worked at bush camps and for the Prince Albert Lumber Company in Reserve. He worked at other construction jobs through out SK and in the mid-1950’s, he took over the family farm, a mixed operation. He married Ann Michaluk on July 29, 1960 at the Lutheran Church in Preeceville. He retired due to health reasons at the age of 60, but continued to help out as much as possible. Predeceased by his parents, John and Sadie Antoniuk, two brothers, Steve and John, four sisters, Annie and Polly and two in infancy, he is survived by his wife, four sons; Darcy, Terry and Richard all of Sturgis and Trent of Stenen; a daughter, Darlene (Don) Holowachuk of Preeceville; five brothers, Nick, Mike, Tony of Edmonton, Les of Spruce Grove and Fred of Regina; three sisters, Mary Gogal, Doris Janicki and Sophie Lycha and six grandchildren.

ANTONIUK – Nick Antoniuk was the fourth child born to John and Sadie (Mostowchuk) Antoniuk on April 15, 1922. He attended Brookview School. In the late 30’s, he worked for Floyd Barker on the road base crew, and during the 40’s, he worked for The Pas Logging Company. He bought his own farm in 1951, farming in the summer and working in the bush in the winter felling trees. In 1962, Nick married Victoria Boychuk from Amsterdam, SK. From this union there are six children: Beverly, Joanne, Teresa, Harvey, Valerie and Laurie. Nick suffered a stroke in December 1994 and went to live at the Norquay Health Centre. He passed away on May6, 2003. He is buried at the Green Leaf Cemetery.

ANTONIUK – Sadie (nee Mostowchuk) Antoniuk was born June 10, 1900 and came from Klevistrta, Austria in 1907 with her parents Simeon and Maria Mostowchuk and homesteaded 10 mile north of Sturgis. As a young girl, she helped her parents to scrub and clear land and then went out working around Canora for $3 a month. She married John Antoniuk in 1916 and settled on his homestead. They were blessed with thirteen children: Annie, Mary, Dora, Nick, Polly, Sophie, Mike, Steve, Metro, John Jr.,Tony, Leslie and Fred. Sadie passed away September 18 1955.

ANTONIUK – Victoria Antoniuk was born March 13, 1931 to parents George and Caroline (Matsalla) Boychuk. She married Nick Antoniuk in 1962 and they farmed north of Sturgis. They raised six children: Beverly, Joanne, Teresa, Harvey, Valerie and Laurie. Victoria passed away October 3, 1981

- B -

BILANCHUK – Alex Bilanchuk was born in 1923 to John and Mary Bilanchuk in the Usherville district. In 1924 the family moved east of Endeavour to a homestead. He was educated at Usherville and Brookview Schools and concluded school at Bear School. He helped on the farm and then enlisted in the Army and served for two years. When he was discharged he came back to the farm. In 1957, he married Agnes Wiwcharuk. In 1958, he took the family farm, when his parents retired. He had one son. Alex passed away July 2, 1994.

BILANCHUK – John Bilanchuk was born on July 23, 1887 in the Ukraine. He immigrated to Canada with his brother Alex and sister Lena to the Canora-Buchanan area. John worked many jobs including mining at Bienfait and as a carpenter at Swift Current. He was in the army in World War I, including overseas service. In 1922, he married Mary Mostat of Usherville. They moved to a homestead east of Endeavour in 1924. They farmed until 1957 and then built a home in Endeavour and semi-retired. John did odd jobs around town and helped to build the Legion Hall. John passed away July 23, 1965.

BILANCHUK – Mary Bilanchuk was born to Lazar and Irena Mostat (nee Dembinski) on June 16, 1903 in Ostritza Romania. Mary came to Canada with her mother and sister Lena in 1905 to join her father, who had previously come to Canada in 1903. A sister Dora and a brother George joined the family in 1907. They moved to a homestead in the Usherville area, where other relatives lived. Mary married John Bilanchuk in 1922. Their children were Alex, George, and Agnes. John and Mary retired from farming in 1957 and moved into Endeavour. Mary passed away November 10, 1987

BLENDER – Allan Blender, 79 of the Preeceville Lions Hostel and formerly of Sturgis, died May 9, 2005. Funeral service held at the Grace United Church in Sturgis. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born on November 26, 1925 in the Brookview district to George and Annie (Watermanchuk) Blender, he attended Brookview School. He worked in bush camps as a truck driver and worked, as a sawyer with is brother, Mike. He hauled logs for John Palagian when the mill opened in Hudson Bay. Eventually he purchased his own trucks and hauled gravel for a number of contractors. He also farmed with his father and brother Mike. He retired in 1987 and lived in Sturgis, in the seniors unit. Predeceased by his parents, two brothers, Bill and Mike and a great-nephew Nathanial, he is survived by three nephews, Raymond (Debbie), Rodney (Linda) and Mervin; three nieces, Cheryl Hagerman of Glenavon, Debby Hearn of Kindersley and Sandra (Ed) Hlushko of Winnipeg;

BLENDER - Annie (nee Watermanchuk) was the eldest daughter of George and Maria (Nutzalak) Watermanchuk. She was born on September 24th at Dorashawchiow, Bukovina Austria. Annie received her education in Austria and then came to Canada with her family in 1914. Her older brother John Watermanchuk came to Canada in 1912 and took a homestead in the Beaver Bank district. When the war was imminent, Annie’s parents, her sister Lena, her brother Mike and herself came to Canada and lived with John on his homestead for two years. Annie had a sister, Hazel and a brother Peter born in the Beaver Bank district. In Feb 1917 she married George Blender. After her husbands passing Annie lived with member of her family until she became a resident at the Lion’s Hostel in Preeceville. Annie passed away on March 17, 1982 and is buried at the Green Leaf Cemetery.

BLENDER – Bill, the eldest son of George and Annie (Watermanchuk) Blender was born on November 9, 1919 in the Brookview district. He attended the Brookview School from 1926 – 1935. Bill moved to the Beaver Bank district in 1938 and purchased a homestead for $300. There were no buildings left on this land that had once been homesteaded by Hans Johnson. Bill lived in a brush pile for the summer, until he could build a one-room shack. In 1940 he built a house Bill worked various jobs in the winter and did some farming in the summer, scrubbing land and growing grain. In the fall of 1946, Bill began working at Anaka’s sawmill. This is where he met his future wife. On July 12, 1947 Bill and Mary (Lenych) were married at the Preeceville Lutheran Church. After they were married, Bill and Mary came home to the house, which Bill had built. When he was building, he used logs and clay plaster on the walls, outside as well as inside. They lived in this house until 1979. Along with farming, Bill worked out, for some extra money. In 1950-51 he worked at George Boychuk’s sawmill. In 1963 he went to Edmonton and worked with his uncle at Shaw Pipe, installing plastic coating on pipelines. From 1968 to 1972 Bill worked at the Sturgis Timber Board and then at the Sturgis Auction Mart. In 1977, he handed the land down to his son Raymond and in 1979, he and Mary moved to Sturgis. Bill worked at Coop Implements in Preeceville and did other various jobs until 1983. During their years on the farm, four children were born to Bill and Mary; Raymond, Mervin, Deborah and Sandra. Bill passed away in 2003 and is buried at he Green Leaf Cemetery.

BLENDER – George (Giorgi) was born on April 14th in Stawchen, Austria to Tomofi (Thomas) and Anastasia (Nettie) (Patruik) Blender. After George’s father passed away, his mother married Andrew Gawryluk. They were married for seven years when she passed away. George had one brother, Todor (Fred) Blender who was killed by a horse when he was about twenty-one years old. He also had two stepsisters and three stepbrothers. George came to Canada in 1911, from Bukovina, Austria and lived with his stepsister near Stonewall, MB. In 1914 George came to the Brookview district and took up a homestead. On February 5, 1917 George married Annie Watermanchuk at Preeceville. George went out and worked in various places to earn an extra dollar. He walked until he found work. Around 1953 George purchased another quarter of land in the Brookview district. They farmed until 1956 and then moved their house into Endeavour. George passed away on March 1, 1961 and is buried in the Green Leaf Cemetery.

BLENDER – Mike Blender, 74 of Sturgis, passed away on April 17th in the Preeceville Hospital. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born July 29, 1921 in the Sturgis district, he was educated at Brookview School. After his schooling, he cut cordwood. He worked on a farm at Imperial during the summer and in the bush in the winter. In 1953 he took over the family farm and continued to work in the bush in the winter for various sawmill companies, eventually buying his own operation. He worked in the Porcupine Forest for a number of years before moving the operation home. He worked in a number of logging operations. On May 9, 1952 he married Anne Pugh at Imperial. Predeceased by his father George in 1961; his mother Annie in 1982; and a grandson Nathaniel Jack Hagerman in 1985, he is survived by is wife Anne; a son, Rodney of Preeceville; a daughter Cheryl Hagerman of Glenavon; two brothers Bill (Mary) and Allan of Sturgis; Two grandchildren and four step-grandchildren.

BOYCHUK – Alex Boychuk was born in 1914 to parents John and Zoia Boychuk. He married Anne Drebit in 1942 and moved to a farm, four miles south of his family homestead. Together they farmed for 31 years. They had seven children. Alex passed away in 1994.

BOYCHUK – Annie Boychuk was born on June 20, 1925, on the family farm in the Buchanan district, to Tom and Polly (Bodnar) Drebit. She was raised with her siblings, Maggie, Dora, Katie, John, Alex, Steve, George, Peter and Billy. She received her education at the Mamornitz, Sunny Brae and Cavel Schools. On July 9, 1942 she married Alex Boychuk. Annie worked very hard as a farmwife, homemaker and mother. She spent many enjoyable hours gardening becoming an Honorary Life Member of the Sturgis Horticultural Society. She enjoyed quilt making, cooking, canning and jam making. Predeceased by hr husband Alex; sisters, Maggie, Dora; brothers, John, George, Alex and Peter; she is survived by sons, Wilfred, Robert, Ted, Dale and Dean; daughters, Sylvia and Susan; brothers, Billy, Steve, sister Katie; 16 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Annie passed away in Regina on October 5, 2010.

BOYCHUK - Elizabeth Boychuk, was born in the Usherville district in 1922, to parents Peter and Sophie Rupchan. She attended Cheremosz School until the age of 14 and had to leave to look after her grandmother. She also worked for other families in Endeavour and Kelvington. In 1940, she married George Boychuk of Lady Lake. They farmed until 1981 and retired. In those years, they had a café at Usherville and at Dauphin, MB. They also operated a sawmill during the winter months and mixed farmed in summer. They had one son, James and four daughters, Georgina, Marlene, Jeanette and Carol. After retiring they lived at Preeceville for 2 ½ years, three years in Yorkton and at Dorintosh, SK. Elizabeth passed away on September 5, 1988.

BOYCHUK – George was born January 15, 1920 to John and Zoia Boychuk in the Aspwood District, now known as Hinchliffe. At the age of twelve he was put behind the harrows in the field driving two horses all day. At the age of fourteen he drove 4 horses on a plow and in winter hauled lumber from Pollock’s mill – a round trip of 32 miles in one day. In 1938 he went to work in a sawmill, working the night shift for a dollar a day. He married Elizabeth Rupchan on November 19, 1940. In the spring of ’41 they settled on a farm. George also did trapping and logging. For a short time he owned a café in Usherville and a restaurent in Dauphin, MB for one winter, sold it and moved back to the farm from 1949-1981 when he retired. George and Elizabeth had five children and 14 grandchildren. George passed away October 4, 2008.

BOYCHUK – James was born to Elizabeth (Rupchan) and George Boychuk. He was the second youngest of five children, Georgina, Carol, Jeannette and Marlene. He is survived by his two sisters, Georgina and Carol; and his two children, Terrence and Charlotte (mother Betty Mallick), who will lovingly remember him. He was also the only uncle to his nieces and nephews, Harold, Gregory, Jack and Jim, Christine, Jamie and Melanie, Harold and Lors, June and Clifford and Dale. James was born and raised in the Sturgis/Preeceville area where he helped his dad farm. Then at the age of 16 he began truck driving, hauling gravel in the summer, and logs most winters. Finally he moved to Edmonton, AB where he passed away at his residence on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at the age of 57. He was very close with all his family, and will be dearly missed by all. A memorial service was held on December 5th at the Sturgis United Church. Interment followed at the Green Leaf Cemetery.

BOYCHUK – John Boychuk was born on August 14, 1879 in the Village of Hawrewiltzia, Bukovina, Austria. He married Zoya in 1900 in the village of Hawrewiltzia. John served four years in the army. Because there was so much unrest in the country, he decided to come to Canada in 1907. He arrived at his brother; Johns place in Rhein, SK. They went searching for homesteads and made claims north of Sturgis. Zoia sold the property in Strawchan and arrived in 1910 to join her husband. In 1916 they bought another farm 1 mile west with a bigger house and other buildings and moved 1-½ miles from Brookview School. They were blessed with eleven children. Two died in late 1910 in the Rhein District. The others are Maggie, Annie, Verna, Alex, William, Rita, Rose, George and Nick. In 1925 John headed to BC and worked for 10 years at a CNR Station to keep the family going. John passed away in August 1936.

BOYCHUK – Mary Boychuk (nee Zeleny) was born August 19, 1926 to Wasyl and Haffiya Zeleny in the Pelly area. She grew up there until her teens, when she moved to Preeceville, with her parents. She attended Normal School attaining a certificate in teaching. Her first teaching position was at Brookview School from September 1945 to June 1946. While teaching here she met and married Nick Boychuk on June 9, 1946. She then accepted a teaching position in the Bear School district. On March 25, 1948, their first son was born, John. The family lived in the Bear School district until 1955 The fall of ’55 she taught at Beaver Bank School. Her second son, Michael was born in 1958 and continued teaching there until 1963. In June they purchased land in the Endeavour area, where Mary taught at the Lillian School in Endeavour until her passing in April 1969.

BOYCHUK – Nick John Boychuk 70, of Saskatoon and formerly of Preeceville, died on April 23, 1992 in St. Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon. Funeral service was held on April 28th in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Endeavour. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born December 15, 1921 in the Brookview area, he was the son of John and Zoya Boychuk. He attended Brookview School and then remained on the farm to assist his parents. In 1942 he enlisted in the army and received an honorable discharge in 1946. On June 9, 1946 he married Mary Zeleny. They farmed in the Brookview and Endeavour areas where his wife was the principal at Lillian School. After Mary died in 1969 he remained in Endeavour moving to Preeceville after he sold his farm. He spent his last years in Saskatoon. Predeceased by his parents and his wife, he is survived by two sons, John (Delaine) of Saskatoon and Michael (Sherry) of Preeceville; three brothers, Alex, William and George; five sisters, Maggie Pugh, Anne Reimer, Verna Palaniuk, Rita Campbell and Rose German and four grandchildren.

BOYCHUK – Zoya was born on January 5, 1880 in the village of Strawchan, Bukovina. She married John Boychuk in 1900 in the village of Hawrewiltzia. She came to Canada in 1910 to join her husband, who had come in 1907 to find a homestead. They built a 10x12-log house, on their new claim. It had a sod roof, dirt floor and a sack for a door. The beds were made of rails, with a mattress of hay. In 1916 they moved to another farm with a bigger house. They had eleven children. After her husband died in 1936, Zoia continued to live on the farm with her children. Her oldest son Alex took over looking after the rest of the family. Zoia died in May 1979.

- C -

CERNIUK – Andrew Cherniuk was born on December 14, 1888 in Chenewtsi, Ukraine to Samuel and Zenira Cerniuk. He immigrated to Canada in 1910. He worked his way west and then settled north of Sturgis in 1917 in the Brookview district. Andrew married Rose Constantinescue in 1919. They farmed for many years. In the early 60’s, they sold their farm and moved first to Endeavour and then to Preeceville. Andrew passed away in 1982 at the age of ninety-four. He is buried in the Green Leaf Cemetery.

CERNIUK - Paul Cerniuk was born September 23, 1925 one of sixteen children, born to Andrew and Frunzina Cerniuk. He grew up on the homestead, located 14 miles north of Sturgis. He attended Brookview School. Paul was in a car accident and passed away October 27, 1949.

CERNIUK – Rose (Frunzina) (nee Constantinescue) Cerniuk was born on March 27, 1905 in Romania to Sofran and Flora (Iremescu) Constantinescue. Her family came to Canada in 1912 from Bukovina, Romania. They were booked to sail to Canada on the Titanic, but due to too many passengers, their pass was cancelled until a later date, They boarded another ship in Hamburg, Germany. They moved to their homestead north of Sturgis in the Brookview district. Rose had eleven brothers and sisters. Jenny, Sadie, Ion, Verona, Nicholai, Jim, Iuna, Ted, Dominica, Maria and Constantin. She married Andrew Cerniuk in 1919. Rose suffered a heart attack and passed away in Feb. 1972.

- D -

DREBIT – John was born on April 23, 1919. He married Elsie Chalus on August 2, 1947. They had a son Leon, born Jan 26, 1948. John and Elsie farmed in the Stenen district. John supplemented the family income by working off the farm in road construction. He retired from road construction, but continued to farm until his untimely death in 1983.

DREBIT – Polly (Paraska) Bodnar was born on October 27, 1897 to Magedelena (Oystryk) and Onufrey Bodnar. Her family came from Stawchan, Western Ukraine, in 1897. They settled near Hampton, SK and later moved to a farm near Buchanan. On January 26, 1915, Polly married Tom Drebit. Tom and Polly moved south of Buchanan in 1921 and back to the Lady Lake area in the fall of 1934. Their marriage was blessed with eleven children: Maugedelyna, Dora, John, Mary, Annie, Alex, Katie, Bill, George, Peter and Steve. In the spring of 1960 they retired from farming and moved to Sturgis. Her husband died in 1965 and Polly passed away January 27, 1988.

- E -

- F -

- G -

GAWRELITZA – Alex passed away on December 8, 2007 in the Yorkton Health Centre at the age of 78 years. Funeral service was held Dec 14th in the Chapel of Preeceville Funeral Home. Interment was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Alex was born on August 1, 1929 in the Buchanan district. He was the eldest son of Nick and Doris (Cheropita) Gawrelitza. The family later moved to the Beaver Bank area where Alex attended school. He received a grade 8 education. He wasn’t interested in school but enjoyed the outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and trapping. He worked for local sawmills, did custom stooking, and worked for many farmers in the area. In later years Alex operated the family farm along with his brother Bill. He loved fixing and overhauling machinery on the farm and for any neighbours that needed his help. Besides farming, Alex also worked in the bush blocking wood, which he referred to as ‘pushing power saw’. He was a very hard worker. He will always be remembered in the heart and minds in the people’s lives that he touched. His parents, sister Elsie and brother Bill predeceased Alex. Alex is survived by his nephews, Dale and Greg and sister-in-law Carol. He also leaves behind his sister Marie and nieces, Lorraine, Judy, Iris Darlene, Geraldine and numerous great- nephews and nieces.

GAWRELITZA – Bill was born on June 22, 1945 in Endeavour Red Cross Hospital to Nick and Doris Gawrelitza. He took grades 1 – 8 at Beaver Bank School. After graduating from the Sturgis Composite School, he went to Prince Rupert, BC where he worked in the fisheries for two summers and spent the winters at home. He also worked at the potash mine at Esterhazy, as a parts man at Ackland Electronics in Regina, drove a gravel truck near Weyburn and worked as a labourer at MacMillan Bloedel in Hudson Bay. After taking a correspondence course in electronics, he set up his own business, Bill’s Radio and TV. Bill and his band ‘Country Drifters’ provided music for dances and weddings. He was a member of the Pilot Association and fulfilled his dream of owning and piloting his own airplane, a Cessna 172. Bill married Carol Petrowski of Preeceville on September 23, 1972. Two sons were born to this union. Dale and Greg. Tragedy struck the family when Bill lost his life in a logging accident on February 27, 1995. He was buried at Green Leaf Cemetery.

GAWRELITZA - Nick Gawrelitza was born in Austria on August 22, 1902 and immigrated to the Buchanan district with his parents in 1909. He later worked for various farmers and for the CNR. He married Doris Cheropita of the Buchanan district. They moved to the Beaver Bank district in 1934 and homesteaded. Nick also worked out at various jobs. He served on the Beaver Bank School Board as a trustee for a number of years. He was a member of the Rusally Greek Orthodox Congregational Church and the Greenleaf Cemetery. They had four children. Nick passed away on February 16, 1992.

GERMAN – Fred was born on July 15, 1904 and came with his parents from the Ukraine in 1909, when he was five years old. In his later years, he worked for a time on a ranch at Govenlock, SK, and then moved to his father’s homestead one mile east of Brookview School and took up farming. He married Mary Daschuk of Endeavour and they farmed together. He rented out his land and retired in 1969, but continued to live on the farm until his death in 1985.

GERMAN – Mary German was born in the Ukraine and came to Canada, when she was four years old, with her mother Annie and sister Polly in 1912, to join their father Sam, who had come previously in 1910 and homesteaded three miles west of Endeavour. Three more children were born in Canada: John, Katy and Steve. Mary passed away February 25, 1993.

- H -

HORHUT – John Horhut Jr. was born in 1943 to parents, John and Polly Horhut, on their Canadian homestead. He passed away in 1944.

HORHUT – John Horhut was born in 1891 and came from the Ukraine to Canada on April 9, 1939, with his wife Polly and their five daughters: Peggy, Mary, Annie, Pauline and Katie. John bought a quarter of land in the Lady Lake district. In later years, John rented more farmland. John passed away on June 26, 1961.

HORHUT – Michael Horhut was born in 1945 to parents, John and Polly Horhut. He passed away in 1947.

HORHUT – Polly Horhut was born in 1904 in the Ukraine and came to Canada in 1939 with her husband John and five daughters. Four more children were born in Canada: Elsie, Johnny (died in 1944), Michel (died in 1947) and Lena. They homestead west of Endeavour. Polly passed away on July 30, 1984.

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- K -

KOSTASCHUK – Alex Kostaschuk, was born July 25, 1892 in Horoshoutz, Bukovina. He came to Canada in 1910 and worked in a steel shop in Toronto. He came to Buchanan, whre he maet Annie Hupka. Theyr were married on March 7, 1919. Ten children were born to them: Mary, John, Dora, Nick, Sophie, Metro, Victoria, Katherine, Bessie and Myron. They farmed in th area for a number of years and then in the fall of 1938 moved to the Stenen district and in 1941 to the Beaver Bank district, east of Endeavour and farmed there until 1952. Due to health reasons , they moved to Endeavour. Alex passed away on December 19, 1961 at the age of 69.

KOSTASCHUK – Metro Kostaschuk, was born July 17, 1930, the son of Alex and Annie Kostaschuk. He drowned on the family farm on June 2, 1946 at the age of fifteen years.

- L -

LOFTHANG – Richard (Dick) Lofthang was born in 1932 in Gull Lake, SK. He married Gladys Everett. They had two children, Terry and Tammy. The family moved to the Endeavour area in 1973 and started farming in the Beaver Bank area. Dick later worked for Co-op Implements in Preeceville Dick died on June 7, 1985.

LUPULIAK – Eli passed away courageously and peacefully on July 29, 2009 at Royal University in Saskatoon at the age of 84. He was born February 12, 1925 at Hleborea, Ukraine. Eli grew up in the Ukraine and at the age of 17 was studying to be a carpenter when he was conscripted into the German Army. At the end of the war Eli found himself in Austria. He worked for a time as a police officer in the Salzburg, Linz area and then became a farm labourer since the pay was much better. It was during this period that Eli met and fell in love with Julianna Semchuk. They married on May 9, 1951 in Hohensell, Austria. Together they planned a new life in Canada. Eli immigrated to Canada in 1952 followed six months later by Julianna and their two children. Eli and Julianna would see the birth of nine children. They would also experience the tragic drowning of their fourth child, Nettie Marie in 1961. Eli worked at various locations as a farm laborer in the Sturgis area until they purchased their own land in 1958. During the winters Eli worked in the bush and logging industry at various locations over a 20-year period. Julianna died in December 2005 and Eli remained on the farm for another year with his son, and then in 2006 moved to Hudson Bay into a seniors unit. He was able to live the final years of his life with a sense of independence, pride and dignity. His spirit lives on and always will. Eli was predeceased by his parents, 6 sisters, 2 brothers, daughter (Nettie Marie) and wife Julianna. Left to cherish his memory is five sons. Orest and Otto of Hudson Bay, Art of Calgary, Michael of Yorkton and Walter of Sturgis; three daughters, Lucy (Brian) Dax of Waterloo, Lillian Lupuliak of Calgary, and Judy Lupuliak of Toronto, one brother Secor (Owerrka) of Ukraine; 16 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral service was held at Grace United Church in Sturgis. Burial was at Green Leaf Cemetery.

LUPULIAK – Nettie Marie Lupuliak was born in 1956, to parents Eli and Julianna Lupuliak. Her parents were married in Austria and immigrated to Canada. Nettie died in a tragic drowning accident in 1961.

- M -

MASKO – Doris (nee Yarowski) Masko, 69 of Preeceville and formerly of the Lady Lake district, died on March 9, 1987, in the Regina Plains Hospital. Funeral service was held in the Endeavour Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church. Born June 18, 1917 in Bukovinia, Austria, she moved to Canada in 1920 with her parents, Steven and Lena Yarowski and was educated at the Brookview School. At the age of 15, she worked on the farm of Nick Osatiuk in the Preeceville area. She then worked at Inglis, MB in a department store. In 1939, she married Alex Masko at Preeceville. They moved to Moose Jaw for several years before returning to the area. She was a member of the Endeavour Ukrainian Hall committee and the Lady Lake church parish. Predeceased by her husband in 1959, her father in 1947, her mother in 1973, a brother Mike in 1967 and a sister Polly Mentanko in 1925, she is survived by three sons, Bob of Endeavour, John of Preeceville and Les of Red Deer; two daughters, Shirley Lowe of Hinchcliffe and Geraldine Duguid of Preeceville; two sisters, Mary Hardy of Burnaby and Pauline Seschamps of Richmond; 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

MASTRACHUK – Dora (nee Pantiuk) passed away April 8, 2005 at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre at the age of 78. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born September 1, 1926 on a farm north of Sturgis to Wasyl and Mary (nee Petsul) Pantiuk, she was educated at Brookview School. She married Alex Mastrachuk on January 10, 1949 at St. Andrew’s United Church in Canora. She worked at a grocery store in Buchanan, as a nanny for two years in Winnipeg, did personal care and domestic work, child care for the Kardynal family, worked at the Normandy Snack Bar in Preeceville and held several jobs at he Yorkton Union Hospital, including waitress, storeroom clerk and stock person in the hospital kitchen. She was secretary for the Green Leaf cemetery and served on the Brookview Treasury of Memories history book committee. Predeceased by her parents, and a brother Fred in 2001, she is survived by one son Richard (Lorna) of Hudson Bay two daughters, Barbara (Martin) Prokop and Audrey (Robert) Rupchan both of Hudson Bay; two brothers, John (Irene) and George (Margaret) both of Preeceville; two sisters, Annie Petryshen of Sturgis and Rose (Michael) Badduke of Quill Lake, and eight grandchildren.

MASTRACHUK – Harry Mastrachuk (name changed from Machushek) was born March 30, 1880 and was raised in Bukovina, Austria. He immigrated to Canada with his parents, Metro and Polly Mastrachuk at the age of 18 years. He worked with his parents on their homestead in Rhein, SK. He married Mary Bodnar in 1905. They farmed in the Rhein district until 1910 and then moved north of Sturgis and took a homestead. Harry took an active part in organizing meetings to build a school. The first meeting was held at his home June 1920 and two years later the school was built and opened for classes on August 7, 1922. Harry passed away December 29, 1949.

MASTRACHUK – John Mastrachuk, was the second son born to Harry and Mary Mastrachuk on November 15, 1916. He was educated at Brookview School. In the spring of 1937, he went to BC to look for work and got a job on a dairy farm for two years. He came home for the winter and then returned and found employment until 1944, when he was called up to the army. He was discharged on April 25, 1946. He went back to BC and then decided to take a welding coarse an a heavy duty mechanical course in Edmonton, which he complete in the spring of 1950. He then worked for the The Pas Lumber Co. at Reserve. In the spring of 1957, he moved home to stay with his mother in Lady Lake, and spent the summer adding on three rooms to her house. He passed away October 7, 1957.

MASTRACHUK – Mary was born May 10, 1890 in Bukovina, Austria and immigrated to Canada, at the age of seven, with her parents Onufry and Maggie Bodnar to a homestead near Buchanan, SK. She married Harry Machushek (when the children started school, the teacher had difficulty pronouncing the last name Mashushek and that was why the name became Mastrachuk) in 1905. When her husband passed away in 1949, Mary remained on the farm in the same yard with her son, Alex and family. She then moved to Lady Lake in 1956. Her son, John moved to live and care for her in the spring of 1957. Her son passed away that fall and Mary continued to live alone until her death on July 22, 1966, at the age of 76.

MERONIUK – Andrew Meroniuk, was born on December 20, 1878 to Nickelas and Sadie Meroniuk in Moldava, Ukraine. He came to Canada in 1905 and worked at Canora for a few years before settling on a homestead thirteen miles north of Sturgis. His first marriage ended in tragedy, when his wife was killed by a train. His second marriage was to Helen Mostowchuk in November 1912. They had three children: Mary, George and Alex. Andrew was councillor of the RM of Preeceville from 1913 – 1917. From 1917 to 1919 he had a flour mill in Sturgis. After his wife Helen died of influenza during the 1919 epidemic, e moved the flour mill to his farm. He was also a cattle buyer with Metro Prekaski. In Oct. 1922, he married Anna Cerniuk and together they had eleven children. Every fall Andrew would take his threshing machine and go farm to farm threshing for the neighbours. He loved to play the fiddle and playd at lots of weddings and house parties. He passed away on October 11, 1967 at the age of 89.

MERONIUK – Anna (nee Cerniuk) Meroniuk was born February 13, 1895, the daughter of Samuel and Zenhera Cerniuk. She was born in the village of Chernewtsie, Ukraine. She came to Canada in 1921 and worked one year. She married Andrew Meroniuk and together they had eleven children: Victoria, Caroline, Metro, Stella, Medora, Gena, Johnny, Nick, Victor, Peter and Elaine, plus Anna raised the children of Andrew’s second marriage; George and Mary. The other child, Alex was given away to Metro and Maria Prekaski as he was a baby when his mother died. Anna passed away in 1991.

MERONIUK - Nicolai. A graveside service was held for Nicolai Meroniuk, 70 of Surrey, BC and formerly of Sturgis, who died May 15, 2003 was held Aug. 2nd at Green Leaf Cemetery. Born April 1, 1933 to Andrew and Anna (Cerniuk) Meroniuk on the family farm north of Sturgis, he attended Beaver Bank, Brookview and Cavell schools. He worked for John Prekaski before moving to Surrey, BC where he worked for his sister and her husband, Caroline & Bill Phillips. Later in life he worked for the CNR in Revelstoke and as a land surveyor. He married Stella Hanson in 1955 and in 1959, he began a 35-year career with Western Canada Steel in Surrey, retiring in 1994. Predeceased by a son Douglas, four brothers, George, Metro, Peter and Victor and a sister Mary, he is survived by a daughter, June (Bill) Dibbley of Sardis, BC; 6 sisters Victoria Law, Caroline Phillips, Elaine Thompson, Stella Fisher, Medora Jankauskas and Gena Hart; two brothers, Johnny Meroniuk and Alex Prekaski both of Sturgis and two grandchildren.

MERONIUK – Peter Meroniuk was born October 1, 1935. He attended Brookview School from grades 1 – 7, and then went to BC and worked for his sister, for a year. He worked the next year for MacMillan-Boedel and then returned to Sk and worked for a few years at Watrous and then at a farm in Stenen. From 1955-57 he worked in the bush and for the Pas lumber Co. 1958-59. Peter was employed with CNR around Winnipeg. In 1974 he moved to Swift Current and worked for the city until October. In 1981 he moved to Saskatoon and lived there until his passing on May 28, 1991.

MOSTOWCHUK – Dora (nee Drebit) passed away on September 24th at University hospital in Saskatoon. Funeral service was held on September 30th at Trinity United Church in Preeceville. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born on April 5, 1917 in Preeceville to Tom and Polly Drebit, she attended Buchanan, Vaslowatz and Mamornitz Schools. She married Philip Mostowchuk March 3, 1935. Predeceased by her parents, two sons Waselka and Martin, brothers, John, George and Alex and two sisters, Mary and Maggie (Francis) Murphy, she is survived by a son Sam (Dianne) of Sturgis; four daughters, Violet Hrapechuk, Vivian Ryma, Marie (Ken) Ebbert and Evangeline (Ken) Bohorson, all of Saskatoon; three brothers Bill, Peter and Steve; two sisters Annie Boychuk and Katie Brezenski; 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

MOSTOWCHUK – Martin Mostowchuk – born and died April 13, 1956.

MOSTOWCHUK - Philip Mostowchuk 94, of Sturgis died on September 19, 2003 at the Kamsack Hospital. Funeral service was held at the Preeceville Funeral Home on Sept. 25th. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born on April 15, 1909, in Chilvyshche, Ukraine he learned to read and write with the help of his mother. He took over the family homestead after his father died in 1930. He married Dora Drebit at Preeceville United Church on March 2, 1935. He worked for more than nine years in lumber camps, cutting pulpwood and hauling cordwood. He operated the snowplow for many winters and did custom combining. He was also involved in clearing land for himself and others. He was known for the many gadgets and machines he invented to aid in his mixed farming operation. Even in his old age, he kept active on the farm and could still be seen in the fields working as recently as two years ago. Predeceased by his parents, Simeon and Maria (Stryzyboroda) his step father, Gregory Mandziuk, two sons, Waselko and Martin, a brother George, two half brothers Wasyl and Alex, three sisters, Helen Meroniuk, Annie Chupeshka and Sadie Antoniuk, he is survived by his wife, Dora; a son Sam (Dianne) of Sturgis; four daughters, Violet (Victor) Hrapchak, Vivian (Edward) Ryma, Marie (Ken) Ebbert and Van (Ken Bohrson) Mostowchuk, all of Saskatoon; 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

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- O -

OKRAINETZ – George Okrainetz was born November 26, 1929 to parents Metro and Anne Okrainetz on the family homestead. He attended Brookview school. He worked for The Pas Lumber Co., Preeceville Municipality and on the farm. He passed away in 2002.

OKRAINETZ – Metro Okrainetz was born in 1885. He married Anne in 1919 and they farmed in the Brookview District. They had eight children: Willie, Steve, Mary, Mike, Verna, Eva, George and Paul. Metro passed away in 1967.

OKRAINETZ – Mike Okrainetz was born in January 1920 to parents, Metro and Anne Okrainetz. He was in the services and stationed at Halifax. He worked on the family farm. He passed away in 1982.

- P -

PALANIUK – Clifford Nicholas Palaniuk passed away September 26, 2011 in his sleep at his home, at the young age of 76 years. Funeral services were held at the Preeceville Funeral Home and interment at the Greenleaf Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Jo, children Gaylene (John) Kindrat, Elenor (Albert) Weerts, Brian (Tammie), Terry and Randy, 8 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, 2 stepsons, Daymond and Theran Volk; brother Wilf Palaniuk; sisters, Evangeline (Morris) Kinsman, Dolly Kulcheski; Clifford was predeceased by his mother Verna and dad Nick and two sisters, Ester and Marjorie. Clifford was well known for the love of his Ukrainian culture, for the love of his garden and his family. Clifford and Jo loved to collect and sell antiques.

PALANIUK – Nick Palaniuk was born December 14, 1905. He married Verna Boychuk on February 23, 1930. They had five children: Dolly, Marjorie, Evangeline, Clifford and Wilfred. In 1929, Nick and his brother Mike bought a ½ section of land and farmed together until 1932. Nick took the east half and his brother the west half. Nick hauled lumber in the winter. They quit farming and built a dance hall in Lady Lake and also had a small grocery store for two years until it burned down. They moved back to the farm and built a one room log house. Nick worked in th bush winters, and in summer did breaking for farmers. In 1943, they sold their farm and rented a farm 1 ½ miles east of Canora and then moved and rented a farm at Hampton, SK for two years. In 1947, they moved to Sifton, MB and bought three quarters of land. They sold the land and cattle and in 1950 bought a ½ section of land north of Gilbert Plains. In 1957 they bought a house in town and moved again to Bowsman, MB and lived there 18 years. In 1974 they retired and moved back to Sturgis. Nick passed away August 28, 1980 in a car accident.

PALANIUK – Verna (nee Boychuk) Palaniuk, 84 of Sturgis, passed away on July 2, 1997 at the Preeceville Hospital. Funeral service was held at Preeceville Funeral Home and burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born November 11, 1912 in Lady Lake she attended Brookview School. She married Nick Palaniuk on February 23, 1930 at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Lady Lake and worked in various logging camps, doing bookwork and cooking. Predeceased by her husband, Nick in 1980, her parents John Boychuk in 1936 and Zoia Boychuk in 1979, an infant daughter, Ester in 1939, two brothers, Alex and Nick and two sisters, Maggie Pugh and Ann Palaniuk, she is survived by two sons, Clifford (Jo) of Saskatoon and Wilfred (Bernice) of Swan River; three daughters, Dolly Kulcheski and Marjorie (Joe) Ganczar, both of Gilbert Plains, MN and Evangeline (Morris) Kinsman of Morden, MB; two brothers, William Boychuk of Hamilton and George Boychuk of Sturgis, two sisters, Rita Campbell of Regina and Rosie German of Sturgis 22 grandchildren, and 26 great-grandchildren.

PANTIUK – Fred Pantiuk, age 76 of Sturgis, passed away December 16, 2001 at his home. Born on February 15, 1925 on the family farm, he attended Brookview School until the age of 15, when he began working on the farm, in bush camps cutting pulpwood, and in sawmills during the winter. In December 1943, he joined the army and trained in Regina and served at various stations across Canada with the Winnipeg Light Infantry. Following his discharge in April 1946, he took a mechanical and welding course in Moose Jaw and worked on the farm during the summer and in bush camps during the winter. He worked for The Pas Lumbar Company in Reserve for 8 years and in Prince George for five years. He was employed with Canadian Pacific Railway for one summer and in 1960, started a construction business with his brothers, doing land clearing and road building, which they operated for 20 years. He farmed throughout his life. Predeceased by his parents, Wasyl and Mary, he is survived by two brothers, John (Irene) and George (Margaret), both of Preeceville; and three sisters, Dora (Alex) Mastrachuk and Annie Petryshyn, both of Sturgis and Rose (Mike) Badduke of Quill Lake.

PANTIUK – Mary Pantiuk was born in 1907. She married Wasyl Pantiuk in 1922 and together they farmed north of Sturgis. They had a family of six children: John, Fred, George, Dora, Annie and Rose. All the children attended Brookview School. Mary passed away in 1960 at the age of 53.

PANTIUK – Wasyl (Bill) Pantiuk was born in 1889 in the Ukraine. He came to Canada in 1908 at the age of 19 years. He married Mary Petsul in 1922. He first worked in BC in the bush as a high rigger for a few years, then later took a job for the CPR. He came to the Sturgis District and bought a farm in 1923 He was a carpenter and built many log houses and hip-roof barns. In those days there were no undertakers or funeral homes, so Bill was asked to make a casket. Bill and Mary raised a family of six children. After his wife passed away, he continued to live on the farm, with his son Fred, until his passing in August 1971.

PETRAS – Nick Petras, 86 of Sturgis and formerly of Lady Lake, passed away on November 28, 1993 at the Canora Union Hospital. Funeral service was held in Grace United Church in Sturgis. Burial was in Greenleaf Cemetery. Born to Demetro and Tillie Petras in Ternople, Ukraine on September 30, 1907, he immigrated to Canada with his parents, two brothers and a sister in 1910. They settled in the Lady Lake district. He attended the Sunnybrae School. On August 1, 1932, he married Polly Mastrachuk and they made their home in the Lady Lake area. While he worked on the family farm most of his life, he also worked in lumber camps in the winter and drove gravel trucks in the summer. At the age of 65, he retired and moved to Sturgis. He was a school trustee, member of the R.E.A.D Club in Sturgis, member of the Sask. Wheat Pool. United Grain Growers and the GreenLeaf Cemetery organization. Predeceased by his parents and two brothers, Mike and Steve, he is survived by his wife, Polly; three sons, William (Bernice) of Boissevain, Irvin of Sturgis and Adrian (Sharon) of Rose Valley; two daughters, Eileen (John) Lettvenuk of Winnipeg and Linda (Ken) Kaus of Thunder Bay; a sister, Sophie Golonowski of Canora; 10 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

PETRAS – Polly (nee Mastrachuk) Petras, 85, of Sturgis, passed away on November 12th at the Canora Hospital. Funeral service was held at the Grace United Church, Sturgis. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born February 23, 1913 to Harry and Mary Mastrachuk, she married Nick Petras in 1932 in Lady Lake where they resided until retirement. She enjoyed working in her garden, cooking and entertaining at her home. Predeceased by her parents, her husband, brothers John and Willie, and sister Nettie Dymetrick. Three sons survive her, Bill of Boissevain, Irvin of Sturgis and Adrian of Rose Valley; two daughters Eileen Lettvenuk of Winnipeg and Linda Kaus of Thunder Bay, Ont., two brothers, Mike and Alex; two sisters, Rhea Tanner and Lois Melynchuk; 10 grand children and 12 great-grandchildren.

PUGH – Anghelina Maggie Boychuk was born in 1903 in Hawrelizen, Bukovina, Austria. She attended school for about 4 months before leaving for Canada at the age of seven with her mother, Zoiz; brother John and sister Onnie. They boarded a ship in Hamberg and arrived in Halifax 13 days later. They took a train to Yorkton, where they were met and taken to William Boychuks. There she was reunited with her father John, who had arrived in Canada two years prior. Her brother John and sister Onnie died a short time later. In 1911 her parent moved to a homestead, 10 miles north of Sturgis. In 1919 she married George Pugh at the Dobrawoad Church in Buchanan. They retired and moved to Preeceville in 1971. They had five daughters and three sons; Mary, Lena, William, Jean, Nick, Wasyl. Deceased in infancy a daughter Anna and a son Wasyl. A son Nick born in 1937 passed away in 1996 at age 59 and is buried in Midway, BC. Anghelina passed away Nov. 3, 1995 at age 92 and is buried at the Green Leaf Cemetery.

PUGH – George Pugh, 92, passed away on September 30, 1986. Funeral service was held in the Sturgis Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born May 6, 1894 in Kucherowa, Bukovina, Western Ukraine, he did not receive any formal education and came to Canada in 1911 at the age of 17. He worked in Montreal, and for the CNR at Dryden, ON, then as a farm labourer in the Saltcoats district. In 1918 he purchased a homestead in the Preeceville area. On Jan. 11, 1919 he married Magdelina Boychuk at Buchanan. Predeceased by his parents, Bill and Yvonna Pugh, a son William, a daughter Mary Wolkowski, a grandchild, Sylvia Wolkowski and a great grandchild, he is survived by his wife, a son Nick of the Northwest Territories; three daughters, Lena Dutchak of Regina and Ann Blender and Jean Renaud of Sturgis; a brother Ewaneka Pugh of Ukraine; 13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

PUGH – William (Billy) was born on October 12, 1927 the son of George and Angelina Pugh. He received his education at Brookview School. He then worked at bush camps for a number of years at Hudson Bay and the Pas, MB. In the early 1950’s he enlisted into the army, trained out of Winnipeg for three years, then went over seas to Korea. He was discharged in 1957. He passed away April 11, 1958.

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- S -

SHEWCHUK – Alex Shewchuk was born in 1920. He married Florence Cerniuk on September 20, 1945. Their married life started out as farmers, farming 12 miles north of Sturgis and then he found work at Reserve with the CNR, so they sold the farm and moved with their family there. In August of 1959 they moved to Sturgis and continued with CNR, until he retired in 1981.They had four children, Lorraine Esther Rose, Audrey Gail (passed away in 1949), Gerald Roger and Adrian Larry. Alex passed away in 1983.

SHEWCHUK - Florence (nee Cemiuk) Shewchuk, 80 of Sturgis, passed away May 28, 2004. Funeral service was held June 2nd from Grace United Church in Sturgis. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born on April 14, 1924 in Sturgis to Rose and Andrew Cerniuk, she attended Brookview School. She worked as a waitress-cashier at the Maple Leaf Café in Canora, a cook for threshing crews, at the Sturgis Greenhouse, at the Dairy Dip Ice cream stand in Sturgis, as a cook at the Sturgis Hotel and finally as a cook for the Sturgis Auction Mart. She married Alex Shewchuk on September 20, 1945 in Canora. Predeceased by her parents, her husband Alex, a daughter Audrey and two brothers, Paul and John she is survived by two sons Jerry (Bev) of Prince Albert and Larry (Charlene) of Prince Albert, a daughter Lorraine of Sturgis; seven brothers, William, Frank, Ted, Jim, Edward, Winston and Russell; five sisters Doreen Omit, Virginia, Verna of Yorkton, Evangeline of Guelph and Eleanor of Cranberry Portage, MB 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

SHEWCHUK – Gail Audrey Shewchuk was born on October 15, 1949, the second daughter of Alex and Florence (Cerniuk) Shewchuk. She died two weeks later on October 29, 1948.

STEFANOWICH – Alex Stefanowich was born August 2, 1927 to Wasyl and Maria Stefanowich. He attended Woodlight School. Upon leaving school he worked for different farmers besides working on his Dad’s land. In 1948 he married Mary Gawrelitza, the daughter of Nick and Doris Gawrelitza. Alex and Mary purchased the country store in 1956 and lived there until 1960. They had five daughters. Angeline passed away when 9 weeks old, Lorraine born in 1950, Judy born 1952, Iris born 1954, Darlene born in 1957. Alex passed away in May 1960 and is buried at the Green Leaf Cemetery.

STEFANOWICH - Angeline was born March 11, 1949 to parents Alex and Mary Stefanowich. She passed away May 19, 1949 at nine weeks old.

STEFANOWICH – George Stefanowich, 83 of Sturgis died April 4, 2000 at Yorkton Health Centre. Services were held on April 8th at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Sturgis. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born August 14, 1916 in the Beaver Bank district to Wasyl and Marie (Sullivan) Stefanowich, he attended Beaver Bank and Woodlight schools. He worked at various bush camps and at farming all his life. He married Mary Boychuk of Amsterdam on Nov. 16, 1946 in Canora. Predeceased by his parents, brothers Alex, John, Nick and twin sisters, and his wife Mary in 1989, he is survived by six sons, Lawrence of Canora, Edward of Sundre, Jim of Sturgis, Anton of Prince Albert, Patrick of High River and Garry of Norquay; four daughters, Dianne Stoudt of Norquay, Lynda Kozar of Canora, Shirley Tress of Calgary and Carol Toffan of Canora; 26 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

STEFANOWICH – Maria was born January 7, 1888 in the Ukraine. She married Wasyl Stefanowhich in the ‘old country’ and a son was born, Nick Stefanowich. In the early 1900’s, Wasyl came to Canada from Romania and took out a homestead for $10 in the Beaver Bank district. A year later he sent for his wife and son to join him in Canada. On their way over, their son Nick died of scarlet fever epidemic on the ship. After settling on the homestead, Mary had a set of twins, but they didn’t survive. They are buried in Spring Valley Cemetery. In the early 1920’s they moved to another farm and rented it for 15 years, until purchasing it in the 30’s. Wasyl and Maria had four sons: George, John, Steve and Alex. Maria passed away January 1, 1971.

STEFANOWICH – Mary (nee Boychuk) Stefanowich was born August 15, 1928. She married George Stefanowich in 1946. The following year they moved to their own homestead. They had a family of ten children: Lawrence, Eddy, Dianne, Jim, Linda, Anton, Shirley, Pat, Carol and Gary Mary passed away October 14, 1989.

STEFANOWICH - Mary (nee Gawrelitza) Stefanowich Rusnak, was born on May 6, 1934 to Nick and Doris (nee Cheropita) Gawrelitza, in the Buchanan district. When Mary was two years old, they moved to the Endeavour district and she attended the Beaver Bank School. On October 24, 1948, she married Alex Stefanowich. To this union was born five girls. Alex was a sawyer and Mary cooked at the Wabodin Manitoba logging camp for about 40 men. After Lorraine started school, Mary stayed at the family farm in the Sturgis area; raising the girls while Alex continued to work seasonally in the bush. In 1960, after Alex's death, Mary moved the family into Endeavour where they made their home for eleven years. On September 4, 1971 she married Walter Rusnak from Theodore. To this union a daughter Geraldine was born. They farmed for about 19 years. Mary later moved to Yorkton. She enjoyed her retirement years sewing, gardening, dancing, crocheting and especially going out for coffee with friends and enjoying family get togethers, until failing health prevented her doing so. Mary passed away on Nov. 9, 2008 at the Yorkton Hospital from diabetic complications. She was predeceased by her daughter Angeline, her mother Doris and her father Nick, her sister Elsie, son in law Don Hrynyk and two brothers, Billy and Alex. Mary is survived by her daughters, Lorraine (Willie) Wasylenchuk of Smiley, SK, Judy Hrynyk (Dave Dariechuk) of Theodore, Iris (Lyle) Nelson of Wadena, Darlene (Ben) Eliuk of Foam Lake and Geraldine Rusnak (Barry Unick) of Yorkton; Her grandchildren, Jason, Danya and Amy Wasylenchuk, Dawnya Rae and Eric Hrynyk, Cherise and Greg Nelson, Rachel Eliuk, Shawn Eluik, Delilah Rusnak and numerous great grandchildren. Also to mourn her passing is her very special friend Norman Kaminsky of Canora, SK. Funeral services were held at the Preeceville Funeral Home and interment at the Greenleaf Cemetery.

STEFANOWICH – Wasyl Stefanowich was born January 14, 1886 in Austria. Wasyl married Maria in the ‘old country’ where they had a son Nick. In the early 1900’s, Wasyl came to Canada and took out a homestead in the Beaver Bank district. A year later, he sent for his family to join him and on the way Nick died of a scarlet fever epidemic on the ship. The family moved to the Woodlight district in the early 1920’s, land which they rented for fifteen years before buying it in the thirties. They had four sons; George born August 14, 1916, John born July 7, 1918, Steve born February 15, 1923 and Alex born August 2, 1927 – 1960, Wasyl died February 12, 1983 at the age of ninety-seven. He is buried in the Green Leaf Cemetery.

- T -

TODERASH – John Toderash, 94 of Preeceville and formerly of Sturgis, passed away on April 7, 1986. Funeral service was held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Sturgis. Burial was in Green leaf Cemetery. Born June 7, 1891 in Bucavina, Ukraine, he came to Canada at the age of 18 in 1909. He worked in Lethbridge in a mine, then moved to the Sturgis area where he farmed until 1980 when he moved to Sturgis. In November 1984 he became a resident in the Preeceville Lions’ Hostel. He was predeceased by his parents, and two stepbrothers, Bill and Alex Masko.

TOMA – Florea Toma was born in 1879 in the village of Arvora in the province of Bukovina in Austria. and came to Canada when she was nineteen years old. She worked in Winnipeg doing housework. She married Nick Toma 1905. They had nine children: Bill, Luzer (died in infancy), Ewana (died in infancy), Verna born in 1910, Violet born in 1912, John 1914, Florence 1916, Dora 1918 and Nettie born in 1921. Florea was a mid-wife and delivered quite a few babies in the area. After her husband died, Florea lived with her son, John until her passing in July 1968.

TOMA - John Norman. Funeral service for John Toma, 88 of Endeavour, who died May 28, 2003 in Preeceville Hospital, was held May 30th in the chapel of Preeceville Funeral Home. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born September 1, 1914 in Sturgis to Nicoli and Florea Toma, he was educated at Brookview School north of Sturgis, Chicago Vocational and NAIT in Edmonton. He worked on a ranch in Alberta, a mine at Flin Flon, was a cook in Eldorado, a mechanic and shop foreman at Crysler Rebuild plant in Edmonton, and a farmer in the Endeavour area. Predeceased by his parents, one brother Bill and one sister, Violet, he is survived by four sisters; Verna Nikita of Kelowna, Florence Toma of Preeceville, and Doris Bradfield and Nettie Butt, both of Toronto.

TOMA – Nicoli Toma was born in August 1880 in the village of Boyon, Bukovina, Austria. In 1896, at the age of sixteen, he came to Canada. In 1902, he came to the Sturgis area where he bought a homestead for $10. He worked with the railroad from Canora to Hudson Bay. He returned to Winnipeg, where he met and married Florea Curley in 1905. They resided in Winnipeg where Nick worked for the T. Eaton Co. In 1914, they returned to Saskatchewan to reside on the homestead. Nicoli passed away in August 1959.

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VEWCHAR – Annie (nee Chernowchan), 87, of Preeceville passed away February 22nd at the Preeceville Hospital. Funeral service was held at Trinity United Church in Preeceville. Burial was in the Green Leaf Cemetery. Born on April 26, 1918 in the Endeavour area to Fred and Mary Chernowchan, she worked for various farmers until she married Alex Andrusiak in November of 1941. They farmed in the Endeavour area until he died on Jan 17, 1943. She continued to live on the farm with her son, David, with the help of her sister Rosie. On November 23, 1944 she married John Vewchar of Stenen. They farmed until they retired to Preeceville in the fall of 1975. In 2000 they became residents of the Preeceville Lions Hostel. After her husband died and her health began to fail, she moved to long term care in the Preeceville Hospital. Predeceased by her parents, her first husband, her second husband, a great-grandson, Rayne Stefanowich and a brother Alex she is survived by seven sons, David Andrusiak of Brandon, Dan of High River, Gordon of Russell, Len of Hudson Bay, Bob of Sundre, Harold of Preeceville and Richard of Preeceville; three daughters, Mary Ann of Endeavour, Matilda of Sundre and Gaylene Johnson of Endeavour, three brothers Bill, Steve and Mike; three sisters Rosie, Sophie and Pauline; 15 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

VEWCHAR - John Merle, 92 passed away on April 30, 2002. Burial was in Green Leaf Cemetery. Born February 12, 1910 in Stenen to James and Maria Vewchar, he was educated at Mannanah School. On November 23, 1944 he married Anne Andrusiek (Chernowchan) in Endeabvour. He farmed with his brother, Tony in the Stenen district until 1949, when they dissolved the partnership. He then moved to Endeavour, where his wife, stepson and three sons lived. He worked in lumber and pulp camps, and also worked for a time with the railway. Predeceased by his parents, brother Tony and sister Delia, he is survived by his wife, Anne, sisters Nora of Winnipeg and Hazel of Stavely, AB, sons Dan of High River, Gordon of Russell, MB, Lenard of Hudson Bay, Robert of Sundre, AB Harold of Preeceville and Richard of Preeceville; daughters Mary Ann Kopeck of Endeavour, Matilda Stefanowich of Sundre and Gaylene Johnson of Endeavour, 15 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

- W -

WATERMANCHUK – George Watermanchuk was born on April 27, 1878 at Dorachatsy, Austria. He and his wife and children came to Canada in 1914 and took up a homestead in 1917. George passed away on September 26, 1951.

WATERMANCHUK – Jack Watermanchuk was born September 27, 1932, the son of John and Verna Watermanchuk. He attended school at Beaver Bank to grade 8. He farmed with his father and then alone until 1974, when he sold out. He was a truck driver and remained a bachelor. In 1980, he moved to Sturgis and resided in the Senior Unit Complex until his passing in Nov. 2011

WATERMANCHUK – John Watermanchuk was born in Bukovina, Austria on September 22, 1896. He came to Canada in 1912 and worked in Winnipeg and at various places in Sask. with the railway. He bought a homestead in 1915 in the Endeavour area. He married Verna Kuruluk on November 4, 1927. John farmed the homestead alone until his marriage with Verna. He continued to farm until his death on September 24, 1971

WATERMANCHUK – Maria (nee Nutzulak) Watermanchuk, was born in 1880, also at Dorachatsy. She married George Watermanchuk and they had six children, four of them born in Austria: John in 1896, Annie in 1899, Mike in 1907 and Lena on February 27, 1913. Two children were born at Endeavour, Hazel in 1915 and a son, Peter on September 9, 1920. Their son John, immigrated to Canada in 1912 and hearing of the vast land in Canada, they became interested to immigrate. When the First World War was imminent, George, Mary, Annie, Mike and Lena sailed by ship to Canada in the spring of 1914. In 1915, they moved to their son John’s farm for two years. They bought their own farm in 1917. The family endured many hardships through their farming life. Maria passed away on March 12, 1949.

WATERMANCHUK – Mike Watermanchuk was born in 1907 at Bukovina, Austria. He came to Canada with his parents, George and Maria Watermanchuk, in 1914. Mike went to school for a short while when the Beaver Bank School opened in 1920. He helped his parents on the farm until he purchased his own land in about 1930. He farmed his land, trapped and hunted in winter until 1949. He married Mary Soyko in 1936 and they farmed until 1948. In 1949, Mike went to work on building construciton in Edmonton for the summer months. Mike had one daughter, Adella, born in October 1937. His wife and daughter left the area in 1948. Mike passed away in 1961.

WATERMANCHUK – Verna (nee Kuruluk) Watermanchuk, was born in 1908. She married John Watermanchuk in 1927 and they farmed together. They had five children, two of whom died in infancy. The three surviving children were: Anne, Jack and Helen.

WIWCHARUK – Maria Hrycenko Wiwcharuk was born July 28, 1910 to parents Alex and Anna Marion at Naughton Glen, AB. Maria was the eldest of 10 children. At an early age her family move to the United States where she started her schooling. Then at age 11 she moved back to the Canora district. After finishing her formal education, Maria worked as a domestic. In 1926 she married John Hrycenko in Canora. To this union two sons were born, Bill and Ed. In 1937 Maria’s husband John died and she then went to work for William Wiwcharuk in Endeavour as a domestic and family caregiver. Bill and Maria married in 1946. Four more children were born. Agnes, Elsie, Mike and John. Maria worked very hard on the family farm with her husband Bill, raising a large garden yearly, as well as chickens, cattle, pigs and cutting cordwood. She enjoyed babysitting, quilting, rug making, and was eager to donate her time to work at weddings and funerals. Maria and Bill sold the farm in 1967 and moved to Endeavour. She then moved to Preeceville in 1990. In her later years, Maria resided at the Lions Hostel, Norquay Health Center, and Canora, then moved to the Kamsack Nursing home. Predeceased by her husbands; sons, John, Bill and Ed, stepdaughters Olga and Ann; grandson David. She is survived by son, Mike (Pam); stepson, Steve, daughters, Agnes, Elsie (Norman); sister Rose; 21 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren. Funeral services were held December 21, 2007 at the Chapel of Preeceville Funeral home. Interment followed in the Green Leaf Cemetery.

WIWCHARUK – William E. Wiwcharuk, age 69, passed away on July 20, 1969. Funeral service held at the Greek Orthodox All Saints Church at Endeavour. Burial was in Greenleaf Cemetery. Born in Austria in the province of Howreliwtza, he came to Canada in 1926 to Rhein, where his parents lived. In 1937, he came to the Bear School district at Endeavour. In 1938, he married Marie Hrycenko, moving to Endeavour two years ago. Predeceased by his parents, he is survived by his wife, four daughters, Olga Semeniuk of Toronto Anne Kovachoff of Windsor, Agnes Bilanchuk of Endeavour and Elsie Sawchuk of Chetwynd, BC; four sons, Steve of Sarnia, Michael of Snow Lake, John at home and Ernest Hrycenko (a stepson); a brother, Alex of Saskatoon; 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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ZAMNIUK – Fred Zamniuk Sr. was born in 1882 in Prebichl, Austria and immigrated to Canada. He married Mary, who was born June 19, 1911 in Prebichl, Austria and immigrated to Canada in 1913 with her parents homesteading in Peesame, SK. They had seven children: Metro, John, Fred Jr., Rose, Mike, Minnie and Nick. Fred Sr. died in 1950.

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